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  1. What to do when my reservation rate was changed after reservation confirmation?
  2. Can UK AA members use the AAA rate?
  3. [ARCHIVE to 2009] Conrad Bangkok {THA}
  4. Points reservations
  5. Made a bad decision to choose double miles, any chance to change it?
  6. 3 room booking, 3 different HH numbers
  7. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London - Kensington {GBR}
  8. Hhonors is cracking me up! Missed status match deadline.
  9. Points and Cash booking Resort Fee.
  10. When are "prepaid" rates charged to the credit card?
  11. 5th night free benefit....
  12. Pre-Paid Reservation, Any Way to Switch HH#?
  13. Exchange HHonors points for Mariott gift cards??
  14. What Would Happen If You Asked HHonors for Free Points in a Chat on the Web Site?
  15. British Airways Holiday Booking + Hilton Gold Benefits
  16. Hhonors Discount - 10% off
  17. Rate has decreased after booking prepaid rate...
  18. Thoughts, Anyone? Is Airbnb a Threat to Hilton?
  19. 2016 Stay Statistics
  20. Diamond Desk Allowed Booking Expired Cert
  21. Hilton.com: Sure This Room is Great...But this one is Greater
  22. Bed Selection Not Printing
  23. 2,500 bonus points for staying in Dec
  24. Can't book award stay online
  25. Latest Hilton website screwup
  26. 2X points rate on top of 2X promotion?
  27. HHonors New Year's gift for Lifeteme Diamonds
  28. Hampton Inn by Hilton Hattiesburg {US-MS} (opens September 2016)
  29. Hilton Grand Vacation vs Regular Hilton?
  30. Now that's a promotion!
  31. Be My Guest-haven't received certificate
  32. Flexiblity on multiple stays
  33. Conrad/WA Promotions 2016?
  34. Double Points Package + Q1 Promo
  35. 10,000 point "Loyalty bonus" on VISA
  36. My first ever stay at a Hampton
  37. I Got a Thank You Bonus This Year from Hilton!
  38. At what $ threshold it makes sense to choose points rather than miles?
  39. Booking a Park & Fly rate without a car :D
  40. Car Rental Rewards
  41. Booking 2 rooms in my name
  42. HH Vacations got the better of me
  43. Funny wordings in the "Additional Request" section
  44. In lieu of upgrade/ in lieu of lounge.
  45. Individual Hotel Reviews
  46. Hilton Diamond Desk closed till tomorrow - want to use Citi weekend cert for today
  47. Dormant HH account
  48. Hilton Park Nicosia {CYP}
  49. Are there many Hilton large city Hotels that are Government owned?
  50. "New Year Getaway" rates in Asia or "Winter Sale" in EMEA
  51. Quick way to Hilton Gold.
  52. Happy new year and safe travels in 2016
  53. Newbie question - how to search on hilton.com
  54. Express check out - to be phased out?
  55. Fully booked yet bookable?
  56. Little Extra Upgrades
  57. Double Points or Miles?
  58. Show a picture of your Hilton Presidential Suite stay
  59. 1 Stay Short...
  60. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Resort & Spa Riserva del Higueron {ESP}
  61. Room types of Hilton Best Rate Guarantee aka BRG
  62. Hilton sale query - (Americas)
  63. Adding children to a booking after a suite upgrade
  64. Couple of zeros missing?
  65. Conrad Pune {IND}
  66. Government Rate & Mr Rebates/ebates
  67. App Issues
  68. Hampton Inn & Suites Orlando near SeaWorld {US-FL}
  69. UK/USA upgrades etc
  70. How long for bonus miles from a "Bonus Miles" rate to post?
  71. Hampton Inn Concord/Kannapolis {US-NC}
  72. Diamond benefits - 2 rooms 2 diamonds!
  73. Frustrating diamond help desk
  74. Diamond benefits with non direct bookings
  75. How to stay Gold in 2016
  76. Hilton WiFi Log In Errors
  77. no stay at diamond offer?
  78. Holiday Lounge Closings
  79. Mattress runs questioned by Hilton Corporate?
  80. Double Your HHonors Returns in 2016
  81. Hilton elite progress
  82. Hampton Inn & Suites Bastrop {US-TX}
  83. HHonors v SPG - top range hotels
  84. Hampton by Hilton Glasgow Central {GBR}
  85. HHonors upgrade after booking?
  86. Dumb HHonors Question...
  87. Any good way to book a mixed stay between HH Diamond and HH Silver?
  88. Hampton by Hilton Cartagena {COL}
  89. Missing 5 stays to keep Diamond for next year
  90. New and Improved Honors statement
  91. FlyerTalk Awards 2016 Hilton HHonors, Middle East/Asia/Oceania benefits nominations
  92. TA booking issue
  93. DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel Penang {MYS}
  94. FlyerTalk Awards 2016 Hilton HHonors, Europe/Africa benefits nominations
  95. FlyerTalk Awards 2016 Hilton HHonors, Americas benefits nominations
  96. What Hilton hotels are a good use of Virgin Atlantic miles good for?
  97. Hilton Hostels?
  98. Final bill/invoice by email, before bedtime? :)
  99. Free night voucher as compensation
  100. Consecutive points and cash stays
  101. 3 stays away from Diamond
  102. DISCUSSION for Hilton HHonors Hotels in or near Honolulu, Hawaii, USA {US-HI}
  103. Hilton Garden Inn Sunderland {GBR} (not yet open)
  104. Diamond renewal package 2015
  105. Gauging Interest in a Hilton Hotels FlyerTalk Event
  106. Hilton December Point Promotions
  107. 3 Night Minimum & Cash/Points
  108. Exchange points booking w/ Citi free weekend certificate?
  109. Reward Night not showing up
  110. Do Standard Reward nights and/or Points and Money Reward nights qualify?
  111. Convention bookings and Hhonors points
  112. Booking two room in the sale - can I then cancel just one?
  113. Better upgrades from Front Desk or Executive Lounge?
  114. DoubleTree by Hilton Madrid Prado {ESP} (opens summer 2016)
  115. Cyber Monday 2015 - save up to 30 %
  116. HHonors Dining: Thoughts? Problems?
  117. Shorten award reservation
  118. What does "HHonors Reward Category: Distinctive Rewards" mean?
  119. What people are willing to do to get points and credits...
  120. Diamond Desk closed for Thanksgiving
  121. Home2 Suites by Hilton Irving/DFW Airport North {US-TX}
  122. Hilton Bournemouth {GBR}
  123. Will Hilton follow Hyatt in giving out diamond matches?
  124. Dear Hilton HHonors-The International Dateline exists, let everyone on your team know
  125. 30-50% discount on buying points
  126. New cancellation penalty for non-HH members?
  127. Regular Room vs Deluxe Room
  128. Hilton HHonors Holiday Bonus [2500 points for 2+ night stays in Dec-15 in USA]
  129. Hilton Garden Inn Lakeland {US-FL}
  130. Hampton Inn Richland {US-MS}
  131. Using "premium" wifi at Hampton Inns
  132. Re Expiring points - if you are Gold do they waive the 1 year period
  133. Hilton@Play Sinatra 100 Bait'n'switch
  134. Starwood + Marriott: How Will Hilton Respond? Elite Status Matches?
  135. How Many for Breakfast
  136. Winter sale rates are loaded for some properties...
  137. Estandyby upgrade on bill
  138. Year End Getaway Sales
  139. Waldorf Astoria Beijing {CHN}
  140. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam - NDSM Wharf {NLD}
  141. Hampton Inn Fayetteville-I-95 {US-NC}
  142. Difference between HGI Diamond Cooked-to-Order and Gold "Normal" Breakfast?
  143. Request upgrade on Hilton app
  144. Hilton app likes Holiday Inn?
  145. Favorite Doubletree?
  146. Do I get status benefits when booking before achieving status?
  147. Dear Hilton Tech department: You should all quit and let somebody competent do it.
  148. Double dip stops working when you change earning preference?
  149. Combining two HHonors Accounts
  150. LondonHouse Chicago, Curio Collection by Hilton {US-IL} (joins HHonors April 2016)
  151. Impossible to log on to WiFi
  152. Best time to start Diamond challenge
  153. Hilton Guest Assistance has a hang up problem
  154. Will I get Hilton points?
  155. HHonors Gold for Canadians
  156. Super Bowl 50 reward deposit suddenly required
  157. Stays paid for with Tesco Clubcard points - are they really ineligible for points?
  158. Gold MVP challenge - registration confirmation?
  159. Juniper Hotel Cupertino, Curio Collection by Hilton {US-CA}
  160. 5th night free with Standard rooms rewards don't exist?
  161. Search for Amenity "Free In Room Internet" removed
  162. Timing of triple points and triple miles promotions
  163. The reservation you're looking for is not associated with this account. Please log in
  164. 2 free weekend certificate from Citi Hilton Honors Reserve...
  165. "Premium" Only Rooms
  166. FCC Fines Hilton Hotels for Failure to Comply with Wi-Fi Blocking Investigation
  167. HHonors - most inept program/am shaking
  168. Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla {COL}
  169. Shower Head Test and Survey
  170. Hilton Cyber Sale 30 Nov - 02 Dec 2015
  171. presence (or lack thereof) in Hong Kong
  172. Weird. Stay posted but no points.
  173. Be my guest certificate refused....
  174. Is there anyway to turn existing Amex Points in to HHonors Points
  175. Diamond Upgrades at Hampton/Garden Inn
  176. Diamond Length of Stay exception
  177. Am I the only one who has had it with Hampton's pillows
  178. "Mandatory Gala Dinner" Advice?
  179. HHonors members discounted room rates (trial)
  180. Building Loyalty via cancellation process?
  181. HHonors C+P double deduction?
  182. Custom upgrade offer
  183. Cash and points
  184. Hilton HHonors Double Stay Credit Promotion October 15 December 31, 2015
  185. Cheapest properties to get stays
  186. Preferences not updating?
  187. The Logan Philadelphia, Curio Collection by Hilton {US-PA}
  188. As a Diamond, should I do the Estandby Upgrade?
  189. Gold Benefits if the stay is booked using a OTA
  190. Spouse's point to make reservation, plus my Gold status
  191. PM from Corp Hilton on Tripadvisor about review
  192. Hilton Gold now a benefit with Amex Platinum
  193. HILTON HOSPITALITY SURCHARGE - Did Hilton Worldwide Hotels bill you an extra fee?
  194. No on demand stuff in the Middle East?
  195. What does LateCancel mean? (& what do I do)
  196. Honors site changing stays needed to qualify
  197. Do hotels usually lower their prices during renovations?
  198. Possible to do Gold Challenge as Gold member?
  199. HH Gold - 1000 points on a breakfast-rate room
  200. Points expire from "post" or "earn" date?
  201. Premium Award Rooms less than Standard Rates
  202. HHonors Website Technical Issue: "View Receipt" not showing
  203. Can I change reservation dates post cancellation deadline?
  204. How long is too long?
  205. Do Reward Nights count toward Status # of Nights?
  206. Hampton Inn & Suites Brookings {US-SD}
  207. chase rewards stay
  208. How to escalate an issue?
  209. Bizarre Hilton website HH points redemptions available but disappear after login
  210. Points Rates
  211. Homewood Suites by Hilton West Palm Beach {US-FL}
  212. LINKS for Hilton HHonors Hotels in Philippines {PHL}
  213. Diamond Parking
  214. HGVC offers and solicitations
  215. Hilton Cambridge {GBR}
  216. UK/Europe Doubletree Versus USA
  217. What can I do with 17k points ?
  218. This is an affiliate hotel? Do I get points & Gold benefits?
  219. Hilton Tokyo Odaiba {JPN}
  220. Linen changes?
  221. Hhonors points calculation question
  222. Multiple bookings query
  223. How to stop marketing calls from Hilton Vacation...
  224. Self-Laundry Facilities at Hilton Cartagena and Millennium Hilton Bangkok
  225. When does a night become a night?
  226. HH Account Missing Stays & Points
  227. Missing stay, points, nights (partial overlap)
  228. Hampton by Hilton London Luton Airport {GBR}
  229. Maintaining Gold Member
  230. LINKS for Hilton HHonors Hotels in Guatemala {GTM}
  231. 2x points promo question
  232. LINKS for Hilton HHonors Hotels in Morocco {MAR}
  233. Booking Award Stay for Wife?
  234. Status change after booking
  235. 2015 Delta Double Miles and 250 MQM bonus promotion returns!
  236. Incentive to stay after qualification?
  237. Should I complain??
  238. 7 day Flash Sale starts Monday Oct 5 (EMEA)
  239. When does the elite "Complimentary access to fitness centers" matter?
  240. Hampton Inn Houston/Humble-Airport Area {US-TX}
  241. Hampton Inn Salem {US-VA}
  242. Hampton Inn & Suites Manchester {US-TN}
  243. Hilton Hacked?? news story
  244. booking.com - should I be worried?
  245. Overlapping stays.........
  246. Hilton Garden Inn Palmdale {US-CA}
  247. Wrong Credit Card Type in online portfolio
  248. Credit Card Breach @ Hilton
  249. Upgrade at Hilton garden inn?
  250. I cannot see award availability. Diamond desk says due to my low point balance