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  1. Using your room key card only to access the in-room-safe, do u feel safe using it?
  2. Holiday Inn and Wikipedia ....interesting..
  3. Spend £100 and get 22k of points
  4. How many points have you earned so far in 2007?
  5. HOLD reservation versus CONFIRMED
  6. HI EXpress Cardiff - Crappy service revenge post
  7. Crowne Plaza at Milan malpensa Airport
  8. 50% Bonus AMEX to PC Club Points
  9. Manchester name clash?
  10. Does IC LA Century City still respect RA benefits on award stays?
  11. IC London -am I being conned?!
  12. 3 day cancellation policy?
  13. Points for using link from MRRebates?
  14. Ambassador promo running at several hotels - free breakfast, dinner, spa, ...
  15. Got triple points already on my frist stay at IC, not second?
  16. 1 night in Houston - IC?
  17. Priority Club Points Back on My Coke Rewards
  18. From zip to Platinum status in 5 nights/$630!
  19. Toronto IC .. Room 'blocked' for me occupied
  20. points.com - time taken to post PC points from ebay shopping?
  21. Parking at LeGrand Paris
  22. Holiday Inn Express runner up in 2007 Carbuncle Cup
  23. What is a good use of your PC points?
  24. Crowne Plaza Shanghai
  25. London on points. What do you recommend?
  26. The Road to Royalty
  27. Basebal Tickets Comp?
  28. Have another thousand points sir...
  29. CP On-line customer survey
  30. What's the Most Expensive Rate in the IHG System?
  31. Priority Club points vs. airline miles
  32. Point Breaks for Arrival night only?
  33. Email: Join Priority Club® Rewards Private Online Community
  34. Trip to turkey, istanbul and bursa
  35. free weekend night cert with Virtuoso booking?
  36. List of IC-Hotels in certain Country / State?
  37. Question on Complimentary Weekend Night Certificate
  38. RA: A better set of rules ....... ?
  39. Getting Miles Posted Correctly
  40. Dirty Weekend in LA - IC or Beverly Hilton ?
  41. Platinum RA - What Benefits @ Crowne Plaza
  42. IC BOGO usage
  43. Switching an "Advance Purchase" Reservation from one PC account to another?
  44. Are weekend certificates transferable?
  45. The Crowne flag now flies near Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ).
  46. The Future of Hotel Profitability
  47. New HI in Paris - Montparnasse du Maine
  48. Some HIX Trip Reports
  49. Will I re-qualify??
  50. HIE Bastrop Texas. Anyone ever stay there? Your experience?
  51. Petition to IHG: Stop Sending RA Referral Forms for Refereed Members
  52. Upgrade issues
  53. RA referrals
  54. IC Sydney Master Thread [merged]
  55. Ic Jericho & Ic Bethlehem
  56. 3X/4X Bonus Questions
  57. How old are RA's on average?
  58. Need name of Sales Manager at IC De La Ville Roma
  59. HOLIDAY INN BOLOGNA-VIA EMILIA -- Biggest rip off in the world
  60. I need an Intercontinental Royal Ambassador Refferel Certificate
  61. Buying free weekend certificate on ebay ?
  62. New pet policy at the Willard - $100 fee
  63. Anyone want to help with a FAQ about PC???
  64. Platinum Benefits on Reward Nights?
  65. Non-qualifying rates and RA benefits
  66. 10K Stay x nights
  67. changing an advance purchase reservation
  68. Points for not staying?
  69. Benefits when staying in a gifted reward room?
  70. PS Club - Do you want to join?
  71. Booking an award reservation for someone else
  72. Any Hotel, Anywhere Reward Card
  73. Booked 2 double beds and cannot be upgraded to exec suite
  74. First Q4 triple points posted 9/23. This should help us figure out what to expect
  75. 5,000 point bonus at CP Beijing
  76. Holiday Inn Brand Management Clueless?
  77. HI and CP in Los Angeles
  78. Best HI in Tianjin
  79. Please post inexpensive IC hotel rates here
  80. CP Birmingham UK
  81. Online Booking bonus?
  82. Charge for car parking at Hemel HIX
  83. Question about the TV on the club level of the Grand IC in Seoul.
  84. Do not disturb?
  85. Reward Nights
  86. Giveaway - Priority Privilege Certificate
  87. Anyone stayed at the new CP London Shoreditch?
  88. Roll on 4x points, Qual night completed
  89. Poor EU HI experiences
  90. Priority Club Visa 30K points offer is back
  91. St. Petersburg/Marina Cove?
  92. Crowne Plaza will launch across Europe a series of Think Tank events
  93. Check your e-mail - Book in the Next 72 Hours and Get 1,000 Priority Club Points
  94. Using (and/or CCing) DL Skymiles -> PC Points?
  95. Priority Club® Members Please Log In
  96. 1st stay in HI in years - what should I expect?
  97. CP Dublin - HIX Dublin - New shuttle procedure from airport
  98. Shenzen IC
  99. Clarification on Staybridge and Candlewood points
  100. Have you ever experienced the Ambassador Service Centre?
  101. RA upgrade, anybody received one currently?
  102. Problems receiving Ambassador/Royal Ambassador kits?
  103. Vote For Your Favorite IC's / The Digest Version
  104. Q3 Promo qualifying nights
  105. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE IC ! The Flyertalk Frequent Travellers Choice
  106. Would you say that IC are TRUE luxury hotels?
  107. Anyone stayed at Holiday Inn NE Philadelphia (Bensalem)?
  108. Question about a bonus that did not post
  109. Did the front desk staff really steal the cash I paid?
  110. GROUP Hotel Booking Point Specials?
  111. Pointbreak cancelled and normal rate rebooked by hotel
  112. Share your Point Break 5K Award Trips/Finds here
  113. Question About Ambassador Welcome Gift/Amenity
  114. are presidential suites available to normal folk or are they held for dignitaries?
  115. Quidco to IHG online booking - 5% cash back, including rewards nights!
  116. New House style Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express
  117. can a BOGO certificate be used for a suite? getting push back.
  118. Exclusive Rate and really no points?
  119. Rediculous redemption policy
  120. How do you rate ich rome?club level?
  121. Paris for only 15,000 points
  122. [ONLY for Europe & UK] 25% Off for reservations and stays up until 31st December 2007
  123. From Ambassador to RA, Should I Pay?
  124. My IHG hotel disappears - and my qualifying reservation with it?
  125. Proposed new IC for Edinburgh?
  126. 5k Bonus packages....US Hotels..maybe worth it
  127. ? Booking online vrs calling hotel directly
  128. Feedback on a few locations in EU
  129. Staying in two ICHG properties in one night
  130. Hotel invoices
  131. 2 for 1 rates non qualifying for PC
  132. 5k award night at Bali?
  133. "Any hotel, anywhere" redemption question
  134. Thoughts on HI Rome - West ?
  135. Is there a waitlist for IC hotels?
  136. status change after booking - will the hotel be informed?
  137. Did anyone get 10k + 10k on 6127?
  138. New Club Lounge Concept in Duesseldorf !
  139. Thoughts on the SF CP Airport?
  140. 'There are no active reservations for your account.'
  141. Does RA Always Show Up for the Hotel?
  142. 3 rooms at IC Rome
  143. IC FRANKFURT at 5,000 Priority points : that is a good bargain
  144. Can I use my points to reserve multiple rooms for somebody other than myself?
  145. CP Bahrain - no knowledge of mile accrual
  146. How to reflag Holiday Inn to Crowne Plaza?
  147. Booking rooms at ICs
  148. Booking stays before RA status reached
  149. Lousy status match :-S
  150. Maximising 4X 'stay' earning - Any advice appreciated.
  151. Advice Needed: Doing a redemption booking before reaching status level?
  152. Ok admit it..who else is changing their work travel plans for Quad Stay promotion?
  153. BoGo Cert @ an All-Inclusive.. what benefits FreeNight?
  154. Crowne Plaza Hotel Baja-Mexicali--Been There?
  156. hi vienna south..public transportation??
  157. Can someone give me a valuation on PC points?
  158. Expired BOGO cert?
  159. does CP Prague have a lounge/club floor?
  160. Inter-Continental Montreal
  161. A booking oddity - they have rooms for points, but not for sale! (IC FRA)
  162. Loyal Hilton Diamond needs advice on Priority Club properties...
  163. ANA tokyo or The Strings IC
  164. Intercontinental Berlin & free weekend?
  165. Internet Prepaid Rate-Point Question
  166. IC Hong Kong
  167. Points in the form of a voucher
  168. BOGO Question. diff rates on each night, one or separate bookings recommended?
  169. 4Q triple points promo Q
  170. No points for Promo's
  171. What benefits were received on Weekend Certificate Redemption nights?
  172. IC Vienna Master Thread [merged]
  173. Point stay - El Presidente Cozumel
  174. Clerk would not enter PC number - was told "no points"?
  175. Eating in the hotel property while staying with points?
  176. PC Points when booking thru Orbitz?
  177. Can BOGOS be used
  178. Any recommended ICH Group beach property in California?
  179. Check-in Opening Night After Renovation? (HI Main Gate East)
  180. RA questions
  181. Upgrades
  182. Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv - internet access?
  183. AMEX Travellers Cheques discount
  184. 3 nights / 3 persons in New York with weekend cert
  185. Milestone Arrivals
  186. IHG shares
  187. HI Athens Master Thread [merged]
  188. Estepona Crown Plaza
  189. Crowne Plaza Gurgaon, India
  190. Presidente IC Monterrey MX review
  191. Second Person charges
  192. Holiday Inn Select Orlando Airport
  193. A Special Invitation to Join the Ambassador Online Community
  194. IC Tampa promo rate: $179 weekday, $129 weekend, AMB required
  195. IC multinights/multirooms
  196. Crowne Plaza Nanjing -- Club Privileges
  197. triple points or triple miles on every qualifying stay, starting with your 2nd stay
  198. Reward booking for another person
  199. Promo Thread 1000 posts 100,000 views
  200. Which HI / HIX in London ?
  201. hi and hie in munich, germany
  202. IC Jericho, West Bank??
  203. What do you think 4000 PC points are worth?
  204. Room trade up on Reward nights
  205. Ic Bucharest
  206. Q4 Triple/Quadruple Points Promotion
  207. too early(4:30am) to check in, hotel charged me 1 extra night for the previous night!
  208. Reward night no longer available at IC Thalasso Bora Bora?
  209. Used an 'Anytime, anywhere' gift card for the first time ...
  210. Holiday Inn Golden Gateway (SFO)
  211. Hidden Point Break Hotels
  212. nearest to SAN
  213. What does PC do for you when you're unhappy?
  214. CP San Jose Downtown 2nd person charge???
  215. CP Shenzhen
  216. RA renewal before it expires
  217. IC Tel Aviv Workers Demand to Unionize
  218. Overlapping Stay question
  219. Up grade policy at Grand IC seoul
  220. Transferring PC points
  221. Reward Night Promotion???
  222. Parking at IC Marc Hopkins
  223. What is "normal" points in a year ?
  224. WOW, finally got asked to see my AAA card
  225. Codes for IC discounts in Europe
  226. The Exotic Rewards - Cloud 9
  227. HI Chessington - (a short) Review
  228. HI Orlando in Walt Disney
  229. best program?
  230. using weekend certificate......advice
  231. Holiday Inn Everyday Hero Promotion - Win 2 Nights Accomodation
  232. Anyone remember or stay at this Holiday Inn?
  233. Any information about HIX Swansea, RI
  234. H I Harrogate -UK
  235. IC Grand Hôtel Stockholm Master Thread [merged]
  236. Anyone stay at the IC or HIE at Buenos Aires?
  237. Intercontinental Real (San Jose, Costa Rica)
  238. Buying Ambassador Membership
  239. RA offer - Priority club VISA with 30,000 points
  240. Amusing: Offer to get PC Credit Card for Ambassadors
  241. Dining expenses earn Asia Miles at IC Bangkok, Singapore, Bali
  242. Holiday Inn Aberdeen West - the shape of things to come?
  243. former Crowne Plaza London St. James (now St. James Court - TAJ Hotel)
  245. Prague Holiday Inn Exprses and Prague Castle Hotel
  246. IC Hong Kong Transfer
  247. RA service centre
  248. IC Milwaukee
  249. FHR Reservations
  250. Upgrade when using points for stay?