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  1. Which Canadian banks don't add a surcharge on for'n exch. cash withdrawals?
  2. Why do some many people hate Montreal Airport?
  3. Cabin or Rural Lodge Nearish Vancouver
  4. OLCI may disappear soon for flights to USA
  5. Banks with extra ATM charges?
  6. AUS - YVR, late Aug 2017. Who to fly?
  7. Stanley Park and Granville island in One day
  8. Chorus Aviation Capital acquires six ATR 72-600s from Avation PLC
  9. Oh Canada, happy 150th
  10. Rejected global entry application affect entry to canada?
  11. What to do in Vancouver on Canada Day?
  12. Post Office YUL, YYZ
  13. YYZ clear customs to smoke
  14. CN Tower 360 Restaurant
  15. Using Nexus Security Line In Toronto With Global Entry
  16. Held upstairs for YVR customs
  17. Canmore at American Thanksgiving?
  18. sea to sky gondola (for those who have been there)
  19. YYZ: multi language kiosks in US connection area?
  20. Air Transat's Mexican Game - a new kind of Mexican Hat Dance?
  21. Uber in Stratford?
  22. One way rental across Canada
  23. Possible to Re-route Baggage at YVR past CBSA?
  24. What time to arrive at YYZ for early morning US departure?
  25. Best program NYC-YYZ
  26. New priority pass lounge YVR
  27. Separate Line at customs for short connections at YUL?
  28. is there real high-speed internet at YYZ?
  29. Driving in Canada in the month of April
  30. Transit time at YYZ: Asia to USA via YYZ
  31. YYZ arrivals lounge
  32. My 15-year-old Connecting through YVR on way from KIX to YUL: Meet & Greet?
  33. After Aeroplan... a second "churning" rewards program - suggestions?
  34. Poor exchange rates at ATMs inside Montreal terminal
  35. Timing for early US departure from YVR
  36. Canadian Senators travel Air Canada business class between Ottawa and Toronto
  37. YVR Lines- Preclearnace
  38. Do we need Visa or ETA to Visit Canada ?
  39. Toronto Priority Pass for Air Canada flights
  40. Montreal <-> Ottawa options
  41. ELI5: 30k Aeroplan, 30k Amex, and 15k RBC Rewards. How to combine?
  42. Telus store at/near any airport?
  43. Domestic - YYZ - Transborder (T3) - Baggage Pickup?
  44. YUL/YOW -> YHZ -- US restrictions?
  45. EWR to YVR connecting in YYZ
  46. Arizonan charged with firearms violations for bringing handgun to Toronto's CN Tower
  47. Customs time for YYZ to EWR
  48. Monday troubles at YYZ
  49. YYZ customs construction
  50. CBSA Preclearance FSP
  51. Vancouver
  52. Comox/Courtenay, BC and Tofino, BC restaurant suggestions
  53. I need your expert help one more time - International connections in YVR
  54. Non-Nexus Family members thru CATSA with me at YVR pre-clearance?
  55. US -> Canada cnxn at YYZ - luggage p/u or no?
  56. YYZ T3 baggage transfer
  57. "New" Canadian security measures "not" announced April 11....
  58. YYZ T1: Can I stay airside for US departure?
  59. YYZ Construction Delays
  60. U.S. man arrested as fake bomb stalls Chicago-bound flight at Pearson
  61. United Airlines Flight 547 YYZ-ORD Pre-Clearance Revoked
  62. Canada Place to YVR
  63. Codes on CA customs declaration forms
  64. YUL baggage for USA preclearance
  65. DWI Entry to Canada - Consolidated Info
  66. getting from Regina to Melville or Yorkton, SK?
  67. Can I travel into Canada and the USA
  68. Age 12-25, July 2017 Unlimited VIA Rail Travel Across Canada for Only $150
  69. eTA for PR, but not been resident for 50 years
  70. YYZ (Pearson T1) USA->Domestic transfer
  71. Halifax / Nova Scotia - what to do?
  72. Lunch recommendations in Fort Erie
  73. Canada may consider electronics ban
  74. No priority line for YVR transborder security
  75. New CBSA Primary Inspection Kiosks
  76. new YYZ secure to US security line?
  77. Problem with eTA application
  78. Photo Spots/Areas you recommend for taking pics of Vancouver skyline or nature?
  79. Quebec October hiking/photography/B&B ideas
  80. Transitioning YYZ Domestic <-> Transborder/Intl
  81. Traveling with infant to Canada
  82. Canada's 100 Best Restaurants List
  83. Long layover in YVR -> US destination
  84. Via Rail Quebec to Montreal to Toronto
  85. FRA/MUC to YOW - in *A but not AC and USA?
  86. Is 90 min enough for clearing immigration at YYZ?
  87. Enter international concourse or domestic concourse with US Transborder boarding pass
  88. Driving from Whistler to Calgary -- where to spend nights?
  89. Prince Edward County wines?
  90. Long hours, low wages linked to rise in accidents on Pearson tarmac
  91. CATSA and electronic boarding passes at YYC
  92. Does my child qualify for Canadian citizenship? (I can't understand one of rules...)
  93. Moncton: Security can be slow
  94. Suggestions for YVR-MAN or YVR-EDI in Y?
  95. Federal Govt having talks on Air Passenger Bill of rights
  96. With US B1/B2 Visa to cross from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, CA. Visa Required?
  97. New Transit Hub Proposed for YYZ
  98. YYZ optimal post number to pick up from T3 international arrivals
  99. Recommendations for 1 week in Montreal
  100. Cigars at YUL?
  101. GlobeandMail:Report of revoked Nexus cards after Trump order prompts federal scramble
  102. One stop security YYZ
  103. YVR to Europe on business, what now?
  104. Driving from Vancouver to Whistler in April
  105. Transit in YVR: BA to AS with NEXIS
  106. Details of Late Evening US to Australia Transfer at YVR?
  107. US transit YYZ on a Thursday morning? Inviting trouble?
  108. YVR immigration?
  109. YVR Transborder to International Transfer Process?
  110. YYZ T3 lounge - KLM vs. Plaza Premium?
  111. Getting a prescription filled in Canada
  112. Parks Canada free admission 2017
  113. CBSA Preclearance ORD
  114. Hotel / AirBnB recommendations in Toronto?
  115. Recommendation for transportation option from Vancouver to Victoria
  116. Aspire Lounge in Calgary Airport.
  117. Moving to US with immigrant visa; flying through YYZ = good idea or bad idea?
  118. Transit in Toronto
  119. Hotel at Niagara falls on points or free nights?
  120. Infant flying from Canada to USA without a passport.
  121. YOW transborder security fast lane?
  122. Toqué - Still any good?
  123. Best card for $50-100k CDN annual spend?
  124. Using a gym near Dorval with long stopover heading to USA
  125. US Homeland Computers are down...PreClearance is also a problem
  126. YVR traveller traffic set to top record at 22 million
  127. Prince Rupert airport (YPR)
  128. Anyone tried the new Desjardins lounge at YUL international airside?
  129. One-way ticket to NYC + Returning by land
  130. Choose 7+ hr layover- Montreal or Toronto
  131. Declaration Card: Arriving from US only vs other country via US
  132. Taxi fare not zoned based from YYZ
  133. Miles options LAX or SFO to YUL(SEA also doable)
  134. Need to travel Montreal, got a DUI past.
  135. 3 Days in Vancouver, 12/24-12/27
  136. YUL-website hacked
  137. Best (veggie) poutine near YUL?
  138. How to shop for TV for use in Canada?
  139. Duty Free and connecting to anywhere Canada from USA
  140. T1 YYZ NEXUS long lineup
  141. 4 Days in Victoria Without a Car
  142. Showers at Calgary Airport
  143. Toronto Pearson (YYZ) Hopes to be a mega hub
  144. Toronto or Montreal around Christmas
  145. Ottawa approves redress system for Canadian travellers affected by no-fly list
  146. Privatization of CA Airports - not?
  147. Entering Canada Via Train With DUI?
  148. How much you tip your driver for the limo you pick at YYZ?
  149. Butchart Gardens in January?
  150. East Coast Trail, Canada
  151. Canada Live Travel Videos
  152. Calgary for a day
  153. Canada to boost foreign ownership cap in airlines to 49%
  154. Canadian Air Passenger Bill of Rights
  155. Liberal MPP's bill to stop expiry of rewards points passes 2nd reading
  156. Layover In Vancouver?
  157. YGP-FSP - Best way?
  158. Icelandair increases 2017 frequency from YEG to daily service
  159. YEG - SEA - DXB Connection - Luggage?
  160. Montreal connection time: separate tickets
  161. YYZ T3 Transborder Lounge?
  162. Can't skinny dip in Canada?
  163. Quebec City, Montreal trip
  164. Japan Airlines plane in YYZ today
  165. Visiting Bombardier Factory Mirabel
  166. Carbon tax= fuel price increase ?
  167. Best 2 day parking option for YTZ/Billy Bishop
  168. Train across Rockies advice please
  169. Flightseeing Iles de la Madeleine?
  170. Toronto Chinese food
  171. Seeking best ice cream in Vancouver
  172. US Preclearance at Pearson this morning
  173. YVR - how long to allow for security/US border people
  174. YYZ Wednesday mornning
  175. Processing of eTA at check-in
  176. Meeting point at YYZ terminal 1?
  177. Vancouver Restaurant Short List?
  178. Canadian International Air Travel Is The World's Most Expensive: Survey
  179. Global Entry and CBSA
  180. Has anyone flying AC on transpacific flights used YVR arrivals lounge?
  181. Thorough customs checks on personal record?
  182. Do I need eTA for canada and ESTA for USA ?
  183. Are foreign airlines required by law to provide service in French for Quebec routes?
  184. Using Kiosks in Canada - Secondary Inspection Codes
  185. Dual US and German citizen entering Canada with federal felony arrest record
  186. Any luggage drop off stops at Toronto Pearson Airport??
  187. WIFI at Vancouver Airport Skytrain
  188. Reentering Canada as a Citizen with Invalid Passport
  189. Toronto (YYZ) to Rome (FCO). AC VS AZ
  190. Any Citi or HSBC ATM at Toronto Pearson Airport?
  191. Pearson Connection
  192. When Do I Go Through Customs?
  193. BA Ticket Counter Times at YVR
  194. How is YUL US-Canada Customs and Distance from Gate to Security?
  195. Can I use YUL Priority Pass Lounge if US-Canada flight?
  196. Early morning Montreal to US flight advice
  197. USA -> (AC/T1) YYZ -> INT'L (AC/TI) - checking bags. Can I leave the airport?
  198. Victoria airport transportation to city center question
  199. YYZ - airside hotels?
  200. Can my son or daughter drive my car from the US into Canada and back?
  201. Compass card @ YVR
  202. 6 hour YOW layover
  203. US citizen entering Canada for business meetings - questions
  204. YVR transit qns
  205. Calgary to Vancouver delay
  206. Travelling to Canada on Canadian Passport's Expiration Date?
  207. Car/Taxi apps in YVR
  208. Nav Canada to cut airline fees by almost 8% on average starting in Sept.
  209. Logistics in YYZ on FRA-YYZ-PIT connection
  210. It took over 2 month for my fiancé to get his Eta
  211. Vancouver Self-guided 1, 2 day tour with map and sample schedule
  212. Bombardier’s CS300 plane gets green light from Transport Canada
  213. YVR Quick Connect Gripe
  214. Anyone has a Red Oxx Sky Train in Vancouver I could test?
  215. China Transit Program - real world experiences
  216. How would you split 9 days between Banff and Jasper?
  217. New potable water regulation for Canada. Starts September
  218. Mobile data recommendation
  219. Romantic resturant in Niagara Falls, Canada
  220. Discount travel company NewLeaf not paying bills, say consultants owed $130K
  221. Toronto dining suggestions
  222. Travelling with CAN$10,000 or more (entering Canada)
  223. YVR Short Connection
  224. Can I skip last leg of Air Transat flight?
  225. Ottawa eyes airport sell-off to raise infrastructure cash
  226. Admittance to Canada w Battery charge?
  227. Canadian ePassport
  228. USA to Europe via YYZ - check bags? Go thru immigration?
  229. Niagara Falls ON - restaurants with falls view and which have vegetarian dishes
  230. Driving to Canada from U.S.: Passport in Maiden Name
  231. CBSA and Obsession with Duty Taxes
  232. 8 hour stop over in Vancouver
  233. Airport Connection -- Immigration?
  234. Is coffee crisp for sale at YYZ T1 transborder?
  235. Alcohol duty for US citizen passing through Canada
  236. SFO (AC) YVR (AF) CDG transit
  237. LAX to YYZ - 7 hr layover
  238. Traveling CDG-YUL-MIA - Where do I clear immigration?
  239. YTZ - What's inside Billy Bishp these days?
  240. 2.5 hours for Intl to US connection in Pearson Terminal 3
  241. 4 day trip to YQB/Montreal Area...whew!!
  242. prior DUI and entering Canada through Vancouver BC
  243. GGetting into Montreal from the airport
  244. YYZ Terminal 3 - Gate 6
  245. How are the lines at Pearson on a Saturday morning?
  246. Best place to pick-up at YYZ
  247. Family road trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto - any recs?
  248. Thoughts on the Calgary Stampede this year (2016)?
  249. ORD to YVR customs wait, no NEXUS.
  250. Is Roam Mobile Wifi Hotspot any good?