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  1. Does Intercontinental Status Match Marriott or Starwood?
  2. Nickel and dime charges
  3. A gift from my lady
  4. Dreaming of Bora Bora! but require a little guidance/reassurance
  5. Purchasing Points
  6. Paris: HI Porte de Clichy or HIX Canal De La Villette
  7. Best room/view at IC Paris?
  8. Holiday nights promotion!?
  9. Is "Festive Asia Offers" rate a qualifying stay with points?
  10. Priority Club Drink Vouchers
  11. New NYC HI Long Island- $650 Suites available at 15k reward nights!
  12. Sign up bonus for PC?
  13. Crown Plaza Metropolitan, Tokyo - a bit of info on upgrades, "metropolitan floor"
  14. 2009 Priority Club Survey - 250 points
  15. What happens if you no-show for an award night?
  16. RA privileges in Tokyo
  17. Probabilities of success on this?
  18. IHG brand GMs email formats
  19. No changes for RA program, maybe in 2010.
  20. A new look Ambassador programme
  21. Changing Reservation Rates
  22. Introducing: The New Ambassador Program
  23. Can I convert from other schemes to Priority Points?
  24. Relative value of PC Points, and moving them around...
  25. PC PLATINUM get any benefits at IC?
  26. ICG in New Orleans recommendations?
  27. Which property in Amman, Jordan
  28. Do Corporate Rates typically qualify for all points/promotions/stays/etc.?
  29. CP "The City" London Suite Experiences?
  30. Award Stay for family member?
  31. Qualifying for RA?
  32. Fantastic service at CP Hilton Head Island
  33. Duplicate PC account cancelled
  34. PC Account activity
  35. Club Access for Ambassadors at the IC Miami?
  36. PC Platinum Priv at IC New Orleans
  37. A|Club Copying IHG Marketing?
  38. Using BOGO as extension of package stay
  39. Holiday Inn SunSpree Brand to Be Phased Out
  40. 'Group booking' ~ points experience/suggestions ?
  41. IC Queenstown NZ
  42. Forgot to cancel a best flex booking
  43. Hi pvr :td:
  44. Hotel provides alcohol to a minor
  45. We will be shutting off the energy supply....
  46. Nickelodeon Hotel news......
  47. Priority Club vs Marriott Rewards
  48. Aprox. how often does the Pointbreak hotel list change?
  49. Confirmation of AMB program changes
  50. Earn 2,000 points at the new Holiday Inn Express in the Greater Toronto area
  51. Any news on UK SB openings
  52. Amazing rate at SB Dulles (mid Feb)
  53. Condé Nast Traveler Gold List 2009
  54. HI or IC PVR?
  55. site broken?
  56. Why ony 2 persons max in a big suite?
  57. BOGOF promotion details needed
  58. Which SFO IC hotel?
  59. ANA hotels in Japan (IHG joint venture) and PC points?
  60. anyone had to change room on Reward Nights?
  61. Oz 3 day $99 sale - part 2
  62. Priority Club Referral?
  63. IC BOGO
  64. Soft Landing?
  65. 3000 point bonus for 1 night - 2000 point bonus for 2 nights?
  66. AMsterdam and Brugge CPs - free parking with points stays?
  67. Question about the 'stay twice, get a free night' promotion
  68. King Suite Booked....Standard Room is All That Is Available
  69. Nickelodeon Leaving Holiday Inn 1/5/09
  70. A New Year.....A New Challenge..Points Sluts 2009 Unity
  71. Any reports on Holiday Inn Sandton?
  72. PC: "Sorry this hotel does not participate in Priority Club" - Holiday Inn Lahore
  73. 6 rooms for 20K points
  74. 7000 pts short of platinum
  75. Just Checked In To IC Park Lane, Super Good News!
  76. IC Miami (Downtown)--Any Reports?
  77. Question regarding qualifying nights (for promos) and 2nd night free
  78. Priority Privilege and Ambassador benefits can't be combined?
  79. Renewing Ambassador membership
  80. Changing PC registration codes
  81. signed up promos?!
  82. Should I go with points or miles?
  83. Begging hints?
  84. IC Melbourne The Rialto Master Thread [merged]
  85. really late check-in on a BOGO
  86. Pointbreak reservation cancelled by hotel and email sent asking for £1500
  87. IC Paris Club, Café de la Paix
  88. Crowne Plaza IND Airport
  89. Bali I/C Upgrades?
  90. Holiday Inn, Salem New Hampshire (NH) - good experience!
  91. Is Plat vs. Gold worth ~$200?
  92. *** IC Master Promo Thread 2009 ***
  93. *** IC Master Promo Thread 2010 ***
  94. Program differences by country?
  95. Mini bar fraud?
  96. RA @ IC Houston -- Any recent experiences?
  97. 1 night short of gold...
  98. PC Late Checkout - time?
  99. "You have three bookings. Actually,only one" (aka check-in desk sees cancelled bkngs)
  100. Link for ANA CP NRT 1000 yen checkin coupon ?
  101. How tightly regulated are the Any Hotel cards?
  102. Ambassador BOGO Question
  103. Get 10% cashback of your IHG stays
  104. Taxes with PC Reward Night in India?
  105. Booked via, received 0 points.
  106. Internet filtering (DNS) Crowne Plaza - Zurich
  107. Readers of Leading Business Travel Magazines Name Priority Club® Rewards #1 Hotel Lo
  108. Tokyo and Japan IHG/ANA hotels - quick reccommendations
  109. Double dip if you've an Aeroplan account
  110. Address other than PO Box to mail RA cert?
  111. Changes to the Ambassador program in February
  112. Holiday by the sea
  113. Can I use 2 BOGOs at same hotel?
  114. Ouch just been charged twice for a stay...
  115. Report - the new HIE Ottawa Airport
  116. LGW First Lounge Menu
  117. Plat with 0% room upgrades?
  118. Intercontinental La Torre (Murcia)
  119. HI Blacksburg: WOW!
  120. PC points correction
  121. convert miles in points?
  122. Converting PC Points to Aeroplan
  123. Is it worth it? Question re: PC Gold Elite Status purchase opportunity...
  124. booked 4000 bonus pnts rate, result: non-qualifying stay?
  125. Need 13k to keep plat - any ideas how to obtain?
  126. Getting full years stay account information / history of all stays [Merged Thread]
  127. In email today - "Our Gift To You - Start 2009 With Gold Elite Status"
  128. BOGOF Weekend Night for Festove Asia Offer
  129. IC Sandton Towers; HI Soweto
  130. 69GBP for 25k?
  131. Promotional bonus end dates
  132. Government Rate on ICH - Your experiences?
  133. HI SunSpree Resort Hotel Montego Bay - Any upgrade experience?
  134. A little help please :)
  135. Email:Experience exciting changes at Holiday Inn
  136. Lounge access
  137. 1000 points for downloading PC Travel Assistant (till 31/Dec/08)
  138. Bday I/C Recommendations?
  139. Something fishy with UK 2-4-1 rates???
  140. UK VAT Change - Hotels not passing it on
  141. Is the PC Visa worth renewing for a fee?
  142. "Win 25K PC points" US HI/HIX bonus
  143. Bonus points for introducing a new member
  144. IC in China
  145. How does platinum upgrade works
  146. (urgent)Advice Re: 120 day stay @ Holiday Inn Express
  147. Proposing to my girlfriend at Inter-Continental, Prague
  148. Hotel recomendation required CP Prague
  149. Best IC Resort in Mexico/Caribbean?
  150. Newest Platinum Member
  151. Where is the 'Register for promo' page gone?
  152. IC priceline bid - RA benefits?
  153. Best stay for RA 2nd Night Free Cert
  154. Added benefits for Platinum Ambassador members
  155. Best Hotel by LAX
  156. InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa in Paradise Valley, Arizona
  157. Which pc hotel london and paris?
  158. Looking for the cheapest way to get 1600 points
  159. December Priority Club Statement - oops
  160. Unfortunate(?) choice for this month's IC E-letter
  161. What are the brand toiletries at IC Dubai?
  162. Awful Platinum Gift
  163. Australia/NZ 72 hour Summer sale
  164. Downtown San Diego Holiday Inn parking questions
  165. Converting Canadian Air Miles Program in IHG Points
  166. Yesterday I dreamt of...
  167. Salvador, Brazil?
  168. IHG properties in Vancouver
  169. Changing the late checkout policy of RA
  170. Airport transfer - Intercontinental David - Tel Aviv
  171. Why is Wolfe Blitzer calling it the Taj Mahal Intercontinental?
  172. Cancelled award res. - how long until I get points back?
  173. Best hotel at IAD?
  174. Same hotel, same rate, different points?!
  175. HI Paris - Porte de Clichy
  176. Did I do this wrong - Should I be Kicking Myself?
  177. Thinking about signing up for Amb - but don't think I'll get a kit in time.
  178. Do you want to have a look at the RA service?
  179. Fellow RA's - lend me a hand......
  180. Is CP MAN Airport making money on inbound calls??
  181. Confused with Delta Triple Miles Promo
  182. RA Minibar on Tokyo, HK, Shenzhen Reward Stays?
  183. Holiday Inns Cologne Germany
  184. Holiday Inn reservations in Athens may not have been cancelled
  185. pointbreak reservation confirmed - points recredited!
  186. Hotels that do not accept the Any Hotel Anywhere card
  187. Q re flexibility and deposit when making redemption booking
  188. HI Concierge floor - how many have free beer/wine
  190. Policy change or fluke?
  191. Crowne Plaza Champs Elysees
  192. Add'l person on award reservation?
  193. Any Experiences with the Crowne Plaza in San Jose Del Cabo?
  194. No more IC for me
  195. New to IC, used to status and upgrades, any advice
  196. ICH Properties in Lisbon
  197. Stimulus Rate at HIS ORD. Available elsewhere?
  198. How many of u start staying at cheaper ICHG bands due to economic & financial crisis?
  199. Two Holiday Inn Questions
  200. HI Birmingham Airport (UK) and Nottingham (UK)
  201. European CP/HI Dec / Jan Weekend Offer
  202. Strange interpretation of RA minibar privileges
  203. Familiar with Frankfurt? Would you stay at IC Frankfurt or HI Frankfurt No.?
  204. Hix taichung park, taiwan
  205. Has anyone tried to pre-pay their hotel stay on purpose to lock in an exchange rate?
  206. Almost Lost a Reward Stay
  207. what are the differences between the Holiday Inns with new and old logos?
  208. InterContinental warns on October after Q3 rise (source: Reuters)
  209. HI Express "non-qualifying" stay
  210. HI FRA Pointbreaks - Yes or No?
  211. With PointsBreaks, I feel like I'm ripped off with other reward nights!
  212. With PointsBreaks, I fell like I'm ripped off with other reward nights!
  213. When does qualifying nights reset to zero?
  214. Holiday Inn Club Vacations
  215. My Recent Stay At IC Abu Dhabi
  216. "Standard Room" on Priceline
  217. Priority Club Points - Not so fast
  218. RA Qualification Question
  219. stay here fly there promo
  220. Newbie to ICH, all points count toward status?
  221. Fill out post-stay survey if you wanna complain about lack of upgrade/status recog
  222. can I book a room for a friend?
  223. CP Terrigal Oceanview Room for AU$99/night! (excl Sat nights)
  224. Ambassador or not? Please help
  225. PC accounts n stuff
  226. Opening of new ICs in Thailand (Hua Hin, Phi Phi etc.)?
  227. IC in Prague and Berlin
  228. Why can't I buy points with a debit card?
  229. need advice please
  230. Newbie on course to hit Plat - is it worth it?
  231. Rec'd 2 bogo certs, are they tracked??
  232. Will you stay at the hotel during the US Election Night?
  233. Help!-Need 20K points before Jan1
  234. HI Chessington - Bad Experience
  235. Which property in/near Heidelberg, Germany ?
  236. Vacation, which IC?
  237. 2 rooms as a RA, double stays?
  238. Should I be incensed about a HI auto-adding a breakfast charge?
  239. Does the Hotel automatically know I'm a RA?
  240. TaoYuan, Taiwan HIX
  241. Changes to RA program?
  242. Club floor but no club access? (And Doha mini review)
  243. What's with this 'early departure fee' on best flex rate?
  244. $97 -- Brand-New Chicago Hotel incl. Breakfast
  245. Best-4-Breakfast Rate
  246. Not registered but Delta 3x miles showing
  247. Early check out on an award reservation
  248. can I add an additional guest name to the existing reservation?
  249. Transfer of American AAdvantage Miles to Priority Club ® Rewards
  250. Upgrade Policy at IC Abu Dhabi?