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  1. Would AS ever move to JFK instead of EWR?
  2. Partner Reward Availability on CX
  3. Alaskaair visa signature 25,000
  4. Bonus Travel Cert
  5. Charged full change fee when expected only partial
  6. Award Tickets to Lima.....thoughts on the best Airline?
  7. AS to NW at LAX; best way
  8. AS Legroom
  9. THE HEAT IS ON AS: HA is bring new HI routes from So Cal and the Bay Area
  10. AA adds ANC
  11. Culinary Event at the Seattle Boardroom Today - Sept 17
  12. MVPG companion upgrades while crediting partner FFPs
  13. Its <almost> The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2009 PFD Sale Speculation Thread)
  14. Weird 737-800 Seatmaps...
  15. Alaska Airlines Sponsors Apolo Ohno In His Race For Gold
  16. What Would the Flyertalkers Do?
  17. AS Overnight Kit: South of Expected?
  18. Calculating segments on a continuing flight
  19. Alaska Air Platinum Mastercard (Cdn$) - changes
  20. Secret Destination Sale is back... Starting tonight!
  21. is the live FA credit card sales pitch a new part of the AS inflight service?
  22. Changes on Gold mileage tickets for non-gold
  23. Retain AS Gold or change to another carrier when...
  24. MVP gold status for sale--warning: it's fraudulent
  25. Upcoming NW/DL Flight - interesting goings on
  26. PDX-SEA-LHR with baggage
  27. Partner Fare Question
  28. A couple upgrade waitlist questions
  29. What are my chances?
  30. Lots of problems the last few days
  31. Credit for NW flights booked as DL codeshares
  32. Seats assigned at airport??
  33. Camera lost: Any tips?
  34. AS Flyers Departing SFO commuting from East & North Bay
  35. Question about award reservations, due they fluctuate often?
  36. Help: Change CX F award JFK-HKG
  37. PDX-ANC in F ... "Snack" .. Really?
  38. Help! Calculating mileage towards elite status
  39. mvp-G upgrade this how it's supposed to work?
  40. Success Stories in Booking CX First Award to Australia?
  41. Old AS Commercial-Pecking Chicken Sets Fares-It's Back
  42. crazy elite loading on tuesday sea-lax
  44. First Class Inquiry
  45. any way to tell which flights tomorrow have wifi?
  46. Free flight change due to un-announced flight departure time change?
  47. AS partner LAN update - award availability
  48. Alaska Gold access to Air France arrivals lounge?
  49. ANC to SEA... can we make a 40 minute connection?
  50. New Route Map is Live!
  51. SDC on direct (one/two stop)
  52. NEW MVP, but only valid til 12/09?
  53. What's more valuable 30k AS miles or AA miles?
  54. Strange livery
  55. In-seat power !
  56. Flying Air Pacific- use Alaska or American FF?
  57. Flyertalk on Alaska Airlines Website (And other social media)
  58. Ready. Set. Save! (Fall 2009 AS Fare Sale) - network wide including Alaska & HI!
  59. Brand New MVP...baggage on nw/dl?
  60. Flight voucher for mechanical delay?
  61. Cancelling alaska cc and then re-applying 3 months later
  62. When did AS drop LAX-EUG nonstop?
  63. I Hate Getting Bad Information!
  64. Losing NW Upgrades after 10/1/09
  65. QX: getting on the "bump" list early?
  66. Alaska gold checking in on a Delta flight.
  67. Future ANC-SEA competition?
  68. Woohoo!! 2nd daily SJC-AUS starts 3/14/10
  69. Million Mile Sweepstakes with AS & DL
  70. Newbee Question
  71. Mileage Credit Question
  72. "Request Upgrade" link no lonnger available on my purchased reservations.
  73. One way awards only on Horizon/AS???
  74. Process for requesting retro partner airline credit on Alaska?
  75. Late SFO-PSP (AS388) moved after 11/7?
  76. ticket prices for Feb2010- too early to buy?
  77. Do FA's get first choice of F meals?
  78. Japan and Costa Rica Rumors??
  79. No mergers for me, thank you.
  80. transferring miles from a child's AS account
  81. Southwest Airlines would love to sink its claws in Alaska Airlines
  82. Anyone else having problems booking same day fares on
  83. Air France Partner Question
  84. Secure Flight vs MP
  85. Any way to tell how full first class is when the U fares are gone?
  86. Boardroom Access Possible even if 1st leg is coach?
  87. 75K bonus
  88. Bought an award flight, and then got an e-mail notice that i'm on an earlier flight..
  89. How easy is it to change seats @ check-in?
  90. Does this constitute as Alsaska's Shortest Flight?
  91. Mexico is back, baby!
  92. Phone # for MVPs
  93. Flights to Europe & companion voucher
  94. SEA to Hawaii, now < > Nov.
  95. MP Auction: 7-night South Pacific Getaway
  96. Jet waiting for me, Jet taking off without me
  97. Is it Alaska or my computer?
  98. PenAir / Era redemption question
  99. Anyone tried to get a travel voucher for a decreased fare?
  100. "Free" AS flights for BC and Alberta grocery shoppers
  101. Bumps out of SEA
  102. Record Locator for coshare flight
  103. No long delays on the tarmac
  104. Is the $75 reinstatment fee worth it?
  105. transfer time....
  106. Is AS visa referal working?
  107. Earn up to Triple Miles on FJ (Air Pacific)
  108. Missing Mileage Credit
  109. PDX gets a little more lovin'
  110. MVP Gold award travel for spouse
  111. Eligible Flight number on DL to earn AS miles
  112. Some decent MRs this fall?
  113. No longer 500 points for newsletter subscription?
  114. is N797AS wifi equipped?
  115. F meals on evening SEA-ANC's actually just a "snack"???
  116. Great BOI Offer
  117. Seats under 'airport control' at 72 hours
  118. Email offering 25% off next flt.--confusing
  119. MVPG paper U/G and multi-city itinerary?
  120. Thinking of applying AA Visa, Any tips?
  121. Anchorage Lounge
  122. Partner Award Routing Rules?
  123. HELP - Secure Flight name mismatch !
  124. Fall Schedule Changes
  125. AS522 & AS523 Gone?
  126. AMS-SEA hitting gold again.
  127. QX coffee back at SEA?
  128. Online Check in Problem with Delta ticket
  129. Is SFO/LAX disappearing?
  130. Great e-mail from Ak.
  131. AS#6 Emergency Landing @ LAX, 8/6/09
  132. fare retraction
  133. FAI cancellations
  134. Flying to Hawaii on AS Next Week?
  135. Delta Medallion flying on Alaska
  136. Need 40K BIS Miles In 7 Weeks!
  137. Which AS FTer will be first to ATL?
  138. AS picks up the Nerd Bird from AA...
  139. AS at MCO
  140. Using air miles from Seattle-Seville-Venice-Seattle
  141. Questions re MVP Gold upgrades
  142. my recent DCA-SEA-ANC-SEA-DCA
  143. MVP Gold upgrade and AA miles?
  144. Sun Valley Horizon Air service Spring 2010??
  145. New Service to MMH
  146. B of A companion certificate
  147. Business Visa Companion Cert Still Offered?
  148. Reserving a Digiplayer
  149. MMH Service revealed
  150. Weird partner rates on
  151. Question and feeling about SEA - Hawaii Flights
  152. Will be Gold short!!
  153. Does AS recognize DL's 3-level awards?
  154. Low fare calendar to Mexico doesn't work.
  155. Top Pot Donuts on SEA-PDX flights
  156. Boarding pass clutter solution
  157. Pet Embargo (OK) should offer more options...
  158. Southwest in Alaska (Frontier Bid)
  159. Alaska Airlines Taking Care of a Passenger in the Hospital
  160. NW/DL Mileage Credit
  161. rejected in first class...
  162. Celebrate our new fall schedule
  163. Status Match Question
  164. AMEX - MVP or Gold Membership?
  165. ? booking an award ticket sea-sfo
  166. Booking Reward Travel and then Switching FF Numbers
  167. Wow ! I won the Hawaii Give-away
  168. U Availability
  169. Mammoth airport mmh
  170. How soon can we check in bags in SEATAC flying Alaska?
  171. Alaska Board room at LAX
  172. AS BofA Companion Certificate Not Showing Up
  173. Hawaii Giveway on Twitter right now
  174. WIFI Test
  175. unlimited status match on AS?
  176. I Hit The Mileage Jackpot!!!
  177. flight credit and AS50
  178. Complimentary Upgrade on Codeshare
  179. Rookie Question re: Multiple FF Plans
  180. AS - CO Alliance R.I.P. 25 Oct 2009
  181. Alaska Air Group profit slips 54%
  182. The guy on the tail is thinking...
  183. Complimentary upgrade with overnight?
  184. Will I lose an MVP upgrade if I swap for my CO Onepass Acct?
  185. Pissed Off!!!
  186. F/class service DEN-ANC nonstop
  187. A free box of wine in checked luggage from Santa Rosa
  188. Didn't get my membership card and packet. Am I missing anything?
  189. Does anyone at AS give bad service? Ever?
  190. Miles for a boarding pass?
  191. Newly Minted MVP Gold
  192. Baggage Fee Gray Area
  193. Can I buy a day pass to the Board Room on site?
  194. How long for AS status to show up in NW system?
  195. What's for breakfast on SEA-LAX this month?
  196. Random Idea Day: Portland-Seattle Express Pass
  197. PDX to BOS
  198. Will AS ever remove partner award fee?
  199. Avoiding baggage fees w/ CO status
  200. LAX advisory - restaurants and BR closed in T3 - 17 Jul 09
  201. 8/23 schedule changes on Horizon announced
  202. Mileage Plan for LAN Awards
  203. Is your travel increasing or decreasing this Fall?
  204. 15% off Alaska Airlines Fares - Courtesy:Dukes Chowder(Code Now Used-Discount Gone)
  205. Check luggage on CX off AS award. Advisory.
  206. One-way partner awards?
  207. Will AS ever allow you to standby to a different airport, say SFO instead of OAK
  208. Best Way to Change Flight
  209. desperate acts...or am I just looking for sympathy?
  210. Menu on AS3 5:35PM flight DCA-SEA in F?
  211. Upgrade on OA ticket stock
  212. How do I determine Fare Class?
  213. New food/snack on board
  214. LAX Boardroom
  215. Alaska Airlines Upgrade Coupon
  216. Under what circumstances can you be bumped from First
  217. Question regarding mileage bonus on F ticket and boardroom access
  218. F redemption = ord dl lounge access.
  219. Mileage Run Bingo - Help, Help, Help!
  220. $50 companion fare and MVP Gold
  221. Vouchers as Gifts?
  222. Fall/Winter 09 QX new cities? Guess where- A Flyertalk Game!
  223. BTT Voucher: Standby for later flight possible?
  224. AS #1 on-time performance two consec mnths
  225. What happened to flight 855 today?
  226. Post your Baggage Service Guarantee Successes!
  227. Proper Seating for Kids in F (On the Wings? Not an option)
  228. Any MVP Gold benefits with Air France?
  229. Mammoth Lakes 09/10 Service
  230. Gold Cert and $50 companion fare question
  231. AS "My Trips" issues
  232. Congratulations! You've been pre-approved for an Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card!
  233. AS Matching WN 48 hour sale?
  234. AS desperately needs E+ or the equivalent
  235. Welcome drink for MVP Golds in Y
  236. Oakland - Hawaii Nonstop Celebration- up to 40% off OAK-OGG/KOA
  237. QX 2021 "detour" 7/4/2009
  238. Upgrade only avail from agent?
  239. Partner International Award Changes
  240. Help with F class seats on 737-400
  241. Typical VDB credit on AS?
  242. Seattle - July 29th MVP Gold Wine Party
  243. Just Entered Mileage Plan for AS and got the VISA Card...what next?
  244. Anyone on the PDX-Maui Inaugural?
  245. Your DEQM Tally?
  246. 1000 Miles for LAX-FLG rather than 500
  247. BOS Club Access?
  248. AS #1 in Customer Satisfaction Again
  249. Alaska Miles Credit for Korean Air Flight
  250. Flight Reconfirmation and Checkin