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  1. No SPG point stays available for 5 nights to get 5th night free?
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  19. Should I use my points while I am SPG*P.
  20. How do I check expiration?
  21. Canadian SPG AMEX : 5000 SPG bonus points missing from summer promotion
  22. Uninvited guest had a key to my room / I was given a key to an occupied room
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  24. Blackout Dates?
  25. Get those Starwood PILLOWS! Haha..
  26. Guests that SLAM DOORS
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  28. SPG hotels plus
  29. Book for two families, does 2nd family get club lounge?
  30. Recommendations for Family Travel from *BWI*/DCA/IAD
  31. Best SPG in San Diego??
  32. Best way to leave positive feedback for an excellent SPG phone rep?
  33. Can a hotel offer rates without ability to redeem awards?
  34. 4 Points Lexington, Kentucky
  35. Need suggestions for good place to use my free resort nights as a single male
  36. Best Starwood resorts in China
  37. SPG -> HHonors Silver
  38. No room available at 4:30pm check-in, Sheraton Montreal
  39. New Starwood policy on spouse check in
  40. Whispers
  41. Should I wait a promo to buy points?
  42. Sheraton Atlantic City- surreal experience- worth complaining?
  43. Feedback Survey
  44. New Aloft Costa Rica, outside SJ
  45. [Discussion] SPG is looking for your feedback on
  46. Bumped from Canyon Suites to Phoenician
  47. Westin Vendome on points
  48. Westin Times Square - Atrium Club no longer available using points?
  49. Point stay cancelled after deadline. Can I still get the points back?
  50. Any FT Recommendations for San Francisco
  51. 25% Bonus on American Express Transfers to Starwood
  52. Anyone know when starwood opens up rooms?
  53. What does Free Interent for Plats mean?
  54. SPG points towards my wedding
  55. Are these promos/bonuses going to stack?
  56. Brussels - Four points or Aloft ?
  57. Decision about my honeymoon
  58. Nomination for best club lounge
  59. Hotel Eden or Westin Rome?
  60. Westin or St Regis in Florence?
  61. Four Points by Sheraton Toronto Airport - what a rathole
  62. Lowest SPG Rates Not Visible Platinum Concierge
  63. Singapore KrisFlyer marketing partnership changed back: 1 SPG = 1 mile
  64. Anyone been to Fiji (Starwoods)
  65. A really funny typo on SPG's site describing The Westin Westminster
  66. 50% SPG Rack Rates in Hawaii/Tahiti for SPG members
  67. Club Longe in Sheraton, worth it?
  68. Getting past a "mandatory rate" to use SPG points?
  69. No water at Sheraton Santiago Convention Center
  70. W Bed pillow top, plush or firm?
  71. Princeville Resort
  72. No housekeeping due to Irene/Weather?
  73. Irene effect on hotel reservations
  74. Not upgraded, but front desk says I'm upgraded
  75. Childcare in Sheraton properties
  76. GM: "It would be a privilege to meet...& host your next stay." What does that mean?
  77. What if all promotions on all hotel brands were abolished?
  78. How to lose customers... specifically consulting customers
  79. prepaid rates and Irene, NYC
  80. Get ready for SPG®’s newest promotion, SPG Triple Up
  81. Sheraton or Westin Atlanta Perimeter North?
  82. Negotiating rates through SPG/AMEX
  83. How to send a Spg Amex referral? System down?
  84. Giving starpoints as a gift 20k max question
  85. Long, funnyish tale of woe getting stay credti for a walk.
  86. Complain question
  87. Westin Annapolis lost wallet and no ID
  88. Booking room using spouse's number?
  89. New Promo - Earn Your Dreams - Triple Points and Up to 3000 Bonus
  90. SPG not credit stay because of payment with my creditcard !
  91. Cheapest way to keep points "alive"?
  92. What's up with Osaka properties?
  93. Hotels booked using AA miles: Points and/or stay credit?
  94. My (unsolcited) thoughts on SPG
  95. SPG Chicago Hotel Recommendation
  96. SPG Email Address Down?
  97. OMG Worst stay ever at Westin Resort Maui - cancelled membership
  98. Win 100 000 Starpoints by registering your number
  99. What percentage of your SPG reservations do you cancel?
  100. Which brands do you frequent?
  101. What are these perks on the SPG Card?
  102. Is it worth it / 7 more mattress runs?
  103. Help me win 100,000 STARPOINTS!!
  104. Hilton - Starwood - difference
  105. Proper compensation?
  106. Report a missing stay credit
  107. Midway through Plat challenge, long trip coming - can I upgrade mid-trip?
  108. Does complaining about little things help get a better room?
  109. Recent SPG Gold member very disappointed in Sheraton Seattle
  110. W Boston or Westin Boston Seaport??
  111. Plat downgrade: No comp/Gold Downgrade: pts + breakfast
  112. Westin Aruba- Rate Question
  113. Tips for getting out of parking fees?
  114. Any good properties with water slides and great pools for kids?
  115. Combining AmEx Platinum and AmEx SPG Benefits
  116. Email from SPG: Our records indicate you have updated your e-mail address
  117. Can I transfer my SPG points to my wife's AA account?
  118. Where should I stay in Ontario California?
  119. SPG Amex Card
  120. Received survey email but impossible to complete correctly
  121. Starwoods website down?
  122. Help Me Decipher This Rate
  123. Canceled business AMEX but still owe fee
  124. [PROMO] 20% off and free breakfast at some Asia-Pacific properties
  125. Time to Transfer SPG points to DELTA
  126. Fee for GYM? Sheraton NYC Hotel & Towers
  127. aLoft Frisco, Texas [Master Thread]
  128. Newbie Q: How good is this exclusive invitation for Westin Lagunamar Cancun?
  129. "Complimentary night & $100 credit promo" not a deal....
  130. MegaChurch pastor dead in W Times Square
  131. How much have you spent because of the SPG social networking promos
  132. Hotel TV Remote Controls - All Horrible
  133. SF property most likely to upgrade me
  134. Hotel run for Plt challenge in Shanghai - which ones?
  135. Asking for an Upgrade?
  136. No cable: how many points are good comp?
  137. Any Hope for more *wood in the Caribbean
  138. Unconfirmed Rumor: All SW Properties will Provide Free Internet Soon to All Guests
  139. Benefits for Long Term Stay
  140. Recommend me a SPG property just to relax.
  141. Does "preferred plus" status display on My Account on
  142. Architecturally unique *W properties
  143. Can I earn Starpoints when booking through
  144. Suite upgrade with points examples?
  145. Gold member but turned away since hotel on first-come, first-served basis
  146. Stay before opening date?
  147. 21st century IT???
  148. ELITE GIFT PLAT $25 AWD - What's that?
  149. Gold better than Platinum!?!
  150. what to do with 1950 Starwood points
  151. point expiration question
  152. Is this a new insane SPG billing trick?
  153. Personal and Business Card - same spg number
  154. Our Bonus Starpoints offer is back by popular demand!
  155. St. Regis - 2nd night for $4 (only for Suite)
  156. Sheraton Columbus Hotel at Capitol Square - Opening September, 2011
  157. Is 2 cents good value for SPG points?
  158. Four Points Seattle Downtown [Master Thread]
  159. "August eStatement - You're Close to Elite Platinum Status"
  160. SPG Amex bonus question
  161. 9 CC charges for 1 stay at 4pts Quebec City
  162. Had 35,000 points given then taken away today, anybody else?
  163. SPG Misinformation re: Points Stay
  164. "Demand" letter for walk compensation. Comments?
  165. Use my Free Resort Nights - Dubai
  166. Has anyone else had this issue related to resort night Promotion? (Westin Napa)
  167. What's in it for properties to attract more platinums?
  168. Which Hotel in NYC for New Year's
  169. New SPG Amex holder - can I refer on promotion?
  170. Sheraton Club des Pins Resort and Towers - Algiers, Algeria [Master Thread]
  171. SPG oddly slow to update their site
  172. SPG Amex Elite Qual Nights/Platinum Challenge
  173. Different treatment of a point stay
  174. Best SPG Hotel on Maui, HI
  175. Adequate Compensation
  176. Nights and Flights redemption process
  177. iPad via HDMI and W Hotels
  178. starwood amex
  179. What would you do? Hotel hop for status? Or go for triple points?
  180. Which hotel to stay at in Cancun (Oct)?
  181. Le Méridien Dhaka - opening 2012 ?
  182. St. Regis Dhaka ?
  183. SPG Caribbean Beach Resort with Babysitting for 18 month old
  184. Best hotel in Hawaii for using Free Resort Night Award?
  185. Why can't firefox display the map on
  186. Shanghai recommendations
  187. SPG 15k w/$500 spend
  188. First Night in LA; Westin LAX, Sheraton Delfina or SLS??
  189. Best place to stay in New York City??
  190. Double dip with 1,000 SW points for stays at Sheraton, Four Points, Element and Aloft
  191. Maui SPG recommendations: Westin, Sheraton or Westin Ocean Resort Villas
  192. Warsaw SPG Hotels
  193. Transfering SPG points and tax-free mentions
  194. Real value of SPG AMEX?
  195. Which is my best option for Palm Springs
  196. What happens when my reservation gets canceled (and not by me)?
  197. The Naka Island Resort, Phuket Thailand (pre-opening discussion)
  198. Downtown Phoenix - Westin or Sheraton?
  199. [Now Gone] A Musical Gift for SPG Flyertalk Fans in North America
  200. SPG Hospitality Tent at PGA Chompionship
  201. Starwood Amex Card Benefits
  202. Unacceptable cancellation policy: 3 nights penalty on 1 night stay
  203. 2 new Starwood properties in Thailand
  204. Boat on Trailer Parking - South Florida *wood Resort
  205. How do I book a suite using SPG points
  206. Transfer Time from SPG to Flying Blue?
  207. UPDATE FROM SPG: "Sheraton Return Rate" IS ELIGIBLE for stay/night credit
  208. FAQ: Day rate bookings (Updated Thread)
  209. Does a breakfast rate mean DAILY breakfast?
  210. New to forum. Thinking of switching from SPG to Hyatt. Does Hyatt Match Status?
  211. Bangkok: Starwood Previlege Card
  212. Cash and points question
  213. Using resort nights & earning another!
  214. Fair compensation for no A/C @Westin Aruba
  215. Just getting started with SPG...stay Starwood or Marriott hotel?
  216. Index of adjacent or walkable *Wood properties for easy hotel-hopping
  217. Which Miami resort?
  218. Made Gold by spending money, but no new card?
  219. Walked from the Nines to a Courtyard....
  220. SPG Customer Service experience
  221. Membership Password
  222. Chicago - W Lakeshore or W City Center
  223. Gold Status or Bonus Points?
  224. How long does SPG Gold Status from American Express Platinum Take to Update?
  225. SPG Amex Canada 20,000 bonus
  226. Hyatt Continues to Enhance Diamond Membership; SPG Falls Further Behind
  227. **Alert**Possible phishing scam...
  228. Nobody home at 'Corporate Services'?!
  229. Quiet Devaluation of Points - Widespread or Local phenomenon?
  230. Helmsley hotel NYC lounge?
  231. No referral 5k bonus for the 30k SPG Card??
  232. FAQ: Earning points for multiple hotels [Master Thread]
  233. Suggestions on where to use the free nights?
  234. What does "50% off regular rack rates" mean?
  235. Poorly staged hotel photos
  236. Ramadan promos
  237. Best Way to Redeem 100K Points for Honeymoon Stay
  238. Best way to get low rates at last minute
  239. SPG Amex in US: Limited Time Offer – 30,000 bonus Starpoints
  240. Nomination for worst club lounge?
  241. Last minute question re: using Plat Concierge to make a dinner reservation
  242. Four Points College Station, TX
  243. Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel, China - Opened 25 Jul 2011 [Master Thread]
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  245. Orlando Resorts for Young Couples
  246. Riddle me non-resorty Starwood resort?
  247. Status changing half way through a stay
  248. Canadian SPG referral bonus
  249. Thailand ?
  250. Westin Costa Rica