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  1. IHG Rewards Club - Discussion / Information about new Priority Club
  2. Consequencies of cancelling BRG originally non-refundable rate
  3. Intercontinental Osaka
  4. Does the SLC Staybridge serve beer/wine at the sundowners reception
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  9. Sad news for CP staff - NorWest (Sydney)
  10. Unsolved issues with (Royal) AMbassador service over long time
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  12. Can we take the slippers in Holiday Inn Express?
  13. Holiday Inn- Lower East Side (NYC)
  14. Best HI Express in Aberdeen, MD area?
  15. Entertainement Card Rate still valid?? Entertainment Promotions bankrupt
  16. AMB center claims RA certs are not given to re-qualifying RAs!
  17. UK: TopCashback v Quidco IHG only
  18. What ever happened to the Hotel Indigo Vancouver
  19. Platinum Question/reward Blackouts
  20. Shanghai IC Pudong Discount
  21. Do I receive IHG base points when making purchases through hotel's Guest Services?
  22. Recommendation for Miami/Fort Lauderdale
  23. Which is the best Holiday Inn on Daytona Beach?
  24. Bonus points not posting - HIX LAX Airport
  25. Paying for upgrade on award stay- points?
  26. Any suggestions for online hotel sites that charge in AED; want to use for HolInn BRG
  27. Hotel indigo Barcelona
  28. Looking for hotel recommendations for Orlando/Disney
  29. Congratulations, you have earned Platinum Elite for the next year!
  30. Why I stay with Priority Club
  31. Got access to wrong room.
  32. I am in someone elses account
  33. Standarisation?
  34. 2 nights for one time limited link (UK only)
  35. IHG F&F rates. Codes needed?
  36. Is there a way to access IHG or PC full website with smart phone ?
  37. PC website down?
  38. Up To 50% Bonus For Buying Priority Club Points
  39. Holiday Inn Express NYC - Herald Square 36th St
  40. Best Redemption-40k Pc or 16k SPG
  41. Unable to renew Ambassador
  42. Another unknown reservation on my acoount
  43. Are the Bonuses Worth It?
  44. i found thousand Rate Codes -> need help!
  45. Indigo Düsseldorf Preopening master thread
  46. Ridiculous Royal ambassador customer service.
  47. Quidco and Holiday Inn
  48. Is there a list of old pricing still accepted for bookings?
  49. Ambassador welcome kit time
  50. What gives? Online says RA, hotel says not... sigh
  51. IHG to lose up to 15 HIs in Germany
  52. "Exchange" option gone from
  53. Any way to get points, other than to buy at $$$, if you have a very small balance
  54. Club Status with Platinum Card
  55. Unexplained adjustments to my account
  56. Unacknowledged on birthday... do I have the right to rant?
  57. Reward Nights at IC Hotels in Darwin, AU
  58. Holiday Inn/Crowne Plaza/HIX Laundry Service costs?
  59. $ Value for points
  60. Walked from BRG'd room-compensation?
  61. IC Westminster vs Crowne (The City)
  62. PC executive lounge/free breakfast/food for Platnium
  63. Service charge to pay with Amex at Crowne Plaza
  64. Missing Priority Club Points on Cancelled Booking
  65. Freddie's Award
  66. Crowne Plaza Edinburgh Scotland Uk Booking Now Open
  67. The use of Amb. Complimentary Free Night Certificate.
  68. Quickest way to earn 35 points?
  69. Time for an IC specific sub-forum ?
  70. No Hot Water - Standard Compensation?
  71. PC changing number of persons
  72. Good SD & OC IHG properties attached/beside a shopping mall help
  73. Link Gone For Depositing 5000 Point Ambassador Voucher?
  74. Priority Club
  75. Any good Holiday Inn near Euston, London?
  76. San Francisco - which Intercontinental?
  77. Help - Ambassador Rate
  78. PC Rewards
  79. HIEx Anaheim Maingate becoming Indigo: When?
  80. IC NewYork TimesSquare
  81. HIE stay for both PC points and UA miles
  82. Noise in the lounge where do you draw the line?
  83. IC San Juan or La Concha?
  84. HIX Knowsley Liverpool Groupon... £44. Be quick!
  85. Question for RA's: Is RA status still worth earning?
  86. Have you changed your hotel stay pattern due to PC devaluations?
  87. CP Concord/Walnut Creek or HIX Walnut Creek?
  88. $10 extra per night for a couple to stay?
  89. Crowne Plaza ANA Kyoto
  90. Just For You, Earn Unlimited Bonus Points
  91. PCR Alternative number for uk?
  92. advance rate (3 weeks)
  93. How can I get Priority Club points from my various cards & airlines
  94. Platinum Elite? Not really...
  95. Question about 2 for 1 rate
  96. Points for Status Changed
  97. get a $50 gift card on first stay (at CS or SI) or every stay??? conflicting T&Cs!
  98. Minimum nights?
  99. Disappearing stay data when hotel leaves the chain
  100. Crown Plaza- San Diego
  101. Staying at IC HK in early July... some general questions about booking
  102. Stupid glitch, works in my favor?
  103. [MASTERTHREAD] Calling for IHG hotel review writers!
  104. 5000 bonus points at European ICs
  105. Does Ambassador Automatically Confer Platinum?
  106. Some great IHG China rates for Spring Festival
  107. PC Phone Hotline Connecting to Caribbean Cruise Line
  108. $ 50.00 PRG Airport to HI Congress Centre
  109. Free Internet for PC Platinum / Ambassador / Royal Ambassador
  110. How to book a stay with paid nights and rewards nights?
  111. no free in-room internet for gold&Platium member in Singapore CP
  112. Is Club Access included with nicer suites?
  113. IHG signs up for a US Mastercard
  114. Points query
  115. Best use of > 300.000 Points
  116. CP Surfers Paradise
  117. Rooms £31.39 at Holiday Inn Express city edinburgh on sundays it seems
  118. Holiday Inn Express Sao Paulo, Brazil
  119. Will Ambassador weekend night count for Friday night if Thur night is paid for?
  120. How can one book a reward night for someone else?
  121. Which HI in Paris
  122. Crowne Plaza Limassol/Intercontinental Aphrodite Hills
  123. Bogof at holiday inn express dunfermline scotland
  124. How long for Platinum Elite and PC points to post from Chase Visa?
  125. Helsinki, Finland advice?
  126. Reward booking has changed 2 persons to 3
  127. 8 Well Known US Holiday Inns Leaving on 3/1/13
  128. David IC TLV - Question about rooms / lounges
  129. last minute offer
  130. Staying past new years counts to new year
  131. IC Ambassador Worth It?
  132. New Ambassador
  133. Combining BOGO and BRG
  134. Super Bowl 2013 Availability on points - YES
  135. Benefits help
  136. Bonus Point Package vs. PCR Points for Elite
  137. Extra Bed in Holiday Inn and additional breakfast in Crowne Plaza
  138. Yet more PC IT weirdness!
  139. Change paid reservation to award?
  140. Quidco 14% Cashback
  141. Points not posting - Conspiracy?
  142. HI Bristol Filton
  143. Ambassador Accelerator ending this year?
  144. InterContinental Fiji
  145. Just a random thought...why not include wifi and breakfast with top tier status??
  146. Platinum member: Points or Miles
  147. Sent in RA referral 6 weeks ago - no response or account change ????
  148. Priority Club not honouring their own terms and conditions
  149. Credit for Multiple Rooms?
  150. Less reason for RA's to stay at IC's on points anymore if no free minibar/internet
  151. PC already not honoring the offer to match old rates.
  152. San Francisco Hotel Advice
  153. IC tried to charge different card from that which I made the reservation
  154. Ebates/ShopAtHome 9.0% Cashback
  155. None of the points/number of qualifying nights have been added
  156. HI - status points earnings
  157. Bookings open for christimas/new year 2013
  158. Priority Club Shopping: Worthless?
  159. Found an InterContinental Hotels Group Number that gave me a deal
  160. Converting Air Miles Reward Miles (Canada) to Priority Club Points and then FF miles.
  161. Is someone like me to be hacked in Priority Club?
  162. A few quick questions about Ambassador
  163. Alice Springs Crowne Plaza: Doubletree as of 1 May 2013
  164. Problem with HIEX cc charge
  165. Ambassador Line Down?
  166. Few questions regarding CP Changi Airport
  167. down?
  168. 40% point bonus when purchasing offer!
  169. Best IC lounges in Europe? (LON & PAR excluded)
  170. 2014 Pointbreaks discussion
  171. 2015 Pointbreaks discussion
  172. Reward Stays and Plat at HIEs
  173. 2013 Pointbreaks discussion
  174. Ever left something in a hotel room on check out and hotel claim they don't have it?
  175. Question about RA renewal timing
  176. Brand New PC Platinum with a few questions
  177. Question regarding Intercontinental Centenario Dominican Republic
  178. HI London Gatwick Airport - contact email?
  179. Pointbreaks stay - leaving early
  180. Q1 2013 Promo: Double points or (1x) Gift Voucher (UK)
  181. PC system keeps changing number of guests on award rez
  182. RA Referral Cert Conundrum
  183. How do I get RA status? Please help.
  184. Welcome gift?
  185. 500 Point Voucher at Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport
  186. Astor Crown Plaza New Orleans
  187. Help me book amb BOGO
  188. IHG Changing Free Night Points Structure
  189. Get 1000 points for 90 second video
  190. Reward night are changing again
  191. IDEX 1 \ 2FoR1 no avail. (not a usual rant!)
  192. Using my Chase Visa free night now...being charged fees and taxes. Is this right?
  193. new Reward rates effective January 18 (Discussion)
  194. New Rates from January 18 (List of reduced / inrcreased reward levels)
  195. PC Select Visa, worth it?
  196. Twickenham London
  197. PC Credit Card Free Night
  198. Free Breafast at IC Westminster
  199. HI Chiangmai Executive lounge
  200. Paris - HI Opera - HI Bastille - HI St. Germain - CP Rebuplique
  201. Fire at InterConti New Orleans
  202. When to make an exception to "The Policy..."
  203. Planning a trip to London - IC Park Lane vs. Westminster?
  204. Was charged movie that we didn't watch
  205. RA charged for water?
  206. Cars Anywhere
  207. Sense to credit only 2K points at IC but points per $ at other brands
  208. Sydney at Xmas / New Year
  209. RA Comped For Meeting Planners
  210. Purchased gold: 50 or 35 nights to Platinum?
  211. Paid Upgrade during Reward Nights in IC
  212. Change of Name on Booking, Help please!
  213. Will a PC credit card keep you Platinum ?
  214. Paris HI Opera Grand Blvds vs HI St Germain
  215. Platinum Ambassador or Platinum Elite?
  216. Priority Club Credentials - sent me old ones?
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  219. IC Master Promo Thread 2015
  220. IC Master Promo Thread 2015
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  223. Is the 2013 $150 renewal fee for IC Amb still worth it?
  224. Warm up this winter with $50 prepaid Visa
  225. Do gift points or transfer points qualifying to plat now?
  226. Best use of 200K points?
  227. 537 points short
  228. How to get free breakfast at Intercontinentals?
  229. IC Presidential Suite Reward Booking
  230. BRG - Possible?
  231. earning airline miles from priority club shopping?
  232. Housekeeping Issue
  233. Can Ambassador 5000 point code be given away?
  234. Question about RA Upgrade Cert.
  235. Extra Person Charge when using points?
  236. whats the best way to get a few thousand points
  237. CP Times Square- 15,000 goodwill not credited since Nov 2011
  238. IC BOGO Not Collected But...
  239. RA Benefits Upgrade on Award nights?
  240. Hey IHG! Do something like this!
  241. UK PC Visa "upgrade" deal or no deal
  242. Feel guilty about 4pm checkout?
  243. RA Benefits at a IC booked through Avios?
  244. Holiday Inn Express - London, Swiss Cottage Review [ Dec. 2012 ]
  245. Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner, Virginia
  246. Can I change/cancel cert/pts booking?
  247. $50/%75 Summer Rebate Offer
  248. What is this? Weird language/rate description?
  249. InterContinental Dakar, Senegal - opening thread
  250. PC still can't correct my email address