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  1. Newbie: Start new account for wife?
  2. Should I give a gift for an Upgrade?
  3. Diamond versus Gold: It's Outrageous That There Is So Little Difference
  4. Request A Duvet Cover at Embassy Suites?
  5. Can you recommend Hilton HHonors?
  6. Did Not receive 500 Bonus points for booking online
  7. watch for modifying reservations
  8. Keep track of your stays
  9. Less Hold time
  10. Upgrading a reward room
  11. Lufthansa M&M Hilton booking for someone
  12. Hilton Diamond Benefits
  13. Will I get HHonors points/nights for this?
  14. http://hhonors1.hilton.com/en_US/hh/landing/VIPOnly/index.do
  15. Need advice: Will this mattress run work?
  16. Marriott Reservations Become Even Faster And Easier
  17. will upgrade work with eCheckin
  18. Hilton facing criminal prosecution over Starwood dispute
  19. Hilton Dining to keep HHonors account active
  20. if the room is reserved by the agent
  21. Reward Yourself with a Weekend Stay - Save 10% with AmEx
  22. Is BRG desk in US or abroad?
  23. Call Diamond Desk?
  24. New to Hilton - few questions
  25. Changed Pre-Point Devaluation Award Stay With No Increased Points Required
  26. Rate/Nights Shenanigans?
  27. legitimate way of racking up stays?
  28. earning miles with Hilton stay
  29. Getting Delayed over night by airline - stay credit?
  30. Hilton wanting to open a new hotel in Arnhem, the Netherlands
  31. Change Paid Reservation to Award Stay
  32. Night on Us credits
  33. 2,500 HH points?
  34. New to Hilton: Double Dip Question
  35. Does Hilton Garden Inn stay qualifies for 500 miles?
  36. Triple Point at Hampton
  37. "No upgrade on reward stays at Hampton" - clerk says this is a new Hilton rule
  38. 3 Adults... Book as 2 adults and 2 beds?
  39. Nancy Banks W/Hilton stole my points
  40. Kudos to Hilton - very responsive to a problem
  41. HHonors AmEx 62,500 points offer
  42. Does one award night and one paid night not equal two?
  43. wait or book now?
  44. Waldorf-Astoria: Earn on total folio or room rate only
  45. Newbie wants some help about getting a rental car.
  46. How would you handle this?????
  47. Combo account?
  48. Deposits Now Required for Rewards Nights?
  49. Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa/Short Pump {US-VA}
  50. Princess Guatemala {GTM} (not HHonors)
  51. stuck in elevator- compensation
  52. Ever try a point transfer ?
  53. It's Been A Year Since AMEX HHonors' Bonus Point Structure Change
  54. Newspapers ???
  55. Hilton room comps, do they earn points?
  56. HHonors hotel where you received the best service
  57. Hilton Mexico City Reforma {MEX}
  58. "Why I think the Devaluation is a Good Thing" - A very short essay
  59. Limited points for long stays
  60. Prices for hilton employees?
  61. Dad taken ill - need to send proof to cancel booking??
  62. Hilton Needs a Corporate Program
  63. All HGI Hotels 500 Points Offer
  64. And Hilton had audacity to DEVALUE points! - The 2009 Hotel Scene: How Bad Was It?
  65. What To Do If Snow Cancels Nonrefundable Stay
  66. Hilton Dining 2nd Serving 1K bonus
  67. HHonors Customer Services
  68. 1 night deposits - Required yet no receipt
  69. Yikes! "Luckiest Loser" tag for HHonors?
  70. Win 10k USD shopping spree With Embassy Suites
  71. Best way to complain when most of the complaints are about things created by the GM
  72. hilton properties, price differences between 1 guest and 2 guests..
  73. Complaints: how long for a reply?
  74. Will accepting unsolicited Gold Stat. atler eligibility for lmatches/challenges later
  75. Dilemma- question for those w/ SPG status/knowledge
  76. Hilton Q2 promotion?
  77. Why would you leave Hilton?
  78. Upgrade to diamond
  79. Have i missed a promotion for Q4
  80. Is Hilton downsizing gyms?
  81. Points Roll Call
  82. Res System down all day (Jan 31)
  83. Your favorite USA Hilton property
  84. No Complimenary upgrade to Gold from Hilton
  85. Leaving Hilton, best use of my remaining Hhonors points?
  86. Received Gold Card in HA promo; but already Diamond. Can still get promo perks?
  87. Hilton Hotels Very Generous to Oprah and audience
  88. HHonors AMEX promo will NOT honor 10K of the 60K points
  89. Hilton Garden Inn Greensboro {US-NC}
  90. When should I remind the hotel of my request for a suite upgrade?
  91. HH properties on Foursquare
  92. Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC/Bethesda {US-MD}
  93. Hampton Inn Madison East Towne Mall Area {US-WI}
  94. Hampton Inn & Suites Folsom {US-CA}
  95. New Procedure For Earning Bonus Hilton HHonors Points for Car Rental
  96. redeem points for flights?
  97. An odd one: Homewood Suites 1 bdrm cheaper than studio
  98. Hilton Customer No More!
  99. Kudos to HHonors Representatives
  100. Hilton Vacation Packages?
  101. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Princeton {US-NJ}
  102. Hilton Garden Inn Denver/Cherry Creek {US-CO}
  103. Parc Soleil Suites by Hilton Grand Vacations {US-FL}
  104. Hampton Inn Elmira/Horseheads {US-NY}
  105. Chances of Status match to Gold status/room upgrade on arrival
  106. Booking VIP Awards is a Mess Online After 1/15
  107. Hilton Voice of the Customer Award
  108. Hampton award winners
  109. "No One Can Do Anything" - found this old HH quote while cleaning
  110. Best Beach Hilton in Continental U.S.
  111. Best quality/value Hilton resort in East Asia?
  112. Design a room $50 American Express check
  113. Anyone been comped GOLD with 3000 missing base points?
  114. Special Invitation to Hilton HHonors Members: Hilton Grand Vacations Club® Ownership
  115. ANY Cat1 or Cat2 properties?
  116. 48 Hour Guarantee Available Online (New?)
  117. HHonors Base Points: -1,031. Anyone else showing a negatibe balance?
  118. "Devaluation Free Night" Certificate Redemption Issues
  119. Multiple rates in one booking
  120. TEEN VIP awards? (GLON, AXON)
  121. Can we mail award voucher to the hotel?
  122. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Orlando at SeaWorld {US-FL}
  123. Change Reward Reservation & Lose Points?
  124. AMEX HHonors card - retention bonus successes?
  125. Why did rates change in 5 minutes?
  126. Conrad Bali or Conrad Maldives
  127. Best Western Exec References Hilton Devaluation
  128. If you could stay for free at any Hilton worldwide where would it be?
  129. HHonors Program "Help the Earthquake Victims in Haiti"
  130. 4-night VIP HHonors redemptions
  131. DoubleTree by Hilton Resort Kos {GRC} (no longer HHonors)
  132. Hilton Website Changed over prior to 12:00 CST- NOT FAIR!!
  133. Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk {JPN}
  134. Is the diamond desk operational
  135. 2010 Delta SkyMiles or 50% HHonors Points
  136. What's my second best option?
  137. Charges to gold members for fitness club
  138. Booking 2 rooms question
  139. When should I expect hhoners point from amex?
  140. planned Hilton Amman {JOR} (not HHonors)
  141. discount on w-a hotels with points?
  142. How long for account to account transfers to post?
  143. Diamond status - not that bad IMHO
  144. HHONORS or Airline Points or BOTH
  145. Missed Diamond Last year - what to do?
  146. Company switching to AXIOM...no more mattress runs?
  147. Am Ex Gold Status Short Cut - "Savings at Work"?
  148. Elite Benefits on Award from Spouses Account?
  149. Gold VIP Hilton Reward Stay - Do you get upgrade and perks?
  150. One more question about a reservation with rental car/airline deals
  151. Confused About HHonors
  152. Rate increase when changing reservation dates
  153. Is there an online directory of all Homewood Suites?
  154. Reward cancellations
  155. My Year Has Reset And I Still Show Diamond Status??
  156. Hampton Inn Helena {US-MT}
  157. Hilton Redemption Rates
  158. Help w award reservation
  159. VIP Point Redemptions for new 2010 Rates
  160. Hampton Inn - Price higher for 2 people?
  161. Earning at Waldorf=Astoria hotels
  162. Have any diamonds been to the new Maldives properties?
  163. Hilton GI claims not checked out
  164. Change is hard (Marriott to Hilton)
  165. What would you do? Rose Hall -Jamaica or Embassy's Los Marlins in Dominican Republic?
  166. Hampton Ranks #4 in Entrepreneur Magzine
  167. Effects of Jan 10 adjustment
  168. HH status gone to zero
  169. reward stay dec 2010 - not available?
  170. HH gold working only at hilton.com??
  171. Hilton American Express Card ?
  172. quick Question - restaurant discounts for Diamonds?
  173. making contact by e-mail
  174. When do I move down in status?
  175. Where did the complimentary bottles of water go?
  176. Hilton Honors Rewards for Rental Car
  177. 4th Qtr '09 Recap - 109 Points/Dollar Spent
  178. Where to Stay - Hilton Barbados vs. Hilton Cabo San Lucas
  179. Interim thread for posting hotel category changes that you know of
  180. Not all hotel stays qualify for credit toward your HHonors tier status
  181. "free night" for redemption change issue
  182. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Denver Tech Center {US-CO}
  183. New HHonors Member
  184. Gold Upgrades
  185. Elite perks on award stays?
  186. Single VIP award for overlapping stays/aggregate nights?
  187. Question About Finding HHonors Promotions
  188. Hilton Conact Information
  189. Calling to Request upgrade- Who do I ask for?
  190. HHonors web site - one's account - how to determine requirements for VIP status
  191. So who has made Diamond specifically through Amex Surpass spending?
  192. (HH) Jumping to multiple Hilton for Airline Miles
  193. cancel part of flex. rate w/o recalc. of rate for remaining nights?
  194. Is this the double points promotion posting??
  195. Hampton Inn & Suites Conroe - I-45 North {US-TX}
  196. Hilton dining program
  197. Best HH Resort to Burn 300k points?
  198. *ANOTHER* Opinion Request Thread
  199. European Hilton with a Lounge / Club on site
  200. Promo - Winter Escape, compliments of American Express‏
  201. Festive Greetings
  202. ? About Diamond GTD
  203. Will Diamond mean something again in 2010?
  204. 1 King or 2 Doubles
  205. Hotel Change due to Flight Delays
  206. Rate "IN YOUR HHONOR"
  207. Need 8000 base points to requal as Diamond - do purchased points count?
  208. New Hilton HHonors logo voted 10th worst identity for 2009
  209. HH Gold via AMEX Spend - How Long?
  210. HH roadtrip
  211. Jeffrey Diskin's Inept Explanation of Devaluation, Promises Serious Promotions
  212. Getting Credit for a Stay in WAS Area Today...
  213. Possible Hilton Hhonors Class Action Suit?
  214. Indirect Bookings - Diamond Privileges
  215. The January 2010 Sale: Up to 33% in the Americas; 50% on Weekends Elsewhere
  216. Fewest nights this year w / Diamond requal
  217. diamond re-qualification
  218. Homewood Suites by Hilton St. Louis-Galleria {US-MO}
  219. Multiple stay over same period
  220. Do I Get HHonors Points if I go to a hotel restaurant when not staying at the hotel?
  221. Do the Q bonuses alter your Hilton activity?
  222. Your help in keeping my Diamond status & help on GLON2
  223. No Points for Pet Fee?
  224. Should I give the hotel my arrival flight information?
  225. Homewood Suites by Hilton Palm Desert {US-CA}
  226. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bristol South — Cadbury House {GBR}
  227. Denied Gold benefits HGI when using Expedia rate
  228. HH AmEx not awarding correct bonuses for Hilton stays
  229. Hampton Inn Castle Rock {US-CO}
  230. Where has Waldorf-Astoria award chart gone?
  231. Triple Hilton HHonors™ Base points. (Extremely Limited Hotels)
  232. Rate Hilton HHonors
  233. Last minute award booking
  234. Is there no promo to help maintain Diamond/Gold status for 2010?
  235. help decipher comments on file, thx
  236. How to transfer stray airline miles to Hilton?
  237. Gold benefits for ?2 rooms
  238. Discounted Room Upgrades versus status. Can anyone explain how these systems mesh?
  239. Tier upgrade flexibility
  240. Sick of rubbish Room-with-view upgrades!
  241. Which hotels do not provide adequate Diamond recognition?
  242. Is the pending devaluation really this bad??
  243. Hilton Rebate Certificate
  244. A Night on Us: Hilton HHonors Promotion First Quarter 2010
  245. What awards are you booking prior to Jan 15?
  246. conference rate vs points and benefits
  247. Waffle Makers at Hampton Inn !!!
  248. Room Really Available?
  249. Earning points for a higher tier?
  250. Room booked as Gold but check in as Diamond w/o card