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  1. upgrading purchased tix w/avios--3 questions
  2. GLA to BOM - maximum TP
  3. Flying From Nairobi in CW
  4. Short haul catering guide
  5. British Airways lounge in Tokyo Haneda
  6. BA 186 EWR-LHR Sleeper?
  7. Redemption booking on JAL.
  8. When do F seats open up (As Club World Service) on a 4 class config ?
  9. (OT) - London to Sharm el Sheikh
  11. NRT F Lounge options
  12. Booking Seats on Qantas with Avios---Online?
  13. AA-style boost for BAEC tier points
  14. BA Corporate Income/Travellers and BA Leisure Income/Travellers
  15. Upgrade with avios not available online
  16. Complaining about repetitive topics
  17. Happy to be Gold member (Ex KLM Flying Blue)
  18. Compensation (incl. Ex-Gratia Payment Card) for delayed bag, F cabin
  19. CW upper-deck: 2 lap children in one row?
  20. Last Minute Avios Availability on LHR-NYC Routes
  21. The Plane in Spain had us Waiting in Vain
  22. Benefits for pax partially travelling with Silver member
  23. Which fare bucket?
  24. Award Booking - Changes Post Departure
  25. Tracking BA Fast Track and Priority Boarding
  26. Advice on second carry on bag
  27. Query booking AA F in BA website
  28. BA214 - 747 or 777?
  29. Y to HKG -- is BA best?
  30. CAA and LHR/LGW charges
  31. BA & CX (oneworld) question
  32. Repetitive topics
  33. BA Holidays booking, abandon hotel?
  34. Seat choice - 3A on AA77w vs 64K on BA744
  35. Upgrading LH legs of multi centre trip
  36. double avios with diamond club
  37. Companion Voucher Question - Extending?
  38. FLying BA from Russia? Then you will be checking luggage
  39. Meal preferences and op-ups
  40. Currency at Gatwick
  41. heathrow reliable car service
  42. ~6 month delay in GGL recognition
  43. BA Tier points on corporate bookings
  44. The Curate's Egg at EWR
  45. Punted off BA onto VS - TP Question
  46. Award redemption refund
  47. Transfer arrangements Singapore?
  48. HELP - Missed AA Connection - Rebooked on AA 747 - Looking to Secure 1 UD seat
  49. Does anyone know REDACTED long haul purser?
  50. Can't enter seat map. A bad sign?
  51. Contacting BA by phone today - Problems
  52. Recent experiences with Sleeper Service flights ex BOS
  53. Shower at AA Arrivals or BA Arrivals when connecting to DUB?
  54. BA1420 2 hour delay...
  55. 777 F vs 744 F
  56. OT: First pay-per-minute cafe in London-airport lounges next?
  57. Should i stay silver or go to Gold before collect year ends
  58. OTish - Buggy/Stroller at SIN
  59. Does anyone else have this problem with BAEC online?
  60. AA 77W F vs BA A380 F
  61. BA173 just went 'tech' - any info?
  62. In the same way that lounge guesting ruins it for everyone else..........
  63. J Class competition cuts. Less BA Redemptions?
  64. how many Avios?
  65. BA 852 PRG Thu Jan 9th "Ground Damage"
  66. Avios Availability
  67. Did British Airways used to have day flight to HKG
  68. Adding cash segments to a reward flight?
  69. 241 strategy for return leg
  70. [UK] BAPP card fee for Platinum holders
  71. finding tp runs from the regions
  72. UUA WT+ to CW DEL-DFW
  73. Changing a 2-4-1 after 1st leg
  74. Cancel Domestic U.S. Avios Points Ticket Question
  75. GVK guest services at BOM
  76. Ticket name change
  77. Using for Flights to CUZ
  78. Anybody on BA1497 on Thurs. 16 Jan?
  79. Heathrow Central Bus Station to T5 in <25 min?
  80. My soft spot for BA's Gatters operation is maintained
  81. BA T5 Gallerie Showers: Best? Most Available?
  82. BHD Lounge Makeover
  83. RFS Question
  84. What is MUC like for a quick turnaround?
  85. Plugging a Portable Fan in to the seat power?
  86. Singapore Recommendation
  87. Considering dwngrading a CW award booking to get home
  88. Arriving in LHR via UA and connecting to BA?
  89. Lounge/hotel in LHR for the day
  90. Free upgrades to F from J, C, D, R for OnBusiness customers
  91. Household Account - Do they verify address information
  92. Upgrading long-haul flight using avios and/or cash
  93. Great You First experience
  94. Does anyone know if you can still get through on 0800 408 0009?
  95. US BA Gold line (yawn)
  96. A Customer Relations standard response gone too far....
  97. Carrying Darkroom Chemicals in Checked Luggage
  98. Silver 800 phone number from US
  99. This should be the 'new CE
  100. Transferring Amex MR to BA Premium CC
  101. Advice on when new tier benefits kick in!
  102. 25 years since Kegworth
  103. Part-pay with Avios - earning miles
  104. Award booking not ticketed - does it happen often?
  105. Trans con flights with AA
  106. Baggage Procedures when Connecting with Another Airline
  107. Rules for airport issued MCO vouchers
  108. Good Service from BAEC
  109. Club availability to Barbados?
  110. Changing frequent flyer number in MMB
  111. BA T5 Arrivals Lounge
  112. Interlining BA to AA on a very long connection
  113. J Sale fares to MCO in August
  114. BAEC Silver Seat Selection
  115. Thank You Nicci !
  116. Problem booking: taxes jump up 400%
  117. Quick way to see calendar of JL Awards?
  118. OT question about travel insurance/just getting medical cover
  119. LHR-SYN-SYD Avios, 241, restrictions on breaking in Singapore
  120. OT: Airline Economics Annual Conference, Dublin
  121. Perambulating champagne service in GFL
  122. HND-LHR
  123. It pays to be nice
  124. 241 redemption question
  125. seat 1A in F on a 747 blocked?
  126. avios purchase declined
  127. Load for ba11 8th jan
  128. Mixed thoughts after my 2nd CW experience
  129. APD refund because I am in transit?
  130. REDEPOSIT Rules?
  131. Inviting a guest into non BA lounge?
  132. Booking the I Fare Inventory
  133. No seats to choose online!
  134. AUS-LHR Booking Class Question
  135. BAEC change of email - now cannot log in
  136. Advice please: lounge guesting at T5 LHR
  137. Do BA 'spy' on what I'm searching and alter prices accordingly?
  138. Glass doors removed from CCR cabanas?
  139. Baggage allowance on internal AUS flights?
  140. Do I get BAEC TP's on a codeshare CX/FJ ticket?
  141. Award Surcharge Puzzle
  142. OT: Meeting someone special at LHR and want to be on TV?
  143. Very OT : Italian villa recommendation
  144. HELP: Royal Jordanian - Missing Avios & Tier Points
  145. hotel package on
  146. Bali or Dublin from PDX?
  147. Edinburgh airport closed/evacuated
  148. A simple area to improve in First
  149. Question around redeeming AA miles for BA Flights?
  150. 21,000 Avios worth 240?
  151. BA Tier Point Run Trip Report: 470 tier points in 30 hours!
  152. New Mumbai International Terminal (15 Jan 14): Change to lounge
  153. Where are the Club World London City tickets
  154. Booked through BA to Qatar Airways flights
  155. LHR -> DXB redemption flight - worth it?
  156. Collecting Miles on Sri Lankan
  157. Didn't realise EX-EU was this good
  158. Vague Mandarin Oriental Benefit for Silver/Gold?
  159. Checking bags through different tickets on BA
  160. do I get 25% bonus avios on a BA flight now I am CX gold.
  161. 5 day delay for QR TPs
  162. Lounge access for AA J connecting with Club Europe?
  163. Request: Cabin Hand Sanitiser
  164. what to do when BAEC ignores avios claim?
  165. Humberside - BA lease
  166. Grrr Basel, and 5% discount voucher
  167. Dreaming of 787 liners: G-ZBJD/B
  168. Travelling between Alaska and Canada
  169. Flight Delays/Cancellations To/From USA
  170. Check your email for 5% off BA sale flights, anybody?
  171. Club World Seats on A321 Plane
  172. Silver seat selection at time of booking
  173. Inbound LHR delayed 3.5 hrs, what if i miss connection?
  174. HKG Layover
  175. BA Silver phone number in USA
  176. Connecting onto BA flight at Mumbai
  177. Connecting in Kiev
  178. 50% off BA Avios Award Bookings through Jan 8
  179. 50% off Avios Book by Jan 8
  180. A Thank You that lasts 12 days
  181. IB flights not showing on
  182. Transiting Toronto YYZ (AA/BA)
  183. Alaska Airlines Tier Points Question
  184. Dropping final segments: Has anyone really been charged?
  185. Reward Flight Saver not working
  186. Are all sale fares class x fares?
  187. Luggage allowance for BA South Africa domestic
  188. Reserving cot seats T-72 hours out?
  189. [Need Help] struggling between BA Executive Club and CX Marco Polo Club
  190. HSBC airmiles and tier points
  191. OLCI Boarding Pass Issue: Then Worked?
  192. BA 11/12
  193. CCR on incoming F
  194. Options for London to CA for Honeymoon
  195. 2 hrs layover T5 enough time for CCR?
  196. Lounge Access
  197. Avios burning in F vs AA burning in F - making me think twice...
  198. BA flies daily to Florence (according to BA's own Business Life)
  199. booking 1A/K
  200. JFK Elemis Spa - no service for J pax?
  201. LHR to SYD
  202. Yvr --> anywhere
  203. OT - Making the most of a trip to MIA
  204. A couple of interesting shots of a BA 747 in the desert
  205. If you're at a loss with what to do with your BA Gold luggage tags...
  206. Question on membership year extension
  207. Clarification on amend fee to UuA
  208. Flew with Icelandair not BA and...
  209. WTH is going on at BA?
  210. working out causes of delays
  211. First post so please bear with me.
  212. Anchorage Options with BA - Suggestions?
  213. Is this the worst plane in the BA fleet?
  214. Companion Voucher with Different Airports
  215. Married segments on awards?
  216. LHR Customs
  217. Is there a quiet confidential corner in T5 lounges?
  218. When they add LAN TP?
  219. Using a bus at LHR when the 767 is linked to an airbridge
  220. Various Questions about T5 domestic to international connections
  221. Making TripIt Point Tracker work
  222. Trying to speak to BAEC on the phone is a mission!
  223. Amex Charge Card limit?
  224. Shanghai Hongqiao
  225. BA Lounge T&Cs?
  226. Funny Routings Today
  227. Do Avios Redemption Flights counter as a qualifying sector for status renewal?
  228. London Sao Paulo
  229. Seating query for WT 'pair' seats
  230. Seat selection and check-in to JAL codeshare
  231. What has dubai done wrong?
  232. Am I doing something wrong - BA .com
  233. Club Europe Food - Curry or Curry Only Options
  234. Catering ex. SYD - The same menu for over 2.5 years
  235. BA - A Report...
  236. Transfer airside LCY
  237. Am I getting a BA "discount"?
  238. Fantastic F Experience
  239. Flounge Secret Menu?
  240. A380 vs 747 Club World
  241. questions on BAO282 /3 prem econ
  242. Avios Question
  243. JetBlue Business Class "suites"
  244. NF - what's the fuss?
  245. Flight Safety Briefing - Who Pays Attention?
  246. Can I book this LAN/South America multi stop trip through BA to boost my Avios?
  247. Emirates or BA
  248. Don't call BA right now - been on hold for > 1 hour!
  249. TP and Avios for JAL Yokoso/Welcome to Japan fare
  250. Changing a ticket to an earlier time same day