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  1. Hotel employees no longer able to offer discounted rates?
  2. Ambassador BOGO expiration dates
  3. Free $50 Gas Card
  4. Tourist in San Fran: New IC Vs. HI FW
  5. Staybridge comes to the UK
  6. Listing of Hotels with how many points they cost.
  7. Intercontinental Hotels Beijing
  8. Cheaper rates at InterContinental Buckhead, Atlanta
  9. Booking for after the end of RA period
  10. IC Grand Goa Master Thread [merged]
  11. HI Thailand Offers link
  12. Website - unable to view account
  13. Using my PC points for someone else
  14. Mystery Bonus?
  15. 25 purchases(Aug1-Oct 31) earn 25,000 points
  16. San Fran- Civic Centre or Gateway?
  17. No reward nights for Indigo Miami beach?
  18. Point Breaks Alert Set Up
  19. Are Platinum Ambassador members guaranteed free REWARD night room availability?
  20. CP HAifa - excellent stay!!
  21. Cant log in
  22. Any ICHG hotels in NJ with easiest access to NYC Manhattan?
  23. RA benefits at Crowne Plaza hotels?
  24. How many bonuses can I get?
  25. Cancellation policy change AFTER booking a no-penalty reservation
  26. IC Perth - AMB upgrades a sham
  27. BOGO parking Barclay
  28. Points Breaks are out!!!!!!!
  29. Paris on points
  30. Where did Prague Castle CP disappear?
  31. nicest ICs in China? (not including HK)
  32. When EXACTLY do the BOGO expire?
  33. RA Referral Processing Time Master Thread [merged]
  34. Hotel worker robbed at the Crowne Plaza St. Louis
  35. Has anyone stayed at the new CP Downtown Orlando?
  36. Match status
  37. Swap points INTO PC?
  38. Confused
  39. points for united kingdom stays
  40. ICH vs Hilton Club access
  41. When Housekeeping knocks on door
  42. Which IC in San Francisco?
  43. Delay In Points Posting
  44. Paid for points haven't 'pushed through'
  45. Ambassador status and arrival gifts
  46. Points to miles convert help
  47. Intercontinental in Dubai/Abu-Dhabi
  48. Level advancement immediate recognition possible?
  49. Help with hotel choices for upcoming trip
  50. Are you really, really sure you want to pay us $150 to become an Ambassador
  51. Petra Crown,Jorden....Any info
  52. Are there any USA Rate Deals for IC's?
  53. Review update on a few London Hotels
  54. What the..? Now 40K points/night at all ICs in Tokyo area
  55. Potential Newbie to Ambassador SFC-help please!!
  56. Cabo San Lucas for award
  57. Points Breaks
  58. Benefits on Hotwire bookings? [merged]
  59. 21 UK 'Express by Holiday Inn' hotels to be rebranded
  60. Earn points while you talk!
  61. Crowne Plazza LIMA
  62. HIX Baltimore at the Stadiums
  63. Best hotel in San Diego for award stay
  64. Intercontinental ID
  65. Best way to book on points/BOGOF cert
  66. IC Mar Menor Golf Resort
  67. It's back: "1,000 points in exchange for your feedback!" survey
  68. Looking for info on H.I. Express-Natl Arboretum in DC
  69. What exactly is a "best flexible rate?"
  70. Question about earning points on separate reservations...
  71. Booking with points
  72. IHG properties in Pittsburgh - reccommendations?
  73. IC Tel Aviv Toiletries
  74. Contact info for highest person at PC in USA?
  75. Any news about the lost IC's?
  76. Well I never.......
  77. IC London - service charge added on Luxury Weekend rate
  78. Where's my morning paper?
  79. Desk staff - give them a chair and get them out front, please.
  80. Parking question IC Cannes
  81. How can we improve your stay?
  82. Seattle, LAX or SFO
  83. which IC is closest and more convenient to Red Sea major dive sites?
  84. Can I purchase or get a referral to Royal
  85. Presidental Suite in Houston
  86. Diplomat Suite at Intercontinental in Houston
  87. BOGO Certificates eligible nights?
  88. STRIKE - Montreal
  89. Crowne Plaza at Century Park Shanghai
  90. Cdn Airmiles or PC Points
  91. Major differences in rack rates
  92. IC New Orleans
  93. Priority Club mucks up the web site - YET AGAIN!!
  94. nowadays any difference between having US or Euro address?
  95. Old-style IC pages
  96. IC Sunday Brunch
  97. HI west covina LA- any good?
  98. New layout for website.
  99. IC Beijing Beichen
  100. Bogo and paid club access
  101. No points on 25% off rate?
  102. So from here on out, I'm bringing my reservations
  103. 30k Visa offer is back. This time business card too
  104. Can I really do my own laundry at a China HIX?
  105. 3 person maximun for two double beds?
  106. 3 person maximun for two double bed?
  107. The definition of a "suite"
  108. How many reward night rooms get allocated per night for an IC hotel?
  109. CP Los Angeles Casino Commerce
  110. Website glitch: Rewards Nights in Printable View
  111. Points and spa
  112. Got my points back after an award stay
  113. coupon connection
  114. Gas Cards for Points with 25% discount
  115. which DC hotel?
  116. CP Seattle elevator debacle, handled well: no charges
  117. viewing my current hotel reservations
  118. Crowne Plaza Melbourne, Florida, Experience ?
  119. Maintaining RA status
  120. Early RA renewal?
  121. In Houston HI Galleria or HI Greenway Plaza?
  122. Honeymoon at ICs on points - Upgrade possible?
  123. CP LONDON 'THE CITY' UPG recent experiences
  124. Diff cancellation policy for Point Breaks
  125. Beijing HI Express Temple of Heaven?
  126. IC Sao Paulo - early check in surcharge
  127. IC Boston and IC Barclay...for the next week
  128. New Hi Logo
  129. 500 bonus points minimum with VISA
  130. BOGO Certificate can't use what to do?
  131. Hotel Issue - Suggestions Please
  132. Paris suggestions
  133. Is Ginseng & Macadamia spreading like cancer?
  134. Liverpool’s Marriott South to become Crowne Plaza Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  135. Can I change the selection of 50miles around searched place?
  136. Is there a thread on ICs that consistently do not honor RA benefits?
  137. Sorry to be a traitor, but the hyatt forum has a great Property Index
  138. Help Please - UK Holinday Inn Priority Member
  139. Amassador Club - Upgrade to what room?
  140. PC Visa Signature signup bonus
  141. Ic ra minibar champagne
  142. Advice please
  143. Whatever you do, DON'T take a cab or train from HIX Channel Tunnel to LGW!
  144. Master List of New Hotels and Disposals
  145. Royal Ambassador Status
  146. Name on Account??
  147. Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Avenue 179$/night
  148. ? No monthly e-statement in recent few months?
  149. IC San Francisco vs. Mark Hopkins
  150. Questions on BOGO voucher and normal points stay
  151. Holiday Inn NYC - MANHATTAN 6TH AVE
  152. rewardsnetwork and priority club points
  153. Can you modify a point break?
  154. IHG cancelled reservation!
  155. Question about Priority Club email
  156. Does ICHG need a REAL budget hotel brand?
  157. Award blackout?
  158. Hotels In London Wimbledon week
  159. Thankyou
  160. Maximise my trip
  161. Holiday Inn Australia & NZ forthcoming sale - from $99
  162. Earn 2% cash back through ebates and 3% through fatwallet
  163. 2 For 1 offer stays are Non-Qualifying!?
  164. Holiday Inn Dubai - Al Barsha
  165. 'BEST OF BRITISH' TOP 50 by Holiday Inn
  166. Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre
  167. Booked Junior Suite Overwater Bungalow...Ambassador worth it?
  168. Win the ultimate BBQ - Staybridge suites
  169. reward nights for 5,000 points - error or reality ?
  170. Do I get the points if my stay starts on the last day of a Promo?
  171. RA Exp end of month?
  172. Access to/Confidentiality of...our PC accounts
  173. Looking for Tahiti Help...
  174. PC promotion stacking
  175. IC Rates now cheaper than when I booked....
  176. Ambassador BOGO question
  177. Theft: Should I expect any compensation?
  178. Need experienced help with back to back reservations
  179. UK Hotels Special Summer 2008 Rates
  180. Using my miles to book room for somebody else
  181. Getting from Rome Ciampino Airport to Crowne Plaza Rome St Peters?
  182. Everbank CD Offer: Anyone Getting Points?
  184. Interesting Ambassador "Upgrade"
  185. ANA CROWNE PLAZA (in JAPAN) Triple PC Point or Triple Mile
  186. Priorityclub top man in the UK
  187. Crowne Plaza Rome - St Peters. Any recent Stays?
  188. anyone know if IC London Park Lane charges to receive faxes?
  189. Breakfast Coffee
  190. Invitation from InterContinental Hotels‏
  191. Mini reviews - HIs & HIXs in NV, UT, CO
  192. Which promos to sign up for?
  193. BOGOF Cert exp end of June - free to a good home
  194. Do you ask for an upgrade?
  195. The Generation Y Hotel (source: Time Magazine)
  196. Need advice- HI Toulouse, France
  197. IC Paris Le Grand - Ambassador treatment? (not RA)
  198. HI Express Zhabei Shanghai - has somebody already stayed there?
  199. Entitled to Platinum benefits with rooms billed to master account?
  200. Can I use a BOGO cert with a corp or gov't rate?
  201. Do you have to checkout to have points post?
  202. Do I understand the policy on free breakfast?
  203. Need some suggestions for Crowne Plaza (Houston downtown reservation)
  204. The hotel subscribed me to Priority Club? (Again)
  205. Italian restaurant at IC London. Good?
  206. Priority Club Purchase Limit Increased to 40,000 Points
  207. What do you do with all those points??
  208. Booking from 3rd party website, will I get points?
  209. If I cancel an award, does it become available again?
  210. New "Stay X nights - get 10k points" promo
  211. Getting to IC London from Euston
  212. Beware: PHL Holiday Inn isn't any more...
  213. HIE determined to keep parking spaces free for guests (source: Evening News/Norwich)
  214. Anyone Booked into the new Montelucia Resort?
  215. What happened to IC Bora Bora websites?
  216. Word of Warning: Splash Lagoon and HIX Erie PA
  217. AMB free for a year extra?
  218. IC - Atlanta - hire a car?
  219. Crowne Plaza - Hilton Head - anyone stayed there?
  220. IHG to Facilitate Medical-Related Travel into Latin America(Travel & Leisure Close Up
  221. Status with Points
  222. HI Express SEATAC refuses to take PC Giftcard
  223. HIX Dundee Scotland
  224. Booked a rate mistake in CP abroad - now what?
  225. CROWNE PLAZA ROME - anyone stayed there recently?
  226. Crowne Plaza Istanbul- Old City
  227. Email address of properties? (IC Budapest this time)
  228. ANA Narita now a CP / your thoughts ?
  229. Cocktail invitation for Ambassador members
  230. Points for 2 rooms - IHG Isreal
  231. IATA# now showing on my reservations. What is it?
  232. ICH Properties in Louisville, Kentucky
  233. Warning: hotels without Internet – they still exist
  234. Best way to book a BOGO AND FREE NIGHT?
  235. San francisco overnight
  236. How Long For Credit to Post to Any Hotel Card?
  237. French Polynesia AMB upgrade experiences? Also, AMB or only RA get free night?
  238. MOLD in HI - Complain
  239. Changing my country on profile
  240. Changes to gift/purchase points program
  241. Platinum status converting AA miles?
  242. 25 pt/$ Visa Offer
  243. Lisbon - advice please
  244. Crown Plaza London City - Any recent (award) stays as Plat?
  245. Sydney properties - Best value for points?
  246. RA Upgrade GUARANTEE
  247. Intercontinental Australia Promo?
  248. What's with the phantom rates?
  249. Help - Thought the minimum check-in age was 18 but it's actually 21!
  250. Can I book award nights on PC for someone else?