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  69. How many miles can I earn?
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  74. Property with rooms available for points/sold out for paid stay
  75. HIX told to downgrade breakfast
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  77. Flexible switching from miles to points and back
  78. List of IC hotels that don't upgrade RA to a SUITE when basic room is booked
  79. What benefits for Platinum at InterContinental
  80. Do rooms open up in sold out hotels, later on?
  81. Platinum Elite through Chase Visa
  82. ... No longer available
  83. So what exactly is an "executive room" at an IC?
  84. Downtown Fort Worth HIE
  85. Best International Crown Plaza/Intercontinental/Holiday Inn Hotel Choices
  86. How to link priority club/ihg visa card to ihg account for platinum elite status?
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  89. New iPhone app for the new Rewards program
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  93. Priority club promotion problems
  94. Is it worth it?
  95. Luxor Las Vegas, former IHG alliance partner?
  96. Attenzi! Attenzi! etc--Fire alarm malfunctioning for an hour now@HIX Rotterdam
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  109. hotels in Madrid
  110. Time to Leave IHG?
  111. If IHG is going to try and Run with the Big Hotels
  112. I just might be done with Priority Club
  113. Any other CP's like the Z-Ocean Hotel?
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  115. Dans-Deal-Disaster on BRG Claim [was Epic!3rd hour on hold ...]
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  118. how long for points to post?
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  120. PC Customer service is a joke compare to SPG
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  122. Does Platinum guest get free internet at Intercontinental hotels?
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  124. Boost Your Point Balance. GET 50% MORE POINTS WHEN YOU BUY POINTS TODAY.
  125. Im at Crown Plaza Gatwick, and have some issue with the hotel
  126. UK Club lounge food (and booze!)
  127. Geneva Madness
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  133. No Fed Govt Rate on Weekend stays ?
  134. 25 book online UK
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  136. Requal for RA - do I need to still pay for Ambassador?
  137. Weird messages trying to book Beijing hotel
  138. HIX New York - Manhattan West Side
  139. Booking thru expedia and still getting platinum member benefits. Possible?
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  141. new IHG Holiday Inn flag coming to Downtown Houston
  142. No RA Referral Cert. if you didn't "earn" RA status??
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  147. [Room rate Alert] A great deal in UK: Birmingham
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  156. help! will this invalid my BRG claim?
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  158. which hotel in London for a weekend ?
  159. Help! PB Res at HI Ravenna, Italy on Saturday....No longer a HI!!
  160. PC Initial Fee
  161. Do not disturb on door at IC.
  162. Value of Ambassador (moved from Ambassador Experience Thread)
  163. no mathemetican here..
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  168. Customer Relations?
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  177. M?odifying award reservations made at old rates.
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  180. Pay with all points or cash + points?
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  182. BRG tax vs service
  183. No stay X get Y right now?
  184. HI Calgary airport
  185. problem for family member using credit card free night certificate in italy?
  186. club to platnium via card
  187. lovable idiots on the web team. No Hablo espanol, yo hablo Englese!
  188. HI resort Vanuatu?
  189. Get 1,000 Points from Me
  190. Why I can't renew ambassador?
  191. priority club points earnings
  192. Are there any discount codes for IHG?
  193. Can only see one expensive rate on IC Bali if logged in
  194. Check out and in on same day at same hotel
  195. Status match quandary
  196. IC in Prague?
  197. 5th night free or another freebie?
  198. Room Type Changed
  199. Opinion: Staybridge suites vs other IHG vs other ext stays
  200. MCR codes don't apply to status
  201. Unrecognized activity posted to PC account
  202. May Last Minute Reward Nights?
  203. Why is the Priority Club Service Desk Closed when I call
  204. Holiday Inn Express Singapore Orchard Road Master Thread
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  206. Uk missing visa points
  207. What rights do we have when hotel runs all day yearly fire alarm testing on a stay?
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  209. Brit heading for Chicago... looking for
  210. Remember the low points when the points increased?
  211. What is the Matter with the Holiday Inn Promtion and Sign up
  212. Canceling points + cash
  213. Stuck on which program to choose
  214. HIE UK, no-risk cancel arrival day, CC immediately charged?
  215. IC Marseille Hotel Dieu Master Thread [merged]
  216. Quidco
  217. Why is it so difficult to deal with IHG reward program?
  218. Friend Referral Program
  219. Some ambassador renew and RA referral questions. Thanks!
  220. Any recent stays at the HI Jaipur India?
  221. Reservation Status : Modified
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  223. Unable to Access Account and Offers--anyone else
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  227. Is buying RA worth it?
  228. Crowne Plaza Newark
  229. Trip Report with many IC hotel reviews
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  231. RA service centre address
  232. Mattress run?
  233. What's the Realistic Time for Delivery?
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  238. No cashback more possible?
  239. Yet another Crowne Plaza in Edinburgh!
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  242. help locating a thread
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  244. rate change after booking (without notice)
  245. Crowne Plaza Rome
  246. Earliest possible check-in?
  247. Mega Rate Code Tread
  248. New PC Visa: How long before IHG shows Plat status?
  249. Best hotel in NYC (for 4 Pers. incl. baby) in given free annual night + points?
  250. Coming changes to RA program in Asia-Pacific?