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  1. Got my first HGI suite upgrade as a Gold HHonors cardmember
  2. Lounges open on weekends?
  3. how long for points to post after FAX noting failure to post?
  4. Is banquet cost eligible for points?
  5. free breakfast for rewards stay?
  6. Free night certificate
  7. Upgraded to Exec Level on a PL Reservation!
  8. Around the world trip
  9. How much do you think Diamond is worth?
  10. Hilton Family Hotels Master Thread: Suggestions, Corrections & Updates for inclusion
  11. Travelling again!!!
  12. Anyone do the PHAR08?
  13. First Time using Points Please help
  14. Did I do the right thing?
  15. Hampton Inn & Suites Rockville Centre {US-NY}
  16. What is the problem with editing "Room Preference"?
  17. Moral & ecological impact of resort hotels
  18. Was my account compromised?
  19. Hampton Inn & Suites Tahoe-Truckee {US-CA}
  20. VIP In-Hotel Benefit Preferences - Diamond Desk Help
  21. Hilton took 30k for two OP01 7500 rewards.
  22. PLEASE READ FIRST: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Pertaining to Hilton HHonors
  23. Details of Diamond Status Challenge Offered to Starwood Platinum
  24. Reducing Reservation Dates Increases Rate?
  25. No Diamond Awards if Room Rates over $500?
  26. Finding Confirmation No After Stay?
  27. Hampton Inn St. Augustine-Historic District {US-FL}
  28. Teckie question
  29. How do I request a replacement card?
  30. Amex card cancelled; Will I get the 10, 000 plus 10, 000 points bonus if I reapply.
  31. Has anyone been charged for day use at a HGI when asking for late checkout?
  32. [SUPERCEDED] Hilton Family Hotel Master Thread
  33. Is there a good way to check for discounts other then each hotel at a time?
  34. Excessive Comments on File
  35. Diamond Award Availability Question
  36. Category changes and award reservations
  37. Expecting 15K...Got 10K
  38. Do I need to ask for benefits?
  39. Hotel employee does not know what type of rooms they have
  40. Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark {US-MO}
  41. HHonors Double Points Rates
  42. Embassy Suites - Easy Check-in Machine
  43. Bad Hampton experience
  44. Charge in error?
  45. Hilton VIP benefits expanded - I think
  46. HHonors Points from booking?
  47. The party may be over, HH may take back points awarded on Reward Stays
  48. Learn the Program!
  49. Is there a way to get on fastrack to Gold/Diamond
  50. Hilton Moorside Grange {GBR} (no longer HHonors)
  51. 3 Hilton Hotels Tops in Guest Satisfaction Index Study
  52. Hotels Sold
  53. Difficulty posting to AF/KLM Flying Blue
  54. Award stay booked for 2 people, booked in one name - can we credit stay to the other?
  55. 1,000,000 points ?
  56. Homewood Suites by Hilton Raleigh/Cary {US-NC}
  57. 10,000 points for!
  58. Booking HE3 award online
  59. Waiter, there is a worm in my orange juice!
  60. Hhonoring the Olympic Spirit
  61. Hampton Inn Davenport {US-IA} (no longer HHonors)
  62. This room looks familiar
  63. Request for Hilton hotel family floor plans
  64. TMobile-HHonors Points
  65. Somebody used my HHonors #...
  66. Things Hilton needs to work on.
  67. Help! Fast Track Offer Disappeared!
  68. Any current comps to Silver/Gold available? Help QF WP's family
  69. Reward Stay - "May be available"
  70. Hilton Garden Inn Boston-Burlington {US-MA}
  71. Use Reward Points for 2 Rooms?
  72. Hilton Avisford Park, Arundel {GBR}
  73. Select your own room?!?
  74. Double Base Points for Conrad Hotel through 8/31
  75. Do these points qualify?
  76. Complementary Diamond VIP Package
  77. HHonors Communication Preferences Changes
  78. CONFUSED: When are points deducted for award
  79. Are there any Hamptons that don't look like a Hampton?
  80. Hampton Inn Bloomington {US-IN}
  81. Diamond reward override, only once per yer????
  82. Hilton Colombo {LKA}
  83. When to stop earning points?
  84. Homewood Suites by Hilton Fresno {US-CA}
  85. Hampton Inn Ste Minneapolis St Paul Arpt-Mall of America {US-MN}
  86. Who's Working the Diamond Desk
  87. Our lowest available rate is $171. Can I have the $69 rate? OK.
  88. Diamond vs. Gold for $150 (or do I do a mattress run?)
  89. Fast Track - When is end July?
  90. Hilton Garden Inn earns no points?
  91. Promo points posting--which promo?
  92. New "benefit" miles OR upgrade
  93. New HH Diamond Benefit??? Pilot Program For Diamond VIP Package
  94. Scandic Siracusa {ITA} (no longer HHonors)
  95. Is Hilton Suites going away?
  96. New “Sticky” Thread for the Hilton forum?
  97. FastTrack Promo messed up??
  98. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Grand Junction {US-CO}
  99. Hilton Garden Inn Times Square {US-NY}
  100. The Strathallen Rochester - a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel {US-NY}
  101. Hilton Orlando/Altamonte Springs {US-FL}
  102. Hilton Dublin Airport {IRL}
  103. So I'm re-qualing for Diamond this week ... ain't I?
  104. How much for Laptop Boards
  105. Receiving Points for a Family Member's Stay?
  106. Problems with viewing reservation details
  107. HGI Customer Service Address????
  108. Do you tip the concierge in the Exec lounge?
  109. Amex Credit Renewal / Sign Up Points
  110. Lucky to get credit
  111. Why the hotel kept emailing me my upcoming stays which I already canceled online?
  112. Earning strategy
  113. Top International Destinations - Earn 500 HHonors Bonus Points
  114. Need some booking advice
  115. DISCUSSION for Hilton HHonors Hotels in Northern Ireland {GBR}
  116. need to rebook award upon status change?
  117. Hilton Guest Satisfaction eSurvey
  118. How many nights required for Diamond after fast track to Gold?
  119. Does Award Stay Count for Fast Track?
  120. No eggs for you
  121. No Room at the Inns
  122. If your Hilton Grand Vacations Club® stays/points take forever to post...
  123. 1,000 Bonus Points for eAdvantage Members
  124. Bottled Water in Room
  125. Embassy Suites Northwest Arkansas - Hotel, Spa & Convention Center {US-AR}
  126. Trip Report - Auckland, Cannes, Seoul Millineum
  127. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Durango {US-CO}
  128. Hilton Beirut/Hilton Doha
  129. Points for timeshare presentations?
  130. Dinner Parties and In-Room Functions: Will I Earn Hilton HHonors Points?
  131. Help me spend some points
  132. I don't want stay/point credit, so would this be possible?
  133. Hilton aims to improve guests' comfort at hotels
  134. Getting benefits without HHonours card
  135. List of Reward codes?
  136. Anyone ever tried the Egyptian All-Inclusive Rewards?
  137. What is your HHonors earning style?
  138. Hilton Auction - Teen Choice Awards: email fraud?
  139. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Little Rock {US-AR}
  140. HHonors points for dinner only
  141. Embassy Suites Houston - Near the Galleria {US-TX}
  142. Embassy Suites Detroit - Troy/Auburn Hills {US-MI}
  143. Hampton Inn Glenwood Springs {US-CO}
  144. Hampton Hopper Rates
  145. Hilton Nova Yardinia (multiple at Taranto) {ITA} (no longer HHonors)
  146. Children in Room Policy - UK & Japan
  147. What makes DoubleTree a different product?
  148. Use of concierge when not staying at the hotel
  149. Weekend with(out) style
  150. Taking advantage of promos
  151. Customer Service,,,,,
  152. Incorrect rate showing?
  153. Procaccianti Group buys 5 DT hotels -- including mine!
  154. New Homewood Suites in Jacksonville, FL & Amherst, NY
  155. Hampton Inn White River Junction {US-VT}
  156. Hampton Inn Pigeon Forge {US-TN}
  157. New Hilton Int. structure to facilitate operational and commercial excellence
  158. Any way to convert c601 to COR1???
  159. Gold FastTrack
  160. Where are hiltons servers located?
  161. Honors Amex GLON discount
  162. What to do with 5,000 HH points
  163. What does 'Fully Flexible' mean?
  164. Hilton Cardiff {GBR}
  165. Confirmation # but no Reservation? HELP!
  166. Revenue Room: No; Award Room: Yes. Huh???
  167. qualifying nights and stays
  168. Award Rooms Together
  169. stuck in elevator for 2.5 hours, what's appropriate compensation?
  170. Question about Hilton Honors Program
  171. Hilton contact address for thank-you letter?
  172. Hilton Garden Inn Niagara-on-the-Lake {CAN}
  173. Gold Status for being a Referral??
  174. Why Am I Staying With Hilton?
  175. Hilton Garden Inn Anchorage {US-AK}
  176. Lounge Access Eligibility
  177. Ever been called in advance of stay by hotel?
  178. Hilton HHonors Diamond Telephone Number
  179. Hilton HHonors Diamond Desk Weaker than Hyatt's & SPG's Top-Tier Customer Service?
  180. Diamond (re)Qualification via Special Promo
  181. Most enjoyable breakfast buffets?
  182. New Hilton Serenity Bath Collection Will Infuse a Spa Experience into Every Hilton
  183. Hampton Inn by Hilton Ottawa {CAN}
  184. Hilton Toledo {US-OH} (no longer HHonors)
  185. The new future for Hilton Garden Inn
  186. Honors Points for more than 1 room per stay?
  187. VIP Hotel Benefit Preferences
  188. Cut off our foot
  189. Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa {SYC}
  190. HH points from my account to my friends FF account
  191. Need a diamond's help to get res
  192. All About Hilton Garden Inns — The Definitve Thread
  193. Executive Floor/Suite Awards?
  194. Diamond upgrade/Loung access
  195. Hilton Garden Inn - Free Golf
  196. Internet Special - Confidential Rate?
  197. Earning points through non-hilton site?
  198. How long to get HH card in Europe
  199. Hiltons- any of them habitually late opening for breakfast?
  200. Scandics in Copenhagen and Stockholm
  201. Award vs. Paid Stay....Cost Ratio
  202. Bringing kids without listing in booking
  203. Homewood Suites by Hilton Toronto-Mississauga {CAN}
  204. Unknown Promo Points
  205. How long (on average) is it taking to receive targeted promo certificates?
  206. NYT Sharkey: reimagining the Hilton brand
  207. How can I get in touch with a Hilton corporate employee who asked me to contact them?
  208. Good use for Hampton Inn Keys
  209. Electric Outlets at Naairobe Hilton and Salt Lick
  210. A Case of Mistaken Identity
  211. Anybody Else Win a Clock Radio (or iPod)?
  212. Cracking the targetted promo formula?
  213. M4 mattress run - trip report
  214. 2000 Points for inconvenience
  215. When does Hilton change their movies?
  216. Is there any pattern to rate changes?
  217. Base points for catering
  218. Getting folios older than those listed
  219. Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Laval {CAN}
  220. Hampton Inn Sturbridge {US-MA}
  221. The type of room you book is just a "request" not a guarantee
  222. What the heck is up with all the Hampton half windows?
  223. Hilton Database Hacked?
  224. Wasn't British Airways an HHonors Award Redemption Choice Before?
  225. Hilton Garden Inn Houston/Galleria Area {US-TX}
  226. VIP status expiration - where on website is it explained?
  227. Double Base Points This Summer Promo
  228. promo for 25K points
  229. Compare Hotels
  230. Hilton to Open Starbucks in Hotels
  231. Research survey on Hotel programs
  232. Hampton Inn Laramie {US-WY}
  233. Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis/Carmel {US-IN}
  234. Hilton Clocks: The Definitive Information and How-To Thread
  235. Homewood Suites by Hilton Boston-Peabody {US-MA}
  236. 4 Night Premium Award?
  237. Rate quote walking in the door
  238. Gifting certs - questions
  239. Mount Wolseley Hilton, Carlow {IRL} (no longer HHonors)
  240. Can this be right? 83,000 Points for free!
  241. Hilton Fort Collins {US-CO}
  242. Hilton Upgrade
  243. Hilton Puckrup Hall, Tewkesbury {GBR}
  244. Hilton HHonors “Phishing”?
  245. Plz help : I have 335K of HiltonHonors points
  246. Q about redemption procedure
  247. Rewards name does not match guest name
  248. Help, help! They "stole" her points (I think?)
  249. planned Hilton Tahiti Huahine Beach Resort {PYF} (not HHonors)
  250. Best value hilton in the world.