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  1. Best way from Bali to Batam
  2. KUL Airport - Is 1:55 enuogh time?
  3. SEA in May - Cooler/Drier Destinations?
  4. 2 days in Yangon or Luang Prabang?
  5. New terminal at Noi Bai (HAN) open Jan 1, 2015?
  6. Best time to travel
  7. Manila From Terminal 1 to Bago Bantay, Quezon City Yellow Taxi or Coupon Taxi?
  8. Plane-spotting at Taipei airport
  9. 2 ways to get to Bali (DPS), which one would you pick?
  10. Possibly crazy plan for overnight layover in Taiwan (TPE)
  11. July - Great Beaches with Snorkeling?
  12. Tour itinerary + price for Siem Reap - thoughts?
  13. Malacca (MKZ) Access
  14. 2 stop flight (IST, KUL) enroute to DPS - are 2-3 day layovers worth it?
  15. Possible to buy Taiwan HSR passes at HKG airport?
  16. Separate flights from Tokyo and Korea to somewhere tropical for the holidays
  17. What's the best airline for HKG->SIN
  18. Sights to See in Kuala Lumpur
  19. 16 days in Sri Lanka/Southern India: where would you go?
  20. Sleeping in TPE! Without onward ticket
  21. Checking in for return, Saigon Mileage Run
  22. Yalong Bay (Hainan China) vs. Koh Samui (Thailand), or somewhere else?
  23. Lodging and logistics for Siem Reap/Angkor - recommendations
  24. Transit SGN without Visa: What just happened?
  25. Intl Transfer Desk in Taipei Songshan Airport?
  26. Taipei - food recs please!
  27. Where should I have a 20 hour for-fun layover?
  28. Myanmar Trip Report: November 2014
  29. Italian & American Passports in Asia
  30. Asia - where else to go?
  31. Best time for Sri Lanka?
  32. Canadian Dollar Travelers cheques in Malaysia
  33. Eating in Vietnam: food allergy question
  34. Bangladesh
  35. Just came back from Hanoi...found out a nice option to Ha Long Bay...
  36. best KL luxury hotel
  37. Cheapest Time of Year to Fly to the Indonesia or Vietnam?
  38. Brunei - Any tips?
  39. Saigon Street Food Question
  40. Would anyone know if the airport in Saigon and Hanoi have porters...
  41. Buying engagement rings in Asia
  42. Myanmar/Burma
  43. Visiting Shanghai with TWOV 72 hr Limit. Should We Go to Taipei, Hong Kong or Macau?
  44. Three Week Stay in Bali- Kost/Apartment?
  45. Hong Kong / Cambodia Itinerary Advice
  46. One Week in the Philippines?
  47. Overstay Cambodian visa?
  48. Manila Resident?
  49. Transfer time in SGN?
  50. ~10 hours in MNL
  51. Quan Island: what is the best on this island?
  52. Taxi from Johor Bahru to Singapore?
  53. Travelling Through SE Asia Without Exit Plans
  54. Enough transfer time in Manila ?
  55. KUL LCC Transfer in 1hr???
  56. Azerbaijan photo gallery and tourist attractions
  57. Taxi KLIA2 to Cyberjaya
  58. Help planning Vietnam trip (tours?)
  59. TPE Meeting Place
  60. Short term car rental and long term car lease with chauffeur in Manila
  61. Travelling from Singapore to Phuket
  62. What's up with the prices of luxury hotels in Manila (MNL)?
  63. Recommended HCMC / Saigon, Vietnam tailors?
  64. Transit hotel at SGN?
  65. SIM Card for Taipei
  66. One long day in HCMC/Saigon- what to do?
  67. Taiwan: Kaohsiung / Hotels
  68. Moborbike to Vietnam .
  69. Thoughts on Bali/Sabah Trip?
  70. Sri Lanka: Advise/Help needed
  71. Taoyuan or Taipei for one night layover?
  72. SEA resort suggestions meeting a few important criteria
  73. root canal in Penang or KL- recommend an endodontist?
  74. Traveling Philippines?
  75. Cambodia and Myanmar travel
  76. SIM card for HK, HCMC, and BKK?
  77. HongKong, Thailand and Malaysia
  78. airport tax in indonesia/Bali for domestic flights
  79. Uber in HCMC
  80. One/Two-Night Day Trips from Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong)
  81. How long in Siem Reap v Luang Prabang?
  82. Hotel recommendations: Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand
  83. DPS new terminal: question about SQ lounge
  84. Vietnam: SGN Airport to Train Station
  85. Java: getting around and guides
  86. Proof of travel with open-jaw ticket
  87. How's this look for an itinerary?
  88. Getting around Georgetown Penang Question
  89. Travelling to Yogyakarta/Borobudur/Prambanan
  90. TPE-SFO-YYC Customs Question
  91. Asian City Hopping - February 2015
  92. Din Tai Fung Taipei - Worth It?
  93. Should I add Cambodia to my Thailand Honeymoon?
  94. Transiting RGN Domestic to International
  95. Help find an Airline that takes dogs to Kota Kinabalu Malaysia
  96. hotel recommendation for Bali?
  97. Nusa Lembongan tips/suggestions?
  98. Philippines Visa Question
  99. Which one to choose for my trip to Kuala Lumpur?
  100. Taipei (TPE) airport question flying CX
  101. Bhutan and Druk Air
  102. Two Weeks in Cambodia
  103. Questions regarding MNL's new Terminal 3
  104. Hanoi and Siem Reap
  105. Hotel advice in HCMC / Saigon
  106. US Airport Experience vs. Asian Airport Experience
  107. Multi-country flight help
  108. Taxis manila Airport
  109. Kuala Lumpur to JB by bus
  110. Tokyo vs Hong Kong
  111. 5 Days in Kazakhstan
  112. Help me break up my time. KUL, Da Nang/Hoi An (Hue?), Nha Trang, SGN. November
  113. Best cheap destination in Asia?
  114. Is there a transit hotel in Jakarta? have 6 hrs mid MR
  115. Gilli trawangen.
  116. Tapei at Christmas...Cold? or Cold!
  117. Is Manila safe for Westerners?
  118. Airside transit in MLE
  119. Mount Everest Buddha air question
  120. KL to Johor Bahru by bus?
  121. Recommendations for a guide in Southeast Asia
  122. Manila - Shangri-La vs Marriott
  123. Minimum Connection Time in Manila / MNL (International to International)
  124. Overnight in Manila airport
  125. TPE / Taipei Transit Process
  126. Connecting flights at KUL
  127. Visa-Free regime in Kazakhstan: ok for tourism?
  128. Manila tourist market question.
  129. Rocket Attack on Kabul International Airport
  130. Uzbek visa in SE Asia (US Passport)
  131. Visiting Vietnam
  132. Carrying cash to Vietnam vs. ATM withdrawal?
  133. Must Visits in Penang
  134. 3 extra days in Asia- where to go?
  135. 3 days to waste. Kuala Lumpur or Singapore?
  136. PIA Flight Into Peshawar From Riyadh Fired Upon During Landing, Death Reported
  137. Itinerary Guidance for Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Siem Reap
  138. Bali villa/hotels recommendation needed
  139. Connecting at NRT to USA - can I bring duty-free liquids purchased in HKG?
  140. Southeast Asia - trip and itinerary advice
  141. Bhutan questions
  142. Do I need to book Vietnam internal flights in advance?
  143. India / Nicobar / Andaman from Phuket — Ideas???
  144. Genuine opinions wanted
  145. Transfer at KLIA
  146. Questions about visiting The Philippines
  147. Need suggestions for a resort in Asia, early February
  148. SOS! Kota Kinabalu airport flights change
  149. Car rental in KL
  150. What is must besides Jakarta and Bali (1 week)?
  151. bali things to do kids
  152. KLIA2 Terminal Qs.
  153. Philippines/Hong Kong/Singapore
  154. Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa (Vietnam)
  155. Lunch Review - Gobo Upstairs, Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Nov. 2013
  156. DPS/Bali currency exchange question
  157. Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: REVIEW/PHOTOS
  158. Sri Lanka Rail Booking
  159. Taiwan Trip Report
  160. Driving in Phillipines
  161. Vietnam beach hotels with good kids clubs?
  162. Chinese Simplified to Traditional
  163. 2 weeks in SIN, KUL and environs
  164. 10+ BR villa rental in Vietnam
  165. 5:00pm to 9:30am in Taipei
  166. TPE transit process overnight
  167. Taipei/kaoshuong tailor?
  168. Whirlwind morning layover in TPE
  169. International Transit - KTM airport
  170. Beaches in Cambodia? or other remote beach destination
  171. Pan-Asia trip, any general tips?
  172. HCMC Riots and Safety
  173. Pushing on from Hong Kong
  174. Philippines internet slow
  175. Connecting in SGN from Vietnam Airlines to Cathay
  176. Off island (Bali) day trips
  177. Transiting ULN / Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia
  178. (another) help me plan SE Asia trip thread
  179. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Famous Destinations
  180. 19 day itinerary of Asia- thoughts please
  181. 4 unplanned days - Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Siem Reap, or ???
  182. Finding a good Burma operator
  183. Ubud - health/yoga/detox/spa retreat
  184. October Trip To Asia Need Hotel Ideas
  185. 5 days in Ubud - too long?
  186. Sri Lanka detains British tourist over Buddha tattoo
  187. MNL Connection Time Needed
  188. START HERE: Helpful Threads in the Asia Forum
  189. Overnight in MNL. What to do?
  190. Just a few days in Vietnam -- advice?
  191. Be Careful of Personal Security Risks in Ho Chi Minh City
  192. KLIA2 and Air Asia
  193. U.S. Dept of State - World Wide Caution [April 2014 Update]
  194. Wow! We now have a designated mod in Asia Forum!
  195. Asia - Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand
  196. 14 days in Asia need itinerary suggestions
  197. Where do I apply to work in any country in Southeast Asia?
  198. How much for a taxi from DPS / Denpasar to Sanur on Bali?
  199. Beaches at Mactan Cebu Philippines
  200. Anbody Been to the Mergui Islands?
  201. KUL to BKK
  202. Seoul or Singapore for a one day "layover"
  203. Maldives alone/on a budget in September
  204. I am an Aussie, I've decided Indonesia to go teach English,have any advice?
  205. Long stay options in Manila
  206. Flights to Singapore and Indonesia
  207. Driver from Denpasar Airport to East Java
  208. Suggestions for Sri Lanka and Malaysian Borneo
  209. Which city to visit - Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo?
  210. Maldives: where to book hotel?
  211. Live Music Venues – Manila
  212. Derawan - Indonesia
  213. Domestic connection at ICN to PUS, allowed to leave ICN to see the city?
  214. Seeking feedback: Bangkok, Bagan, Samui, Siem Reap itinerary
  215. 3 weeks in Malaysia in September [was originally Indonesia]
  216. Best times of year and places to visit: northern and mid-Vietnam?
  217. Bali Villas
  218. TPE: airport ATM usage with foreign CC?
  219. Bali in mid-Feb '15? Bad time of year to visit?
  220. SGN - Immigration, Customs and Security Pathetic
  221. Maldives - taking duty free in
  222. Bangkok to Siam Reap by Car ?
  223. Layout of SGN airport for VOA (sending one member ahead)?
  224. Maldives and Cash?
  225. SE Asia: where to go and why?
  226. travel insurance for Myanmar trip-what coverage?
  227. Plan to travel Malaysia
  228. DPS Arrival Fasttrack = Still Available?
  229. Question about Booking Halong Bay Tours and Hotels
  230. SE Asia Plan Ideas
  231. Hotel recommendation for Taipei
  232. 3 Perfect Days in Taipei - What do you think?
  233. Nha Trang Help
  234. New Kazakh Airline to Start Operating in 2015
  235. What are the best places to visit in Jakarta?
  236. Best Place to get LASIK done in Asia?
  237. Myanmar in late June/July -- too rainy?
  238. Bringing goods bought at KL Central Market back to Europe
  239. Langkawi and Penang for 5-6 days - looking for an advice
  240. Need Advice for my first Abroad visit to Malaysia
  241. Singapore to Siem Reap via Da Nang - will I need a visa for this stop?
  242. 12 hours in Taipei -- suggestions?
  243. Connecting flight in KUL without immigiration
  244. Questions about Uzbekistan
  245. KUL-DPS safe & cheap best option?
  246. Bhutan/Myanmar/Mongolia visas from Singapore
  247. 2-3 weeks in SE Asia - where to see?
  248. Raingear requirements for Asian journey
  249. Malaysia | Petaling Jaya | "Real life" nearby
  250. TPE - Single Runway 19 Feb 2014 - 15 Jan 2015