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  1. Tired of equipment changes!
  2. Merger fallout?
  3. Using Miles, Money, and companion ticket for spring break 2011 travel
  4. Same day change on codeshare flights
  5. Dreaded 5 hour layover SEA-BLI
  6. No more water bottles in F
  7. How Far Out Can Alaska Book a CX Partner award?
  8. AS - Intl airline (BR) Shuffle
  9. Ya Learn Something New Every Day! Alaska Offered to Hold an Award for Me
  10. Maximizing Segments to MVPG
  11. Hilarious Onboard AS Announcements
  12. Can an MVPG upgrade a person traveling on points?
  13. SAN-OGG starting in OCT...
  14. Let me just flat out ask: Has anyone ever gotten a SuperSaver First Award to EWR?
  15. I don't want non-stop, I want to route through SEA - possible online?
  16. Lowest price guarantee is different every time!
  17. MVPG Change Ticket Fee Waiver
  18. Et tu, McKenzie? AS Doing Better Financially Than Most Other Airlines
  19. Can one still earn miles on a Money&Miles ticket?
  20. Is it only AS SuperSaver award when paired with a Partner Award?
  21. Copper River Salmon event for MVPGs
  22. Partner miles slow to post?
  23. Miles on Delta flight operated by AS
  24. I got a 10% discount for my birthday :-)
  25. Double Miles between San Jose and LAX
  26. Baggage fees for DL award flight wholly on AS
  27. Mileage Earning on AA in "O" Class of Service
  28. JNU MVPG Lunch April 2010
  29. Horizon Air Puts Montana on Sale
  30. Int'l taxes and ticket exchanges
  31. award/ticket exchange questions
  32. AS Stopped flying to Cancun!
  33. Alaska Air Miles on Air France Award Ticket?
  34. New Rule Prohibiting Infants in Bulkhead Row/Seat Belt Air Bag Discussion Thread
  35. How do you get Alaska Air to answer web enquiries?
  36. Credit Certificate never showed up in my email
  37. Frustrating website issue
  38. 4/19 - AS 201 Cancellation Compensation
  39. 2010 "Big Announcement": changed fees and routes (baggage/standby/holds/24h refunds)
  40. Tips for the journey to MVP/MVPG
  41. Delta quietly switching SEA-LAX Alaska flights on me
  42. AS drops 6 places in 2010 Airline Quality Report
  43. Thumbs -Up to AS for a name change issue.
  44. Group Booking & MVP Program
  45. Just curious about Y fares...
  46. Medford, OR ???
  47. Missing Companion Certs?
  48. FYI AS moved at ORD
  49. MVP on American
  50. MVPG - Party of 3
  51. MVPG Dinner/Get Together After MVP Lunches???
  52. No Credit for Delta Flight Operated by AS?
  53. No Carry-on Fees: Will AS Take The Pledge
  54. What if? - volcano problem
  55. OGG-PDX-YVR Connection time
  56. new song proposal: "Horizon breaks luggage"
  57. Problem with connecting flights booked via Horizon
  58. Quick Question on blankets and pillows!
  59. AS Mileage runs?
  60. Effect of DL Sky Priority on AS MVPGs?
  61. The self-proclaimed first MVPG75K
  62. EQMs - Anyone Gold for 2011 yet?
  63. Yes, You Can: LAN Argentina ( 4M ) Award
  64. Using AS Miles for a Delta Biz class award to Europe....what class am I looking for?
  65. KOA prices - as good as it gets?
  66. PDX-HNL, It's Official Starting 9/20
  67. Prescription for First Class
  68. Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air Offer 'Bloomin' Bargains' Fare Sale
  69. DL Cancel PDX-HNL - opportunity?
  70. Companion Traveler Profiles
  71. EQMs and <500 mile segments
  72. How to get complete Mileage Plan summary?
  73. Ways to check AS availability?
  74. Free Copy of Brain Rules in Seattle
  75. Landing Announcement From the Rear
  76. Please, Alaska Airllines! May I Ask a Favor?
  77. elite status miles
  78. Delta SkyPriority.... What does that mean for us?
  79. How long from "curb to gate" at LAX on a Sunday morning?
  80. Multi same day refundable tickets ?
  81. Change Fee for Mrs MVPG
  82. Am I better off using 100% Miles or 50% Miles/50% Cash?
  83. AS B of A Card Bonus for Award Travel?
  84. The Price of things to Come?
  85. AS MVP flying DL ticket but AS metal
  86. Double EQM from WN: Will AS match?
  87. Strategy for FAI to the U.K.
  88. Question re: Luggage Fees on AS/QX to YVR on CX J Ticket
  89. Web site still reading "Instant Miles - Now Purchase Even More"
  90. How Do I find the Confirmation Code for a DL awarded flight on AS?
  91. Was Jen cloned?
  92. Explore Your National Parks promo - different destination every day
  93. U space - Gold or otherwise - on HI flights
  94. Big thumbs up for Res Agent, question on award ticket mult stopovers
  95. Companion Ticket Question
  96. Alaska Airlines' War On Warmth
  97. DL SFO-LAX
  98. Mileage Plan Members Who Post Stupid 1 April 2010 Jokes ...
  99. Alaska Airlines Joins the Star Alliance Network (April Fools!!)
  100. Debating between AS, CO and UA to PDX...
  101. FYI to AS FF using FSA
  102. Boardroom with F class ticket
  103. Alaska MBNA CDN MC Transfer to MBNA Travel Rewards
  104. Help picking airline alliances!!!
  105. Air France Lounge
  106. AA Policy for AS MVP/G
  107. AA -> AS on 2 diff tickets
  108. ?? re: DL flyer booking flight on
  109. Where to put my British Air miles?
  110. SEA connection from AS to AC Jazz
  111. No Board Room at ORD
  112. Missing In Action: Big Bottles of Water in the BR
  113. BofA Companion Cert
  114. Kenmore Air agreement announced
  115. Delay in AS miles being posted
  116. boardroom
  117. AS's failed drink experiment: Cosmopolitan & Glacerita
  118. Need advice from the seasoned veterans!
  119. The incredible shrinking country...
  120. Would I be a fool to travel the Monday after Thanksgiving?
  121. ANC Spring 2010 MVPG Breakfast & Lunch March 24
  122. LAX to CUN route dumped, any advice 4 me ?
  123. schedule change, what are our options?
  124. Non availability of award flights?
  125. How do invites work to MVPG lunches
  126. Gold companion upgrade wierdness
  127. WHAT Happened to AS First?
  128. Intra-europe miles
  129. Partner cheatsheet
  130. Upgrading travel companion
  131. Losing More PHX Flights for the Summer
  132. Recent flights from Hawaii to the mainland
  133. free upgrades with awards
  134. Double EQM's in 2010?
  135. Buy ticket from and have AS FF number on the boarding pass?
  136. FA's recalled
  137. AS miles for AA first class?
  138. Newbie trying to sort out what direction I should go on
  139. Interesting data on AS consumer satisfaction
  140. Miles transfers from Delta
  141. Add Itinerary to a Calendar feature on AS website
  142. AS Credit Card Miles Not Posting - March 2010
  143. Upgraded and now want to change flights
  144. What comes after the 737?
  145. Boardroom - can Crown room member bring in guests ?
  146. MVPG Earning on Partners
  147. Am I on track
  148. No flight schedule to Mexico past June?
  149. I want to go through SFO video
  150. When AS planes retire…
  151. Delta Booking Question
  152. Partner Mileage Credit Question
  153. Certificate Upgrades and OLCI
  154. Seattle MP bonus via elephant
  155. New seating policy on Delta
  156. no first class waitlist for mvp gold
  157. Alaska Airlines Follow Apolo to Hawaii Sweepstakes
  158. Would you pick Oneworld or Skyteam for AS?
  159. Priority Baggage Tag
  160. About that boarding pass...
  161. AS50 and AirCare certificates?
  162. Just made MVP GOLD!!! Need Info/Advice
  163. SEA-MCO Award for Feb 2011
  164. MVP Gold Challenge - But a flight reroute will make me short!
  165. AS 854 Goes Tech?
  166. Odd occurrence with online award changes
  167. 500 Mileage Plan Miles for first time subscribers of the newsletter
  168. Alaska Airlines Email Addresses?
  169. Alaska Airlines App for Blackberry
  170. MPG on Alaska flights booked through Delta (as a codeshare)
  171. Flights to Kona
  172. Changing reservation U issues
  173. Booking each leg of a round trip separetly gets extra points?
  174. No U Space but First Space Available
  175. MVP Gold Challenge - How Long Until Status Received
  176. Disappointing Cust Svc Email Response Time?
  177. Last minute deal for SEA-PDX?
  178. New flight times SEA-SFO
  179. Mileage Partner Problem
  180. Baggage Charges on AA Codeshare Flight as OW Emerald
  181. Mry-sea/pdx qx???
  182. Question about baggage retrieval
  183. Competition to Hawaii: G4 buy 757-200s
  184. Delta Taking Over Gate Operations at DFW...Not a Good Start
  185. Alaska Airlines Round the World
  186. Alaska moving at MSP
  187. Refundable baggage coupon on AA codeshare?
  188. Why can't every passenger purchase 2 seats?
  189. CodeShare Confused
  190. Time for AS/QX to roll-up their sleeves?
  191. Not familiar with Alaska Airlines to Hawaii: Questions
  192. Why no partnership with JL?
  193. Mazatlan 2011
  194. AS Selling points at 30% bonus
  195. PDXBR culinary event
  196. Ticket with an expiration date of April 7, 2010
  197. How long does it take to get ecert from price guarantee?
  198. Delayed because copilot forgets medical certificate
  199. Am I the only one who thinks its unethical to do this with upgrade certs?
  200. Sick e-mail about AS 261
  201. MVP on AA
  202. No one believes I have a Real Bonus Travel Ticket
  203. Honolulu Upgrades
  204. iPhone App in the App Store
  205. Question Regarding Flex Fare Refunds
  206. Why is there no saver space on SEA-DEN?
  207. Alternative Ways to get EQM's?
  208. AS confirms Aircell Gogo® as On-Board Internet Vendor
  209. Quality of drinks and snacks going downhill?
  210. Tacoma, WA gold lunch
  211. Disappointing customer service. Unusual situation?
  212. QX using new guideance system for bad weather landings
  213. Any new recent qualifying MVP's recieve their card yet?
  214. 50% off the lowest price / 50% off unrestricted fares
  215. Board Room Questions
  216. Liquor on QX
  217. Using AK miles
  218. Is BofA still giving away referal bonus?
  219. How Does The MVPG Upgrade Process Work?
  220. I will be doing an AS Status Match... a couple questions
  221. rejected from 2 DL skyclubs at JFK
  222. How do People Trade Miles? - Answer
  223. How Do People Trade Miles on Here?
  224. Is Web Checkin forgetting time zones on 24-hour Web Checkin?
  225. YVR Frustrations
  226. Update on same-day confirmed change fees? (MVP/G only?)
  227. Departing on QX, T3, at LAX--can I access US Club in T1 first?
  228. No MVPG upgrade waitlist allowed for DL codeshare flights operated by AS
  229. Alaska launches new mobile site, paperless boarding passes
  230. Day of Departure Upgrade Purchase
  231. BTT expires 5/1/2010--hard deadline or still extend-able?
  232. DL Status Match
  233. Bid On Your Place In The Last Great Race Iditarod Start — March 2010
  234. Busy PHX airport this Sunday? Bump perhaps?
  235. Swap DL miles for AS miles ???
  236. I'd like to try out the board room... do they sell day passes or something similar?
  237. why does the website say service starts March 26?
  238. Q about combining awards
  239. New AS mobile site up and running
  240. Paid upgrades avail. on upcoming OAK-OGG trip?
  241. Cancun first class service - a joke
  242. Delta Miles - How long till they post
  243. Baggage Fee Subscription
  244. Why no schedule alterations for Olympics?
  245. Compensation because of Return of Coca Cola
  246. Any Other Ft'ers On My Flight???
  247. AA Cancel, rebook to full Y - advice
  248. drip stopper for wine
  249. Strange problem with Alaska's website.
  250. Alaska Airlines - Portland Tweetup - 2/17