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  1. Shopping in Toronto
  2. Mumbai->Winnipeg conxn. at YYZ: getting needed permit and rechecking bags?
  3. Whistler- Hilton or Westin
  4. Secondary Inspection at border crossing?
  5. file income tax return if income is $1?
  6. YOW Airport at night and Maple Leaf Lounge
  7. Why do USA-Eastern Canada flights never last?
  8. Looking for a cabin resort by a lake, 2hrs or so drive from Toronto
  9. Prepaid SIM card for iPhone - Ottawa, Canada
  10. CATSA stupidity
  11. YYZ T3 - Duty Free Wiskey
  12. Canadian Dollar Rate
  13. Mass layoffs at Canjet
  14. Potential Cruise - Entry Question
  15. Time to drop bags at YYZ, Tue morning?
  16. Maple Leaf Lounge in international wing of Toronto Airport
  17. CBP Preclearance Hours of Operation @YYZ
  18. Ottawa Hotel - Novotel
  19. Niagra Falls view hotel
  20. Input on things to do in Montreal during stopover
  21. Visting Canadian Side of Niagara Falls (Visa Question)
  22. 2 hrs. enough to connect to U.S.-bound flight at Toronto?
  23. First time visitors to YYJ with special needs daughter
  24. YYC International Facilities Project - opening delayed until 2016
  25. YYZ T3 Duty Free
  26. Runway repaving at YYT in 2015
  27. Is customs done at port of entry or destination?
  28. Re-entry visa required for side-trip to Seattle-Vancouver?
  29. First time in Montreal-Quebec - questions and tips
  30. Puffin Tours to Bird Islands off of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
  31. First Air adds three new flights Edmonton - Yellowknife
  32. Lake Okanagan Resort
  33. Is there a Nexus kiosk at YYZ - T3 on arrivals
  34. Uber From YYZ to the City - Possible?
  35. YTO-ORD, thoughts?
  36. Canadian MasterCard/Visa Debit Card for Non-Resident
  37. Hand swab, pat down and luggage check, in one shot?
  38. Bombardier Nearing Deal for Lufthansa Unit to Be CSeries Jet Launch Operator
  39. Four Seasons or Ritz-Carlton in Toronto?
  40. YYZ T3 international to international airside transit
  41. Alcohol from Japan allowed when transiting through YVR to the US?
  42. Questions on Toronto
  43. Toronto-Pearson
  44. HKG-YVR-SEA : What happens for immigration/customs?
  45. Honeymoon hotel - Vancouver
  46. Free WiFi at YUL include landside?
  47. UP Train at YYZ Feb 10
  48. Duty Free
  49. Any tips for a first time visitor to St John's?
  50. YYZ Viscount Parking Garage - Capacity problems?
  51. When to book YYC-YVR for June? Air Canada v Westjet?
  52. Luxury car rental in Edmonton
  53. Travel interruption insurance - cancelled flight because of bad weather?
  54. YEG Security - Automatic Gates
  55. 6 hour wait in YUL: Advice
  56. YYZ Noise Complaint Zone Expansion
  57. USA B1 (Business) visa to enter Canada
  58. YVR rat problems?
  59. Two-and-a-bit days in Vancouver
  60. Where do I return an rental car at YYZ?
  61. Delta Hotels sold to Marriott
  62. Pearson T3 US custom wait time on a Wed morning
  63. Lost luggage "refused at customs" at YYZ
  64. Honeymoon: Need help planning BC area trip for June 2015!
  65. Is US Driver License an acceptable ID for Canadian domestic flights?
  66. New Canadian passport’s dark and incredible secrets
  67. LHR-to-US via YYZ T1 - How do I leave the airport?
  68. YEG flying high in 2014 with a record 8.2 million passengers
  69. Canada US Entry Exit initiative - unexpected consequences for cross border travellers
  70. YVR Domestic AB Connector Finally Open
  71. Tricks to avoid holding area YYZ T1 Transborder?
  72. New CIBC presence at YYZ
  73. Jump On Flyaways - Any Experience?
  74. Best New Vancouver Restaurants of 2014 - Mia Stainsby / Vancouver Sun
  75. Restaurant BLU - Toronto - Yorkville well worth it
  76. 80min connection at YEG on separate tickets
  77. Calgary Hyatt vs Palliser
  78. YYZ ValetCare Amex
  79. Pearson Int'l - T3 arrival hall is a disaster
  80. Toronto, where to stay?
  81. YVR: International-US Connection
  82. Best Public Transport to Downtown Toronto from YYZ
  83. How early for TSA at YYZ with kids
  84. Carnaval - Québec
  85. Bombardier wins $1-billion order for 24 regional jets
  86. 4 Days in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick - doable?
  87. Where to try outdoor skating?
  88. YVR: "Due to Customs hours, be at the airport 2 hours prior to departure." Really?
  89. Mont-Tremblant-Ottawa surface transportation if not using one's car?
  90. Bringing beer into Canada
  91. Government of Canada acts to make air travel more convenient
  92. "Random" screening at YYZ
  93. Entering Canada During Transit
  94. Anything to see during a YYZ connection?
  95. Winter trip to Saskatoon or Prince Rupert
  96. Overlapping Itinerary question (YYZ)
  97. YYZ glorious customs hall on Friday evening
  98. Christmas Market in Montreal?
  99. US Immigration at YUL - how long?
  100. Car2Go now Serving YVR and a bit of Richmond
  101. YYZ Restaurant Rant
  102. Will lower Oil prices mean more inter-Canada Flights
  103. Vancouver BC afordable hotel help
  104. Death in Family: How to get to Toronto?
  105. Off Topic: Canadian Visa/Mastercard (Prepaid or Debit) for Yank
  106. Holiday parking voucher at SYR
  107. Parking at YYZ over winter break
  108. YZD Flights
  109. AN225 in Toronto tomorrow morning!
  110. How to find audiovisual travel guides for Canada productively?
  111. canada gas math ?
  112. Potential Vancouver trip...
  113. Skiing Banff/Lake Louise
  114. Allegiant wants to come to Ogdensburg, 1 hr away from YOW
  115. YYC US Immigration
  116. New Taxi Zone Fares from YVR starts Thu Nov 6
  117. Recent Canadian Passport applications - questions for you
  118. Anybody else out there special? (CIBC says I am!)
  119. YYZ Gate question for Pearson Experts
  120. YYZ to downtown
  121. - luring away Canadian flyers :)
  122. Flights to Vancouver - Alaska or Westjet?
  123. CBSA stamped my US passport @ YUL
  124. Any good hotel chains for smaller Western Canada centres?
  125. US pre-clearance Toronto
  126. Bins, vs no bins
  127. TD Bank ATM in Calgary arrivals?
  128. vancouver
  129. Ebola screening at Canadian airports: I expect it to go well!
  130. Porter-Jet Blue Interline Agreement
  131. LH connecting to UA at YYZ, what went wrong?
  132. which address for Canada Customs form and date left Canada
  133. Weather at Fort McMurray - affecting flights ?
  134. Stopover in Fort McMurray
  135. Driving between Bathurst and Quebec City
  136. How to file Canadian income tax?
  137. Security line at YYZ
  138. YYZ - Terminal 3 - US pre-clearance time on thurs eve
  139. Toronto Airport Express - Will anything replace it?
  140. YVR-Train Station Transfer
  141. Historical data [Mirabel Airport - Montreal]
  142. Transport Canada looking at new rules for pilot work hours
  143. Banff/Jasper Accommodation using points/miles?
  144. Halloween in Toronto
  145. T1 to T3 YYZ Layover
  146. Halifax airport
  147. Biggest Airlines at YVR - AC with 44%
  148. Canadian flight heading to Cuba turned back to Toronto
  149. YHZ gas station closes, temporary replacement
  150. Goods to follow under duty allowance...
  151. suggestions on getting from downtown Quebec to YQB airport?
  152. Travel in Newfoundland
  153. travel consent letter for Canadian child entering Canada
  154. YVR Dom security opening time?
  155. Woman scales barbed wire fence in Halifax (YHZ) hoping to stop a plane.
  156. YVR Intl to US Preclearance
  157. Lo 787 @ yyc?
  158. Niagra falls - day trip or spend the night?
  159. Toronto in January for 4 days
  160. Vancouver shopping options?
  161. Help with different flights and customs for Toronto
  162. "Soft" arrive in Vancouver
  163. Arriving in YYC
  164. Where to buy things for cheap in downtown Vancouver
  165. Vancouver/ Victoria
  166. Easiest route from Montreal Airport to Downtown?
  167. Delta named operator of new, attached Calgary International Airport hotel
  168. Best way from YYZ to Hyatt Regency
  169. cheap Montreal hotel for stopover?
  170. Is Yorkville Waning?
  171. Wine import question
  172. Park & Ride for Go Train
  173. What time should I get to the airport (Leaving tomorrow morning)
  174. Planning VIA Rail Transcon Trip in Sleeper/Business
  175. New Netflix ad - YYZ T1 never looked so good
  176. Connecting in YUL
  177. Toronto hotel strange sum taken at booking
  178. F pax at YUL - should I have used priority security?
  179. YYZ T1 baggage carts
  180. Sobeys to replace Club Sobeys card with Air Miles in select markets
  181. Weekend Travel Ideas for Eastern Canada
  182. CSBA @ YVR when departing Canada
  183. FRA-YVR-SFO with overnight layover: bags, immigration, and global entry
  184. New Canadian LCC = Jet Naked?
  185. Suggestions for short trip to Toronto?
  186. YVR - YYC one way car rental drop fee
  187. 4+ hrs in YUL - where to sit, where to eat?
  188. Gander Historic Lounge at Risk of Closing
  189. APC in YEG September 2014
  190. OT: 4N 50% off sale to/from YXY
  191. OT: did i see an A380 coming into YVR yesterday?
  192. Driving Loaner/Courtesy Car from USA to Canada
  193. Air Georgian Cadet Program
  194. Extended YVR Layover before flight to US
  195. Layover in YCG (Castlegar)
  196. Place to leave articles post security at YYZ?
  197. Fall Foliage - trip suggestions
  198. Am I being too ambitious?
  199. Where to get a Rogers (or other ?) prepaid sim
  200. Washington State Deferred Sentence on Misdemeanor entering Canada
  201. Lockers at YVR for carry-on items?
  202. How to get Prepaid Sim for remote NW Ontario?
  203. YTZ Billy Bishop --> Royal York
  204. YWG / Winnipeg gets Plaza Premium Lounge
  205. Nexus Trump Priority Security Line YHZ
  206. Ideas for 14 hour layover in Toronto?
  207. EU Speeding Ticket - travel to Canada
  208. Duty Free Question NRT-YYZ-RDU
  209. Free Groupon
  210. YQB-> GEG Quebec City to Spokane, Washington flight!
  211. Car Rental at YYT Late Night
  212. 1 hour connection time in YYZ
  213. Least bad coach seats out of YVR?
  214. Kelowna vs Kamloops stopover Banff to Vancouver
  215. Edmonton - good wifi or ESPN3
  216. Got a speeding Ticket in Ontario Canada Highway! What to do?
  217. Rainbow Bridge Toll
  218. Who to contact for recommending a new lounge at YYZ
  219. 7 hrs in St.John's, NFLD / YYT
  220. Driving on an EU license
  221. Do I need transit visa in this situation?
  222. Changes to Nexus security line -- laptops out of carry-on
  223. 4 hr layover in YVR
  224. Is duty-free still impossible to transit through YYZ?
  225. Us Citizen Layover in YVR
  226. How long does it take to get from airport to CN Tower?
  227. "The Canadian" Adventure this June...
  228. Is Alcohol Sold on Sunday Mornings in Ontario?
  229. Cave of the Winds vs Journey Behind the Falls
  230. 2 Weeks 2 Kids 2 Countries In July
  231. Cheapest way to insure rental car in Canada (Montreal)?
  232. Pilots warned to Watch out for runaway Beer Blimp
  233. Am I eligible on the transit visa?
  234. Travel Medical Insurance For Canadians Working Temporarily in USA
  235. CTA issues harmonized baggage rules for international flights
  236. Best club/lounge in YVR?
  237. Pearson airport to change extreme weather protocol
  238. Best Airside Restaurant in Calgary Airport
  239. Question on experiences in bringing a jar of peanut butter into Toronto
  240. YVR named #1 airport in North America - 5th consecutive year
  241. Canadian North, First Air plan 'merger of equals'
  242. Defective passport ~ Photo faded beyond recognition
  243. Cost of airport parking at YSB Sudbury, Ontario
  244. First Air fires pilots
  245. Proposal to Allow CATSA to Open Locked/Sealed Checked Baggage
  246. Domestic or International Departure at YVR?
  247. Enough time for this connection? YYZ
  248. US Preclearance from Canadian airports; is it worth it??????
  249. Just how bad is YUL?
  250. Former AC enRoute editor-in-chief writes novel about the new world of social media