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  1. Not flying Y again
  2. Leaving your car keys in your checked luggage....
  3. Reward flight saver fees increasing from 11 July (to £35 Y / £50 C / £55 F rtn)
  4. Amex 241 redemption query - can't travel 1 sector
  5. Club world in BA 632 to athens?
  6. New aircraft 'training' flights : B787 to Stockholm and A380 to Frankfurt
  7. BA's race to the bottom
  8. BA770 11/06/2013 - Plane type 20D?
  9. Arrivals Lounge Options in Beijing Capital T3
  10. LHR to Muscat
  11. Tier points for paid upgrade
  12. Call bell ringing because of overheating...really??!!
  13. LCY: understaffed and overpacked
  14. Yellow OW First luggage tag
  15. Has BA dropped Q fares for SFO-MEL?
  16. BA 787 deliveries
  17. Booked AA flight in F using Avios, flight cxld
  18. Lounge options Qantas & Emirates to Oz
  19. Cancelling Avios booking after check in
  20. How fast will Silver benefits be available for use?
  21. France air traffic control strike 11-13 June
  22. Double Avios with your Shell Driversí Club card
  23. LAN Argentina Availability using BA/AA
  24. Olci 2 pnr
  25. Do the A380 J class window seats have storage bins?
  26. TP/Avios on LHR-DME S7
  27. Avios availability New York to Orlando
  28. ESTA - Boarding Pass Print Unavailable??
  29. Lounge choice T3 BAEC Gold flying on CX
  30. AA vs BA TPs and Miles
  31. Your Departure email, for XX October !!!
  32. How?? [3 day advanced notice of flight delay]
  33. British Airways Blackberry 10 app required
  34. Find the most expensive fare on
  35. Warning when using GUF2 to u/g into a revenue class, do so in good time
  36. Upgrade with Avios on Expedia ticket?
  37. My First Three Months as a GGL
  38. How do they know if I filled out an ESTA?
  39. GF at LHR
  40. 1.5 hours for connection (immigration) at PHX enough?
  41. First Trip Report -Flashpacker weekend to Athens flying BA J
  42. Is this right? BA refuses Gold access to empty lounge because of "capacity"?
  43. is this new first? Does aircraft type give anything away?
  44. Does NCL Terraces have a printer?
  45. Berlin gets 767 for Winter 2013
  46. Consequences of booking on (2013)
  47. Ineligible flights all over the place - how come ?
  48. Can I put separate QF redemption (Avios) bookings on the same itinery?
  49. 31k Avios for US$685
  50. Help needed transferring to Avios from Amex MR (Maiden name/Married name issue)
  51. AA/BA 2 Separate Reward Bookings + 241 Question
  52. Why my next flights are (regrettably) not on BA
  53. Book non-airport hotels with Avios?
  54. BA switched me to KLM - "eligible flight"?
  55. Row 7 on 321 mid-haul?
  56. Lounge closes despite lengthy delay at MAN
  57. amex 241 question
  58. BA001 Obscure US Pre-clearance Query at Shannon
  59. How do I book AirBerlin using BA Avios?
  60. Points... or Cash for Bus/First?
  61. OT but relevant: SPG referral bonus mailing
  62. Redemption Queries - Luggage - Amendments
  63. Car hire free additional driver query
  64. LGW lounge for Business
  65. System gave your seat to someone else...
  66. An availability and pricing curiosity
  67. Is it worth cancelling if no added availability shows up?
  68. LHR-DFW-ICT 2hrs in DFW enough?
  69. LHR-AMS Back to Backs. What's the risk?
  70. BA lounge Terminal One access problems
  71. The air fare world is a crazy place, but ...
  72. Lounge question....Istanbul
  73. Rent Cars with Avis or BA Avis
  74. AVIOS redemption on CX F and J - seat selection?
  75. Taste of London Friday AM session
  76. More catering enhancements
  77. mortgage payment / amex card
  78. BA to HND then CX to HKG - Check-in/Bags Through to HK?
  79. Thanks FT My first first
  80. How to....upgrade possibility
  81. Rookie trying to get reward travel with Avios (LAX-PAR)
  82. What shorter haul (less then 3000 mile) routes have First
  83. Amex for Car Purchase?
  84. saving Avios with partner redemptions to SYD via KUL
  85. A380 videos
  86. Seat selection on Cityflyer?
  87. How do I ask an agent to help me accrue miles to BA, use status from AA?
  88. Help required with tier points and avios
  89. Pay for Seat Selection on BA international business class?
  90. Save £104 but lose 12,000 Avios by flying QF over BA to DXB?
  91. Some JAL flights/airports not bookable with Avios? (In particular, KIJ)
  92. BA 182 (EWR-LHR): chances of 77W?
  93. Cheeky BA, or cheeky AA?
  94. BA633 on 8th June
  95. Mid-J on JFK-LHR
  96. Need help using points transfered to BA
  97. Annoying MLE / CMB awards
  98. Slightly OT: SYD-Far East-LHR redemptions
  99. Lounge access in HKG
  100. Future of T3 lounges after end of BA long-haul
  101. LHR T5 lounge access for blue BAEC members - what are the chances?
  102. AMS/JFK ... thoughts welcome!
  103. IFE. Parade's End repeated episodes
  104. LON-SIN PE and Business options
  105. Cancelling AA and JAL awards
  106. JFK-CUN in J....20k & £17.50
  107. US Award availability
  108. Double Avios w. Vueling & 1 500 bonus purchasing from
  109. QFF v BAEC Redemptions (BAEC wins)
  110. Does AMEX transfer to Avios reset 36 months expiration?
  111. BLR-LHR Waitlisted - Chances of getting on the flight?
  112. BA J vs. AY J
  113. 2 Quick & Possibly Stupid Questions
  114. Lost baggage report wrong return date on it
  115. Park Plaza BAEC offer
  116. OT - but he is a GCH
  117. Lounge access with oneworld partners
  118. BA arrival into IST - onward connections, visa
  119. CX SIN-HKG AVIOS redemption - equp. change
  120. Lounge Access - What is it that you like about it?
  121. Lounge access in T1 when connecting to other airline
  122. Transiting in AMM
  123. Does anything happen on reaching 1 million Avios?
  124. BA iPhone App upgrade now supports Passbook
  125. Good News: BAA well prepared to handle snow in June!
  126. Q for BA road warriors
  127. Upgrade to Change booking???
  128. Spending my hard earned Avios on Partner airlines-will I be bitterly disappointed?
  129. Dallas to Los Angeles - Help Please! ***
  130. BA 166 (TLV-LHR T1) forgot to unload baggage due to shift change
  131. SEA-MIA using Avios
  132. Where BA Overly Generous in Their Compensation Offer?
  133. Blue-sky routemaps (OT)
  134. BAEC Tier points earned on an upgrade
  135. "Stuck" in California - advice appreciated
  136. Heathrow Lounge Help
  137. "Gold Upgrade for Two" query
  138. is down?
  139. Dallas to Los Angeles using Avios.
  140. What On Earth Is Going On Here??
  141. "Your chariot awaits" lounge messages
  142. Long Haul 3 hour delay
  143. Your e-ticket has not yet been issued, so you cannot choose your seat.
  144. T-72 and row 1 744 for non Golds
  145. mostly 777s JFK-LHR October 30?
  146. Genuine Enhancement: Preview seating before paying
  147. Ba289 lhr-phx
  148. OTish - Why is NYC so expensive late June/Early July!?
  149. A Class Fares
  150. Shareholder discount - possible to UuA?
  151. Significant flight delay from PHX today - what to expect?
  152. Using First Seats as Club
  153. Promo : Double Avios in C & F on selected routes; book and fly 4 Jun - 15 Jul '13
  154. 120 mins connection time at LCY??
  155. For those that still hope BA take the 747-8
  156. LHR - DME - B747 with 10 PASSENGERS!
  157. Lounge at Stuttgart
  158. Seat choice available at checkin
  159. Using 241 on RFS?
  160. charges for modifying redemptions for third-parties
  161. British Airways flight delayed 'as crew slept'
  162. (Slightly OT) LHR T2: Opens 04 June 2014
  163. conflicting info on vs
  164. Generous BA Baggage Allowance
  165. New codeshare agreement with Bangkok Airways
  166. what are the difference in UUA in two steps vs one step
  167. Travel with infant
  168. BA lounge Baku
  169. UUA in MMB question
  170. Taking a non-flying spouse into CW Arrivals Lounge
  171. Avios anywhere!
  172. One night stop in HKG, bags go through?
  173. A confused BAEC Gold member leaving the UK
  174. - Validation Quesiton
  175. Question About BA1 & BA2 (& 3/4)
  176. USA to Calcutta. BA via London or west via oneworld partners?
  177. Yet another baggage question......
  178. Airbus confirms BA's first A380 will be displayed at Paris air show
  179. Select seat not available?
  180. I need 40 tier points asap
  181. Status Match
  182. Is shareholder discount still around?
  183. Household Account - help needed
  184. Security at EDI
  185. LGW Premium & people pushing in
  186. Proposal at 35,000 feet?
  187. Long Short Haul Tier Points
  188. Possible to change seats on Avios partner booking with Malaysia Airlines?
  189. Why I prefer LHRJFK CW over LCYJFK CWLCY...
  190. Cancel AA flight booked with avios due to time change
  191. BA Problem Reporting Flight Status
  192. Ah, the joy of Heathrow!
  193. BA Customer Services - TERRIBLE. No Heart.
  194. LCY - JFK - unprofitable
  195. OT World recognition game
  196. Question regarding BAEC tier points on Cathay
  197. Which Club Lounge is best in T5?
  198. How long does GGL take to activate when the threshold is reached?
  199. Advice on Booking from SEA to FCO
  200. Lounges t5
  201. LHR-SFO-LHR: meals?
  202. Evil: Making your own award availability
  203. EY Status Match
  204. Tier points and avios when traveling with other OW partners
  205. G-MEDK divider situation
  206. Avios / Ticket / Hmmnn
  207. Reward Saver in J DXB-LHR on QF. Which lounge?
  208. Liquid Bags for Getting through Security
  209. Rewards: Another thing VS is doing first
  210. Cheap tax/fee options from US to Europe using Avios?
  211. feeder flights
  212. Luggage/stroller silly question
  213. BA/AA FF number question
  214. Anyone cancelling trips to IST?
  215. CX transpacific availability with Avios
  216. First Name Spelled Wrong. Travel Agent Closed for Weekend
  217. BA Blue but Cathay Sapphire, seat selection?
  218. What is a "US Carrier charge"?
  219. Do you get charged for tickets now when booking with Avios?
  220. Enquiring about VDB at check-in desk?
  221. Flights to Antigua
  222. Using Avios JFK to Caribbean
  223. Flights in wrong order
  224. Collecting Avios on Opodo Tickets
  225. Add flights to calendar not working?
  226. Upgrade offer at airport: take it or not?
  227. GGL Renewal on repatriation advice
  228. transfer problems AA-BA at ORD
  229. Aircraft Changes
  230. Avios (CX) redemption question
  231. You get what you are given and we don't offer Club Kitchen!
  232. Flying Long Haul with Carry On Bags Only - How to Convince the Wife
  233. Lies, Ineptitude, and another Moscow Mess
  234. How do I merge two bookings?
  235. Ideal layover time in T5 when flying first
  236. 10k avios sign up to executive club bonus
  237. F seating plan BA16
  238. MRS-?-DXB
  239. Dumb Security at MAN T3
  240. Logging in to Flyertalk
  241. First timer: AVIOS advice, please for TATL
  242. ID Required When Travelling DUB-LHR
  243. AS tickets using BA miles
  244. Upgrade offers
  245. Disappearing flights Help
  246. LHR..T5B to T3 New Bus Transfer
  247. LHR T5 Galleries Club Evening Meal
  248. Reaching silver after outbound - will MH recognise?
  249. LGW terrace lounge champagne
  250. Euro traveller connecting to CW - business checkin?