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  1. luggage lockers in Selestat or Colmar?
  2. How much will French Open Men's Final tix cost?
  3. Host Gift in Paris
  4. Car Hire/Things to do near Nice
  5. 3G USB deal looks too good to be true?
  6. CDG/Paris questions
  7. Good restaurant for group dinner near Hotel du Louvre
  8. Tour de France catch-all thread
  9. Hotel between St. Malo and Quiberon
  10. Wait (until checking in time) in Paris
  11. Luxury self-catering in France
  12. Barcelona to Nice
  13. Proposal Venue
  14. Roscoff to Bergerac - Views on interesting overnight stop appreciated
  15. PARIS: how long is Taxi from 6th Arr to CDG on Thursday morning?
  16. Needed: Good luxery hotels in Madeleine
  17. Zurich to Paris
  18. Hyatt Regency Paris Madeleine or Hotel Napoleon Paris?
  19. Chamonix Question
  20. Paris-Fitness Center
  21. Looking for nice beach on French Riviera + SPG Hotel
  22. Pricing and sales on flights to Nice from LAX in July
  23. Paris for 12 hours
  24. Recommendations between CDG and La Defense
  25. TGV Gare de Lyon - possible to hire porter to help with luggage?
  26. Paris: Baby-friendly restaurants (cafes, brasseries, restaurants, etc)?
  27. Hotel with parking for 30 cars
  28. Paris Hotel/B&B - Near Champs Elysee
  29. Paris for a day
  30. Annecy or Evian?
  31. Car & Driver Service in Nice
  32. Where to buy a Carnet de Billets (T+ tickets) outside France?
  33. Does CDG have Free WIFI ??
  34. PRAGUE-PARIS-PRAGUE - Air Tickets For Sale for Easter Weekend
  35. Car Drop in Paris May 1
  36. Batobus
  37. Making a trip to Paris from 2nd-5th April.. Advice solicited
  38. 10 hr layover in CDG. Enough time for a little sightseeing?
  39. RE:UA using new Departure Gate now
  40. Port of Entry into France Procedures
  41. how much time between arrival and RER at CDG? [moved posts]
  42. 2nd Arrondissement near Opera
  43. Art Home / Nomiya Restaurant
  44. wow - nice paris shot (26 gigapixels)
  45. American using iphone in France and buying TGV tickets...
  46. Trip to Paris with a side trip to Normandy
  47. Eating with kids in central Paris
  48. Renting flat from
  49. Collouire hotels?
  50. Any suggestions/experiences with the Hotel Derby Eiffel?
  51. Just short of 2 days in Paris -- need advice
  52. Hotel or Hostel for 1 night in Paris
  53. seeking hotel suggestions near the Pantheon in Paris...?
  54. Best way to travel from CDG to Hotel [Paris XII, Porte Doree] ?
  55. Paris Priceline Zones for bidding?
  56. Best way from Paris to Florence or Rome?
  57. first time in paris..please help me
  58. No charge for ATM withdrawl
  59. Purchased some Euros before my trip...
  60. Saint Jean de Monts - what's it like?
  61. Dijon on Bastille Day
  62. Free money - ATM strategy for France
  63. 10 hours in Paris
  64. Pay as you go SIM and internet PC dongle for frequent france trips
  65. Day Trip to Champagne
  66. Disneyland Paris
  67. Chess in Paris
  68. Pack & Play (translation) and USA credit cards in France...
  69. Based on Value/Location - which of these Paris Hotels is best?
  70. Paris on the Weekend
  71. paris for day
  72. Reasonable car hire costs in June
  73. Home swap - Our 1br near Paris for your NYC
  74. Luxury Boutique a Paris
  75. Where to stay in Paris (streets/areas, not hotels)
  76. Would you recommend Paris in March?
  77. Hiltons in Paris
  78. TGV and CDG Questions
  79. Hotel-to-Hotel Baggage Delivery or Lockers or Suggetions?
  80. Driving from Paris to Nice
  81. Self-guided D-day tour - questions
  82. Paris CDG Airport Shuttles
  83. Ferin village near Douai - anyone know it~?
  84. Advice on neighbourhood for two hotels - Hotel Valadon, Hotel Eiffel Seine
  85. RoissyBus Revisited
  86. CDG: how to get into town with the bad weather and strikes?
  87. New NH at LYS
  88. New NH at LYS
  89. Best time to buy Airline Tickets
  90. ATM strike starting Dec. 18, 2009
  91. Paris Restaurants
  92. Transfer from Beauvis to Disneyland?
  93. Hotel Beaumarchais
  94. looking to rent an apartment in paris june, 2010 (advice sought)
  95. Anyone flying Air France? Onboard boutique help please
  96. Red Eye out of CDG?
  97. Provence in Sept/Oct
  98. How I go from 2F2 to 2E on CDG?
  99. GDG transit
  100. Reservations for visits to the Eiffel Tower
  101. What to buy in Paris?
  102. Warning if you have young children/babies still in car seats
  103. South of France Villa
  104. Need to fax passport and credit card to accommodation?
  105. CDG RER Ticket Line
  106. in Paris - need a bday gift
  107. Leaving AF Buses-Maybe
  108. Another CDG layover thread - but but early morning...
  109. Battling for a refund from a hotel in Paris
  110. Realtor in Nice area
  111. Clermont Ferrand or Lyon?
  112. Bordeaux
  113. something on next week in Paris ?
  114. New Year's in Paris [merged threads]
  115. Hotel Costes Paris
  116. Sublets in Paris?
  117. Arrival CDG - 11 hour layover - departure Orly
  118. Legal Holidays in November?
  119. Factory Outlet Shopping in/near Paris
  120. Looking for hotel suggestions for Paris
  121. SNCF greves for 14 November 2009?
  122. Can someone group these for me?
  123. Anything like in Paris?
  124. Stores open 31 Oct?
  125. Regular mail from France to USA--how long?
  126. MRS Lounges: Shower?
  127. Paris/Loire valley - comments?
  128. VAT Refund - how long does it take?
  129. Paris crowded in November?
  130. Recommendations for wheat-free/diary-free restaurant in Paris
  131. The French skiing thread
  132. Ski resorts, Marseille, Italy, Germany
  133. paris hotel
  134. Data card
  135. Luxury Bars in Paris
  136. Good moderate priced hotels in Paris
  137. watching postseason baseball in Paris
  138. taking the family of 5 to Paris for a week
  139. Any restaurant recommendations in 16th arrond by Place Victor Hugo?
  140. what to do until I can check into my hotel room in paris
  141. Anyone going to Monaco?
  142. Help at CDG with assistance with bags and to TGV
  143. Our Paris Restaurant Reviews
  144. First time to Paris
  145. Accomodation near Basel
  146. Celiac in Paris: Any ideas?
  147. 3 Days Outside of Paris in late January?
  148. Restaurant recommendation - Classic french cooking
  149. 7am CDG arrival, 10:50am Montparnasse train OK?
  150. Schengen Connection at CDG: Security?!?
  151. Toulouse on Christmas Day?
  152. picnic in paris???
  153. Take Two: What is Your Favorite "Secret" Thing to do (or Place to Eat) in Paris?
  154. Restaurant Le Bec at LYS
  155. Why I love Paris
  156. hotel keppler opinions
  157. Searching for hotel called "Pavillon de Laurent" or something like that
  158. Back from Paris
  159. CDG Overnight Layover
  160. CDG to Orly and vice versa
  161. Connecting from 2A to 2G at CDG
  162. 1.5 days in paris
  163. Anniversary Visit to Versailles/Paris -- dining, river cruise, etc. recommendations?
  164. (somewhat) Informal gourmet experience in Paris
  165. 5 days in Grenoble, what to do?
  166. Paris to Lille
  167. Apartment Rentals in Paris
  168. Paris hotels with decent fitness center?
  169. Can someone please explain the placement of CDG duty-free re immigration/passport?
  170. One month in Paris
  171. Cavallo Island
  172. Transporation Options Paris- CDG
  173. Any site like this one? (link inside) Paris descriptions
  174. Star Alliance Gold departure lounge at CDG ?
  175. First time to Paris - hows my schedule? (and ?s)
  176. Meeting up at CDG
  177. Hotel Beausejour Montmartre: Paris
  178. wifi in Paris, France
  179. 5 hr layover in Marseille
  180. Marriott / Hilton question - mistake?
  181. Cannes First Week of September?
  182. 1 hour connection at CDG Paris from Terminal 2A to 2D?
  183. Where to go in November?
  184. Sunday brunch in Paris ?
  185. Quick stop into Paris
  186. Rosh Hashana services in Paris or Lyon?
  187. Food, supermarkets, markets..
  188. Provence villa
  189. Nearest TGV station to ORY?
  190. Thanks DavidO for the Hotel Recommendation
  191. Renaissance Vendome Vs. Hilton Arc De Triomphe
  192. Restaurants near Renaissance Place Vendome??
  193. Paris Metro Carnet's
  194. Versailles & Chartres in a single day trip from Paris?
  195. Paris August parking still free?
  196. Looking for nice dining place / club New Years Eve
  197. any problem flying through CDG with meat?
  198. CDG supermarkets?
  199. Restaurant near Giverny?
  200. best way to get from Holiday Inn CDG to central Paris?
  201. Paris Visite questions
  202. Which airport? LYS or NCE
  203. Any reccomendations on Residhome La Defense Parc du Millenaire
  204. Registration for 10K race in France - medical certificate?
  205. Looking for Memorable Paris Dinner for <100 Euro
  206. Wine/Champagne region form Paris
  207. Any reason you wouldn't depart CDG for TATL on 7/14?
  208. Hotel recommendation in Paris?
  209. Hotel with safe storage/parking for a bike in Paris?
  210. Need room that will hold 4 in Paris
  211. Has anyone taken cours municipaux d’adultes in Paris?
  212. One day in Marseille
  213. Security/passport control lines at ORY Sud
  214. Best Breakfast Hotel in Paris ?
  215. thanksgiving in Paris - Food to bring?
  216. Lyon, Collioure, Carcassonne
  217. Where to Stay in Paris
  218. Cote d'Azur Recommendations
  219. Paris Air Show - Do they let visitors get on the displayed airplanes?
  220. What are some large bookstores in Paris that have American books at decent pricing?
  221. France car rental
  222. Paris lodging for 1 month Nov/Dec
  223. CDG Airport transfer with kids
  224. Kosher restaurant in Paris
  225. Help with son's France trip
  226. Need a bit of help from people in France
  227. Le Cirque d'Hiver
  228. The New Chocolate Stamps - still available in November?
  229. London (LHR) to Nantes (France)
  230. TGV Montbard to CDG
  231. What to do with 5 Hrs at CDG ?
  232. Carnac
  233. L'Arpege website in English?
  234. How Can An American Open A Bank Account In France?
  235. Are there any one day bus tours to Normandy from Paris?
  236. Paris Hilton ADT 2 week stay
  237. iDNight TGV in F - help needed
  238. Hostel near convention center
  239. Any websites left listing strikes?
  240. Paris hotel question
  241. Hotel near Eurostar
  242. Europcar pickup in Chambery- hours open
  243. One-Way Car Rental in France
  244. Shuttle from CDG to Paris for 2 people with 4 bags?
  245. FS: Two French Open Tickets, Thurs, May 28 - $150
  246. RVs in France
  247. Threatened Rail Strike
  248. First-timer questions answered
  249. Apartment for rent in the 6th arr.
  250. Paris : places or events to stay away from list. But consider for what?