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  62. Is it me, or just prefer to be called by my surname rather than name?
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  82. HI Sendai - how can it be so bad?
  83. Priority club contact email?
  84. Can you book a reservation on cash and convert it to points if hotel is full?
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  86. Downgrade from Royal Ambassador to Ambassador during call at Ambassador Services
  87. HI Krabi Ao Nang Beach
  88. Oct 19, 2012 Other VISA RTM STAY -5,000 pts. (taketh away)
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  91. Holiday Inn Marne La Valle
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  94. Thank you IHG Flyertalk Contributors
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  97. Is this normal???
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  100. A Cautionary Tale (Account Closed and reopened)
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  102. Where are the cheap room rate gone in China? [Answer: Corporate Rate]
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  107. elite status upgrade.
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  111. The old IHG websites
  112. 3 stays for ambassador status
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  117. IC Huizhou Resort, China
  118. Brisbane Australia
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  125. Priority Club Branding Problems
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  128. Platinum Elite with children question.
  129. HI list of Priority Club Point Breaks hotels?
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  131. Bonus points not posting?
  132. 5000 bonus points for Candlewood or Staybridge 2 night stay until Dec. 30, 2012
  133. IHG on android devices
  134. PC and IHG websites down?
  135. Constant issues with PC
  136. Many PC Hotels @ 25USD/Night and Get PLATINUM with $100!!!
  137. Confusing status
  138. Indigo...UK North/Scotland..Enjoy a 2 night city break in the UK‏ with Amex 199
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  141. New mobile site
  142. Ambassador status beneficial at other IHG properties?
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  144. Anniveasary bonus
  145. For using point reservation, if I cancel it, is it release immediately?
  146. East Coast Family Beach Hotel?
  147. 5000 mystery points, anyone else?
  148. Which has better PC bennies in Vegas, the Venetian or the palazzo?
  149. PC Platinum: Anything Higher??
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  151. Worst sleep ever
  152. can priority club points be transferred to airlines?
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  160. Beijing in March
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  162. Status year question
  163. Ambassador and free weekend night voucher
  164. How do I find out what my PC membership number is?
  165. Urgent help ( Harrsiburg PA )
  166. showing higher prices?
  167. 2012 Fall Promo?
  168. Amending award reservation causing increased rate
  169. Hilton Head, SC
  170. Mixing points and cash
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  172. New To Priority Club - Req. Help - Thanks
  173. Be quik! 45 HI BHX deal with dinner & breakfast + film
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  175. Pennyworth...Worth It?
  176. Can someone explain the EU HI Internet Pass?
  177. Indigo Lisbon Old Town pre-opening thread
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  179. Thank you FT!
  180. IC Park Lane, 115 incl B'fast & tax
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  182. 40% Extra Points when Purchasing Points
  183. Points and $ with wrong CC ..........
  184. trying to book 1 night points 2 paid - won't let me
  185. Offered "Complementary" stay by Priority Club Survey Agent
  186. Palm Springs area hotels?
  187. That's how to deal with a complaint
  188. Cancelled Reservations
  189. Holiday Inn Bloomsbury or Crowne Plaza Kensington
  190. Royal Platinum Ambassdor No Club Lounge Access???
  191. No Wi-Fi for Plats on Award Res at Int HIs?
  192. Good experience as Platinum Ambassador
  193. Priority Club Plat Elite; Is there really no blackout dates?
  194. Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South - Please post your elite experience
  195. Free Upgrade Run Over - With a crash down to earth...
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  198. Do Chase Sapphire points bookings earn PC Points?
  199. Evacuated, what happens with admin?
  200. RA benefits on OTA booking
  201. Suggestions on PC properties in Caribbean?
  202. Fall promotion??
  203. transfer points error message
  204. Holiday Inn Countryside IL just NASTY
  205. Stackable promos - Alaska air
  206. IC Chengdu (China)
  208. Q on 10% points refund via AMB renewal
  209. HI Torino charged my card 5 months after 2 award nights
  210. Best Holiday Inn Paris for 2A1infant on a Reward Stay?
  211. 60,000 Points with Capital One Priority Club World Mastercard [Canada]
  212. Transferring other points
  213. Cancelled Award Booking on Points (How Fast Do Points Get Returned?)
  214. Royal Ambassador Criteria
  215. Should I get more than my points back?
  216. how can I quickly browse through various rates for a hotel in a calendar month?
  217. Intercontinental Mumbai - Airport?
  218. Hotels Anywhere
  219. one silly question: can I renew ambassador membership earlier?
  220. Chase priority club status
  221. 20,000 points or 4,000 miles question
  222. Book Online/Gift card Promo Denied by PC
  223. 4th quarter promos?
  224. HI Los Cabos All-Inclusive using points/free night?
  225. Modified reservation on a 2-for-1
  226. Non-aligned credits to the Accelerator promotion
  227. Boston and Philadelphia hotels
  228. Platinum Elite @ Intercon
  229. Anybody got intercontinential stay?.....
  230. New Holiday Inn Lower East Side - New York City
  231. Holiday Inn Kiev
  232. Thalasso or Le Moana?
  233. has the RA booking experience changed recently?
  234. ATL Airport Indigo is at MARTA subway station
  235. mysterious disappearing 1000 points
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  238. Priority Club Visa Free Night
  239. Priority Club 1000 point survey
  240. Earn vs spend, high spec vs low spec
  241. Ambassador accelerator at IC's without fix points?
  242. AMB BOGO - what are weekend nights in the Middle-East?
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  244. Are bonus points "stackable"?
  245. Holiday Inn Express, Hong Kong Soho
  246. Crown Plaza or Holiday Inn in Washington, DC
  247. For IC Europe, we only get 2000 points on spending?
  248. Weekend stay bonus
  249. SGN to IC Hotel
  250. How Long To Post?