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  1. IHG 50% points sale..?
  2. Advice redeem pts for hotel stays
  3. AMB Weekend Night / BOGO is only for room and tax only
  4. IHG Rewards Club Website Security
  5. Intercontinental San Salvador Experiences?
  6. worth paying for 1 night to get Ambassador Accelerator Bonus 20K pts?
  7. Checking in after midnight - does it qualify as a qualifying "night"?
  8. Honeymoon in Rome
  9. Best Way to Accrue 88k IHG Pts
  10. Additional guest checking into an IHG stay?
  11. Can I book adjacent stays at same property?
  12. How long does Chase sign up bonus take to post to IHG?
  13. IHG properties going down in points today?
  14. Can award stays be cut short for a points refund?
  15. 5,000 bonus point package question
  16. Room available only on mobile site
  17. Where is the award chart?
  18. Officially from IHG: No hotels moving up in points in 2014, 100 hotels moving down
  19. What is my IHG Reward Club #
  20. More room type choices with Reward Nights?
  21. My account infiltrated? - advice, help please!
  22. Crowne Plaza - Would you complain?
  23. Deciding whether Ambassador is right for me - feedback welcomed
  24. Do you have experience of the Club Lounge @ IC Aphodite Hills Paphos?
  25. IHG Rewards No Longer Status Matching?
  26. Oh Crowne Plaza Norwest Sydney where art thou?
  27. IHG Rewards Club 90 sec video for 1k pts...
  28. European Summer Trip staying at ICs need help and info
  29. IHG Hotel Reviews
  30. Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre
  31. Staying on points, but only basic rooms
  32. Are there ways to find out who (franchise owner) operates which hotels?
  33. 10% rebate on redemption with IHG Chase card - Confusion
  34. "Insurance charge" on award night
  35. HP Gold issue
  36. Transfer Points or Miles to Intercontinental Hotels
  37. Hotel Indigo London Kensington - Earl's Court Master Thread
  38. Is there a New York hotel which has a 1bd suite for award stays/plat upgrades?
  39. Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay (Singapore)
  40. Will I earn points if I book a paid stay and reward stay at the same time?
  41. IHG quadruple points on car rental promo question
  42. IHG Web site down
  43. Redeem IHG Points for a MC Debit Card
  44. “PB farewell” or “PB Trap”, accounts being closed in CHINA
  45. Which points are worth more nowadays? IHG or Wyndham?
  46. Hong Kong tips
  47. 4 day China 50% off sale for stays thru 4/14
  48. Confirmed Suite Upgrades?
  49. Program suggestion? 50+ nights in 3 months
  50. CP Vilamoura or HI Armacao de Pera
  51. we're experiencing problems with our backend systems please try again later"
  52. Pointsbreak reservations with IC Hangzhou cancelled and Accounts suspended
  53. What about the Holiday Inn Express Downtown Toronto?
  54. How can I convert a "pay" reservation to "reward" night?
  55. Multi night stay at IHG - tips on how to maximize? help pls
  56. Two Rooms - Points/Paid
  57. Niagara Falls - Tourist "fees"
  58. Locations for Cheap IHG properties
  59. Crowne Plaza The City best choice for points stay family of 5?
  60. Points+cash showing £ not $. Mistake?
  61. Platinum, paying for an upgrade at HI?
  62. why is holiday inn paris elysee more expensive than intercontinental le grand
  63. Holiday Inn Aruba Beach Resort and Casino
  64. Toronto Question
  65. IHG Crowne Plaza - 2nd adult in room; Pricing Question
  66. Speed-up points posting with browser refresh?
  67. "Non-qualifying stay" - how do you tell when booking on booking.com?
  68. Booking two rooms under same name, but different reservation
  69. IHG Reservations: Amb BOGO Rate is Non-Qualifying
  70. Most points/$ for 1 night
  71. Reveal Bonus Points (25% to 100%) for purchase
  72. Booking awards for others
  73. Beach Work at Intercontinental Abu Dhabi
  74. Fewer bonus point; have you altered your habits?
  75. Holiday Inn Heidelberg went up 5,000 points?
  76. Big Win "Getaway with a win" question
  77. Help on advance purchase rate HI Mayfair
  78. Urgently seeking help!
  79. Hotel Indigo Liverpool.Mother knows best.
  80. Rewards Stays on Points
  81. Extra bonus point rates - per booking or per room?
  82. CP Times Square - which room to choose and what platinum benefits?
  83. Booking through IHG vs booking through Ultimate Rewards
  84. My award reservation at Jabiru Australia is being canceled on me!
  85. Award reservation for my parents?
  86. Chase make ihg select card to world mastercard
  87. Booking a Day Rate
  88. Can you split payment on a corporate stay?
  89. Holiday Inn Prague Airport - Any Reviews or Comments?
  90. Paris: After 4 nights in the 2nd arr. where would you spend the next 2 or 3 nights?
  91. Best Hotel within 100 miles NYC-Anniv nite
  92. Booking/Paying for Room for Parents
  93. IHG non-refundable booking
  94. Geneva IC vs CP reward nights - How on earth can they charge the same?
  95. 1000 points for watching 90 sec video.
  96. Booking issue - IHG changed reservations without notice
  97. "Holding" a night with points until free night certificate becomes valid?
  98. New Nights & Stays Tracker Bar
  99. Pay for an upgrade on an award stay
  100. Advice Needed: Using IHG Visa Free Night Certs
  101. 15% off HI CV online booking
  102. Holiday Inn Resort - Panama City Beach, FL
  103. Points not posting issue
  104. FatWallet now offers 8% on IHG!
  105. IHG refuses to credit paid-for IC stay
  106. AMB weekend site dead???
  107. Life status like SPG
  108. Which IHG property you will visit if money is not an issue?
  109. Holiday Inn Express Paris - Canal De La Villette in July
  110. CP MAD Airport - Why no flexible rates?
  111. Need to earn/buy 2k points please
  112. Chase Clawback of IHG Points
  113. Recommendations for Houston IHG hotels?
  114. Budapest - Is it worth doing a Hilton Castle stay as well as the IC ?
  115. Booking on TravelPony counts as a stay?
  116. Postal address for complaint
  117. Any cheaper Parking near the InterContinental downtown Toronto?
  118. Club Lounges at IC Doha and IC Doha the City
  119. No credit for qualifying night at Auckland Airport
  120. Disgusting queues for the breakfast room, unacceptable reply from staff
  121. Problem with HI Madrid - Bernabeu
  122. HI Porto Alegre - really as bad as the reviews on Tripadvisor?
  123. Ambassador Inquiry
  124. IGH Bora Bora Thalasso xfer to BOB airport
  125. Thank you FT'ers!
  126. Question about 2 for 1 voucher (urgent)
  127. Could not log into IHG rewards club
  128. Early departure fee - how does it work?
  129. Black Visa Poor Service
  130. IHG 'survey' is just a timeshare pitch
  131. New IHG Elite Benefits for 2014 - Discussion of benefits
  132. Problem with points and cash
  133. Holiday Inn New York City Nassau Street
  134. IC Mark Hopkins sold
  135. Question about Ambassador room upgrade
  136. Points or Cashback
  137. Venetian and Palazzo Las Vegas no longer Bookable through IHG
  138. Incidentals: no points for tax/tip?
  139. HI Lesnaya Moscow - advise please... )
  140. Calgary Options?
  141. Holiday Inn Batumi (opening 2014?)
  142. redeem points for gift cards ?
  143. Inconsistent Interior Design
  144. Holiday Inn Deer Lake 10K Redemption (Even for Suites)
  145. Do "overlapping stays" count toward Big Win?
  146. Holiday Inn Express Paris, Place D'Italie, France no more part of IHG
  147. How long for paid stay to post
  148. Drink & Snack Vouchers
  149. Would you redeem points or pay nightly rate?
  150. IHG App not able to book
  151. Standby Upgrades (NOR1) at IC
  152. Was this review a bit harsh? Staybridge silverware mess
  153. best Holiday Inn in Sydney
  154. Annoying glitch with points + cash
  155. Room upgrades/modification # of guests increases
  156. Hotel with fun pools in Phoenix?
  157. Ambassador Price Protection after RA?
  158. Calling a hotel to negotiate a rate
  159. What's the likelyhood I will get two Ambassador Packages?
  160. Cancelled Reservations - In IHG.com
  161. should I purchase ambassador membership
  162. InterContinental, Singapore with a Singapore Airlines Boarding pass promotion?
  163. Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista, Downtown Disney
  164. Two Ambassador welcome kits arrive
  165. IHG Platinum Breakfast Voucher downgrade Alert
  166. Most Luxurious IHG Hotel
  167. Just got the IHG Chase Card
  168. Least amount of points for a paid stay?
  169. Do rollover nights and Fast Track Platinum (40+4 brands) combine?
  170. IC Barlcay or Times Square
  171. Holiday Inn Thessaloniki - Greece
  172. "Frequent Diner" schemes at IHG Hotel Restaurants?
  173. Crowne Plaza Doha
  174. Multiple Rooms and Upgrades
  175. Lost Amb BOGO Cert... Replacement?
  176. UK discounts on IHG thru expedia/booking.com etc
  177. Kind of New; Test My Strategy for a Trip to Tokyo and Sydney
  178. Ambassador Folio Delivery Time
  179. Best flexible rate - conditions
  180. IHG Platinum - second person stays free?
  181. Points for introducing a new member??
  182. Can anyone lend advice on IHG Corporate Rates?
  183. SPG Platinum vs Ambassador
  184. Stay 2013 into 2014 not valid for either Big Win
  185. Upgrade to Ambassador for a points stay, or not?
  186. Phantom error reservation, Hotel manager charges me for both ntes.
  187. Higher rate when logged in as Royal Ambassador
  188. Discussion about PC Credit Cards (from Pointsbreak Discussion Thread 2014)
  189. New Member, anything to do before registering?
  190. BOGO limited to 1 per year?
  191. Crown Plaza Executive Lounge Access
  192. Points for Back-to-Back Paid Night and Reward Night at Same Property?
  193. Free nights to spare - Can i Book for my friends?
  194. Doha IC's with family?
  195. Earning IHG points for shopping...
  196. Booking for a friend - Credit Card charges
  197. Points for friends?
  198. Advantage of buying Ambassador if Already Platinum?
  199. Using Chase free night on a current reservation
  200. Which Hong Kong IHG hotel to stay at?
  201. Indigo Dusseldorf Master Thread
  202. HongKong
  203. JFK properties - new CP, also new HI?
  204. Where to start!?
  205. Retroactive RA Qualification?
  206. Booking IHG properties through 3rd party sites...
  207. IHG Rewards Club Card Issue
  208. PC Rewards Visa points
  209. 1,000 Points for Watching Video
  210. Where to use points? HK vs Maldives
  211. Dropped Plat-->Gold although have the UK "black" card
  212. Points + Money question
  213. Crowne Plaza Barcelona Fira Center Master Thread
  214. checking to see if upgrades are available?
  215. Holiday Inn Express Lisbon - Liberdade MASTER THREAD?
  216. TomTom .OV2 Files for IHG Hotel
  217. Points and Cash not available online anymore?
  218. Help with Reservation Debacle
  219. OT : Health questionnaire to get fitness center access
  220. Reduced Rate Plea for 6month Advanced Purchase?
  221. Best IHG Properties in Phoenix and San Diego
  222. Fire alarm, IC Budapest, 20.01.2014
  223. Priority Check-in, Personalised service and private check-in
  224. HI Express Jumeriah in Dubai Reviews?
  225. Chase Free Night at Pallazio or Venetian
  226. BOGO booking change query
  227. UK Black Visa Card No Longer Gives Platinum Status
  228. IHG points loan
  229. Group Stay/Event for a wedding
  230. London on a Budget
  231. Singapore CP airport vs IC
  232. 25% 50% or 75% Bonus Ponits Purchase
  233. is IHG ways to redeem options down ?
  234. Member banishment for truthful review? Unreal!
  235. Account closed without any reason (might be: registering for targeted promotion)
  236. What are the best IHG properties price/quality wise?
  237. Question about IHG T&C and trip planing
  238. St. Paul's Crowne Plaza to become an InterContinental hotel
  239. Account Closed - Breach of T&C!
  240. Crowne Plaza Milan City: 60e extra-person charge!?
  241. Busted, Uh... Roll of honor for busted Plats
  242. Which IC Shanghai do you guys prefer?
  243. IHG Rewards Club inability to handle a fraud issue where points are being stolen
  244. Priority Club UK Visa - free night or not
  245. When does status update?
  246. Remember the £25/35 sale in Europe? Question...
  247. Disagreement with IC London Park Lane - appreciate your thoughts
  248. views.dashboard.offer.r.header
  249. Matching names for partners
  250. Switching from points reservation to free night award?