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  1. Attending vietnamese/international wedding - any hints/recommendations?
  2. VietJet, Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar for domestic Vietnam flights
  3. VietJet, Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar for domestic Vietnam flights
  4. Vietnam: Need Mekong Delta Tour and Driver/Guide Recommendations
  5. Easiest way to book refundable tickets?
  6. Living Abroad in Asia
  7. English Karaoke and live music in Taipei?
  8. Asian SIM Card
  9. 7 days in Taiwan: Help!
  10. Bhutan for one person
  11. KL -> Singapore bus
  12. JORDAN. Visa needed ?
  13. Bali Car Rental Rules and Advice
  14. Survey for people that have traveled through East Asian Airports
  15. Dentist in KL
  16. Azerbaijan visa advice
  17. Taking Prescription Meds into Indonesia
  18. Indonesia backpacking 5 weeks advice!
  19. SE Asia - 2 Weeks
  20. transit through Taiwan
  21. Once Inside Mongolia, Passport Needed for Domestic Flights?
  22. Indonesia Itinerary Advice
  23. Sungain Lembing, Pahang
  24. Singapore or Hanoi
  25. Budget flight between DAD (Da Nang, Vientnam) and REP (Siem Reap) - any suggestions?
  26. On business in Makati City
  27. Experiences with ferry from Baku to Aktau, Kazakhstan?
  28. TPE 11 hour layover... possible to stay up all night?
  29. How long in Myanmar?
  30. Need HELP/ADVICE on SE Asia destinations
  31. Manilla Airport layover
  32. Delhi airport
  33. What are your hidden jems of S.E. Asia?
  34. Trans-Siberian & Trans-Mongolian Itinerary Questions
  35. Another Major Earthquake hits Nepal
  36. Problems getting Myanmar visa with no hotel address?
  37. Ha Long Bay - Worthwhile Private Car/Tour?
  38. Taiwan in June
  39. Close connection in RGN - opinions
  40. Tappei reccomendations
  41. Question about flying USA to Asia
  42. RGN-NYU flights
  43. Bhutan - Hotels in Paro and Thimpu
  44. Going Manila for 3-5 months. Need advice
  45. Best product MSY to Colombo, Sri Lanka?
  46. Air Ticket from Singapore to Lombok
  47. 12 hour stop in Indonesia - Visa required?
  48. Yvr/icn/nrt/hkg
  49. two centre holiday - Maldives and?
  50. Taiwan Portable Wifi
  51. Da Nang in January
  52. Singapore Transit question
  53. Kazakhstan Visa Free
  54. Thailand,Burma and Singapore
  55. Itinerary Help - 30ish Days in SE Asia. Best "route"?
  56. Bali (Ubud/Seminyak?)-- Lodging for 3? + Driver Recommendations?
  57. MNL no longer the worst in the world!
  58. Vietnam Airports reduced flights April-June 2015
  59. Suggestions for 5* hotel in Kuala Lumpur ...
  60. How to spend 2 weeks in Asia?
  61. Bhutan costs and money
  62. CGK to Ujung genteng ROUTING Driving
  63. Free Visa Extended to 30 more countries by Indonesia
  64. Vietnam Airlines - Domestic - luggage
  65. Afternoon joyflight
  66. US to Manila Biz/1st suggestions
  67. Yangon, Myanmar late night / early am transport to hotel
  68. Changing planes in BKK need advice
  69. ubud and kuta in one day?
  70. Advice: KL or BKK
  71. Jakarta MR
  72. Tours in Burma
  73. Indonesia extend visa free to 45 countries
  74. LAX to TPE - Book now or wait
  75. Summer trip (NYC-->SGN), when is the best time to book for a decent price?
  76. Advice needed for Kawah Ijen and/or Mt Bromo
  77. Experiences Using Uber in Bali
  78. Electronics shopping in Taiwan ? What area to stay at ?
  79. CGK - Java Transportation
  80. Baggage connection DFW- PEK - ULN
  81. VOA Indonesia Credit Cards
  82. Advice Sought On East Malaysia Itinerary
  83. Recommendations re Hoi An (Vietnam) beach resorts?
  84. Bali humidity
  85. KTM allowing flight check-in [as of 7 Mar, after 4 Mar closure due to runway accident
  86. Vietnam War: Battle of Long Tan Tour
  87. New traveller visiting Southeast Asia
  88. Japan or Korea?
  89. Experience of Sri Lankan Airlines LHR/Colombo
  90. Sri Lanka ATM advice, incl. bluebird.
  91. Indonesia plans to ban plane ticket sales at airports
  92. Burma-Laos-Cambodia - please help plan the itinerary
  93. Asia/aus travel--Luggage, Visa, Ecig, taxis, advice in general Etc..
  94. CEBU: need *realiable* airport transport
  95. Is Padang the place for the best beaches in Sumatra?
  96. Hanoi or Saigon for a short trip
  97. Singapore or Tokyo for Duty Free Alcohol?
  98. Newbie to Asia - Looking for advice on planning Anniversary trip
  99. Dubai (DXB) - layover 10 hrs - In or Out?
  100. MANILA - IC or Hyatt
  101. Help Please! Choose my last destination on my itinerary
  102. Were you shaken down for bribes at any airport in Vietnam?
  103. Diving in Philippines (Cebu)
  104. Nano prepaid sim for iPad [in Bali]
  105. 7 Weeks in SE Asia Itinerary Suggestions
  106. HCM airport [SGN, domestic to international connection]
  107. Noi Bai - Hanoi Airport New terminal
  108. Ground Transportation - Hanoi Airport
  109. Is 2 hours layover enough? (Indonesia, CGK)
  110. Plenty of top 10 SE Asia countries lists, but which countries would you avoid?
  111. 3 day Bali/Ubud itinerary - please critique
  112. Layover Help
  113. Rental Car at TAG
  114. circumnavigate the earth from LAX w/2 stops (overland) $1000
  115. Exchange Currency at KUL?
  116. Best packages in Asia (Korea / Vietnam) and Sports facilities like Club La Santa?
  117. Everest Base camp/Tibet
  118. Vietnam - Hanoi or Hoi An?
  119. To hotel or not to hotel in MNL airport
  120. "Locals" Food Court at KUL [Food Garden]
  121. First Asia trip - input very helpful
  122. Dhaka - Safe During the Blockade?
  123. Which airline for Pakistan to Dubai ?
  124. Vietnam two-week itinerary help
  125. Is Palawan worth the trouble?
  126. Traveling from Phnom Penh to Angkor Wat
  127. How long in Siem Reap? Where next?
  128. Hanoi to Luang Prabang
  129. june asia trip
  130. Suggestions on which country/cities to visit?
  131. Jakarta Airport
  132. Honeymoon in October
  133. Bali - where to go snorkeling?
  134. Worth to Apply for Indonesia Visa in Advance?
  135. PNG - penang airport
  136. Buying Gas in Taiwan
  137. Nay Pyi Taw / Burma
  138. Getting Local Currency Late At Night in Manila Airport
  139. An international ticket flies out of Philippines but not into Philippines: a problem?
  140. Airside Transfer Saigon / SGN?
  141. Qs. about Int'l. flight to NRT with connection to Jakarta (CGK).
  142. Intl-domestic connection in SGN [Ho Chi Minh / Saigon, Vietnam)
  143. Safest and most reliable Philippine domestic airlines?
  144. Terror threat in Indonesia (Surabaya)
  145. Taiwan in March April
  146. First time in Bali where/what to go
  147. Sri Lanka - Colombo Fort Train Station to CMB Airport
  148. Recommendation for car service at MNL
  149. Taiwan Tour Groups
  150. Ubud accommodation with a few requests
  151. Phnom Phen and Siem Riep in 5 days total possible
  152. Best way from Bali to Batam
  153. KUL Airport - Is 1:55 enuogh time?
  154. SEA in May - Cooler/Drier Destinations?
  155. 2 days in Yangon or Luang Prabang?
  156. New terminal at Noi Bai (HAN) open Jan 1, 2015?
  157. Best time to travel
  158. Manila From Terminal 1 to Bago Bantay, Quezon City Yellow Taxi or Coupon Taxi?
  159. Plane-spotting at Taipei airport
  160. 2 ways to get to Bali (DPS), which one would you pick?
  161. Possibly crazy plan for overnight layover in Taiwan (TPE)
  162. Tour itinerary + price for Siem Reap - thoughts?
  163. Malacca (MKZ) Access
  164. 2 stop flight (IST, KUL) enroute to DPS - are 2-3 day layovers worth it?
  165. Possible to buy Taiwan HSR passes at HKG airport?
  166. Separate flights from Tokyo and Korea to somewhere tropical for the holidays
  167. What's the best airline for HKG->SIN
  168. Sights to See in Kuala Lumpur
  169. 16 days in Sri Lanka/Southern India: where would you go?
  170. Sleeping in TPE! Without onward ticket
  171. Checking in for return, Saigon Mileage Run
  172. Yalong Bay (Hainan China) vs. Koh Samui (Thailand), or somewhere else?
  173. Lodging and logistics for Siem Reap/Angkor - recommendations
  174. Transit SGN without Visa: What just happened?
  175. Intl Transfer Desk in Taipei Songshan Airport?
  176. Taipei - food recs please!
  177. Where should I have a 20 hour for-fun layover?
  178. Myanmar Trip Report: November 2014
  179. Italian & American Passports in Asia
  180. Asia - where else to go?
  181. Best time for Sri Lanka?
  182. Canadian Dollar Travelers cheques in Malaysia
  183. Eating in Vietnam: food allergy question
  184. Bangladesh
  185. Just came back from Hanoi...found out a nice option to Ha Long Bay...
  186. best KL luxury hotel
  187. Cheapest Time of Year to Fly to the Indonesia or Vietnam?
  188. Brunei - Any tips?
  189. Saigon Street Food Question
  190. Would anyone know if the airport in Saigon and Hanoi have porters...
  191. Buying engagement rings in Asia
  192. Myanmar/Burma
  193. Visiting Shanghai with TWOV 72 hr Limit. Should We Go to Taipei, Hong Kong or Macau?
  194. Three Week Stay in Bali- Kost/Apartment?
  195. Hong Kong / Cambodia Itinerary Advice
  196. One Week in the Philippines?
  197. Overstay Cambodian visa?
  198. Manila Resident?
  199. Transfer time in SGN?
  200. ~10 hours in MNL
  201. Quan Island: what is the best on this island?
  202. Taxi from Johor Bahru to Singapore?
  203. Travelling Through SE Asia Without Exit Plans
  204. Enough transfer time in Manila ?
  205. KUL LCC Transfer in 1hr???
  206. Azerbaijan photo gallery and tourist attractions
  207. Taxi KLIA2 to Cyberjaya
  208. Help planning Vietnam trip (tours?)
  209. TPE Meeting Place
  210. Short term car rental and long term car lease with chauffeur in Manila
  211. Travelling from Singapore to Phuket
  212. What's up with the prices of luxury hotels in Manila (MNL)?
  213. Recommended HCMC / Saigon, Vietnam tailors?
  214. Transit hotel at SGN?
  215. SIM Card for Taipei
  216. One long day in HCMC/Saigon- what to do?
  217. Taiwan: Kaohsiung / Hotels
  218. Moborbike to Vietnam .
  219. Thoughts on Bali/Sabah Trip?
  220. Sri Lanka: Advise/Help needed
  221. Taoyuan or Taipei for one night layover?
  222. SEA resort suggestions meeting a few important criteria
  223. root canal in Penang or KL- recommend an endodontist?
  224. Traveling Philippines?
  225. Cambodia and Myanmar travel
  226. SIM card for HK, HCMC, and BKK?
  227. HongKong, Thailand and Malaysia
  228. airport tax in indonesia/Bali for domestic flights
  229. Uber in HCMC
  230. One/Two-Night Day Trips from Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong)
  231. How long in Siem Reap v Luang Prabang?
  232. Hotel recommendations: Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand
  233. DPS new terminal: question about SQ lounge
  234. Vietnam: SGN Airport to Train Station
  235. Java: getting around and guides
  236. Proof of travel with open-jaw ticket
  237. How's this look for an itinerary?
  238. Getting around Georgetown Penang Question
  239. Travelling to Yogyakarta/Borobudur/Prambanan
  240. TPE-SFO-YYC Customs Question
  241. Asian City Hopping - February 2015
  242. Din Tai Fung Taipei - Worth It?
  243. Should I add Cambodia to my Thailand Honeymoon?
  244. Transiting RGN Domestic to International
  245. Help find an Airline that takes dogs to Kota Kinabalu Malaysia
  246. hotel recommendation for Bali?
  247. Nusa Lembongan tips/suggestions?
  248. Philippines Visa Question
  249. Which one to choose for my trip to Kuala Lumpur?
  250. Taipei (TPE) airport question flying CX