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  1. Which is the best back of the bus?
  2. Best *A J service NYC-EUR
  3. $500 AC + $800 UA vouchers: where to go?
  4. Any *G lounges in LHR T4
  5. Downgrade on SA on CRWSTAR
  6. ex-USA CPSTAR1/2 prices?
  7. Sorta OT: My ATM and O I X
  8. Flyertalk help needed
  9. Spanair on strike?
  10. LX to UA connection, separate PNRs. What happens to missed connex_
  11. UA, Air NZ, or LH in Business to London?
  12. Starnet availability for SQ
  13. United or US Air ?
  14. Connecting Flights Different *A Airline
  15. Mileage calculator to be discontinued?
  16. LHR *A Lounges Opening Times
  17. C* lounge in MAD?
  18. Newbie questions/confusion
  19. BCN T1 <> T2 : security?
  20. AirPass Europe - USA, how what where, and how much?
  21. Best LHR T1 Lounge?
  22. NYC-LHR in F, UA or LH or others?
  23. Putting together *A USA-EUR itin, couple ?'s
  24. Best *A program for Amex points?
  25. Dividend Prefered Gold vs. Privilage Club Silver
  26. Award Seats on SQ
  27. *Gold Lounge access in Bangkok
  28. Two persons sharing one Frequent Flyer Card
  29. cancelling a 2 px reward ticket on 1 booking?
  30. Miles from two *A programs for upgrade?
  31. UA OLCI Diabolical Seat Assignment for *Gs
  32. CO now offering (limited) credit for *A partner flights
  33. Mileage credit on strange Asiana/Qantas/United itin...
  34. LH + Limited Star Alliance RTW
  35. US-Asia-US: 70K Asiana miles (F) + $1150 (Y) or MP C award?
  36. LH/LX/SQ which do you tend to prefer in J?
  37. BMI Diamond vs. United FF
  38. Correct my research?: Best *A Lounges for family trip (AMS, FRA, MUC, LIS, LAX, BCN)
  39. Purchasing a Book + Fly OTW Ticket
  40. Star Alliance Lounge at LAX ( Tom Bradley Int'l)
  41. *A RTW tool vs. Expertflyer
  42. Going between Star Alliance and Oneworld
  43. Which *A/Membership Rewards program to join
  44. Best way to book specific class
  45. LHR-IST-xxx on TK: minimum connecting time, no baggage
  46. Baggage Allowance on mixed class redemption
  47. "Sorry sir, you can't waitlist on a RTW". Surely this is wrong?
  48. Asia Airpass or Local Agency?
  49. Qatar wants to be invited to Star Alliance
  50. Star Alliance
  51. LH C-class or OZ C-class from FRA to ICN?
  52. Looking for alternatives Germany-LAX
  53. Extra Fee for RTW in SQ Business B777
  54. *A RTW surface sectors count as coupons?
  55. Star Alliance RTW Price Change
  56. Award tix PVG-EZE (Shanghai-Buenos Aires)
  57. double EQM anytime soon?
  58. The long way round + A380
  59. Multiple *G lounges
  60. Am I Crazy...Advice needed on *A award flight options
  61. Which *A program will give credit for TG W class?
  62. FRA airport - minimum connection time
  63. New Tool to Book RTW On-Line?
  64. Which Star Alliance Carriers fly routes not in their country?
  65. Asia Airpass question
  66. FCO *alliance lounge?
  67. New to Star Alliance
  68. Mumbai (BOM) *A Lounge
  69. Star Alliance Gold degraded on LH. I am livid.
  70. Help me plan a trip with StarAlliance points
  71. What happened to SAA options intra-Africa?
  72. Looking for FFP easier to reach GOLD
  73. Lh c v lx c ?
  74. China Eastern takes over Shanghi Airlines - Impact?
  75. Baggage Allowance VS/NZ Reward Flight
  76. Merging miles within *A?
  77. iPhone application?
  78. Best Airline for European Airpass??
  79. Around the world ticket with miles?
  80. ATI approved
  81. Air Sinai * Award Flights TLV-CAI
  82. Using Expired Star Alliance Silver Card
  83. AC vs LH for Trans Atlantic
  84. Baggage Surcharge while on *RTW?
  85. best *A FF scheme for infrequent child traveller
  86. sneaking into lounges?!? help
  87. US major cities star alliance lounges
  88. Star Alliance Guide 2009
  89. *G/MS lounge in CAI T3?
  90. Elite phone lines for *G's on 'other' *A airlines
  91. Star Alliance Lounge in Casablanca/CMN Lounge?
  92. RTW Trip Ex-EUROPE end of the month....HELP please
  93. RTW ticket issue questions
  94. Looking for an "around the world" travel agent
  95. No Show on *A RTW, D-Class?
  96. Where am I seated on FM Flight?
  97. US Air ticket -- United Aircraft
  98. Advise needed - which *A carrier to choose in Business?
  99. Shanghai Airlines merger?
  100. Best Round the World product?
  101. U.S. DOJ opposes Continental Air immunity bid
  102. Earn/burn with different programs
  103. STARLITE RTW lack of availability
  104. LH or TG/LX BKK-NYC
  105. Star Lounge in ATL?
  106. *A carriers in Dublin
  107. *A business class lounge during layover in ORD
  108. Is BKK-SIN-CHC-WLG really backtracking?
  109. Asiana BKK - Seoul - LAX -long layover ideas?
  110. Advice needed on booking flight to South America
  111. Check-in with onward boarding passes - UA/LH
  112. recommended routing for WAS-CAI in business?
  113. pay more for NH F over OZ F
  114. Changing *A FFPs... Possible?
  115. Just booked *A frequent flyer trip using ANA... a couple questions
  116. Thoughts on MP award travel to South Africa using Lufthansa and/or Turkish?
  117. To switch or not to switch...
  118. Some info on lounges for certain *A elites at GRU
  119. *A-G Lounge access at ARN?
  120. Advice Needed ORD-TLV in C
  121. Air India - Slated to become new * Alliance member?
  122. Major Probs In Finding Flights
  123. What does airlines lose if they have one-way award travel scheme?
  124. Lounge access at TPA
  125. *G lounge at GVA
  126. Connecting from UA to SK at FRA
  127. Star Alliance instrumental in design of LHR Terminal 1
  128. Looking for cheap *A leisure business deals in Europe, from LON?
  129. * Alliance Intl First Class Lounges - SFO
  130. Now a Star Alliance Silver....benefits?
  131. * Codeshare Continental?
  132. Egypt Air - How stringent with carry ons? AMS-DXB
  133. Best *A routing to CAN??
  134. * Gold lounge in Santiago, Chile?
  135. Departure Lounge for Star Alliance Passengers in Sydney, Australia
  136. Is Iceland the cheapest for RTW now?
  137. Star Alliance plans more flexible structure
  138. North American Airpass - Good Deal?
  139. priority immigration sydney airport for golds?
  140. Availability question
  141. YYZ Lounges
  142. Aegean air
  143. EU Airpass seem a poor value for certain routes
  144. Star Alliance which is better?
  145. Star Alliance destination city unavailable
  146. SPMLs in C
  147. Star Alliance business on miles HKG to LON?
  148. PEK Lounge Access Question - Flight Today
  149. *A Lounge Access at GRU (Sao Paulo)?
  150. Where to place some surplus flights?
  151. Looking for *alliance award seat in F which carrier is best?
  152. Gold on BMI....how do other SA carriers know?
  153. First Flight on RTW questions...
  154. red priority tags (and blankets)
  155. AC C vs LH C?
  156. Air NZ Express Arrivals confusion
  157. Value of *A Gold on RTW
  158. Award ticket: Can I go from North America to Oceania via Asia?
  159. BCN New T1 for Star Alliance
  160. transit in Johannesburg
  161. whose business class have 180 degree full flat seat in *A
  162. BD gold benefits on CA
  163. Checking in Baggage from DXB to DUB via LHR
  164. Biz class lounge in FRA
  165. getting to CMI with *A?
  166. Based out of Shanghai: SQ KrisFlyer or UA Mileage Plus
  167. Star Alliance: Is it possible to change seat on a UA flight operated by LH?
  168. Helppppp - suddenly flying SQ - need a *A FFP - is bmi DC right for me?
  169. Star Alliance Timetable as CSV
  170. No Coach Seat Availability on MS 848 in August for RTW
  171. bewildered. trying to 'spend' airmiles for the first time, need a holiday!
  172. Duty free Europe-Thailand
  173. What would you do?
  174. Destination with Multiple Airlines using Points
  175. Stockholm - Amman
  176. TK integration into *A
  177. Help: Booking UA Reward Flight MSQ-FRA-BOS
  178. LHR - BKK on TK Using Jet Metal
  179. How could I answer for an airlines interview??
  180. Any ideas???
  181. SAA Award Seat inventory release
  182. Go for the points or go for the gold?
  183. SINGAPORE AIRLINES - BMI diamond club
  184. *A lounges in HKG
  185. So how much *are* *A Circle Pacific fares, anyway?
  186. Help - RTW *A F/C Lounge Maximization
  187. Asia-Europe : Compare SK, OS, LH and TG in C
  188. *A Routing Question
  189. Maximum number of non-EU countries possible on RTW?
  190. 100k with a single CRTW?
  191. RTW Frequent Flyer miles allocation
  192. Moving to Tanzania - what *A program would be best?
  193. Accessing LH lounge in MUC on inbound?
  194. Anyone know a good biz class consolidator SFO/LAX-LHR?
  195. AF/KL Flying Blue Plat E. switching to STAR
  196. Rumors abound: will Singapore leave Star Alliance?
  197. Aegean Airlines joined *A 30 Jun 2010
  198. ORD *A lounge?
  199. CO and *A -- reward
  200. Lounge Access
  201. Any intra-european 5th freedoms left?
  202. Best Star Alliance Award for Intra-Europe
  203. Lounges at BRUSSELS Airport
  204. Star Alliance Prepares For Fifty Members
  205. LH Seats and UA Itinerary
  206. Substituting a Surface Sector for Flight on *A RTW
  207. Favourite smoking *G lounges/areas
  208. Which airline NRT-PRG in *award First?
  209. Has this always been part of the *G Lounge access policy?
  210. Cheap one-way domestic flights on Spanair
  211. *A lounge in Beijing?
  212. Question about connecting flights Asia to Africa
  213. name on ticket and passport mismatch
  214. Airpass issued as e-tickets?
  215. SFO->CDG in United E+ or Lufthansa E?
  216. Star Alliance 101 | An Introduction to *A
  217. Lounge Access in HAM
  218. Special 26,000 mile RTW (YRWSPCL) Questions
  219. Chicago Lounge Options
  220. How much do taxes cost on award bookings?
  221. Moscow to Mumbai on RTW? and other RTW questions
  222. ZRH - MIA *award in C
  223. Reference Guide - incl. overview Lounges
  224. connecting between *A carriers?
  225. Need advice about transiting from SQ to UA at SIN
  226. Best *A lounge in SYD?
  227. Miles accrued during RTW
  228. Help juggling 2 *A programs
  229. non expiring *A frequent flyer account?
  230. UA vs. US. vs. CO for domestic flights
  231. Gold Member: Change one airline to another airlines member?
  232. Asia Airpass vs RTW
  233. Switching from Skyteam to *A
  234. Do all programs have access to same Star Awards?
  235. Should I stick to Eurobonus or go over to Aeroplan?
  236. Tap business class
  237. Single Amadeus locator; distinct UA / NH locators - don't fly UA first segment and???
  238. A proposal - Welcome CO members to *A
  239. AmEx Membership Rewards to CO to UA?
  240. Pre-selecting seats on code share carrier
  241. seeking for advice 3 PNR
  242. BKK-HAM?
  243. access to star alliance lounges
  244. What class does Air NZ book CCPStar1 into?
  245. Which *A FFP? QF top-tier seeking status match, moving to CHI, will fly UA Y (SH)
  246. Redeeming 4 J Award seats on *A ??
  247. I am new here
  248. *A route map
  249. Europe Airpass -- Booking class?
  250. Separate PNR - connecting in LHR