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  1. Plat for $295.00?? AMENITI
  2. WDW Dolphin - which view to request?
  3. Any special or discount codes?
  4. Maui Westin room charge 10,000 pts +400.00???
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  7. AARP rates?
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  9. Westin Shanghai or St Regis Shanghai [Master Thread]
  10. ? I'll start here. Lebanon and Jordan. Sheratons.
  11. *Wood Website Never Ceases To Amaza
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  13. Double miles on BA!
  14. Confused by terms and conditions of Promotion
  15. Philadelphia Starwood?
  16. Platinum treatment in Indian *wood hotels LONG
  17. Experience with Westin Innisbrook Golf Resort?
  18. Toiletries
  19. Gold Points
  20. Starwood Mastercard 5000 bonus?
  21. Playing the requalifying game
  22. Best way to get from CDG to Prince de Galles
  23. New promotion NOT AVAILABLE ALREADY
  24. Will be applying for SPG Amex card- anything I should know/do
  25. The Lodge at Koele not elite friendly
  26. Bad Experience- Delhi Maurya Sheraton
  27. offers new 'Easy Access Toolbar' for IE web browsers
  28. Confusion - Reward stays count or not? - Can William help?
  29. Sheraton on the Park & Noosa Report
  30. Cash & Points 3rd Party Booking ?
  31. Can I get upgrade even checking in with Gift Certificates? (SPG Plantinum)
  32. Discount Corp Rate Codes
  33. Starwood buys Bliss Spas
  34. starpoints for cell service?
  35. Promotions for stay @ Sheraton AFTER 2/15/04?
  36. Snorkmaster - you ROCK!
  37. SPG - Benefits of Gold membership
  38. What a Star! Ms. Reynolds - Raleigh Sheraton
  39. Any way to buy Westin "Heavenly" products w/ * points?
  40. Westin Casuarina Las Vegas - the saga continues
  41. VIE Westin Bristol near the Marriott?
  42. Starpoints Transfer Hell
  43. Any Perspective on Bangkok Starwoods, particularly the Westin?
  44. Starwood Providing Poor Service to Platinum Guests
  45. Sheraton Cerritos vs Sheraton Anaheim
  46. Worst food at a full service *wood hotel
  47. FL SHERATONS: Mother in law in our room
  48. Double Points
  49. W: any promos to sign up for?
  50. Plat Cards with exp date 2/2005?
  51. Can a hotel change your rate?
  52. Four Points Silverthorne (CO) - Anyone?
  53. Can someone tell me how long it REALLY takes...
  54. Am I offered a full range of prices when logged onto *wood? Or just the more $$$ ones
  55. Sheraton Portland, OR Airport Hotel [Master Thread]
  56. Master for AA promo: any special low rates?
  57. Lurker - can you help with major new AMEX screw-up??
  58. Do you get spg points for paid no show?
  59. Night & Flights no longer CAT4/5?
  60. GONE: New Bern Sheraton, NC, now reflagged as Hilton
  61. No Points no Upgrade no amenity when web booking
  62. Award Stay Question - Certs?
  63. Platinum amenity - when I found something like an amenity in my room
  64. *Woods Close to, but not in, France
  65. What is with Starwood and these "endless" rates?
  66. what is best strarwood hotel in Honolulu?
  67. Princeville - Trip report as platinum over NYE
  68. A fairway to achieving status
  69. How to maximize my miles on Lanai.
  70. SPG50 Points Refund?
  71. Starwood AMEX promo for Holiday Inn??
  72. Upgrade on a reward stay
  73. Why did'nt I get double miles for purch over $500?
  74. broken - is there another list of airline conversions?
  75. Deceptive marketing? (Or what does "no blackouts" really mean???)
  76. Any idea how I print a temp card from the website ?
  77. Platinum concierge in Europe?
  78. Platinum Service when Using Points
  79. web site Flash wackiness
  80. what airlines?
  81. Is there a way to tell online where your room has been pre-blocked?
  82. Starwood Vactations
  83. Spring Break Week?
  84. 1,000 bonus points when stay 2 times
  85. Subtle Change to
  86. 99 -- Hawaii Sheraton in Waikiki
  87. Manhattan Hotel New York City (formerly Sheraton Manhattan) [Master Thread]
  88. Do tips earn SPG points?
  89. SPG Best Cities on Sale
  90. Grr....No upgrade if I book a balcony room...HUH?
  91. What kind of room will I get and can I get a better one?
  92. Having Guests Over During Extended Stay
  93. Taxes Charged on Award Stay?
  94. Would anyone like if SPG counted Award or C&P stays as...
  95. SPG Gold affiliations
  96. SPG and AMEX ?'s
  97. Where to for Valentine's Day? (continental US only)
  98. We have your number but we don't have you as Platinum...
  99. Diners Club to earn SPG Pts
  100. Quick question - best phone number for attempted platinum comp
  101. AAA Rates too Complex for
  102. Cancel 1 day prior
  103. For Lurker...Where do I send letters of thanks for outstanding service?
  104. Properties not honoring 50% off award
  105. Recent experiences at Sheraton Suites San Diego?
  106. questions about 5-free-night stay at Sheraton Princess Kaiulani
  107. How do I make Platinum?
  108. Redeeming pts
  109. Over 30 days - No stay credit but what about pts?
  110. Who is ultimately responsible for third party internet
  112. Newbie-type question: Who gets the points?
  113. Sheraton Brookhollow for the Super Bowl?
  114. Vacation ruined
  115. another 1:2 transfer is gone !
  116. Dolphin club level
  117. Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner
  118. Check Reservations Gone?
  119. British Airways Transfer Bonus
  120. Question on any Hawaii Promotions
  121. post here: consolidated Sydney (Four Points, Sheraton, W, Westin) thread
  122. Any Promos I Should Register For - 5 Day Westin Stay Scheduled for Next Week
  123. guide question
  124. "Club Floor" - please explain
  125. Sheraton Suites Cypress Creek Fort Lauderdale Renovated in '07 [Master Thread]
  126. Direct DEbits - any chance of reversing them?
  127. College Student Needs Help re: NYC Starwoods!
  128. Double your Nights Promo
  129. URL to determine reward stay availability?
  130. Westin Miyako in Kyoto
  131. GONE: South Padre Island - Left Starwood April 2011 [Master Thread]
  132. Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf (SF) $89 per night
  133. *W email: Play the State of the Game
  134. Amex 5000 bonus points
  135. Grump about free weekend nights
  136. Riga?
  137. State of the Game - Starwood should reward us for 49 states!!!
  138. Westin Las Vegas: STAY AWAY. RUN DO NOT WALK!
  139. Suites at Westin - Las Vegas?
  140. How many upgrades did you get last year?
  141. Platinum based on dollars spent
  142. Our MIA Four Points Experience ...
  143. Best 2004 Promotion?
  144. PROPOSAL: Plat Benefits printed on the card
  145. Sheraton Chiang Mai, Thailand [Master Thread]
  146. Westin Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [Master Thread]
  147. Platinum Benefits on Award Stays?
  148. FYI Cxling award stay. Getting your points back.
  149. 4 Points & HS Internet access
  150. Anyone see Stay 6 promotion days?
  151. 4PTS Manhattan
  152. Least expensive rates for AA Sheraton promo through 2/8?
  153. grandfather Platnium
  154. SPG Bonus -Must convert 20,000 all at once?
  155. Whats you tipping policy on extras?
  156. Pardon the "chick" thread-Need good hair salon near the W San Diego
  157. Considering Switching from AMEX MR Card to AMEX Starwood
  158. New Addition to Starwood - Crete - Greek Island Resort
  159. V10 2K Next 3 Stays promotion, what is it?
  160. How do we get another Amex MR -> SPG bonus program?
  161. Any Starwood Properties on Big Island?
  162. *Wood* Gets Le Meridien!!
  163. Potential Marriott Defector looking for Advice
  164. Anyone with LAX experience--help please
  165. Preferred rooms for Gold
  166. Happy New Years all SPG'ers!!
  167. Back to 0...and it's not even midnight yet..
  168. Charge for Receing Fax?
  169. Cash & Points ? Extended thru 3/31/2004. ?
  170. Westin's Junior Suite compare to the W Urban suite. (NY)
  171. quick 250 points!
  172. NY - Please recommend a hotel
  173. Splitting a 5 night award
  174. Earning Points/Stays/Nights for Cancellation Fees
  175. When does the no blackout for awards apply?
  176. Launched Starwood Online Restaurants Portal Site
  177. Brazil vacation
  178. Parking rates at San Diego Starwood properties?
  179. Can Canadians Apply for Starwood Amex Credit Card
  180. WSJ: Rescue Deal for Le Meridien Nears
  181. web booking bonus?
  182. AAA and SPG
  183. Sheraton LA Harbor
  184. Plat Requalification - New card query
  185. Planning a Honeymoon
  186. LAX - looking for 24 hour check in
  187. Free wekeend nights
  188. Best Rate Guarantee and Pre-payment
  189. Ca I partially pay with my SW Amex and get the 1000 bonus
  190. W Hollywood being Built!
  191. Like prison? Try the LAX Sheraton Gateway's Code Orange Getaway
  192. how long should it take.....
  193. PHL Airport input
  194. Westin Excelsior Rome and Westin ER Venice : Award Stay as SPG Gold
  195. Sheraton Birmingham, AL
  196. Starwood and Le Meridien
  197. Anyone get their 5000 points from AMEX for spending $1000 at *woods yet?
  198. Booking online and Westin Vegas
  199. PURCHASE points by Dec 31 PROMO
  200. Westin Grand Vancouver vs. Pan Pacific?
  201. 24 stays YTD ....... grrrrr
  202. Did your Starwood Property give you a Christmas Gift?
  203. Heavenly Toilet (c)
  204. Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia [Master Thread]
  205. Fast Track program or comp status?
  206. Starwood Transfers to AA
  207. Best kids' programs?
  208. Starwood Hotels in Australia - The "Right" Time to Go?
  209. SPG Gold/Platinum for life?
  210. Best Category 5?
  211. Last minute switch to Sheraton on the Park
  212. Weddings...
  213. Challenge a la AA
  214. When to redeem vs paying?
  215. Customer Service
  216. Free Weekend Nights - Received!
  217. Email about free weekend awards - awarded 1 night?
  218. 2004 Program Changes?
  219. Sheraton Porto, Portugal [Master Thread]
  220. Points on company spend?
  221. Trip Report: Maui Sheraton vs Maui Westin
  222. Are we ever going to see *Wood at JFK again and when?
  223. Sheraton LAX Gateway,
  224. MASTER list for inexepensive S stays?
  225. Thinking about moving some stays to Starwood
  226. Sheraton Detroit Novi [Master Thread]
  227. Got the 5000 AA bonus miles
  228. Would you be upset if..
  229. Room 3220 at Royal Hawaiian????
  230. DC: Westin Grand or Embassy Row?
  231. Westin Vegas - Slot club point to SPG transfer
  232. Go for Platinum???
  233. Starwood Changed my default Credit Card for SPG bookings
  234. 500 bonus points in Sheratons/Wesins/Ws for Platinums?
  235. American Express FHR upgrades ?
  236. Join the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf eClub: You Could Win a Dell
  237. Transfer to Continental - experiences?
  238. Using your free weekend.
  239. Best hotel in Melbourne?
  240. Free 500 Starwood Bonus Points on Registration
  241. Starpoints Expiration - Should I convert all remaining points to an airline?
  242. Book 2 rooms, what credits?
  243. Wedding night...
  244. 2000 Bonus Points Posted???????
  245. Is India considered Asia Pacific; issues at Sheraton Delhi
  246. 2nd gift from Starwood
  247. Government Rates Apply to Non-Profits?
  248. Sheraton on The Park SYD: Free Room Upgrade
  249. Randomly Selected. . .
  250. Sheraton vs. Sheraton Inn