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  1. Club Upgrade with Points
  2. SPG Gold Upgrade on top of paid upgrade?
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  7. sketchy or SOP
  8. Enjoy double Starpoints on your next stay in Asia Pacific.
  9. "...Platinum. Once again....You're Platinum again"???
  10. Chicago - W City Center, Lakeshore or Westin Chicago River North
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  12. Eligible Stay vs. Night
  13. Official Announcement: Starwood Announces SPG Pro from October 15, 2014 onwards
  14. W Hotel to open in Brisbane, Australia in 2018.
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  17. Is there any thread talking about Four Points, Punta Cana?
  18. Multiple rooms - platinum bonus points applicable to single or multiple rooms?
  19. Reservation booked by 2nd person in room
  20. Starwood changed the terms of my booking!
  21. Promo : SPG Triple Crave - Triple Starpoints for $50+ dining, Mon-Thu, to 30 Dec 14
  22. Not allowed to cancel some nights on C&P reservations?
  23. Shanghai, China - Best hotel for plats?
  24. Starwood worldwide threathen to revoke my membership due to their manager threaten me
  25. Display Issue on SPG? (Rates section)
  26. Brand standards on post-checkout additional charges?
  27. New & Confused! Please help me figure out where to go.
  28. How to get free WIFI at Starwood Hotels
  29. Entered Wrong FF# Number in Transfer...what next?
  30. W Beijing - Chang'an - Opening September 30, 2014
  31. SPG & The Great Firewall of China
  32. 'Tap into Luxury' : SPG contest, win nights, Starpoints etc, play daily thru 30 Sep
  33. Paying for part of a stay on a different card than the SPG member?
  34. Nights and Flights mess
  35. SET # [Rates using SET are higher]
  36. Cash & Points prevents VAT refunds?
  37. Unable to book Exclusive Free Nights
  38. Historical statement?
  39. Element Harrison - Newark, NJ (opened Aug, 2014) [Master Thread]
  40. I checked out early and didn't stay the (paid for) full night. Should I get credit ?
  41. "My Stays" Issue
  42. Should I expect a new promo soon since Earn Away expired in July?
  43. Ripped off by starwood/amex - who to contact?
  44. Great Value Hotel in Asia
  45. Can SPG put any pressure on Amex to make their (US) credit card competitive?
  46. Non SPG hotel using Westin bedding
  47. Problem when booking NEW MEMBER EXCLUSIVE FREE NT
  48. If i complete plat75 today and check-in another hotel today
  49. Starwood Amex (USA) 25K points for only $3K spend (vs $5K spend)
  50. Get Platinum before next stay?
  51. Hotel hasn't switched over yet to Starwood
  52. Charge for leaving luggage after checking out
  53. Targeted: Double Elite Qualifying Night
  54. SCUBA properties - within 4hrs from East Coast?
  55. Better ratio for transferring Amex Membership Rewards to SPG?
  56. Keeping account alive
  57. 2 nights, different room type each night
  58. Best Category 3 / Category 4 hotels
  59. NEW : St Regis Chengdu, China (Opened Sep 2014) [Master Thread]
  60. Check out every day to get extra stay credit??
  61. Problem with Cash & Points stay
  62. Promo thread locked- is there promo for August?
  63. 69 ytd nights w/ no travel plans, is it worth getting to 75?
  64. Converting the Platinum breakfast amenity to a lunch or dinner credit?
  65. When do you use points?
  66. Q4 Promo? From Business Traveller: SPG offers members triple points
  67. Outsourcing customer service---good idea?
  68. Best Starwood hotel for central Bangalore (Bengaluru)?
  69. Amex SPG card, when/where?
  70. International Travel Use SPG Amex?
  71. New: Moorpark Hotel, an Independent Starwood hotel, San Jose, CA (was Joie de Vivre)
  72. Pre-paid rate drops within 24 hours. Any recourse?
  73. Sheraton Kailua-Kona on points or flights and nights?
  74. Aloft Hotel to Begin Testing ‘Botlr,’ a Robotic Bellhop
  75. Your24 with multiple rooms
  76. The Westin Blue Bay Resort, Lingshui, Hainan, China - Opened August 1, 2014
  77. The Castle Hotel, Dalian, China - Opened July 30, 2014
  78. Speculative Promo for Q4/2014 : 2x points for 2+ night stays (3x if incl Fri/Sat)
  79. cash & points - european properties
  80. Shouldn't all hotels be able to arrange airport transfer
  81. Le Meridien and Westin Bahrain at City Center Mall
  82. Earning SPG points and stay credits on a business trip.
  83. No availability for Friday - Sunday, but availability for Friday - Monday. How come?
  84. "Business Rate Bed & Breakfast" -Help? hidden away in promos?
  85. Four Points by Sheraton Edmonton International Airport, Alberta, Canada
  86. Unfortunate incident at NYC Starwood.
  87. News: "Hacker claims he controlled appliances in every room of a five-star hotel"
  88. Plat 75 or aim for Hyatt Diamond?
  89. "Sorry, I can't say it out loud"
  90. Booking combines AmEx FHR and SPG free night certificate?
  91. Baltimore to Atlanta...what's the best SPG on the way?
  92. Element/Aloft Coming to Downtown Indy?
  93. SPG auctions question...can you bid on more than 1 package?
  94. Booking 3 rooms for family @ Westin Mission Hills ~ who gets breakfast?
  95. Weird Reservation/Calendaring Availability; Thoughts?
  96. Early check-in: just pay for the previous night
  97. Transfer: Delta TO SPG?
  98. Notes on Reservation
  99. Four Points by Sheraton Bengaluru, Whitefield
  100. New Element coming to Aspen In August 2015
  101. First year as SPG Gold (AMEX)
  102. The Azure Qiantang, Hangzhou, China - Opening September 5, 2014
  103. Platinum requesting gym dumbells in room? Am i Crazy?
  104. Wish SPG would let us do that too... (choose specific room, like Hilton)
  105. Matching a conference rate?
  106. Why do the higher end *wood hotel websites say" Welcome Mr/Mrs. David"
  107. starwwod/harrahs
  108. Max length for eligible stay
  109. anyone had stay at W Hotel Lakeshore at Chicago IL after their reno
  110. Le Meridien Tampa, Florida [Master Thread]
  111. Santiago - General Discussion Thread
  112. Marriott Platinum thinking about switching to SPG
  113. SPG Q3 2014 promo?
  114. time to complain to corporate???
  115. Westin should be careful not offering club lounges
  116. 2 reservations; same hotel; same person; same nights....?
  117. SPG Gold benefits on free night cert
  118. is SPG loosing track on loyal customers?
  119. What to do with a free stay during a Platinum challenge
  120. Le Méridien Chicago, Oakbrook Center, Chicago, IL, opened Jul 31 2014
  121. Stay credit Q's
  122. The Grand Mansion, Nanjing, China - Opening March 1, 2015
  123. 82% off Best available rate - Thank you SPG
  124. Which SPG promo do you miss the most?
  125. 4P in Scranton, PA
  126. Which SPG property on Mauritius for Dec/Jan? Or any other recommendation?
  127. Is there any option to get 25 (!!!) starpoints immediately (without purchasing)?
  128. [NEW] Sheraton Samui Resort - Opening March 30, 2015
  129. Why does Starwood consider shower gel to be a luxury item?
  130. Q3 promotion?
  131. Virtuoso + SPG: what are my amenities?
  132. Booking an SPG hotel on ~ all points / benefits honored? re: $50 promo
  133. A good change in the Ambassador out-of-office reply
  134. Upcoming reward stays disappear after SPG rep added request
  135. European city hotels with sunny outdoor pools?
  136. Stranded Function for SPG Mobile App
  137. Game. Set. Re-Match.
  138. Westin @ Home shop Summer Sale 25% off (Europe)
  139. Promo: Air Canada 15% off discount coupon and free breakfast
  140. Westin Edmonton - Wall Collapse / Evacuation
  141. New Zealand
  142. Eligible Charges during Non-eligible Stay
  143. Westin Lagunamar vacation offer?
  144. Not So Great Westin Excelsior Rome Stay Now Bills Me the Wrong Rate
  145. What compensation would you expect?
  146. What do you do when you just don't have enough points
  147. Targeted Offer: Lets Get Together (July 15 - October 15)
  148. consecutive nights from the same hotel count for only one stay?
  149. New Westin planned for The Woodlands, TX (north Houston suburb)
  150. Assistance with Plans for Greece in 2015
  151. Lounge Privileges for Plat only?
  152. Joining spg program
  153. Four Points Studio City Orlando..Cat change that never happened
  154. Airline Direct Deposit Snafu?
  155. Alternating stays with another SPG member?
  156. Canadian Hotels with soaker tubs
  157. Maximizing SPG Points
  158. Bali recommendation ?
  159. require help regarding promo
  160. Can SPG hotels see reservations you've made at other SPG hotels
  161. Poor SPG points value in Hawaii?
  162. August Promo?????? 2014
  163. London Hotel Questions/Options
  164. Sheraton Huizhou Bailuhu Resort
  165. You have earned at least xx points...
  166. Westin Tashee Resort - Taiwan, returns 2015
  167. Aloft Panama
  168. SPG 15th Birthday - Free Wine, Beer, Bites & Cocktail Tasting (at W NY Downtown)
  169. Starwood Owner Referral
  170. Booking now and adding nights later
  171. Can you book multiple rooms with points?
  172. Platinum Concierge Booking Challenges
  173. 10 bus days for a transfer from family member's account (!)
  174. Upcoming reservations not visible if not booked through
  175. Website problems
  176. Thailand with 3 adults
  177. Two new properties to open in Bhutan
  178. Can Properties Hold Back Inventory From Starwood?
  179. The Westin New York Grand Central - Platinum benefits?
  180. SNA and room benefits
  181. St Regis Bali vs W Koh Samui
  182. Platinum upgrade on two rooms?
  183. Sheraton Pittsburgh Airport closed waiting transformer repairs
  184. PROMO: July only, move 20K SPG points to AA or US for 30K AA
  185. Best SPG Property in or around Los Angeles?
  186. Soccer Worldchampionship against Frankfurt property policy?
  187. first time in Tokyo
  188. Frustration with spg upgrade offer emails
  189. Special Negotiated Rate & Standard/Challenge Credit
  190. What would you pay for a FX fee-free SPG AmEx?
  191. Advice on SPG stay in Tokyo, Japan
  192. Adding an IATA # after the fact?
  193. What would you do? Question about SPG Plat benefits issues
  194. St. Regis Venice San Clemente Palace, Italy [Master Thread]
  195. Book 2 weekend nights get 20% off with Mastercard [N & S Americas only]
  196. What are your go-to mid-range business properties in Houston / Dallas?
  197. Ambassador sending e-mail to make me aware of promotion I signed up for long ago
  198. Why no Starwood Tokyo
  199. Charged for a stay after canceling
  200. How to start a Masterthread?
  201. Using an IATA #?
  202. Base Points Missing, but all Promos posted?
  203. If just short of renewing Platinum
  204. Starpoint transfer webpage not loading correctly.
  205. Aloft in Winchester, VA
  206. Email a GM?
  207. Are SPG properties able to match prices shown on
  208. Attn Lurkers - contest unavailable
  209. Le Meridien credit for Sheraton stay? Can someone explain this?
  210. SPG business card already have personal
  211. A new record -- 6 Euros to clean socks
  212. Ambassador Assignment
  213. Possible to book different rooms under one reservation?
  214. Should I use Airline Direct Deposit to United or collect 20k points for a 5k bonus?
  215. How best to convert SPG points -> United/other airline miles?
  216. SPG email: "There's still time to finish your booking for _____"
  217. booking *wood
  218. No starpoints for third party booking, no night credit either?
  219. Sheraton Shenyang South
  220. Westin Wuhan Wuchang - Any Recent Stays?
  221. Splitting a four night stay into four separate stays to maximize status
  222. SVO reservations now show on
  223. Westin Rome FHR Comparison
  224. AARP v AAA rates
  225. What's your average point balance? Without cc charges?
  226. Clarifying spg policy on booking points rooms
  227. Quick help if possible: Recommended property near Boca Raton?
  228. Can you use the (LodgeNet) TV with your laptop (HDMI)?
  229. Points and stay credit through
  230. Property charged me 2 months after stay
  231. Downtown Houston
  232. Advice on Checking In: Using my name, not sure I can make the trip?
  233. SET corp code user must be primary name on reservation?
  234. delta crossover benefits?
  235. Points for restaurant spend at the SLS?
  236. SPG website down
  237. Plat 75 upon checkout ... get 3x or 4x points?
  238. Watch your credit card
  239. how long for credit card 5 nights to post?
  240. Platinum 2000 - the last vestiges are finally over
  241. Sheraton Indianapolis Keystone Crossing - Thank You!
  242. New Malaysia Hotels: Puchong and Putrajaya
  243. Beware Convention Stays can = ZERO points
  244. Asheville, NC SPG properties
  245. Chicago hotel for Soldier Field on public transport
  246. "Sheraton" Google Map search always leads to Sheraton Aleppo
  247. Night Credit, Points
  248. How do I make difficult reservation?
  249. Wedding Group Rate -- No SPG Benefits?
  250. Falsely billed for room damage