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  1. Marseille
  2. good service @ LHR
  3. NO Hertz Gold Service at PHX!
  4. Marquis,TownCar or other?
  5. Be very careful with Hertz at DFW airport
  6. [mini-rant] What a lousy program
  7. Hertz Car Registration/Plates - A question for insiders
  8. Corvette ZHZ does it have GPS or NeverLost?
  9. Unable to get credit for a Rental in Curacao
  10. Hertz MCO coming back on-site
  11. Premium Emergency Roadside Service
  12. JFK Rates are sooo HIGH
  13. Gold Five Star Issues
  14. How Long Before It's Too Late for Retroactive Credit?
  15. Discount codes for 1 way rentals
  16. 2 Rentals = 1 Free Day (300 Bonus Z1 points per rental)
  17. Hertz UK: no car, no refund, no apology, no compensation
  18. One Hour Grace Period Gone?
  19. Hertz President's Club for Sale
  20. Pick up at DCA, return at BWI?
  21. Irritated by contract change when returning
  22. two rentals- same car, same days, same place but $300 difference
  23. Advantage is Back Email
  24. Biggest scam: Platesplass in FL
  25. Promo: Get Away with a Free Day
  26. Largest trunk size in mid size cars from Hertz
  27. Dropping the car off at SFO
  28. "Your rental is not closed" - should I be worried?
  29. Since when is a downgrade an upgrade?
  30. What cars to Expect at SAN (San Diego)
  31. Tire damage - always customer responsibility?
  32. PHL questioned condition on return
  33. Help with last ditch effort for cust svc before I leave Hertz
  34. Does Hertz at CDG asks for your international driver's license?
  35. Free Hertz #1 Gold
  36. Is a Gold reservation always more expensive?
  37. Hertz No 1 Club Cust Serv problem
  38. Do you need some sort of corp. ID when using a CDP code?
  39. Any good PC or CDP's for Europe?
  40. Hertz location in Madrid Atocha station??
  41. Any recent experiences at LIH?
  42. USA Fleet - Bye Bye Audi's
  43. Hertz #1 Club Question (newbie)
  44. Weekend Rentals in Canada - We need a 50% off
  45. Hertz Testing Photographic Dent Detection
  46. Hertz Gold - what is it good for? (newbie)
  47. Disappearing 5-star status - but is it a bad thing?
  48. highest milage on a car
  49. Since when is a Civic a Mid-Sized car?
  50. Qualifying for Presidents Circle - Is rolling year OK?
  51. Kudos to Hertz Head Office
  52. simultaneous rentals ok?
  53. Hotwire booking and Gold Canopy
  54. Downgraded in Ottawa - again
  55. Multi-Month Question
  56. Question about redeeming #1 Award Points
  57. 3-day one way award options
  58. Customer cheat at HERTZ UK
  59. Need advice for a full size rental
  60. Problems logging in?
  61. Bogus Exchange Service charge in NYC
  62. Real Poor Experience at TPA
  63. Need a little help with Jackson Hole Rental...
  64. Unhappy Hertz Gold customer
  65. No Cars at EWR or PHL?
  66. Hertz charged us 20E to give our name and address to the French police....twice!
  67. Broken Down Car - "You can ride back with the tow truck to pick up a new car"
  68. Using AMEX membership rewards points for a rental
  69. FF account number entered incorrectly
  70. Earn triple United Mileageplus miles (up to 1,500)
  71. Hertz Class L: Ford Explorer or similar
  72. 5 Month Long Term Rental Deals?
  73. Frequent Flier Surcharge
  74. Horrible experience with Hertz
  75. AA (UK) CDP Code?
  76. New Mercedes' @ LAS
  77. Hertz or Avis at CDG to Paris: Any diff?
  78. Please, help me with this code..
  79. One-way charges on rentals between SFO and SJC
  80. Any Way to Score a Fast 58 Points?
  81. New Gold member. Express kiosk or online checkin?
  82. LAX - anyway to get DTS over Town Car
  83. Need a 4/5 day mid-week rental on my Hertz points in YHZ...what can I book?
  84. no box to check for award option for foreign rentals?
  85. Hertz Question from ABA Member
  86. Long term rental
  87. CDP for a one-day-rental in GDN
  88. Munich - Hertz - Damage scam!
  89. month long one-way car rental - help?
  90. PHX Fun class & SUVs
  91. Time to Bleed 'em Down
  92. ZRH or STR rental?
  93. Canada Insurance
  94. Toll transponder ripoff in Illinois
  95. Why is much cheaper than
  96. No Cars for July 23rd weekend in Vegas?
  97. Pickup in SF, Return in LA
  98. Triple #1 points take longer to post?
  99. Pick up before Noon much cheaper - Just be late?
  100. Help Explain PC Upgrades Please
  101. Back-to-back rentals to reduce costs on one-way rentals?
  102. Hertz Oralndo very disappointing!!!
  103. Using Points for Free Days for Spouse, possible?
  104. Quidco tracking and CDP Codes
  105. Online Check-In n/a for status members ?
  106. Drop-off at Port of Miami
  107. Reno Rental Problems
  108. Booking at an HLE (upgrade coupons and/or replacement rates)
  109. Escalade ESV
  110. Help with Award - Total cost in points?
  111. Is there a way to reserve hatchback?
  112. Very Poor Experience with Hertz in Indianapolis
  113. Business vs. Personal
  114. Hertz Rewards - Point Earning History
  115. Huh? SNA Out of Cars for 7/15 Pickup
  116. More inventive fees...
  117. Seatbelt issue
  118. Why rental at EWR are so expensive?
  119. First time one-way decisions!
  120. Connect by Hertz
  121. "No automatic for you"/Guaranteed availability for PC
  122. Any circumstance a hertz voucher would *not* be honoured in France?
  123. Best car rental option for a 9 day trip with 4 days on a cruise
  124. Hertz Italy now renting Lotus
  125. Hertz Gold Five Star always receives crappier car than coworker
  126. "Collection" cars - make and model specific?
  127. Canadian Weekend Rentals
  128. Have questions about premium cars
  129. Reserved a Mustang - but what kind?
  130. OT. cheapest OW rental from CA
  131. Hertz Grace Period Change? For Everyone?
  132. CDW through credit card
  133. CDP jet blue
  134. Anyone else have issues at PHX airport location?
  135. Hertz Gold Expired
  136. Questions about a Toyota Sienna
  137. Using AAA coupon code, do I really need to present it?
  138. Need a little help with DTW weekend rental
  139. Modifying reservation due to flight change
  140. Changing Rates With Country Page??
  141. Hold times calling gold desk
  142. Renting car in Frankfurt Looking for discount/coupon code
  143. Got Keys Can I leave it on the Lot 2 Hours?
  144. Hertz's Awful Website
  145. website anomalies, #1 Club Gold profile, CDP charges
  146. Mexico (at least in MID) - defining "intermediate"
  147. $150 surprise drop charge
  148. Any tips to lower cross-border one-way rental cost in Europe?
  149. Hertz Albany airport is the worst...
  150. SAN rate codes
  151. Serious mechanical problems twice recently
  152. List the reasons hertz have refused your partner miles here
  153. Why do hertz bother offering miles
  154. Rental liability insurance in Munich
  155. Hertz is now on Facebook
  156. Luxury Question
  157. Hertz CEO: We're Buying Cars...Lots of Cars
  158. glitch with low European rates
  159. Another "Given a Damaged Car" Thread
  160. Any Hertz cars in Texas with TxTag?
  161. $30 off one day weekend rental, was I just lucky?
  162. Credit card Insurance coverage whe using a free day coupon??
  163. ORD Hertz gripe... again
  164. JFK to BOS in August
  165. Question
  166. Hopefully quick question on car received for class (President's Circle)
  167. Presidents Circle Benefits?
  168. Infiniti G35 or G37
  169. This is why the ZHZs are so beat up.
  170. # 1 Gold Activation Question
  171. Europe rentals - what is the difference between CDW and Super Cover?
  172. Getting Gold?
  173. What size car to rent in Geneva
  174. Is customer service really this bad?
  175. Upgrade in TLS?
  176. I gave Hertz a chance...
  177. Wrecked Car Do they Run Up Your Credit Card?
  178. Beware gouging with bonus PC 130804 (dbl pts, dbl upgrade)
  179. Local Drop Fees
  180. Shelby GT-H at AMS - are they sent from the US?
  181. If you ran Hertz
  182. Anyone familiar with Hertz Lost and Found?
  183. Declining Customer Service
  184. Why is Hertz so expensive (17th-21st Jul LAX)?
  185. redeeming award for someone else
  186. Is it true that
  187. How Long After Signing #1: "Customer not registerd for gold service at this location"
  188. Hertz Does NOT Charge Diminished Value ? ? ?
  189. "Network Error" for and Hertz UK ?
  190. Holy crap!!! LHR had cars today...
  191. Presidents Cirlcle
  192. Additional drivers in Europe
  193. %%-6% Cash back on top of discount coupon/codes etc
  194. Exorbitant rates for #1 Gold
  195. Booking #1 award for a one month rental?
  196. FL to NY special
  197. Hertz changes rates unilateraly
  198. infinity G35/G37?
  199. 1-day rental rates in Australia almost doubled from last year?
  200. pickup times Q
  201. Amex centurion
  202. PC shows zero
  203. Mini Vans?
  204. #1 Club Gold Reservation Question
  205. Volvo XC90 at SFO
  206. Adding LDW after a rental starts
  207. Hertz #1 Club Gold Amex Platinum Free Upgrade Code
  208. Poor hertz usa experience
  209. Expiring Cust Satisfaction Certificate
  210. Can I add personal preferences to my Hertz account?
  211. Hertz Award Chart - can not find it?
  212. Excellent Europe Hertz Experience
  213. Europe MB A160 AUX Jack?
  214. New Zealand Car Rentals
  215. Value of ZE1 Points - cash 'em out or pay cash?
  216. Deal on a Prestige or Fun collection auto in CA
  217. $24.99 per week
  218. Upcoming European rentals
  219. Hertz waiving fees for underage drivers promotion
  220. Additional drivers in the U.S. - Charges and Requirements !?
  221. Mazda CX-9 at DFW?
  222. Humorous pickup - keyfob chewed
  223. Anyone else noticing an increase in new cars/service getting better?
  224. private ride to terminal at IAD: I liked it!
  225. Flying Blue rentals
  226. Hertz "Affordable Europe" - 2009 edition
  227. Good experience with Priceline & Hertz at SFO
  228. 8000 points expiring Dec 31
  229. Merc GLK350 - New Model in Prestige Collection
  230. Problem with coupon code?!
  231. PBI rental help please...
  232. Hertz at ATL
  233. Is my rental guaranteed to be there?
  234. Long term upgrades?
  235. Suggestion for Hertz (and some other rental car companies)
  236. Best way to rent a Car for person under 25 and avoid the expensive surcharge
  237. How to get SkyMiles w/ Hertz rentals
  238. YYZ has major issues!!!
  239. Hertz Platinum on Charity Auction
  240. Insurance questions re award booking in Italy
  241. Bunch of New HLE's - CarStar
  242. 50$ Hertz Voucher when buying a $150 Marriott Hotel gift card
  243. shuttle buses (or lack thereof) at ORD
  244. Can I use Italian Hertz website?
  245. Points rental for President's Circle member in YYC
  246. PlatePass charges CASH tolls!
  247. So just what car class is a Mazda 6?
  248. What is my PC code?
  249. new "pay now" feature when making online reservations -- not very well implemented
  250. Can rate be too low to qualify for FF Miles?