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  1. Which would work better for a tight connection: FRA or IST?
  2. UA F or LX J ?
  3. SIN-HKG UA F or SQ F?
  4. Waitlist on award ?
  5. FRA-SIN redemption
  6. Planning my first RTW
  7. TransPAC C Redemption - Which is best?
  8. SQ surcharge J cabin RTW 773/A380 goes up.
  9. Seattle - AC or UA
  10. Help! Which *A member should I put my miles in?
  11. *A timetable error msg
  12. Which *A program (if any) will let me credit these miles from last November?
  13. Shanghai Airlines - Carry-on Baggage
  14. United hates Aeroplan bookings...
  15. VS "possibly" interested in joining StarAlliance
  16. Transit at LHR
  17. Best Business Class Germany To Australia for Miles
  18. Advice on LHR-SIN award booking
  19. LAX International Luggage Transfer Query
  20. RTW from NZ - Oceania Possible to Visit?
  21. How to tell my boss that all US flights earn miles on UA?
  22. *A Award travel planning
  23. SkeTeam miles into StarAlliance miles...How?
  24. Involuntary Change to *A Ticket
  25. Help - AKL-TPE using points
  26. Awards Table
  27. RTW comparison spreadsheet
  28. Air India Express
  29. Stick to M&M or MP?
  30. DEN-FRA-IST on LH *G Lounge Access
  31. RTW using miles
  32. access/changes to booking
  33. Which *A program is the fastest way to gold?
  34. New Middle east airpass launched.
  35. Move to Star Alliance?
  36. RTW ticket not a good deal anymore
  37. UA 747 new cabin only C and F or changes in Y and E+?
  38. Hero Cpt. Sullenberger Fears for Piliots
  39. Star Alliance Help
  40. Star Alliance Employee Discounts
  41. *A survey for real?
  42. Can I make changes to star awards after booking?
  43. Ethiopian plans to join Star
  44. Which F class to SE asia?
  45. *Alliance BOM-->MAN: Turkish or LH?
  46. Which is Best Economy - UA, Singapore, Asiana?
  47. ZRH - Dom Rep
  48. Help With A Possible MP to BMI Diamond or AC Aeroplan Switch?
  49. *A airlines with Premium Economy longhaul?
  50. *A lounge access in Rome FCO
  51. BKK *A Lounge Access Late Night
  52. Buying RTW ticket at ICN aiport?
  53. SQ C award availability CPT/SIN vv
  54. Proper C/F Seats within Europe?
  55. LAX-TLV completely insane schedules?
  56. Which one? Swiss Air BOS-ZRH or Austrian IAD-VIE in Y?
  57. taking other flights in the middle of a RTW
  58. Consolidator Recommendation - LAX-ICN
  59. TAM joining *A in summer?
  60. HAN Duty Free on Arrival?
  61. *A to Brazil in Y - which one is least painful?
  62. OW Person Seeks Assistance
  63. Newbie -FC *A ORD,MUC, ATH lounge(s)
  64. Best prices on JFK-FRA & HAM-JFK 1st week of May?
  65. Upper classes Qatar Airways rewards with *A FFP
  66. Star Alliance Silver Benefits on SpanAir
  67. Shanghai Airlines is so terrible~~~
  68. Dropping last sector
  69. A380s in *A
  70. Miles and More Question
  71. Mileage Plus or Krisflyer?
  72. australia
  73. suggestions for round the world with star alliance
  74. NRT ANA Lounge Access
  75. Lounge Access with *A First Class Award?
  76. Which *A Airline for NYC-MCO in Eco?
  77. Business LON-SVX, who is best?
  78. Need Help Deciding - Which F Routing (*A)?
  79. How best to get 2 F tickets using miles
  80. Airline with lowest transatlantic taxes/fees?
  81. Diamond Club/Aeroplan questions - and TAM?
  82. Circle Pacific Fare Question
  83. BKK lounge access
  84. Possible cooperation between US and CO?
  85. How can I get Op-up on LH?
  86. Off to South Africa for World Cup 2010
  87. Best F Transatlantic
  88. UA ticketed RTW Problem-They're changing the deal on me, What can I do?
  89. Using Star Alliance member miles on other member airlines
  90. RTW tickets cheaper in Japan than Thailand -how can this be so?
  91. Redeeming Miles with a Stop Over
  92. Any *A to Ecuador?
  93. TAM to join SA - Date?
  94. Casablanca (CMN) Star Alliance Lounges?
  95. HNL *A Lounge - Which is better?
  96. Best J seat for toddlers; i.e. least slide effect?
  97. Star Award waitlist issues
  98. upgrading on Star Alliance
  99. Anyone have experience changing a *A award ticket?
  100. Q Re LH YRWTEST3 $573 tkt'd in HKG
  101. Which Airline to GVA?
  102. Flying Great Escapade - which frequent flyer scheme to join?
  103. Good experience Star award japan domestic on ANA
  104. ANA Narita Lounge
  105. SYD to AMS with a stopover in HKG; options?
  106. THE STAR Mini RTW
  107. Please help with RTW itinerary
  108. No-show for RTW ticket
  109. Need strategy help! Which *A FFP to use?
  110. disparities between partner airlines ?
  111. TAP or Swiss in C to Brazil
  112. Which program to move Amex to ?
  113. Are Circle Pacific fares about to rise too?
  114. KIX-FRA on LH or NRT-FRA on NH in J?
  115. RTW on *A...I NEED YOU!!!
  116. Round the World Calculator Problem? City visited too often
  117. RTW Maximum stay: 6 or 12 months?
  118. Star Alliance to Australia
  119. what are my options CTP-YYZ?
  120. New Product - Star Middle East Airpass
  121. Couple of Rule Changes : Star 1/2/3/Special - Eff 01FEB09
  122. Nth America Airpass - complete revamp.
  123. Star Alliance RTW Itinerary Validator - ala MileageMonkey for Oneworld?
  124. Can I get a refund on YQ?
  125. United Airlines or Air China to Beijing?
  126. *A route flown by the most carriers?
  127. Turkish Airlines to offer First Class cabin
  128. New UA flight Dulles-MAD op by EI!
  129. SAA Questions
  130. Baggage allowance on Intl C Award with US domestic F portion
  131. Major Delay in AI becoming full member ?
  132. Picking a new *A gold program. Please help me decide between OZ, TK, and BD.
  133. Star Gold Baggage Allowance
  134. Massive RTW fare increase from Feb
  135. Holding a *award reservation?
  136. IAH-BKK with time in Beijing
  137. RTW 2009 and paper tickets?
  138. Business Class Consolidators for Star Alliance Members
  139. NRT-SIN Which Airline?
  140. BKK-SIN in J on TG or LX or SQ?
  141. any *A options for visiting Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires?
  142. *A RTW YQ - Who is lowest for Fuel Surcharges?
  143. Computing redemption miles on *G using NH miles
  144. Painfully Slow Complimentary Internet at LHR T1 Star Gold Lounge!
  145. Capetown from USA via London (SA) or FRA (LH) in C?
  146. US Silver + UA Premier OR US Gold?
  147. Using UA miles on US
  148. Lufthansa/PrivatAir/Star Alliance ?
  149. Fare calculation to Europe ex Korea
  150. Processing time RTW request
  151. Europe to JNB in F: Swiss Air or Lufthansa?
  152. YOW to GBE Question
  153. Should i register at Miles&More or at other partner of Star Alliance?
  154. SIN-PEK-YYZ
  155. Change in year-end for elite benefits?
  156. *G lounge in DFW
  157. Booked a *A reward ticket to Northpole.. because I could..
  158. Need help deciding on a FFP
  159. Considering making *G in another FFP.
  160. Seat comparison: which would you choose?
  161. Star Alliance help
  162. BKK-NRT - Which flight/airline?
  163. Fox 24: Global Skies (Newest Member of *A)
  164. a horrible reception in star alliance
  165. Checked bags question
  166. Star Alliance to Tanzania
  167. LH Flight - IST Customs/Immigration SA Gold
  168. Updated *A RTW Spreadsheet (Updated 1 Jan 2011)
  169. Holding reservations.
  170. Suggestions for SLC trip now no BD705!
  171. F-lounge in sfo for * gold
  172. Wasted 3 hours tonight! Help!
  173. SAA fare code help !
  174. Which airline/route would you choose?
  175. Which airline NRT-BKK?
  176. Favorite Stops in Asia?
  177. *A RTW help
  178. MAN - SYR - LAS - MAN - out US airways back BMI
  179. BEAT THIS*A RTW 29000mls bang on confirmed
  180. Mileage credit for AI code share operated by TG?
  181. Air Dolomiti
  182. FF membership for child?
  184. Access to *A Lounge based on *G Rather than Flying C?
  185. *A Carriers into BLR
  186. Seattle, WA to Durban, South Africa
  187. Via NRT or SF0 to AKL or NH vs UA!
  188. Quickest way to SIN from IAD
  189. Best redemption rate intra-Europe
  190. Asiana 747 JFK/Seoul
  191. Best economy Circle Pacific, Circle Asia or other fares for KTM, PNH, DPS?
  192. Minimum connection time in FRA from LH to TG on two separate Ticktes?
  193. *A RTWcalculator says 29000mlsSK says not
  194. No South America to Asia on *A
  195. Changes to Star Alliance Lounge Access
  196. TG vs OZ to LAX
  197. Question about *rules JFK/TLV/IST/JFK
  198. HELP! United Mileage Plus VS Ana Mileage Club
  199. EX UK *A RTW fingers crossed
  200. Looking for that GREAT STAR Alliance RWT fare
  201. Any way to find which * carriers serve an airport?
  202. US or UA?
  203. A convoluted question about point transfers
  204. *A RTW ex Europe ex GB
  205. Star Alliance minimum connecting times at SIN
  206. Choosing *A FFP: SQ vs. LH
  207. *A Star Alliance Asia Air Pass
  208. SAA "C" vs. LH/LX "F" from US to S. Africa?
  209. UA miles to TAP
  210. Star Alliance Fuel Surcharges!!!
  211. *A HP English version: same day means 24h?!
  212. Looking for advice re: *A FFP - thinking of Asiana
  213. Star Alliance Gold Lounge List
  214. UA 1P denied all *A Gold benefits on LH??
  215. DXB and DME Lounges
  216. StarAlliance miles with RTW ticket
  217. Downloading Star Alliance Timetable for MAC!
  218. LH vs SQ F
  219. Getting expired miles back/combining US and UA miles for *A?
  220. USA-NZ J/C *A reward carrier choice?
  221. *A, KTM-OSL, business
  222. Help choosing frequent flyer program
  223. *S Award suggestion.
  224. TAM in Star Alliance
  225. Europe air P(--- in ---)...
  226. Advice for purchasing RTW ticket
  227. Star Alliance Pass Pricing Information - only on ANA web site? - other web sites?
  228. Is starnet a star alliance tool or a * product?
  229. Equivalence of Booking Code - between different Star Alliance airlines
  230. Does Star Alliance Gold Get one Access to Lounge if no Star Alliance Flight present?
  231. Flight Application Change to Euro Airpass
  232. Asia AIr Pass - MS flights/segs added
  233. MS flights now permitted on Africa Airpass
  234. *A to have "up to 50 members"
  235. Sample RTW itinerary - inputs please
  236. "Cheapest" Star Alliance business class fares between North America/Spain
  237. Intra-Australia flights - on Star Alliance carriers - is it possible?
  238. interline excess baggage
  239. Most value for 60,000 points in Europe?
  240. Is Aerolineas admitted into *?
  241. How to convince *A to maintain a great alliance?
  242. Dub To Sydney c class advise please
  243. RTW re-route means re-issue?
  244. Which airlines has BEST/WORST IT system on their web site within *A?
  245. How to fly out of Siem Reap
  246. Which *A miles program lets you get most w/o flying
  247. Which *A airline giving the best recognition the Gold -flyers?
  248. The F-battle: LH vs SQ
  249. LX, AC, or TP to Lisbon?
  250. Star Gold benefits domestic ANA flights