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  1. UA AC NH options sea-nrt in j
  2. Which lounges?
  3. Lounge Access question at ORD?
  4. Paris stopover - Is it possible on *awards?
  5. *A Asia Pass
  6. Flying from BKK, lounge option
  7. *A Award Problem- Could Use Some Advice
  8. Air China booking class
  9. Lounge Access in Accra
  10. Canceled flight on RTW?
  11. Atlanta
  12. Best *A Biz/First Class
  13. bmi Star Alliance exit FAQ
  14. Star alliance - United or Singapore Air?
  15. Can I transfer my Dividend points to Miles&More?
  16. DJ prefers ST over *A??
  17. Switching *A FF Program While Maintaining Status?
  18. Arriving 11PM at Brussel Airport - 6AM flight
  19. Transfer Amex miles to Ait Canada and then transfer those points to United?
  20. LAX Transit *G Lounges
  21. SYD-ESB, suggestions?
  22. STO-NYC Star Alliance award. Really this difficult?
  23. Need help booking an F or C award
  24. Seat assignments with travel agent bookings
  25. Speculation on next airline
  26. Kris Flyer or Koru Club in SYD?
  27. Need suggestion on award redemption to India
  28. how far in advance to SA partners publish award seats?
  29. ...??? Flight BD 2805 operated by State Orenburg Aviation (R2)?
  30. Too bad - B6 is more far away from *A...
  31. First Class From Phuket Within SE Asia
  32. Combining Star Alliance miles to get award?
  33. Star alliance is least preferred flying to South India??
  34. Am I nuts to route to Asia thru Europe just to experience new airlines?
  35. BR joins *A tomorrow .. signs MOU
  36. any other airline, besides SQ, offers discounted RTW fares on their metal
  37. newbie question to this thread
  38. Most generoud *A FFP?
  39. Best * Alliance Business Class (Lie Flat Seats & Service) USA to Berlin & Back
  40. Flying paid Egypt Air BKK-JFK, want to earn BKK-NYC J awards on any *A. Strategy?
  41. *A partner othen than UA that allows 1-way redemptions?
  42. Looking for suggestions!
  43. Lounge options SYD
  44. Star Aliance Partner availability going crazy
  45. Best airline for San Francisco-Tokyo award ticket in business?
  46. Asiana or UA- SFO to PVG
  47. US to SYD ... NH/NZ C or UA/TG F?
  48. Ethiopian Airlines: Possible to take advantage of technical stop in FCO? (ADD-IAD)
  49. *G + US Airways Club Member = 2 guests?
  50. When will AVIANCA join Star Alliance?
  51. Best lounge for LAX stopover
  52. SQ Business Saver A380 Now Available!
  53. MR/SGP transfer advice for RTW award: AC vs US
  54. Baggage allowance and fees on United award itinerary with United & Air China flights
  55. Best *A options for TPAC Y?
  56. Business Class on a Budget .... anyone read it
  57. EQM attribution about to expire: which *A FF to achieve *G?
  58. Getting Miles on multiple airlines
  59. Is there a South African air pass?
  60. Minimizing taxes (fuel surcharge etc.) HELP
  61. Using AMEX for AUS-JNB on *A
  62. LHR to AKL
  63. Quick Connection in Sydney UA to SQ
  64. dc to nurenburg or frankfurt
  65. JFK - JNB (RT) on South African Airways
  66. Question regarding lounge access
  67. Thai and SQ Business/First
  68. Upgrades using SAA voyager miles
  69. Good news from SYD: SQ now finally (and pleasantly) applies *alliance rules
  70. F availability on Lufthansa A380
  71. New *A Terminal at LHR (T2)
  72. TG , LH or OS To BKK
  73. Help getting from JFK/LGA/EWR to PPT on Star Alliance Business Award Tickets?
  74. *A Award Y - Which Airline - SFO-BKK
  75. Ua new boarding sys for *a gold
  76. Star Alliance Upgrade Awards SQ A380 JFK-FRA?
  77. Priority lane in TLV
  78. Help needed - Different PNR's/Europe Airpass doubts
  79. South African Airways won't clear flight
  80. *A lounge access for my itinerary
  81. Am I missing the true value of Star Alliance?
  82. Separate Itineraries on *A Partners dual check-in
  83. Lounge access at DME (Moscow)
  84. UA/US *G access to UA/US clubs domestically
  85. First timer routing help-- NZ and Australia
  86. Best carrier for TATL in Y?
  87. Air New Zealand Experiences
  88. Business Availability on SAA
  89. SQ Lounge at SFO
  90. Star Alliance swag
  91. TACA entry to Star Alliance
  92. LX F via PEK (high YQ) or OZ C via ICN (low YQ)
  93. Seychelles on *A?
  94. * Lounge at LGW?
  95. F or J *A Award feedback
  96. Business Class choice
  97. Star Alliance Question
  98. New *A LatAm Members (April) COPA, AVIANCA-TACA
  99. Easier - awards or upgrades?
  100. SQ Releasing More J seats to Partners? (A380)
  101. financial health of Star Alliance airlines
  102. Connecting in Yangon from TG to CA
  103. Advice on First/Biz flights with SQ/TG/LX
  104. Switching FF program
  105. Iceland with Star Alliance
  106. CTU *gold lounge?
  107. UA/CO *G Upgrades on Copa / *A
  108. US Airways vs UA award tickets int'l
  109. Continental/star alliance doesn't travel to bora bora?
  110. *G----->Love It
  111. Rookie help - NYC-FRA
  112. Best J Class from BOS to Europe
  113. Similar Availability for UA/CO and US awards?
  114. Help! ANA Tool says OS availability, phone agent says no
  115. ANA or Air Canada?
  116. Help with Award Booking
  117. Best *A J Seats
  118. Lufthansa business class award tickets
  119. Star Alliance Miles
  120. Potential Star Alliance Indonesian member
  121. *A MR Help
  122. NRT arrival lounge when arrving on TG F
  123. Turkish check in at Istanbul airport
  124. Booking *A award on Air NZ
  125. BWI to Guam (Cont. v United FF Program)
  126. Question: conversion of Emirates miles to *A
  127. *A First Class lounges
  128. Noob Question: Stick with *A for Domestic US Travel?
  129. micronesia airpass itinerary help..
  130. Best * Business Class in Asia?
  131. OneWorld groth in SAN - Will *A 'grow' too?
  132. South African Airways Transfer Questions
  133. OZ vs A3 - award fuel surcharges.
  134. Avoid SAA at any cost
  135. Recc. for Star Alliance Club Narita
  136. Tight Connections at ZRH
  137. United Club - Star Alliance Lounge Access SYD Intl Arrival?
  138. *A options from ICN to TPE?
  139. '12 Honeymoon RTW (Expert help needed)
  140. STO-SIN-CHI-STO with kids, RTW advice needed?
  141. Newark TO Johannesburg
  142. *A gold lounge in SIN
  143. Baggage with an overnight stop
  144. Your favorite airline and alliance?
  145. Getting to Australia
  146. Searching for member flights
  147. Ethiopian Airlines (ET) - BKK lounge?
  148. Star Alliance between HKG and PVG?
  149. SQ C class on A380 or LH F class on A333?
  150. dividend miles redemption
  151. Air China Hailar HLD China - Chita HTA Russia? Can I purchase outside of China?
  152. What are the advantages of Europe Airpass?
  153. How long do *A ff points take to be credited to Asiana Club?
  154. Is there a date set yet for when BMI leaves the *A?
  155. Advice on Where to Manage Miles
  156. Any tricks/ideas to move ~50k UA miles to SQ/KF?
  157. LHR-CPT in Biz: VS or SA?
  158. Help needed !!! upgrade on LIS - VCP on TP 02/09
  159. Is 1,5 hour connection in ICN enough time?
  160. LAX - BKK: Help me find my seat
  161. Redeem miles for SA Y nonstop or MS J with connection?
  162. award Q: IAD-NRT UA C, NH C(2 class old) AC Exec, LH C (a380) or CO C
  163. Star Alliance Campaign - Picture Your Upgrade
  164. Which Airline do you think is best, Brussels or SAS
  165. Star Alliance coverage in Seattle
  166. TACA/Avianca Best New Elite Star Alliance Program??
  167. Around the world ticket or a la carte?
  168. Baggage Question
  169. YYZ-MSP-New York-YYZ Roundtrip with Stopover help
  170. Current RTW pricing ex USA?
  171. Award Flight LHR to LAX Help!?
  172. *A booking systems crash
  173. BOS-SYD Rt
  174. Star Alliance or Oneworld Mileage card?
  175. Who flies direct to NZ
  176. How important is a lounge to you? -survey-
  177. SAA in C IAD/JNB ... recent experiences? Headed out soon.
  178. Lounges at HAN?
  179. Can you upgrade award ticket on LH book on AC?
  180. Spanair miles and account now?
  181. Spanair Gold Status - What to do?
  182. What *A RTW routing would you take?
  183. Status of the Star Alliance
  184. This nested tickets business ...
  185. HKG F Lounge: SQ SKL vs TG
  186. Spanair is shutting down
  187. *G Priority Boarding with companion
  188. What happens if you miss an award segment?
  189. Status Match Question
  190. Lounge access in San Antonio terminal A?
  191. Best PHL and FRA lounges?
  192. The worthless of Y-awards with nearly all European FFP's
  193. KIX-BKK and then to Europe, OW
  194. Mileage calculation for same flight # but...
  195. No Non Stop CDG-LHR?
  196. Singapore Suite on a RTW ticket?
  197. SFO - CDG advice please
  198. Earn status while using Star Alliance Gold?
  199. What lounges would you pick for F *A mini-RTW
  200. Seriously Need Help on *A Mileage not Credited
  201. Honeymoon without *A
  202. How to Pick Issuing Airline on RTW
  203. long connection with ET at ADD: rest options?
  204. ICN destination & HKG as stopover from US. Best routing?
  205. Proving star alliance status?
  206. Horrible Service Level for *G in CAN | Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
  207. *Gold and K Class on Lufthansa
  208. Miles among carriers
  209. Which airport has most STAR carriers?
  210. CO/UA (or even ANA, Aeroplan)awards on LX
  211. Star Alliance flight from Middle East to India
  212. Delta/Air France Flight prices to Paris
  213. US Dividend or CO Onepass, or both
  214. *A HKG-PVG?
  215. TG J vs SQ Regional J
  216. Star Alliance Booking Tool
  217. Earning Miles for An Involuntary Re-routed Flight
  218. Which direction/routing to Asia?
  219. Calling all Round-The-World ticket experts!
  220. *A benefits on another airline?
  221. EZE Airport Map with Lounge Locations?
  222. Upgrade with UA miles, credit to US?
  223. Award Travel Multi-Airline(New Member)
  224. Codeshare Flights, FF Miles, and Lounge Access
  225. M&M vs. Aeroplan - which is better for mostly Economy flights
  226. Best ride to BOG from US Northeast?
  227. OZ vs LH for FRA/MUC-ICN in Y
  228. transfer of *alliance status points
  229. ATH Lounge Access?
  230. SFO-HKG-SIN: UA vs. SQ for a UA 2P
  231. Star Alliance Asian Carriers Serving Toronto?
  232. Help Please! Published Routings Question
  233. Madrid Spanair lounge access
  234. flying into CMN?
  235. ANA *A Award Search Question--Simple
  236. LX/UA F or EY J?
  237. Best Premium Economy options?
  238. Booking SAA flight through this right?
  239. United Club: Kris Lounge Access
  240. No Non-UA F Award Space. Anywhere.
  241. *A Reward Travel - DEN to FCO (Planning)
  242. UA FF # on Singapore flights
  243. When does Copa join *A?
  244. Latest *A Gold baggage policies
  245. Noobie Questions
  246. Best business class Europe - Taiwan
  247. SA ticket, EK operated
  248. Help with RTW route ex SFO
  249. Communicating with *A
  250. *A RTW Routing Change, Fare Change?