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  1. 1:20 enough for TG to JL connection at NRT?
  2. Diners Club Points to United/Star Alliance
  3. Use of *A Lounge at DESTINATION?
  4. Diners Club Points to United/Star Alliance
  5. 2 Qs for new *A account for my friend....
  6. New *A lounge at LAX from Sept 2013
  7. Baggage on Asiana code share with Eva
  8. Best business/first class from JFK to Maldives: Qatar vs. Turkish vs. Austrian?
  9. How to Maximize the *A Experience
  10. Award redemption feedback (also: Food for purchase in F/C?)
  11. *Gold Lounge in Lima?
  12. Access to NZ lounge at LAX
  13. Asiana F vs Thai F
  14. United Airlines vs. US Airways
  15. Star Alliance - Hotel & Car partners
  16. Mileage Plus reward - FRA to NRT - SWISS Business or ANA business class?
  17. *G relocated to Houston - pros and cons of switching to a US FFP?
  18. Best *A Award Option?
  19. Has any Star member moved their flight from JFK to EWR?
  20. Lounges in SGN and RGN
  21. *G lounge ORD
  22. Star Alliance Gold Priority Security Amsterdam Schiphol
  23. SA Gold switching frequent flyer program
  24. Crediting SQ class N and E miles
  25. One-way redemption RAR-AKL-PPT on any *A
  26. Earning Miles on Aeroplan and MileagePlus
  27. star alliance around the world fare
  28. s/a around the world fare
  29. *G luggage benefits when flying BMI operated by LH cityline?
  30. New *A downloadable timetable
  31. United/Lufthansa flight business class seat info
  32. Help LIS -> HER
  33. HNL: Any Star Alliance lounge have showers
  34. European Airpass Question re stopovers and surface sectors
  35. Warning about UA fliers using A3 to get *G
  36. 35 minute connection at ICN...doable?
  37. Help Selecting Best Hard J Product for IAD-BKK on *A
  38. Some thoughts on how a F.T. thread has transformed my flying life on Star Alliance
  39. Best airport in Europe for connections when on *A first class
  40. Fewest/cheapest *A miles to upgrade EU to USA?
  41. Lounge upon arrival at LHR
  42. Luggage checked through?
  43. Trans-Pacific Award Flight: AC v. UA?
  44. Star alliance transfer IAD to DEN
  45. Best lounge at BRU, BCN and FRA? (Global First & star Gold passenger)
  46. EVA Air (Taiwan) Now Part of Star Alliance?
  47. No Star Lounge at DEL?
  48. RTW pricing discrepancy?
  49. NZ upgrade options on reward ticket
  50. Would you replace UA ps F + SQ J with anything to get to FRA?
  51. Tips on splitting acruals for one trip
  52. First RTW trip- am I being too aggressive?
  53. GOT-JNB - Which airline to choose LH or SAA?
  54. looking for feedback
  55. Am I crazy? AA/SQ from ORD to MNL
  56. Access to SQ Lounge at London Heathrow
  57. TATL trips from LAX for UA/LH Award Travel in C or F
  58. Please Help, RTW points need good home
  59. Father With Exactly Same Name Using My *A Gold Card
  60. award selection ac vs sq
  61. Leave M&M?
  62. Referral programs bonus
  63. SQ (A380-800) J vs. OZ (747-200) F
  64. Help with airline selection - India-Europe-USA
  65. *G lounge in HKG
  66. Award ticket question - routing on (relatively) new aircraft
  67. Best * Alliance Carrier for Business Class Travel from NYC to Korea and Tokyo?
  68. Best itinerary: east coast USA to Scotland
  69. ORD - TLV ... Best options/Routing?
  70. BKK-HKG-ORD-YOW in J
  71. Can I get boarding passes for all connecting flights on first check in?
  72. SAS lounge access - 2012 Thread
  73. Which *A members offer highest status fliers upgrades
  74. Air China or United in Biz Class for Beijing to East Coast US
  75. *A accrual mess up
  76. *A Gold Lounge Access Question
  77. Using Amex points for a Star Alliance rewards
  78. Question on lounge access Terminal 4 at JFK
  79. Interlining CX with Star Alliance Award
  80. Migrate to LH or stick with CO?
  81. Asiana Miles
  82. BOG *A Lounge
  83. Burn Flex elite status miles to upgrade to Gold
  84. Senior Discounts on *A
  85. Tokyo to USA in F - United vs ANA vs AC
  86. TAM out of *A
  87. Do ticket prices go down closer to departure?
  88. Swiss or TG from BKK-ZRH
  89. India to Sri Lanka on United miles
  90. COPA and Avianca now in *A
  91. Mouse in *G LCL at AMS
  92. Star Alliance round the world/pacific rim trip planner...any thoughts?
  93. What is "executive", lounge wise?
  94. *A Itineraries in Africa, Asia, Pacific that Max. Connections
  95. Beware ANA Connections!
  96. TG or OZ in F ICN-LAX
  97. United Club Member access at JFK T1
  98. YVR-FRA in Bus. class Z - which program to use?
  99. LAX-SIN on *A
  100. IAD to DEL, premium economy?
  101. 46" LCD TV (56 lbs) as checked luggage
  102. security check when connecting intl-intl at LHR T1?
  103. Best FF to do x pacific//mini rtw redemption?
  104. Get *A Gold benefits using non-gold card?
  105. Flying to/from MIA
  106. Multi-destination trip (NY-DXB-Thailand-DEL-NY) using miles
  107. Which *A itinerary would you do?
  108. Africa Air Pass
  109. Best SFO lounge on 4 hr stop
  110. Mixed between FTL (SN) and *G (A3)
  111. Quick question: UAL-LH-Air Brussels
  112. Which FRA Star Alliance B-Class Lounge is best?
  113. Wrong *A partner credited: can it be fixed?
  114. *G LHR T3 - Lounge with best hot food?
  115. Advice Needed: What is a good Biz or F product to TEL AVIV on S*
  116. Best Economy or Premium Economy for International Flight
  117. Lounge access: 2 guests with 2 *G cards?
  118. Need help please - MCI to CPT in C with miles
  119. Star alliance new members and miles
  120. Suggestions for Star Alliance Carriers - IAD to HKG
  121. Singapore Air vs SAS accruals
  122. Geneva connection time
  123. Interlining *A to MH question
  124. Ethiopian vs Turkish in Y
  125. Question about Change Tickets and International Travel
  126. YUL-GRU under 1500$ in August
  127. Syd-mel
  128. Is ANA or Singapore better for redeeming points for C or F flights
  129. Does anyone know when Eva Air becomes an active Star Alliance member? (18 Jun 13)
  130. My miles are with UAL; how to redeem elsewhere
  131. QR Z - where to dump the mileage?
  132. EWR Lounge?? International to Domestic transfer.
  133. Best First on Star Alliance from Ireland / UK to Sydney?
  134. Asiana Club OR ANA Mileage Club?
  135. Star Alliance awards on LH
  136. SAS or UA lounge?
  137. The most ridiculous promotion ever
  138. Baggage on United and SAS
  139. Comparing Economy on UA, US, LH, LX, and TAP
  140. Best *A Carrier for UA Award Travel to China in F from NYC
  141. Claimed Missing Miles hack/bonus/bug/error
  142. *A RTW Ticket, no Intra-India flight options
  143. Lounge access question
  144. eVoucher intra-Europe: use on TAP or LH?
  145. TAP ticket, operated by Portugalia
  146. What can I get away with ?
  147. Points on Air China? SAS?
  148. The most *G on a flight
  149. Lounge in KBP
  150. What is the best way to book RTW ticket on star alliance?
  151. Short mileage run from TLV?
  152. Lounge Access for Star G and family in TLV?
  153. Which Star Alliance lounges inferior to airport priority pass lounges?
  154. combine miles for award ticket
  155. Missing some miles for G Status
  156. Cheapest Business Class Fares from Hong Kong to Perth Australia, return?
  157. Can't seem to book Air NZ flights on a RTW fare
  158. Star Gold Lounge Availability Terminal 2 in Dublin
  159. Star Alliance flights to Biarritz
  160. Moving to Europe, picking new *A FFP (M+, Royal Orchid, M&M? Flights to Asia)
  161. advice on NA/Asia award via DM
  162. What is a cheap same-day roundtrip from NYC for earning miles?
  163. Which *A airlines have true lie flat biz class?
  164. *G lounge at PEK?
  165. Earning UA miles on SAA Metal, VS codeshare
  166. Getting a few extra Star Alliance miles for a status upgrade
  167. Can be wrong??
  168. LAX -> BKK with AMS stop over
  169. Compensation for long delay/cancellation on *A reward ticket
  170. When to re-issue a RTW ticket
  171. United MileagePlus or Lufthansa Miles&More
  172. Req help on planning a trip of a lifetime.
  173. Turkish Comfort class--earns a bonus on any *A carrier??
  174. Looking to defect! need help!
  175. US Airways and Emirates
  176. PVG to ORD using UA Miles
  177. For StarAlliance Gurus (Krisflyer vs. TAM Fidelidade)
  178. Which Star Alliance Program?
  179. Such variations of *A fares in Asia
  180. Any Award F from HKT-DEL
  181. What happens when you have more than one *A membership?
  182. BKK Lounges - 24hrs?
  183. 1 hr. transfer from TG A380 to UA in HKG
  184. 15,000 mile bonus---BIG DEAL!!!
  185. Star Alliance Promo - Compass
  186. Problems booking United Round the World Tickets
  187. Who is responsible to clean up record with *A upgrade?
  188. Need advice - DFW-BRU-VNO-DFW
  189. How to cheaply do the following in J…or Y: ORD-JNB-BOM-JNB-ORD
  190. Int’l J Africa-IAD, but airport change and one-cabin aircraft DCA-CLE-GRB:Bag charge?
  191. Highest elite bonus with minimal qualification criteria
  192. *A arrival lounge in IST?
  193. Suggestions for F/J mini-RTW lounges
  194. Best european/american inter-continental business class?
  195. Best *A Business Seats
  196. UA or US in Business from Germany to US (Denver)
  197. Star 15th Anniversary Game - UA numbers don't work?
  198. Booking Round the World Itineraries
  199. What country has best fares for RTW F routing
  200. help please - redemptions to the USA from a partner program
  201. which is better - AC DFW-YYZ-TLV or LH DFW-FRA-TLV?
  202. Need advice - overnight stay at HKG
  203. BKK-SIN SQ or TG in Biz
  204. Lounge at DEL, for *G?
  205. Need advise: First class travel from US (NJ) to Malaysia
  206. Making change to ticket with confirmed *A upgrade
  207. 15th Anniversary Promotion (where is it)
  208. Star Lounge at Barcelona Airport
  209. Aegean: Cheap (distance-based) intra-Greece Award?
  210. Europe Airpass Tickets denied
  211. RTW options (cash)
  212. *A fares must now be purchased in country of origin????
  213. International Stopovers on Points
  214. *G and irrops
  215. US or UA?
  216. help star alliance availablility tlv-den
  217. Best *A Carrier for Booking Awards on OTHER *A carriers
  218. Star Alliance Gold with one business class return?
  219. CRTW1 ex CPH went up $2500 USD this week
  220. Transfer Miles Credited to Incorrect Mileage Program
  221. Lounge Access on *A award ticket?
  222. Celebrate 15 Years of *A
  223. Cheapest *A for buying miles & miles + Cash
  224. Anyone ever flown to Trivandrum, India? Best *A options?
  225. Switch from Aeroplan to Mileage Plus
  226. Different * Alliance Statuses on Different Airlines Q
  227. Star Alliance’s 15th birthday - 15% off RTW's?
  228. Help with award decision NRT-SEA
  229. US 333 vs LH 343 in J
  230. SFO to NYC (May 25-28)
  231. NZ booking, middle name not displayed. Mileage?
  232. Status Matching Switch from *G
  233. Need help booking a trip
  234. Showers at Heathrow *A lounge...wait times?
  235. Star Gold Guest Lounge Access
  236. How relevant is this information re: UA and United
  237. *A lounge in PVG??
  238. Fastest RTW ex SFO
  239. Preferred Seating on Star Alliance
  240. NRT-HNL UA C 777 vs NH C 777-200
  241. With BMI gone, are there any *A award ways to get me to INV?
  242. Luggage checked through
  243. LAX-NRT; UA F (777-200) or NH C (777-300)
  244. Arrivals in Bejing?
  245. Interlining baggage
  246. DEN-VIE in C/J...Best options?
  247. Round The World Tix - How many miles?
  248. Paid entry into CDG *A lounge
  249. 1 year off lifetime *A G
  250. BD is Done with *A