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  1. Can one make PC bookings for use by friends/family
  2. Charged Hotel Cancellation due to Weather No Show?
  3. Holiday Inn Perugia, Italy - access question
  4. IC Hotels - Teletext Rates
  5. BOGO used by a non-Ambassador
  6. 5k Won at HIX Bentonville, AR
  7. Crowne Plaza - East Tampa Florida (Princess Palm Ave)
  8. WELCOME: Comminispace defectors!
  9. Exclusive Prepaid A Rate
  10. Point Breaks wins Freddie Award!
  11. Can you get points from a friends booking?
  12. PP Rates
  13. e-Rewards for Priority Club Rewards members
  14. 2x Dining Rewards
  15. IC to close the private IC Ambassador Online Private Community
  16. InterContinental London event next week - anyone going?
  17. How far in advance can you send in an RA cert to renew status
  18. Staybridge Milwaukee - opening date?
  19. Ambassador Club called hotel and told them I'm using a BOGO, yikes!!
  20. IC lost my BOGO voucher, now charging me double...
  21. webdecoder code
  22. IC Saigon--when does it open?
  23. Reward nights - how are the hotels compensated by ICHG ?
  24. Free Nights Promotion
  25. IC London - Family Vacation Advice
  26. Reversing stay post order
  27. Oh blarney ,help-Tokyo
  28. Good service at HIEX, no thanks to Platinum line
  29. CP Paris Facebook Promo
  30. Has anyone tried to get a PC Plat status match into Fairmont Premier/Plat levels?
  31. IC Berlin offering free Club access for all RA's (regardless of booked room type)
  32. I'm so very disappointed at my fellow flyertalkers...
  33. IC Le Grand Parkin???
  34. FCO/AMS hotel input
  35. MCR 500 PC Point Rewards are Back
  36. Staybridge Suites Hotel Savannah Historic District
  37. A really nice touch from Radisson Goldpoints
  38. Staybridge Suites room choice using reward points
  39. Heathrow Parking HI - book online?
  40. Email response from Bora Bora IC re: RA benefits
  41. HI Paris République now a Crowne Plaza?
  42. Unusual Visit Europe rate.
  43. Choosing hotels due to the chain's promotion. Is it worth it?
  44. Madrid Intercontinental
  45. Priority Privilege - Sydney IC
  46. More Hotels Facing an Uncertain Future
  47. 2K Ambassador Accelerator Bonus?
  48. BOGO w/ AAA rates or Long Stay breakfast included rates?
  49. Why doesn't PC/ICH have official (or non-official) representation here on FT?
  50. Any success using BOGO with Travelzoo rates?
  51. Platinum Benefit at Holiday Inn
  52. HIX The Smart Show Deal of the Day
  53. I'm Platinum but Rec'd an Upgrade Certificate to Gold
  54. Where to learn to dive at an ICHG hotel location ?
  55. Does pre-paid but unused reservation count as a stay?
  56. Multiple accounts
  57. Service charge on reservation?
  58. Any ICs, CPs, or even HIXs in Hawaii EXCEPT Honolulu?
  59. Crowne Plaza - Venice East
  60. Platinum Benefits in NZ?
  61. Need More Point Package Rates
  62. Holiday Inn HISTORIC DISTRICT (MULBERRY) SAVANNAH, GA ....any experiences?
  63. Booking HI Stays Through Airmiles Website
  64. Survey - To Bath or Not To Bath?
  65. Need NL(Amsterdam) Priority Club Deals and Hotel rate Codes
  66. Maximising Qantas FF points
  67. HHonors to PC
  68. Very odd, no response from IC Madrid to two emails to seperate addresses
  69. Post counts down?
  70. From the US: Up to 60% off at ICH Mexico Resorts thru Cheap Caribbean
  71. Half price HI Chessington UK with mastercard
  72. UK priority club bonus deals for PC members
  73. Booking via TA, get points?
  74. Crowne Plaza Hotel - PARIS-RÉPUBLIQUE - Any post refurb experiences???
  75. Question about Club entry times at IC Park Lane, London
  76. What 20,000 points?
  77. Anyone have a specific email for someone at IC Madrid re: upcoming stay?
  78. are you an IHG shareholder?
  79. Booked Club floor on 1st night; can continue on Rewards night ?
  80. Question about status matches and the 3k points per 3 nights promotion
  81. Any promotion for joining PC?
  82. Hotels in Sicily
  83. Day rooms - count as stays?
  84. Must cancel non-cancelable reservation;ADVICE
  85. Booking at Advance payment - IC Le Grand Paris
  86. BOGOF voucher MArk Hopkins
  87. two bogo-same hotel
  88. Free Internet For Royal Ambassadors From 1st March 2011
  89. Has anybody been to the brand new Club lounge at the ANA Intercontinental Tokyo?
  90. Anyone know the address to send RA certs?
  91. Where to find contact e-mail addresses for properties?
  92. NEWS: Lamborghini missing from ICH in Atlanta
  93. New e-rewards redemption: Priority Club Points
  94. IC Montelucia Resort & Spa Scottsdale Master Thread (No longer an IC)
  95. InterContinental Tampa US$89 a night (breakfast included)
  96. Staybridge Suites Liverpool - review?
  97. Best IC (or IHG) property with Beach? [merged]
  98. Holiday Inn Express T-shirts still available!
  99. IC Music
  100. InterContinental Montréal: EUR 72 a night
  101. Ebay RA Referrals: Value for money - Vs - Waste of money
  102. Do Ambassador benefits apply to points bookings?
  103. IC GS HKG - actually treated an RA properly this time !!!
  104. Strings - Tokyo: Club Lounge now available?
  105. Overlapping Offers?
  106. between the old and the new RA
  107. A big thank you to Radioman !
  108. Oh my, the high cost of laundry!
  109. Rewards nights - breakfast included or NOT?
  110. BOGO free certificates....Remember
  111. Rate change: Query with Hotel or keep quiet?
  112. Discussion about master thread of InterContinental Hotels forum
  113. PLEASE READ FIRST: Master Thread InterContinental Hotels Forum
  114. Crowne Plaza Berlin - Any new review?
  115. Priority Club Visa promos?
  116. What happens if you get walked from a HI?
  117. Book through amex but ambassador
  118. Crowne Plaza Denver Downtown
  119. Glasses Stolen!!!
  120. AMB/RA Benefits not applicable on deep discount paid stays
  121. Priority Club Rewards Visa - 3x points on purchases (April, May, June '09)
  122. Joining Priority Club
  123. Chase being crafty with priorityclub bonus offer
  124. Any Special Rate work at Mar Menor IC
  125. New Asia Sale coming up mid April!
  126. IC Cyprus Aphrodite Hills: How do they treat RAs ?
  127. my image report with my R.A .... when is was staying in Doha intercontinental
  128. USA Mailing time for a ANY HOTEL, ANYWHERE REWARD AX GC?
  129. 3 different families, 3 diff hotels,same town under 1 name
  130. Transferring PClub Points Is it free?
  131. RA benefits stripped at the IC SYD! Ambassador service centre confirms!
  132. Status Change: Existing Reservations?
  133. Anyone else have trouble enrolling in Ambassador on-line?
  134. New RA referral cert
  135. Holiday Inn > SNA > costa mesa
  136. The only IHG hotel within top 25 "Best Luxury" at Tripadvisor Traveler's choice '09
  137. Clearing out laptop case...and found
  138. How can I legitimately give away a BOGO cert for free without CC access ?
  139. Are Plat (Amb) Room Category Upgrades Standard at HIs in Oz?
  140. Yet more London Questions
  141. New RA upgrade policy at IC Madrid?
  142. Yet again FTers let us all down....
  143. Reward Stay Blackout Dates??
  144. London Park Lane IC Lounge Question(s)
  145. 3 for 2 Bonus Offer
  146. Silly gripe - Why give my PC# twice over the phone?
  147. Ihg japan 72 hours hot offer!
  148. Paper Reward Night Cert req at IC???
  149. Transferring PC points to someone else's FFP account?
  150. Property Specific Surveys - 1K Bonus - How long to post?
  151. My Award Status - worthless piece of crap software
  152. Good reward availability in IC Amstel
  153. What happen to Crowne Plaza Tokyo? Not available for Jun / Jul both pay and reward?
  154. Size matters...
  155. Crown Plaza's and Club Access
  156. IHG 72 hr sale beginning 18 march for various Australian/New Zealand hotels
  157. PC clarification please :)
  158. points & status level
  159. Free BOGOF cert to someone in UK
  160. Hotel Indigo-Miami , FL--GREAT!
  161. Gold Ambassador gets no upgrade?
  162. Blanchardstown, Dublin Crowne Plaza PB Booking - Any Experiences?
  163. Stay twice* and get a free night: 9th March - 30th April 2009
  164. Priority Club Connect
  165. Will it work here? - PBs exchange
  166. Anyone else get 5k points Platinum Bonus today?
  167. Earning PC points for other people's stays
  168. Current PC Website Problems [merged Master Thread]
  169. Update on New Room Upgrade Policy for RA's
  170. IC Miami - $99 in April
  171. 30,000 Priority Club bonus points not posting
  172. how to book a award for someone else and best wast LA hotel?
  173. After 4.5 months, I FINALLY got my RA kit !!
  174. First InterContinental for Scotland
  175. Parking near Holiday Inn Roma St. Brisbane (QLD)?
  176. Advice regarding IC Chicago reservation
  177. Starch
  178. Linking Paid and Reward Stays
  179. Amex FHR Prepaid Rate and Weekend Night Cert?
  180. 2 for 1 offer back to back
  181. Hotel Indigo in San Diego Gaslamp
  182. The NEW Priority Club, Ambassador and Royal Ambassador Master Thread
  183. Please review this reservation!
  184. New to PC, reward redemption question
  185. RA Club access...guaranteed now?
  186. Where has the IC La Torre gone?
  187. HI Burbank Media Center
  188. PC PLT for Europe
  189. Daft Priority Club Visa Policies
  190. Thanks All
  191. Has anyone hosted a meeting at the CP DFW?
  192. Indigo Paddington London reviews?
  193. 2,500 free PC points from PC Visa
  194. Change the rate and cancel without a penalty?
  195. Are HIE and EHI Considered Separate Brands for Promo Purposes?
  196. New Business Plus Package?
  197. Purchase up to 40000 points and get 10% bonus!
  198. Forthcoming InterContinental Aus/NZ Sale AU$199/NZ$169
  199. A month of sundays ?
  200. Why no PC/IC hotels in MAA?
  201. New HI Bali
  202. Internet Pre-paid Rate -- Now much lower rate what can I do?
  203. Do you get PC points if someone else pays for you?
  204. ICG to offer social network and discounts
  205. Visa Card and "Companion Airline Ticket" Offer?
  206. Crowne Plaza, Hollywood FL
  207. Reservation under my PC # for my husband...will I get points?
  208. Why I love staying with PC !!!
  209. New to Priority Club and upcoming stay
  210. [Newbee] It takes 5-7 days to post a stay?
  211. Cheapest Spa treatment in IC London (3000 point bonus)
  212. I've just received 4 PC pts from "TRAVELING CONNECT BONUS". What is it?
  213. Pricing
  214. Registring Priority Promotion ---- Alienating Loyal Members?
  215. Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Mairicaibo Venezuela
  216. Friends and Family discount at all IHG Hotels
  217. BOGO experiences with non-BestAvailable/AdvPurchase rates
  218. CP London - The City Lounge
  219. Points factor - What do you guys think?
  220. Will Priority Club match Hilton Status?
  221. PC Points or Airline Miles?
  222. Elite Benefits on PL Bookings?
  223. Two rooms, two confirmation #s, same date, same hotel...points?
  224. Day Rate - nearly got me
  225. Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore - $69/night
  226. PriorityClub not honouring the promotion offer
  227. Inter Continental COEX / Grand Seoul
  228. "Your reward night number is..."
  229. Is it worth it for me to get Ambassador?
  230. Emailing Hotel in Advance
  231. Web glitch shows hotel's points cash values?
  232. Email or contact name at Intercontinental Dubai?
  233. HIX Chicago Magnificent Mile (Hotel Cass)
  234. HI - Ithaca , NY - any comments ?
  235. Can you Pool points from Multiple Accounts?
  236. Ordering AIRMIELS for points
  237. Which HIX in London?
  238. An IC property solution in Miami - CP Miami Kendall
  239. Limit on booking award-rooms per night ???
  240. Wish I could figure out the reasoning to rates at CP Times Square vs. Barclay IC
  241. Broadband Internet charge for Platinum / RA
  242. Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Center (after refurbishment) [master thread]
  243. Any one know Turkey hotel?
  244. Article on IHG's business model in Economist magazine
  245. Asia 3 day sale 25-27 Feb
  246. Phantom Stay
  247. Best hotel n St Louis
  248. Breakfast Issues at Holiday Inn Express
  249. London / UK & Rome / Italy - August Recomendations
  250. HI Maldives - still being built?