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  1. New House style Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express
  2. can a BOGO certificate be used for a suite? getting push back.
  3. Exclusive Rate and really no points?
  4. Rediculous redemption policy
  5. How do you rate ich rome?club level?
  6. Paris for only 15,000 points
  7. [ONLY for Europe & UK] 25% Off for reservations and stays up until 31st December 2007
  8. From Ambassador to RA, Should I Pay?
  9. My IHG hotel disappears - and my qualifying reservation with it?
  10. Proposed new IC for Edinburgh?
  11. 5k Bonus packages....US Hotels..maybe worth it
  12. ? Booking online vrs calling hotel directly
  13. Feedback on a few locations in EU
  14. Staying in two ICHG properties in one night
  15. Hotel invoices
  16. 2 for 1 rates non qualifying for PC
  17. 5k award night at Bali?
  18. "Any hotel, anywhere" redemption question
  19. Thoughts on HI Rome - West ?
  20. Is there a waitlist for IC hotels?
  21. status change after booking - will the hotel be informed?
  22. Did anyone get 10k + 10k on 6127?
  23. New Club Lounge Concept in Duesseldorf !
  24. Thoughts on the SF CP Airport?
  25. 'There are no active reservations for your account.'
  26. Does RA Always Show Up for the Hotel?
  27. 3 rooms at IC Rome
  28. IC FRANKFURT at 5,000 Priority points : that is a good bargain
  29. Can I use my points to reserve multiple rooms for somebody other than myself?
  30. CP Bahrain - no knowledge of mile accrual
  31. How to reflag Holiday Inn to Crowne Plaza?
  32. Booking rooms at ICs
  33. Booking stays before RA status reached
  34. Lousy status match :-S
  35. Maximising 4X 'stay' earning - Any advice appreciated.
  36. Advice Needed: Doing a redemption booking before reaching status level?
  37. Ok admit it..who else is changing their work travel plans for Quad Stay promotion?
  38. BoGo Cert @ an All-Inclusive.. what benefits FreeNight?
  39. Crowne Plaza Hotel Baja-Mexicali--Been There?
  41. hi vienna south..public transportation??
  42. Can someone give me a valuation on PC points?
  43. Expired BOGO cert?
  44. does CP Prague have a lounge/club floor?
  45. Inter-Continental Montreal
  46. A booking oddity - they have rooms for points, but not for sale! (IC FRA)
  47. Loyal Hilton Diamond needs advice on Priority Club properties...
  48. ANA tokyo or The Strings IC
  49. Intercontinental Berlin & free weekend?
  50. Internet Prepaid Rate-Point Question
  51. IC Hong Kong
  52. Points in the form of a voucher
  53. BOGO Question. diff rates on each night, one or separate bookings recommended?
  54. 4Q triple points promo Q
  55. No points for Promo's
  56. What benefits were received on Weekend Certificate Redemption nights?
  57. IC Vienna Master Thread [merged]
  58. Point stay - El Presidente Cozumel
  59. Clerk would not enter PC number - was told "no points"?
  60. Eating in the hotel property while staying with points?
  61. PC Points when booking thru Orbitz?
  62. Can BOGOS be used
  63. Any recommended ICH Group beach property in California?
  64. Check-in Opening Night After Renovation? (HI Main Gate East)
  65. RA questions
  66. Upgrades
  67. Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv - internet access?
  68. AMEX Travellers Cheques discount
  69. 3 nights / 3 persons in New York with weekend cert
  70. Milestone Arrivals
  71. IHG shares
  72. HI Athens Master Thread [merged]
  73. Estepona Crown Plaza
  74. Crowne Plaza Gurgaon, India
  75. Presidente IC Monterrey MX review
  76. Second Person charges
  77. Holiday Inn Select Orlando Airport
  78. A Special Invitation to Join the Ambassador Online Community
  79. IC Tampa promo rate: $179 weekday, $129 weekend, AMB required
  80. IC multinights/multirooms
  81. Crowne Plaza Nanjing -- Club Privileges
  82. triple points or triple miles on every qualifying stay, starting with your 2nd stay
  83. Reward booking for another person
  84. Promo Thread 1000 posts 100,000 views
  85. Which HI / HIX in London ?
  86. hi and hie in munich, germany
  87. IC Jericho, West Bank??
  88. What do you think 4000 PC points are worth?
  89. Room trade up on Reward nights
  90. Ic Bucharest
  91. Q4 Triple/Quadruple Points Promotion
  92. too early(4:30am) to check in, hotel charged me 1 extra night for the previous night!
  93. Reward night no longer available at IC Thalasso Bora Bora?
  94. Used an 'Anytime, anywhere' gift card for the first time ...
  95. Holiday Inn Golden Gateway (SFO)
  96. Hidden Point Break Hotels
  97. nearest to SAN
  98. What does PC do for you when you're unhappy?
  99. CP San Jose Downtown 2nd person charge???
  100. CP Shenzhen
  101. RA renewal before it expires
  102. IC Tel Aviv Workers Demand to Unionize
  103. Overlapping Stay question
  104. Up grade policy at Grand IC seoul
  105. Transferring PC points
  106. Reward Night Promotion???
  107. Parking at IC Marc Hopkins
  108. What is "normal" points in a year ?
  109. WOW, finally got asked to see my AAA card
  110. Codes for IC discounts in Europe
  111. The Exotic Rewards - Cloud 9
  112. HI Chessington - (a short) Review
  113. HI Orlando in Walt Disney
  114. best program?
  115. using weekend certificate......advice
  116. Holiday Inn Everyday Hero Promotion - Win 2 Nights Accomodation
  117. Anyone remember or stay at this Holiday Inn?
  118. Any information about HIX Swansea, RI
  119. H I Harrogate -UK
  120. IC Grand Hôtel Stockholm Master Thread [merged]
  121. Anyone stay at the IC or HIE at Buenos Aires?
  122. Intercontinental Real (San Jose, Costa Rica)
  123. Buying Ambassador Membership
  124. RA offer - Priority club VISA with 30,000 points
  125. Amusing: Offer to get PC Credit Card for Ambassadors
  126. Dining expenses earn Asia Miles at IC Bangkok, Singapore, Bali
  127. Holiday Inn Aberdeen West - the shape of things to come?
  128. former Crowne Plaza London St. James (now St. James Court - TAJ Hotel)
  130. Prague Holiday Inn Exprses and Prague Castle Hotel
  131. IC Hong Kong Transfer
  132. RA service centre
  133. IC Milwaukee
  134. FHR Reservations
  135. Upgrade when using points for stay?
  136. Normal to remove snacks from minibar for RAs?
  137. European HI converts pts stay to paid stay?
  138. IC Budapest Master Thread [merged]
  139. IC Cozumel - choice in rooms - which is better? anyone know
  140. Who's trying to unload their RA luggage tags??
  141. Why am I With this Program?
  142. Negotiating your RA upgrade at check-in: IC BKK
  143. Triple points question
  144. How do you think of the new PointsBreak?
  145. The worst Royal Ambassador Experience
  146. Some useful code you need to know
  147. Disappearing reservation at IC Berchtesgaden
  148. Is the PC 4-digit PIN secure enough?
  149. IC Bangkok Master Thread [merged]
  150. PC stays toward Royal Ambassador
  151. Complimentary Local Area Shuttle
  152. Question re: Boston IC
  153. Suggestions for good UK HI's in the Home Counties
  154. Airport transfer
  155. RA referral question?
  156. Taiwan
  157. IC London Park Lane Club
  158. Holiday Inn chain gives itself a facelift
  159. Rb: Eur75 Not Avail In Std And Clubrms
  160. UK only: 5% cashback on all PC stays via quidco.com
  161. Review: Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum
  162. Which hotel program is best one?
  163. only 1-class room upgrade in China
  164. What's your favorite room
  165. Hotel Indigo to Open First Miami Property
  166. 3rd party websites
  167. Ic Milwaukee
  168. Reward Night stay reversal
  169. IC LA 1 night?
  170. How do I pocket the points while booking a room for friend?
  171. Vancouver Opinions/Options on HIs
  172. Crowne Plaza JFK Airport
  173. Points at IC properties
  174. Do we get credit when traveling with a tour group?
  175. Processing time for online reservation cancellation
  176. Overcharged at IC Sao Paulo -- Am I right or wrong?
  177. Aladdin Holiday Inn Kansas City - Any reviews?
  178. Which IC property is the Peninsula across the road from?!
  179. reward room w/jacuzzi--jacuzzi didn't work
  180. Anyone stayed at an IC the night of its opening?
  181. le grand paris during july
  182. Anyone not want their Holiday Inn Baseball card packs?
  183. Reward Points - (Novice)
  184. LeGrand - anyone know whats going on?
  185. RA's what do you think about getting a same upgrade as A
  186. How often is the PointBreak list updated ?
  187. Is there a more wounded church on the planet than the Roman Catholic brand?
  188. Is it rude to ask about someone's ethnicity?
  189. Does the IC Roma De La Ville honor early check-in for RA on award stay?
  190. Kuala Lumpur In Oct
  191. IC CLE - Reviews on either?
  192. Avoid: HI PHX/Tempe, Arizona State U
  193. Why is the IC Barclay the cheapest property in NYC?
  194. The "How many IC/PC elite luggage tags do you have?" thread
  195. Why no properties in LAS?
  196. PCR account balance accessed by hotel staff?
  197. Holiday Inn credit card scam.
  198. IC Toronto Centre - Toronto Sizzler Promotion
  199. No PC Benefits Because of Rate?
  200. Which Holiday Inn in Vancouver?
  201. Palazzo Montecasino no longer an IC as from 1 July; just 2 ICs left in South Africa
  202. Which Priority Club properties have luggage tags?
  203. No PC hotels in Vietnam?
  204. BOGO Cert Transfer Question
  205. New points redemption option: experience rewards
  206. IC Amstel Amsterdam Master Thread [merged]
  207. Luggage Tags
  208. Bidding for Items using points
  209. 2 stays a week apart, same hotel.Very different points totals.
  210. cancel pointbreaks reservation
  211. Whopping mini-bar bill at checkout ..
  212. Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, Ottawa
  213. World's most northern Holiday Inn, review
  214. IC APHRODITE HILLS with children
  215. ANyone have any expereince with the HIX DFW/Las Colinas?
  216. H I Turin City Centre-a dump?
  217. IATA # Reservation reference
  218. points promo thanks
  219. Need I pay tax for reward night?
  220. Please suggestions: Crowne Plaza-Malpensa Airport?
  221. IC The Grand New Delhi Master Thread [merged]
  222. Hotel Indigo Chicago Downtown Gold Coast
  223. Hotel Indigo Chicago Downtown Gold Coast
  224. Stay 5 already posted - but only 2 nights !
  225. Any experiences at Holiday Inn Select Memphis Beale Street? (vs Peabody Hotel)
  226. PC Points question
  227. Pointbreaks Discussion Master Thread [merged]
  228. Highest number of PC points on FT?
  229. Bill Not Available
  230. CP Indianapolis Union Station
  231. List of IHG Rate Codes
  232. Status Matched to Platinum
  233. need to sign up for PC any promos?
  234. Cleveland - Staybridge Suites
  235. Award stay problem
  236. Intercontinental Penang
  237. HI Highland Beach - Oceanside, FL - Any experience?
  238. "Kids Eat Free" question
  239. BoGo question
  240. Crowne Plaza Hotel SOUTHBURY CT
  241. Use of machine translation on the IHG website
  242. London IC Hotel Trip Report & Review
  243. Trip Report HIX Stansted Airport UK
  244. ? about qualifying stay?
  245. Q: RA requalification year
  246. Do you prearrange your RA upgrade?
  247. Is it worth it? Confused PC newbie
  248. Royal Ambassador referal value?
  249. Rio/Buenos safety
  250. If you spend points on a Hertz certificate ...