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  1. Langham or Sheraton?
  2. 24hrs in HKG - want to do something different.
  3. Flatsharing?
  4. budget hotel options for Dec HKG travel
  5. NYC to Honk Kong business class
  6. onward travel advice needed
  7. Which hotel is coming right next to Marriott Hong Kong?
  8. AMEX travellers check exchange at HK airport?
  9. Brioni arrived?
  10. Clarification request on Airport Express train stations in Hong Kong
  11. Transportation directions for Stanley Market, Aberdeen sampan cruise, & Victoria Peak
  12. Fares to HKG - Winter 09
  13. Hotel Panorama by Rhombus?
  14. In need of a restaurant for the 31st of December
  15. Visiting HKG: visa?
  16. Limo / Car with driver service for transit (5 hr) trip.
  17. Novotel Advice in Hong Kong
  18. Question regarding HKG 1 night stop over
  19. from airport to sheraton, need advice
  20. Hotels near Kowloown Airport Express Station
  21. Weather in Hong Kong
  22. Mid priced hotels and club levels?
  23. Chinese Visa in HKG
  24. HKIA to Macau on Turbojet
  25. Orient Thai--Where to Book in Hong Kong?
  26. 8 Days in Macau/Hong Kong--Suggestions?
  27. Heli Express Hong Kong-Macao Helicopter Service
  28. Cirque du Soleil show at Venetian Macao
  29. Breakfast in Kowloon
  30. 4 nights in HK, spend one outside the city?
  31. Entry to HK with Chinese passport
  32. China Visa (L) Multiple Entry
  33. Passport expiring within 2 months and taking a few hours break in HK
  34. Best hotel in Central
  35. Hong Kong Hotels
  36. waiting area at HK airport?
  37. Parkview Serviced Apartment - Hong Kong
  38. Luxury good shopping in HK
  39. Restaurant with view of Hong Kong Light Show
  40. One night to shop for Christmas: Citygate (Lantau) or HK itself?
  41. 15 hr halt in HK on way to India from US
  42. Ferry close to macau airport
  43. Fishbowl bathrooms
  44. Older bills still good?
  45. Travel Agent in HK
  46. Intercontinental vs. Grand Hyatt
  47. Olympics Co-Host city 2008
  48. Maximum atm withdrawal
  49. Arriving INto Macau
  50. Priority Pass - Hong Kong
  51. Best way to get to the Sheraton HKG at night?
  52. business restaurants - central hk
  53. Choice between 2 hotels in HKG
  54. Two separate questions on HKG
  55. Under 2 hours for HKG connection?
  56. Air Pollution Concerns in HKG
  57. nyc-hong kong (non-stop)- what's the best business class availible?
  58. TA to get a visa in HK close to US embassy
  59. What happened to the taxi drivers in Hong Kong?
  60. Western style breakfast near Holiday Inn Golden Mile
  61. Hong Kong-Octopus Card and Transportation Question
  62. Macau ferry to HKIA - enough time?
  63. Visa wise, I assume HKG is not part of China and you get separate stamps?
  64. HKG - 4 Hour Layover - Enough Time to Leave?
  65. Disneyland Hotel
  66. Hotel stay for one week
  67. 3G data use
  68. 1 1/2 day in Hong Kong, what to see and do?
  69. Macau Airport & Cotai Ferry
  70. HKG-Ocean Park
  71. Purchasing last-minute air tickets in HKG
  72. Ngong Ping 360 - Advanced Booking
  73. Buying a cellphone in HK?
  74. Dancing for over 30 adult couple for romantic eve?
  75. Suggestion for romantic nicer restaurant for couple?
  76. Mobile phone for a 7 week stay in HK
  77. HK: suggestions please for currently "coolest" hotels?
  78. From HKG to Dongguan_suggested transportation back and forth?
  79. Cuurent info on slleping overnight at HKG without going thru security?
  80. Mobile Internet connection while in HKG
  81. Spa Recommendations? The FS Spa just upped their prices
  82. Former Resident; Can I Enter With My HKID When I Visit?
  83. HKG transit
  84. Ramada Hong Kong vs. Island Pacific Hotel
  85. I.T. Sale Shops
  86. Vacation cost to Hong Kong?
  87. HK to macau turbojet
  88. luxury food recommendations
  89. Advice on what to do for foreign exchange for a 3 week trip in Hong Kong
  90. HKG security check between UAL connections?
  91. less than 1 day in HKG, What to do?
  92. Where to stay
  93. Hotel Panorama by Rhombus
  94. Lay Flat Business Class
  95. Gambling currency in Macau
  96. Dining and drinking in Hong Kong
  97. Check Through Baggage in HK with a few days layover?
  98. best way to airport
  99. Bagels in Hong Kong
  100. HKG To US--Liquids in Carry On ?
  101. How do they move luggage from ITCI to the airport
  102. If I but a mobile phone in Hong Kong
  103. 5 Days in HK
  104. HK Customs?
  105. Consolidator business class fares HKG-MNL
  106. HKG PCCW "free wi-fi" USELESS
  107. Hong Kong shopping for fine replicas
  108. Island Pacific Hotel
  109. Taxi vs public transportation: 5 people
  110. Courtyard by Marriott???
  111. A room with a View, and two days?
  112. Laundry & tour in 12 hours from the airport
  113. Real Gym Near Ic Grand Stamford
  114. 8.5 hour layover
  115. Panorama Hotel Hong Kong?
  116. Priceline and Hong Kong- Kowloon or Tsim Sha Tsui Late Sept 08
  117. Meridien Cyberport, Langham Place or Harbour plaza ?
  118. Has anyone ever dined at the Hong Kong Club?
  119. Seeking Member Feedback Regarding Forum Description!
  120. Where to buy postcard stamps on a weekend?
  121. Business class flights into Hong Kong unavailable April 14: why?
  122. HK/Macau itinerary -- rip it apart!
  123. 23 hr layover-overnight in Macau 4/30-5/1??
  124. Where to stay in Hong Kong
  125. Help, please - Looking for cheapest business class from London - HKG, for 4 PAX
  126. Cathay Just Delayed My Connection - Any Recommendations?
  127. USA NYC Area to HKG airline options?
  128. Concert & opera ?s
  129. Overnight HK layover without sleep?
  130. 2 choices Air Asia Macau-BKK via Turbojet from HKG or fly out of HKG direct 2 BKK
  131. Getting Rolex in HK
  132. Taxi Fare Increase
  133. book oasishongkong
  134. Chinese New Year and Jan/Feb visit to HK?
  135. transit visa requirement at hongkong
  136. Chinese Visa in Macau?
  137. From Causeway Bay to Shatin
  138. Recommendations for Souvenirs in HKG?
  139. What is the distance between the Peninsula and the Shangri La Kowloon
  140. Oasis Vs Other Airlines
  141. Harbour Plaza v Langham Place hotels in Hong Kong
  142. Camera Shopping in the terminal. ?
  143. HKG airport--catching ferry to Macao without exitting HKG
  144. Hong Kong Airport terminal Help !
  145. North Point- which hotel would you choose?
  146. Long layovers in HKG. Any advice?
  147. J.W. Marriott or Conrad?
  148. Museaum of History
  149. To reach Humen Township in Donguan-suggestions please:
  150. Any Electronics Cheaper in HKG?
  151. HKG Airport to Marriott Kowloon
  152. Conrad or Sheraton Hong Kong?
  153. HK - Macau SIM card
  154. Lung Wah Restaurant - Shatin
  155. Buying Medical Insurance in Hong Kong
  156. Picking a hotel neighborhood - TST, Mongkok or Causeway (or another)??
  157. <24Hrs 1st Time Visit
  158. Shipping wine to HK?
  159. quick connection HKG - Macau Int Airport
  160. 30 hours in HK - hotel and food suggestions?
  161. Any short term service apt
  162. Chinese New Year 2008
  163. Basics for HK 1st visit
  164. China Visa - no more 6 months multiple ?
  165. Turbojet Ferry to Macau
  166. Need some quick HK top tips!
  167. Macau hotels
  168. Macau set to surpass Hong Kong as tourist destination
  169. Help - Best spot for Lunar New Year Fireworks
  170. Low Fares between Hong Kong (HKG) and Tokyo (NRT)
  171. Thai restaurant for 1st night in HK
  172. China, Hong Kong Agree To Ease Airline Curbs
  173. Three days in HKG in August: I need help !
  174. HK MR, Fleming hotel
  175. How did you get your job in Hong Kong?
  176. Shower options for 8-hour layover?
  177. Are there any gyms in HK I can use on a Pay as You Go basis?
  178. How strictly is the size limit enforced on TG
  179. Getting from HKG to Marco Polo Hotel on Canton Rd?
  180. walking from The Conrad to the MO
  181. What should i buy?
  182. Hong Kong Apt/Flat Share
  183. Going to Hongkong this coming sunday.Where to go and what to buy?
  184. Arriving HKG from BKK- pre-clearance in BKK?
  185. Tranisit at HKIA to Macau ferry (via landside luggage storage) Possible?
  186. Eaton v Prudential Hotels in Hong Kong
  187. Left Luggage in Central Hong Kong
  188. A quick visit to Shenzhen, any suggestions?
  189. Why not to take the airport express train to HK
  190. Help me plan my Hong Kong video
  191. Honeymoon from Hong Kong
  192. Recommendations For Dim Sum Restaurant In Hong Kong
  193. Affordable/Good Peking Duck Restaurant in HK
  194. HKG - Christmas season...
  195. HK Driving Licence
  196. Euro Championships
  197. HK Dentists
  198. Best Prepaid SIM Card for HK
  199. Discount Airport Express Coupon
  200. Where can I see the Cal-USC game in HK?
  201. Amigo - still good?
  202. Best online brokerage in Hong Kong?
  203. Vegetarian in HK?
  204. HKG Hotel Recommendations
  205. Is there somewhere to change clothes and repack before security at HKG?
  206. 2 Americans dead in Hong Kong hotel
  207. train from GZ to Hk
  208. Short Stay Serviced Apartment?
  209. Quick advice needed on HK - Macau - Shenzhen journey
  210. Legit. Internet Bank based in Hong Kong
  211. OT: Legal rep in Hong Kong needed
  212. Chinese New Year
  213. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental
  214. anyone been to Hong Kong Disney?
  215. OT Hong Kong - Jakarta advice
  216. Places for cheongsam....
  217. Travaeling from Shanghai to Hong Kong
  218. (Western) New Years Eve 2008 - Hong Kong or Macau
  219. Study abroad in HK
  220. Ferry Service to Humen/Dongguan from HKIA
  221. Hong Kong J class options
  222. Hong Kong Restaurants
  223. hkg --- 3 nights on honeymoon
  224. Purchase SIM cards at the airport?
  225. Transiting in HK with two different itineraries. Do I have to exit custom?
  226. hkg to tpe: whats the best way to get one way fare?
  227. HongKong to New Delhi
  228. Commuting between SIN & HK
  229. Eaton or Cyberport?
  230. Location and hotel help - L'Hotel Nina or Ramada West HK Island
  231. souvenirs in hong kong
  232. Harbour Plaza North Point or Kowloon Ramada?
  233. Good Hostels or inexpensive hotels in Hong Kong?
  234. Ruth's Chris going up in Hong Kong?
  235. Sands in Macau refuses to accept small coins
  236. Tropical Cyclone Warnings-10 Aug 2007
  237. Sahara and Feather Boa
  238. Restaurants in Hong Kong: Received three suggestions. Other suggestions?
  239. Fleming Hotel Wan Chai Website
  240. Plus Sized Clothing
  241. Macau
  242. Venetian Macau Opening
  243. Tourist v. Working Visa
  244. I'm going to HK next week
  245. Dress Code In HKG
  246. Poker in HK
  247. Hong Kong Island or Kowloon
  248. HKIA Frequent Visitor Card
  249. hotel for usd 200?
  250. Ferry from Central/TST to SZX