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  1. Lounge Access No Longer Guaranteed; Hilton “Enhances” Gold Level Perks
  2. So...does Hilton want me to burn my HHonors points?
  3. Vacation ideas
  4. Citi Hilton Visa Receiving 6x Credit Problems
  5. Lost Hilton Status
  6. Are you eligible for qualifying stays and points if booked using quidco???
  7. HH teams up with Canada's Air Miles loyalty program
  8. Hilton Beijing Capital Airport {CHN}
  9. Hilton Lexington/Downtown {US-KY}
  10. Embassy Suites McAllen {US-TX} (no longer HHonors)
  11. Which bonus option is best?
  12. HH Honors Points conversion
  13. Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown/Convention Center {US-TX}
  14. US Airways - triple miles for Hilton Stay
  15. Gold Amenity -- Did Something Just Change
  16. New to the Hilton Amex...
  17. Combined stay, points & cash...which first?
  18. travelling spouse: any combined benefits?
  19. International Exchange Rate for Base Pts
  20. Hampton Inn & Suites Coeur d'Alene {US-ID}
  21. Status change AFTER stay is completed?
  22. Can I change HH Number AFTER check in?
  23. Do Diamond/Gold Members get Executive Lounge access AND continental breakfast coupon?
  24. Hilton Garden Inn San Antonio Airport {US-TX}
  25. Hilton Garden Inn Lake Forest Mettawa {US-IL}
  26. CITI HHonors card hard to get?
  27. HHonors Earnings Mall - Anyone seen points yet?
  28. Biggest waste of points
  29. How Many Points? Does All This Combine?
  30. Redeeming HHonors Award for Spouse
  31. Amex gave me a 2nd Hilton Account
  32. Hilton Family MVP Rate
  33. Nor1 Hotels Thread
  34. Any properties with 2 separate Hiltons inside?
  35. How to I get Hilton Grand Vacations Club® to stop calling me non-stop?
  36. What's flexible about this rate?
  37. Hampton Inn Orlando International Drive/Convention Center {US-FL}
  38. Paid upgrade offered months in advance
  39. HHonors AMEX? Access to airport lounges?
  40. Ppd amenities incl. upgrades and late ckout?
  41. Missing Reservations Hilton Honors Site
  42. Gold and Platinum at the same time
  43. Sorry your room is not available (at 11pm)!!!
  44. "We appreciate your loyalty"
  45. Homewood Suites by Hilton Sioux Falls {US-SD}
  46. Hilton Garden Inn Roseville {US-CA}
  47. Would you ask for compensation after wedding reception?
  48. Hampton Inn by Hilton Guadalajara-Aeropuerto {MEX}
  49. Hiltons in the USVI?
  50. Hilton/Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Promo
  51. Can you Book A Reward Stay for More Days Than you Stay?
  52. Free continental breakfast for HH gold - guaranteed or optional?
  53. Two new resorts join Hilton family
  54. Double base points in US & Canada select properties - remaining C/Y 2008
  55. HHonors and Suites
  56. Using Rebtel to contact HHonors??
  57. Gold level HH: easiest way for a new member?
  58. HH status going up instead of down
  59. Diamond Benefits if Reserving Exec. Floor Room?
  60. Asked which My Way choice I wanted at check-in
  61. Hilton Hotels, new action items?
  62. Wife on reservation but want to change it to my account
  63. Room upgrades: how often, and what, do you get?
  64. I have a 3 night res and want to modify to 2 nights
  65. Hilton Garden Inn Baltimore Inner Harbor {US-MD}
  66. Hilton.com rate issue--any help on escalating this further?
  67. New offer: "Diamond VIP airline rewards: Fly to Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, and more"
  68. How many people belong to HHonors?
  69. How to find HH hotels along a route?
  70. DISCUSSION for Hilton HHonors Hotels in Nebraska, USA {US-NE}
  71. How to check account activity at HHonors?
  72. Gold Status Question
  73. No promotions with the economy the way it is?
  74. Upgrade on reward stay?
  75. planned Hampton by Hilton hotel in St Petersburg {RUS} (not HHonors)
  76. Homewood Suites Room Location
  77. Advice pls? Diamond member-booked, how to transfer?
  78. Looking for ways to earn MORE Hilton points
  79. Change in Status Effect on Extant Reservations
  80. Question about triple points
  81. Honorable, if Humble, Hilton Family Hotels
  82. Gold Status Upgrade On Amex
  83. Curious about tipping maid vs. no service
  84. used points but still charged for room?
  85. Gifting award stay to family member
  86. Is there a Hilton frequent booker website?
  87. Hilton Took Points Away From Stays Two Months Ago
  88. Hilton Columbia Center {US-SC}
  89. 4 stays within 90 days or not?
  90. Switch in status after check-in...
  91. Hilton Plans To Add 300 Asia Hotels
  92. Points posting slower than usual?
  93. $76 minibar charge
  94. How does double dip work?
  95. Gold Perks on Award nights?
  96. Wacky Pricing
  97. Embassy Suites Olympic Panda Promotion
  98. Get Ready to rock - New summer promo
  99. Now you can choose your favorite suite with Homewood Suites
  100. ES new ad campaign: Business Balance
  101. Lots of points, no stay credits?
  102. Rhyme or reason with fast track...
  103. Hampton Inn & Suites Las Cruces I-25 {US-NM}
  104. I am not superstitious, but..
  105. New eAdvantage promotions - Free iTunes and iPod and bonus points
  106. Early Departure Fee
  107. The Hotel Minneapolis - a Doubletree {US-MN} (no longer HHonors)
  108. Hospitality Room Question.
  109. Help. Recd Offer But Link Wont Bring Up Anything.
  110. stay used my dad points, how to change my HH number to get stay credit
  111. Hilton has missed me:double points 6/15-9/13
  112. Careful re HH Amex Offer of 50K pts to join
  113. Hilton HHonors Euro Point Shaving?
  114. Hampton Inn Crescent City {US-CA} (no longer HHonors)
  115. Hampton Inn.. "On the Go" bags question
  116. 2008 Promotions????
  117. Count me skeptical re: New Diamond Re-qual baloney
  118. ... Booking with a travel agent ...
  119. Quickest way to get a few points
  120. Quick Gold/Silver Policy Question
  121. Hilton Garden Inn Milan Malpensa {ITA}
  122. Award Changed without Notice
  123. New HHonors Shopping Portal
  124. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cleveland Downtown - Lakeside {US-OH}
  125. Random Rate Change
  126. HH Gold Card ???
  127. HH American Express
  128. .. The New Hampton Inn Wardrobes..
  129. Customer Annotations / Comments from CSRs?
  130. A list of recently opened Hilton hotels (around May 1, 2008)
  131. No Way to sign up for HHonors?
  132. Double Points rate?
  133. Mid-Atlantic Seaboard Hilton on/near Beach?
  134. Uk credit card yet?
  135. its cheaper to book eveywhere else than on hilton.com
  136. HH Gold Status via credit card charges
  137. Hilton adds touch of luxury, hiring two away from a rival(source: Wall Street Journal
  138. Hilton HHonors Silver VIP Status: Is It Really Worth It?
  139. Can one place an award reservation on hold until points arrive in my account?
  140. planned Conrad Jakarta {IDN} (not HHonors)
  141. New Conrads In Exotic Locations
  142. Elite-qualifying Nights Without Actually Staying In A Hilton Hotel
  143. Black Diamond Card
  144. Hampton Inn & Suites Carson City {US-NV}
  145. List North American Hotels that Favor Diamonds over Golds
  146. The Dreader Search for it Reply
  147. Homewoods that Provide a Credible Dinner?
  148. Inactive account with current reservations?
  149. Will I Get The Points/Stay Credits in this Situation....
  150. Earn 2500 Delta miles bonus
  151. Thinking up promotions 99% can't use...
  152. Is the AMEX Fast Track offer automatically applied?
  153. Fiancee staying at under my Diamond account..?
  154. Referral Bonus for Hhonors AmEx or Citi CC?
  155. Best (or worst) Diamond treatment ?
  156. Current Best Hhonors Amex Offer
  157. A little extra tansparency in a online TA reservation
  158. Midsummer bonus in the Nordic European countries (5000 points/stay)
  159. Typical % of "Standard" Rooms at Hilton
  160. Cancellation on reward book
  161. Does Hilton Respond to Email
  162. Hampton's Hot Breakfast Items
  163. Recommendation for vacation at Hilton
  164. Hilton "Tourist" booking
  165. Hampton Inn Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport South {US-TX}
  166. Hilton San Diego Bayfront {US-CA}
  167. Best HHonors Credit Card for Points
  168. Hilton Grand Vacations Club®
  169. HHonors Points and Hilton Family Hotels
  170. Outdated stuff on Diamond replacement card
  171. hh 48hour reservation guarantee for diamond members
  172. Contact at HHonors When Complimenting a GM?
  173. Why does HH not have special offers like SPG?
  174. Hilton Celebrity sightings
  175. Searching by Country or Category on Hilton website?
  176. 2 rooms at same time/same hotel = 1 stay or 2??
  177. Conrad Maldives or Hilton Seychelles
  178. Double Nortwest Miles through 7/31/08
  179. Hampton Inn Houston I-10W/Energy Cor {US-TX}
  180. Booking multiple rooms on Hilton.com
  181. Embassy Suites El Paso {US-TX} (no longer HHonors)
  182. hhonors to amex rewards?
  183. Yellowstone National Park Hilton advice needed
  184. I finally got an upgrade w/out asking!
  185. How are diamond members really treated?
  186. Question about whether I should have gotten points for this stay?
  187. Are award stays no longer counting for qualification?
  188. 100K limit on earning HHonors?
  189. Hilton Garden Inn Matera {ITA}
  190. Correlation b/w stay listed in "hotel stays summary" on website and points posting?
  191. planned Hilton Garden Inn Camden {US-NJ} (not HHonors)
  192. Proposal to HH for new awards...
  193. Hampton Inns - REALLY awful room lighting?!
  194. Tired of useless double base points rates
  195. OT: On Facebook - "I'll tell you what to do with your Diamond..."
  196. Redeeming pts for nights - how many per night?
  197. Gold/Diamond bonus points versus upgrade
  198. Is this legit?: "Shop and Earn with Hilton HHonors(R) and American Express"
  199. Getting an Amex Hhonors if i don't stay at hilton frequently?
  200. Hilton Booking Rooms for other people policy
  201. Must name be same for doubledip?
  202. Hilton Family Reservations News-email
  203. Onlinr reward nights booking question
  204. Hhonors Amex: Cashback equivalent? Gold Status?
  205. Complaint letter goes unanswered four times...
  206. What the? Completely unrelated reservation appears in my account!
  207. Hampton Inn & Suites Providence Downtown {US-RI}
  208. How long until HH Amex points post?
  209. Will I get stay credit if I stay on anthoer persons hhonors points?
  210. Package deal booking on Expedia
  211. Award Reservation Mystery
  212. Reservation mystery.
  213. My wedding group rate is too high, any advice?
  214. Does Hilton have a 5 star hotel/resort? Where?
  215. Hampton Inn & Suites Farmington {US-NM}
  216. How often does HH release additional award rooms?
  217. New rate type, "For Individual Hotel Use"?
  218. The "Biscuits and Gravy at HHonors Properties -- Best and Worst" thread
  219. Double/Triple HHonors "Base" Points
  220. Hampton Inn Ukiah {US-CA}
  221. Extra 250 points for staying at Hampton
  222. Homewood Suites beds?
  223. Hilton Garden Inn Reno {US-NV}
  224. Transfer Miles and use your own credit card?
  225. Sneaky way to get an HH upgrade???
  226. help with planning award stay summer vacation
  227. No availability online when trying Diamond VIP 48H guarantee
  228. Hilton Upgrade
  229. "You've been upgraded to"...... BS - Stop lying to us
  230. Can you change your award level in middle of your stay?
  231. Experiences with using FTD for bonus points?
  232. Smoking/Non Smoking Rooms - Guaranteed or Request Only?
  233. Any other programs transfer to HHonors at 2:1 ratio, like AA?
  234. Discount Rate?
  235. New hhonors cards
  236. Achieving Highest Status
  237. Hilton Garden Inn Hattiesburg {US-MS}
  238. Hampton Inn & Suites Berkshires-Lenox {US-MA}
  239. HH Oops: Downgraded to Silver?
  240. Spring break with kids -- Waikaloa or Whistler?
  241. My first experience as a Hilton Gold Member
  242. Hampton Inn & Suites Woodland-Sacramento Area {US-CA}
  243. Do you get a year gold entension for 20k purchases?
  244. Can you book a GLONP for 5 nights only?
  245. Xmas Break for Hilton Diamond
  246. Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem {ISR}
  247. Shortcut to HH Gold or Diamond
  248. HGI Groveling for a "9" or "10"?
  249. Any issue getting point/stay credits with third party vendors like Travel Planners?
  250. Diamond Special Services does not accept e-mail requests