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  1. Interesting observation re: AF pricing
  2. Roissybus CDG-Opera included in Visite Zones 1-6?
  3. CDG - T 2B Lounge ?
  4. Orly airport is testing "virtual" boarding agents
  5. Would you visit Normandy/D-Day beaches around 6 Jun?
  6. Things to see and do in Marseille
  7. Pariscope Magazine, good and bad
  8. Is my RER tkt from CDG valid on Metro-
  9. Market day and fine dining in Provence/Cote de Azure
  10. Suggestions for a 5th year anniversary
  11. Hotels in Paris
  12. Food, View or both?
  13. CDG: Pax arriving T1 and T2 - meet and proceed to Hyatt Vendôme
  14. CDG to Bayeux
  15. Eiffel Tower restaurant - how crazy would that be?
  16. Jays Paris
  17. "Left Luggage" warning (Gare du Nord, maybe others?)
  18. Paris 20th arrondissement safe at night?
  19. CDG Int'l to Orly Domestic- safe time allowance?
  20. Well done beef in Paris
  21. One Night-One Dinner
  22. Is it better to buy Euros at a bank in Paris?
  23. Small Gift fr US to French
  24. Ideal number of days in Provence area?
  25. November in Provence
  26. Versailles Tickets
  27. First time in Paris
  28. Etaphotel ok for 2 adults and 2 children in the same room?
  29. Renting a sports car in Nice
  30. Websites for train Paris-Cherbourg
  31. Paris CDG Marriott Hotel
  32. Taxi Cost from ORY
  33. Very old restaurant near Notre Dame - Au Vieux Paris de Arcole
  34. Paris restaurant bistro chain - €42 all included, super value!
  35. CDG: Are terminals 2A and 2B connected airside?
  36. Round trip vs Open Jaw (Italy and France)
  37. Paris hotel advice needed
  38. L'atelier In Paris
  39. Broadband Rental and SIM Card in FR and England
  40. Places to work in Paris
  41. CDG Landside transfer from T2A to T1
  42. Day Trips by Rental Car from Monaco
  43. Private Car rental - Suggestions?
  44. help, need to get from ORY to HAM
  45. Lounges n luggage. CDG ?
  46. odd response in trying to locate a bus
  47. Best way from Orly to Westin
  48. Free wifi in nice
  49. Suggestion Needed: Paris for first time, only 23 hours.
  50. CDG transfer time - int'l to domestic flts?
  51. CDG: A decent meal at an affordable price?
  52. car'seat on an Air France domestic flight from Paris Orly to Nice?
  53. Limousine service in the French Riviera ,?
  54. Calamity Jane at Postal Musuem
  55. Help! 6 days South of France with kids
  56. CDG->Paris Ground Transportation Rec (w 1 stop)?
  57. Looking for a suggestion on how to spent 7 hours in CDG
  58. ATMs in Nice
  59. 10h layover at CDG - need a good rest
  60. Versailles in summer: better on Friday or Saturday?
  61. Best time to visit Brittany/Normandy area?
  62. Paris Visite from Orly (3 day 1-6 zones)
  63. Outdoor market info please
  64. Driving CDG-Rouen - route suggestions?
  65. Hotel south / southeast outside Paris
  66. Beauvais to CDG Hilton- check my facts please
  67. 6.5 hour CDG connection - time to go to Paris?
  68. Two nights in Paris...thoughts??
  69. Wonder if I can find a place to exchange XPF into Euros in the French Alps.
  70. 9 hours in CDG - first time in Paris - to do?
  71. First time in Paris
  72. Alain Ducasse in Monte Carlo, Monaco -- Le Grill and La Trattoria
  73. Recommendation for a hotel in Paris, France
  74. How's Nice in May?
  75. Best Sightseeing/Cultural Experience: Surface Transportation: Paris to Brussels
  76. What are they trying to get me to sign in Paris?
  77. Returning rental car at le Havre
  78. Sofitel ADT or Hilton ADT?
  79. Paris Air Show
  80. HELP! Passport Not Stamped at Departure at CDG
  81. Need a nice, convenient inexpensive Paris hotel!
  82. private car/driver hire...Antibes
  83. Suggestions for 5 days in France ( not Paris)?
  84. HELP: flat tire in France on Spanish car rental
  85. Full Vacation Deals to France
  86. Laundry / Fluff and Fold in or near Cannes France?
  87. Lyon Airport - can you help me out with my paper?
  88. Mobilis Pass: Is it active from the day you purchase or the first time you use it?
  89. 4 days in Provence
  90. 4th of July in Paris: Where to celebrate?
  91. How to get to CDG and how early to depart?
  92. Paris - with 2 toddlers - June - CDG xfer - Apt rental
  93. Traveling from Paris to Bayeux (Normandy)
  94. Private Transfer to CDG
  95. Port of call: Nice
  96. Areas to avoid in Paris?
  97. Need weekend trip suggestions from Rouen
  98. Taxis in Nice
  99. One night in Paris during August
  100. Driving from Lourdes to Venice/Pisa ?
  101. CDG connection for 5 hours: shopping for wine?
  102. St. Pierre info
  103. "happy hour" food and drinks
  104. tax-free car sales for returning residents?
  105. Help w/ Paris hotel for party of 4
  106. BOD airport-city transfers
  107. Gare De Nord to the 6th, with ski luggage
  108. can you help me find BNP Paribas branches in Paris, please?
  109. Mulhouse airport traffic controller killed
  110. Best Pizza in Nice :)
  111. Car service at CDG
  112. French wine country vacation dates in mid-july
  113. Nice-Monaco in December?
  114. Off street parking in Paris Neuilly
  115. Cheap prepaid data sim card for iPhone 4?
  116. French Coastal Towns.
  117. Looking for B & B/small villages access. by train from CDG - no car
  118. London to Paris day trip
  119. Shopping for men's suits in Paris?
  120. Moving to France?! France vs USA.
  121. Can anyone explain the number of Americans in Paris?
  122. Wear a Hat During the Summer Months?
  123. Lyon on May 1
  124. Where to buy Orcival brand shirts?
  125. Aix-en-Provence by auto?
  126. Cheap, but decent quality hotels/hostels in Reims?
  127. Fire at Best Western Tour Notre Dame - Paris
  128. Advice on booking hotels in Paris, April 29-May 2
  129. Transpo from Ecole Militaire area to CDG
  130. Left luggage service in Reims, France?
  131. Shopping in CDG Terminal 1?
  132. Good meal & a haircut!
  133. Fly into ORY or CDG?
  134. Driving Annecy to Lyon
  135. CDG for 24 hrs charming small town nearby?
  136. CDG to Lyon
  137. Decent hotel for 60 to 80 Euros/night in Paris?
  138. 1 day enough in Strasbourg?
  139. Paris Flea Markets
  140. Help: 7 days Paris + Lourdes+ Disney
  141. Where to stay for Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes
  142. Paris Restaurant Cheese Plate Scam
  143. Hotel room with runway view at CDG
  144. traveling to lyon
  145. renting large van in South of France
  146. Paris Navigo or Paris Visite card- which is better?
  147. Private Car Tour - Paris
  148. Use AmEx Gift Cards in Paris?
  149. Grasse has lost some notoriety
  150. A group of travelers and I are working on a user generated travel guide for France...
  151. Paris Visite (RER/Metro) Pass Question
  152. Virgin Mobile Prepaid SIM
  153. white sneakers
  154. Transport from CDG to Gare de Bercy
  155. Paris Metro: Options?
  156. Warning--Don't go to the American Express Office on Rue Scribe in Paris
  157. Recommended Hostel in Paris
  158. Paris Marriott Courtyard: Neuilly or Arcueil?
  159. Versailles & Eiffel Fireworks?
  160. Nice Paris Hotel Finds
  161. Paris or NY for December?
  162. Paris Guidebooks
  163. Meeting place - CDG Terminal 1?
  164. Urgent Help: Passport not stamped for immigration
  165. Paris
  166. 2 nights in paris (help)
  167. Baggage storage in Paris
  168. Paris Mid May for three days
  169. Barcelona to paris (through french riviera)
  170. Luggage Delay History
  171. Visiting Oscar Wilde's Tomb
  172. Hotel or Apartment for Paris Honeymoon?
  173. Accommodation / Transportation before Departure at CDG Airport
  174. French Riviera Trip Planning
  175. Brushing up on our French
  176. Fueled by Macarons (trip report)
  177. CDG -> Barcelona Recommendations?
  178. Marriage proposal in the French countryside (Burgundy/Loire Valley)
  179. Solo dining in Paris
  180. First trip to Paris
  181. Paris bistro reccs please
  182. Best sedan service from CDG?
  183. Paris Metro help.
  184. France for 13 days, incl. Paris. Suggestions please!
  185. Free Orange WiFi Month Pass
  186. Rue Montorgueil or the Passages on Sunday?
  187. From Saint-Paul de Vence no more
  188. Hiring a taxi from LYS to St Etienne
  189. inexpensive dining in Paris: FLUNCH
  190. Tolls in Bretagne
  191. Credit Cards & Automotive Travel in France
  192. Last minute, two nights only, trip to Paris (to see Monet I hope)
  193. Ideas for family trip to France?
  194. Hotels near Gare Montparnasse?
  195. Paris CDG airport phone scam
  196. PARIS airport hotel or downtown 23hr 50min
  197. UAL to AF transfer at CDG
  198. Seeking French speaking FTers
  199. Android phone in France
  200. iPhone Question- France specific
  201. CDG Transportation to/from hotel
  202. Hotel Résidence Les Sour in Saint-Remy
  203. Périgord
  204. TGV'Air & TGV Duplex Questions
  205. From Geneva to Paris - ideas along the way?
  206. Friday-Monday in Paris: ParisVisite or carnet?
  207. Eurostar transfer to CDG for UA943
  208. Reasonable hotel in Bordeaux?
  209. CDG Terminal 2E Evacuated Due To Snow On Roof
  210. CDG - UA Bag handlers on strike, 12/23
  211. Latin quater, Paris
  212. Tracking Paris hotel deals?
  213. CDG
  214. CDG and carry on bags
  215. Flight to Paris CDG
  216. Killing 6 hrs at CDG
  217. T2A -> TGV Station in 55mins?
  218. Foodie with 36 hours in Paris
  219. Paris sales: Sunday shopping?
  220. REQUEST: Paris Disney Discounted Tickets
  221. Do I have to get out in cold at CDG?
  222. Ibis Paris Berthier Porte de Clichy for ~$82 USD or something else?
  223. Bus 350 to CDG?
  224. Gîte en Touraine
  225. escargot near CDG
  226. Hotel recommendations for Nice, please.
  227. Meeting A Friend at CDG - arriving on 2 different planes
  228. Alsatian Wine Road - Wedding Photographs?
  229. Arrive In Paris Via Eurostar From London
  230. TGV connection at CDG
  231. car service from versailles to paris hotel
  232. Two new great places to have lunch or tea in Paris
  233. Hotel de Crillon in Paris to leave Concorde Hotels & Resorts
  234. IF Cheap flight Orly -how do I get to CDG?
  235. Quick dash to Paris - advice needed please
  236. Suggestions for New Year's Eve in Paris
  237. French Strike - When will it end??
  238. Tourist Question about Marseille and the Provence Area
  239. Palais Garnier
  240. More strikes 28 Oct and 6 Nov
  241. Champagne area
  242. Trip itinerary
  243. Paris strike oct 19 - anybody want to share a hotel oct 18
  244. Tuesday 19 October ....
  245. New ADP service. Free email alerts for any flight
  246. Rail options from Paris
  247. Industrial action 12 October
  248. Christmas in Paris
  249. Purchase Coffee Maker in Paris
  250. Paris CDG-7 hour layover, Christmas Day, where to eat lunch and does the train run?