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  1. New "Summer Sale" on...
  2. HIX Missed Opportunity - Cinnamon Bun Hell Salvation
  3. IC Montelucia for 15000 points
  4. CP Paris Republique Master Thread [merged]
  5. Question: Do AnyHotel cards have a name on them?
  6. Value of Ambassador and counting rules
  7. Strings - Club upgrades
  8. Adding a second guest to a booking.
  9. Item missing from room
  10. Manhattan - best ICHG hotel for tourists?
  11. Ambassador- Disappointing Experience!?
  12. HI Sandton-Rivonia Rd switched my PointBreaks Res. to US$377/night
  13. Anybody get upgraded at the HI Montego Bay sunspree?
  14. HI Phuket (Busakorn wing) or Le Meridien Phuket?
  15. Priceline Stay, Upgradeable?
  16. Aphrodite Hills, Paphos
  17. Short expiring BOGO - able to extend?
  18. Using my PC points for someone else
  19. Do non qual stays show up in your history?
  20. Any Hotel, Anywhere cards 50% off for Australia
  21. ICHG, New York City Deals & Batchelor Party
  22. 72-hr Room Guarantee and BOGO
  23. What IC Chase promo did I sign up for?
  24. Does my rate at the HIX Barcelona qualify??
  25. Expecting Too Much?
  26. Number of persons per room important?
  27. ANA IC Tokyo -Club IC upgrades?
  28. 25,000 points London &Paris
  29. Can an RA refer themselves?
  30. Hotel "High Speed Internet". Ha!
  31. Ambassador Benefit isn't clear.
  32. Early departure on reward nights, points on "unused" nights will be forfeited?
  33. Ambassador Benefits
  34. Ambassador - Is it worth it when staying at HI?
  35. RA referral submission strategy
  36. Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers Master Thread [merged]
  37. Consistent online access at HIs, CPs and HIXs in the UK
  38. Pointbreaks Melbourne - Date change possible??
  39. Min stay requirements on award nights
  40. New Property: HI Sisli Istanbul
  41. "New" RA qualifiying limits as of June 1st, 2009
  42. Points and Cash: New reward nights options Master Thread [merged]
  43. Wifi code for IC SF? Club?
  44. Ambassador with multiple rooms
  45. I got better treatment BEFORE I was Ambassador !
  46. Why so little points?
  47. Pointbreaks not showing on PC website
  48. Experiences at InterContinental Guadalajara ?
  49. New PC top tier for 100 nights ?
  50. 15k PC Points for Chase CHECKING Account
  51. Bentleyville, PA HIX
  52. Ambassador 5000 points
  53. Staying at The Strings with morning flight from NRT
  54. BOGO+Free Nights Promo?
  55. any code about coroation/company rate discount?
  56. CP Johannesburg - The Rosebank - is this The Rosebank Hotel?
  57. CP London Ealing
  58. What Next, After Golf Promo?
  59. Crowne Plazas that do nice things for platinum members.
  60. CP or IC in Berlin
  61. Cheap(er) Boston hotel?
  62. Complimentary Benefits at Island/Upcountry Resorts (Japan residents only)
  63. Holiday Inn sponsors the Olympics
  64. Worth it to Attain Platinum Status?
  65. 25K for the UK Priority Club Visa Card.
  66. CP Lijiang
  67. Is this poor customer service?
  68. CP Golf Promo/Free Nights or Double Points
  69. Japan 72 Hour sale - 3 June
  70. has anyone had problems booking IC stays back-to-back to get more points ?
  71. charged for food and drink at the club level in SDQ
  72. HI Zurich Messe Master Thread
  73. How to transform a standard Crowne Plaza into a hip W hotel?
  74. AMB benefits query - water & fruit bowl
  75. Checking in but not using the room for some nights.
  76. San Diego La Jolla HIE
  77. Walkers promotion (UK only)
  78. 25% bonus on point purchases for 3 days only
  79. Asia Pacific Citibank Mastercard Promotion
  80. Qualifying stay posting as non qualifying?
  81. Is temporarily having no water supply considered a big deal?
  82. The Haunting at the IC The Barclays New York
  83. HIX Barcelona City 22@
  84. IC Montelucia - WARNING - refused BOGO
  85. Dinner & Movie promo
  86. How long does it take for PCR to answer a points discrepancy query?
  87. Upgrade for Gold Member without asking
  88. Asia Sale 14th -17th April 2009 - Free Night Promotion?
  89. Custom Mini-Bar for RAs at IC
  90. Most expensive HI Express??
  91. In what month were the new style RA certs first issued?
  92. CP London Kensington - Review (feedback)
  93. Referred Royal Ambassadors, Did you Get a Referral cert in your Pack?
  94. Downgraded reservation
  95. IATA# showing. I cannot remove it
  96. LHR Properties Benefits
  97. Any Germany Priority Club Deals?
  98. RA Referral Question
  99. Crown Plaza in Istanbul
  100. Zaragoza, Spain--Express: any experiences? Places to eat around it?
  101. How much money should be put on hold during a stay
  102. Mini Bar Empty IC Puerto Rico
  103. IHG cost savings--relaxed/eliminated some standards
  104. Praise When Credit's Due!
  105. Are Indigo "boutique" hotels Holiday Inn's with a lipstick (Ontario CA Indigo)?
  106. WOW use of my free nights--Spectacular City Hotels or Resorts [merged]
  107. Which rates qualify for Priority Club points?
  108. I am disgusted
  109. Fear of Double Charge?
  110. Platinum Ambassador ???
  111. question about business plus pkg - IC
  112. Holiday Inn / Holiday Inn Express - 8 Nights = 2 MLB (Baseball) Tickets
  113. Qindao, China - IC or CP
  114. Anyone stay at Staybridge Suites - HERNDON, VA
  115. Now only 50 characters for comments when making online reservation??
  116. HI St. Pete's Russia- What the heck?
  117. Reward stay and earning points
  118. Changi Ambassador booking
  119. Query on points breakdown from last stay
  120. Holiday Inn LAKE GEORGE-TURF NY
  121. Opinions on the new HI Genoa?
  122. Good Washington DC Holiday Inn Chain ?
  123. Buying Points
  124. The quickest way to get 30k IC pts
  125. New RA puzzled questions
  126. Using a BOGO within a reservation
  127. PC Visa - wait 2 weeks to use?
  128. IC Mar Menor of La Torre views please
  129. Holiday Inn NEW YORK CITY-MIDTOWN-57TH ST.
  130. booking presidential suite with points
  131. RA reservation question
  132. US Priority Club Visa: double points w/home improvement purchases 5/12-7/11(targeted)
  133. Can I use a different PC acount upon check in?
  134. Fire Alarm Annoyance at Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner, VA
  135. Cancelled Reward Night Fees
  136. Ihg hotel in bangkok
  137. Holiday Inn LAKE GEORGE-TURF NY
  138. Crowne Plaza Hotel – Minneapolis North (Freeway Blvd)
  139. Priorityclub Promotion Codes 0-3000
  140. Egypt
  141. Use Aadvantage dining account to book hotel and get 5 miles/USD
  142. Free internet connectivity in Intercontinental Hotels - a little trick (?)
  143. IC Beijing - Reaccommodation issues
  144. Award and paid nights at the same time
  145. Best IC / Priority Club Hotel in Dublin?
  146. New Points break hotels now available
  147. VIP Rating on House Keeping Checklist
  148. IC Fiji Golf Resort & Spa Master Thread [merged]
  149. Who is the head of the Intercontinental Ambassador Service?
  150. Thread Closing: Even more confused!
  151. Forum future unclear?
  152. Need to "re-check-in" after registering bonus?
  153. HI Phuket travel tips
  154. Get 5% cashback on our IC and Holiday Inn stays
  155. New 60k/70k PC pt offer for PC Visa Credit Card signup
  156. IHG Mexico Cancellation Policy as a result of Swine Flw
  157. Hi paris gare de l' est
  158. IHG converts Holiday Inn hotels to Crowne Plaza (LONDON + PARIS)
  159. NEW HOTEL - InterContinental New York Times Square
  160. When does the stay 2 nights get a 25K top up...
  161. Direct billing
  162. 40K pts vs $200???
  163. Win 2 free nights at IC LeGrand Paris
  164. Need contact to escalate a PC issue
  165. Any plans for IHG to have a bigger presence in Hawaii?
  166. reward stay reversed into a paid stay?
  167. Promo points with Orbitz rates
  168. IC Fiji Golf Resort & Spa - Opening Special
  169. IHG Website--All Holiday Inn pages with Omaha Waterpark info?
  170. Wheelchair Access
  171. Frustrated with the whole Priority Club / Ambassador thing
  172. Can one make PC bookings for use by friends/family
  173. Charged Hotel Cancellation due to Weather No Show?
  174. Holiday Inn Perugia, Italy - access question
  175. IC Hotels - Teletext Rates
  176. BOGO used by a non-Ambassador
  177. 5k Won at HIX Bentonville, AR
  178. Crowne Plaza - East Tampa Florida (Princess Palm Ave)
  179. WELCOME: Comminispace defectors!
  180. Exclusive Prepaid A Rate
  181. Point Breaks wins Freddie Award!
  182. Can you get points from a friends booking?
  183. PP Rates
  184. e-Rewards for Priority Club Rewards members
  185. 2x Dining Rewards
  186. IC to close the private IC Ambassador Online Private Community
  187. InterContinental London event next week - anyone going?
  188. How far in advance can you send in an RA cert to renew status
  189. Staybridge Milwaukee - opening date?
  190. Ambassador Club called hotel and told them I'm using a BOGO, yikes!!
  191. IC lost my BOGO voucher, now charging me double...
  192. webdecoder code
  193. IC Saigon--when does it open?
  194. Reward nights - how are the hotels compensated by ICHG ?
  195. Free Nights Promotion
  196. IC London - Family Vacation Advice
  197. Reversing stay post order
  198. Oh blarney ,help-Tokyo
  199. Good service at HIEX, no thanks to Platinum line
  200. CP Paris Facebook Promo
  201. Has anyone tried to get a PC Plat status match into Fairmont Premier/Plat levels?
  202. IC Berlin offering free Club access for all RA's (regardless of booked room type)
  203. I'm so very disappointed at my fellow flyertalkers...
  204. IC Le Grand Parkin???
  205. FCO/AMS hotel input
  206. MCR 500 PC Point Rewards are Back
  207. Staybridge Suites Hotel Savannah Historic District
  208. A really nice touch from Radisson Goldpoints
  209. Staybridge Suites room choice using reward points
  210. Heathrow Parking HI - book online?
  211. Email response from Bora Bora IC re: RA benefits
  212. HI Paris République now a Crowne Plaza?
  213. Unusual Visit Europe rate.
  214. Choosing hotels due to the chain's promotion. Is it worth it?
  215. Madrid Intercontinental
  216. Priority Privilege - Sydney IC
  217. More Hotels Facing an Uncertain Future
  218. 2K Ambassador Accelerator Bonus?
  219. BOGO w/ AAA rates or Long Stay breakfast included rates?
  220. Why doesn't PC/ICH have official (or non-official) representation here on FT?
  221. Any success using BOGO with Travelzoo rates?
  222. Platinum Benefit at Holiday Inn
  223. HIX The Smart Show Deal of the Day
  224. I'm Platinum but Rec'd an Upgrade Certificate to Gold
  225. Where to learn to dive at an ICHG hotel location ?
  226. Does pre-paid but unused reservation count as a stay?
  227. Multiple accounts
  228. Service charge on reservation?
  229. Any ICs, CPs, or even HIXs in Hawaii EXCEPT Honolulu?
  230. Crowne Plaza - Venice East
  231. Platinum Benefits in NZ?
  232. Need More Point Package Rates
  233. Holiday Inn HISTORIC DISTRICT (MULBERRY) SAVANNAH, GA ....any experiences?
  234. Booking HI Stays Through Airmiles Website
  235. Survey - To Bath or Not To Bath?
  236. Need NL(Amsterdam) Priority Club Deals and Hotel rate Codes
  237. Maximising Qantas FF points
  238. HHonors to PC
  239. Very odd, no response from IC Madrid to two emails to seperate addresses
  240. Post counts down?
  241. From the US: Up to 60% off at ICH Mexico Resorts thru Cheap Caribbean
  242. Half price HI Chessington UK with mastercard
  243. UK priority club bonus deals for PC members
  244. Booking via TA, get points?
  245. Crowne Plaza Hotel - PARIS-RÉPUBLIQUE - Any post refurb experiences???
  246. Question about Club entry times at IC Park Lane, London
  247. What 20,000 points?
  248. Anyone have a specific email for someone at IC Madrid re: upcoming stay?
  249. are you an IHG shareholder?
  250. Booked Club floor on 1st night; can continue on Rewards night ?