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  1. How do Lounge Agents determine eligibilty.
  2. Limitation of NA Cities on Circle Pacific
  3. Question about flight transfer time
  4. Help getting from KRN (Kiruna/ Ice Hotel Sweden) to CDG!!!
  5. Premium (F and C cabin) *A awards on SQ
  6. Credit A3 for *G or stay with US for miles?
  7. 1st Time Award Trip
  8. Best *A awards scheme for a RTW in Business
  9. UA RCC Access to the Silverkris Lounge in Singapore
  10. *A's dramatically enhanced coverage in Latin America - AV/TA and CM set to join
  11. Which Carriers NYC (mostly EWR)-GIG in Business?
  12. Economy class comparison
  13. difference between Royal Orchid and Royal Silk lounge?
  14. Lounge in Nairobi
  15. Help choosing an airline to TLV (via BCN, LON, AMS)
  16. Connection and bag question ORD- NRT-PVG
  17. Which lounge at NRT?
  18. ANA lounges at NRT
  19. *A TPAC Awards Out of/Via Asian Downtown Airports (e.g. HND, SHA, TSA, GMP)
  20. Strategies to Fly Star Carriers
  21. does SA slvr earned on Continental transfer to Luftansa 4 the Miles&More Credit Card?
  22. Thai First Suites or Asiana F class?
  23. Lufthansa/Swiss vs BA?
  24. Count the Lucky Stars Competition (Australian Residents only)
  25. Any updated RTW comps?
  26. US codesharing with SQ on USA flights
  27. *A fare search engine?
  28. Star Lounges at BKK
  29. major screwup due to shanghai air leaving *A
  30. favorite mileage runs out of FCO?
  31. Star Aliance from IAD/DCA - SYD
  32. Can I, as a pax on a OW be a guest of a *A Gold member at a *G lounge?
  33. Star Alliance from Paris
  34. AC950 only *A flight into PAP?
  35. Book and Fly problem
  36. AM FFP tale of woe: alternatives?
  37. HNL -> EWR, CO or UA loung accessible?
  38. A3 Miles and Bonus Card?
  39. Connecting at YYZ
  40. Lounge access: CO *G flying US in Y on a mixed int'l/domestic itinerary
  41. Booking CO reward travel with AP
  42. Any luck w/ *a upgrade on united?
  43. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi aiport lounge?
  44. getting miles on UA through Copa
  45. who controls award inventory?
  46. AC or CO to PLS any thoughts
  47. CO or UA in F/C on US domestic?
  48. Major RTW increase out of ICN and NRT
  49. Earning OnePass elite miles on SQ
  50. Need help YYZ-SIN-NRT/HND-YYZ
  51. CO or UA - where to credit Emirates flights
  52. Need routing help US->EU->Asia->Australia->US
  53. MNL-SFO
  54. SQ or LH from SIN to FRA on economy
  55. Which Airline for NYC-HKG
  56. Joburg Transfer Desk/SAA Lounge Question
  57. Retro registration of TG miles?
  58. Upgrade on Asiana
  59. Flying US-UK RTN Xmas Good deals
  60. If I had a choice......OZ F or TK F?
  61. Recommendations for Carrier/Routing in Y to FUK
  62. How can I get to LXA (Lhasa) on award ticket?
  63. SQ contribution to *A - do they take more than they give?
  64. Using Star Alliance -- how to get a stopover in LON or AMS?
  65. How to find award seats on NH?
  66. How did I get upgraded to 1st going to Asia?
  67. SFO to Mumbai in C, CO or LH?
  68. Award flights on Shanghai Airlines invalid after Oct 31?
  69. Booked flight on CO and UA with bmi miles. CO not recognising *G?
  70. Can I remain in TBIT to use *F lounge before a UA Y?
  71. NZ, CX or BR
  72. Is it possible to maintain SA Gold status when changing frequent flyer program?
  73. Which *A FFP should I choose?
  74. Miles and Points- What to do?
  75. Actually Booking *Alliance flights with ANA Tool online
  76. South African A340 J or Lufthansa A380 J
  77. Bejing Lounges
  78. Applicability to *A silver benefits while on status match?
  79. Lounge at CDG and Vienna
  80. Seat selection for TAP Portugal
  81. VDB compensation
  82. Which *A FFP should I choose?
  83. best route when using *A miles from LHR to PHX
  84. Can I use bmi airmiles to upgrade on other star alliance airlines ?
  85. QUESTION: Mods would like to know - how do we handle the Which scheme is best for me
  86. OK Star Alliance PROS...
  87. YYC or YVR to London Stopover options and help
  88. Award ticket: Different rules for different carriers?
  89. Frontier?
  90. Which *A program would you prefer?
  91. Trying to get status matched for upgrade on COPA
  92. FFP Program Recommendation
  93. Best stopover options between Oslo and Sydney
  94. Which FF program for me?
  95. And the next airline to join Star Alliance could be ......... Tunisair
  96. Need Miles info pronto!
  97. *A FF Redemption: BNA-HYD//HYD-ICT
  98. FF Program Reccomendation
  99. *A Lounge LHR (Opening Hours?)
  100. Star Alliance Elite Status
  101. First time in ST lounge at LHR - shame on you *A
  102. Upgrade FRA -ANK
  103. Greetings & Salutations - questions from a new Frequent Flyer
  104. A chainsaw,a bread maker and an expesso machine?
  105. Making the most of first time in Business Class (CO+AC)
  106. Where to dump random miles in Star Alliance
  107. Star Alliance DEN - KUL: best route suggestions?
  108. *A RTW Booking
  109. SFO/LAX to S. America options
  110. Cash Upgrade at MS possible ?
  111. Showers at LAX TBI Terminal Star Alliance Lounge?
  112. New Lounge @HND for NH/Star Opening on Oct 21.
  113. TAM Brazil - Miles First Class Upgrade
  114. Best way to organize FFP plan?
  115. Perfect bday setup?
  116. Booking Engines, Booking Class & *A Upgrades
  117. Best Business Class Going East from Europe???
  118. *S - reasonable privileges?
  119. RTW fares from various countries
  120. Access to Star Alliance Lounge with Continental Presidential Plus Card
  121. Any Experience with Shanghai Airlines Schedules?
  122. Continental codeshare on Air NZ metal - who to credit points to?
  123. Which LAX/LAS lounges can I use? (*G with Guest)
  124. Connecting in LIS
  125. Is USA to CAN "international" for *G lounge access?
  126. UA miles to Aegean - Question on fare class
  127. mia-bom/del in F - dream routing?
  128. *A Award to BKK and DPS
  129. How to book open jaws on UA and CO
  130. Best *G Lounge in SIN?
  131. UA *G flying to GDL on US - Best Lounge at PHX?
  132. ICN-JNB SQ or SA ?
  133. Problems with calculating Cricle Pacific fares.
  134. LAX-BKK in C on *A
  135. DC to Santiago Business Award in Dec.
  136. Soon to be frequent traveler need FFP advice
  137. United Red Carpet Club members in Star Alliance Lounges
  138. Best *A stopover options between NA and Australia?
  139. IAH-FRA LH or CO
  140. It's official - Ethiopian to join Star
  141. * Upgrades on CA/Air China
  142. Who controls *A ?
  143. *A Award Tickets and Lap Children
  144. connection time in zurich
  145. CAI transfer
  146. ET *A announcement due Wedneday ?
  147. Booking AP *A award on FM?
  148. UA red Carpet Club Card Questions.
  149. Award booking to BOB or MLE
  150. Latest North America bound flight from Europe?
  151. F class - LH, LX, OZ or TK??
  152. F lounges in ORD, NRT, and SEA
  153. Help - stranded by saa / egypt air
  154. Luggage allowance
  155. LX or TK to TLV
  156. Possible to earn with EVA ?
  157. Air China lounge access in PVG
  158. LAX-MXP & LHR-LAX Who would you Fly?
  159. Need help comparing C class OZ, TK and AC what to choose?
  160. Accessing Star Alliance Lounges / UA Prem Exec
  161. SQ Upgrade; Can I use United Miles but credit flight to another airline?
  162. Mileage accural on UA with LH ticket codeshare with SQ
  163. FM 810 to UA 836 at PVG
  164. Which Airline in C LIS-MCO?
  165. Trouble booking 2 tickets with Singapore Air using *A (CO onepass) reward miles
  166. MAN - SIN in Nov - TK, LH or LX in Business?
  167. ZRH-BKK on first LX or TG?
  168. How to read fare basis from strange code?
  169. CO or UA
  170. RTW Revalidation=reissue???
  171. LH to TG at CDG
  172. Assistance w/ ticket to ZRH
  173. four record locators for one trip (LH, and UA codeshare on LH metal)
  174. requesting seats on an award booking
  175. Help! Which *A partner should I join?
  176. Quick lounge access question
  177. JNB-FRA in C: LH or SA?
  178. KIX Lounge Access help please
  179. Which airline to fly?
  180. Continental Gold Flying United
  181. Baggage Allowance: Transfer from Y to F
  182. Is LH always a pain to upgrade?
  183. Which Frequent Flyer Program???
  184. Best *A Business Class Carrier from IAD to CDG and FCO to IAD?
  185. Suggestions on JNB - PEK routes
  186. Why are Business class flights so expensive these days?
  187. New Booking Classes for First Class RTW?
  188. *G on US Air tix but UAL metal
  189. PIT-MCT-PIT with as many stops as possible
  190. Which *A programme should I credit my miles to now?
  191. Lounge access with 2 guest?
  192. Carriers that allow stopovers for redemptions within the US.
  193. TAM have joined Star Alliance but where are the upgrade awards.?
  194. Having trouble booking LHR-SIN-REP-TPE-SIN-LHR with MAN at the beginning?
  195. Assistance with award ticket to BKK
  196. May I drop my last flight?
  197. usair to continental
  198. *G shower NRT?
  199. How far in advance do the * airlines open up their award seats?
  200. Best Business Class Carrier from ORD to SIN and ORD to HKG?
  201. I love *A, but which ffp should I enrol with?
  202. LHR T3 Lounge choice?
  203. Problem with online timetable using Firefox
  204. Air China Lounge Access SNAFU
  205. Best * FFP for someone wanting to redeem for AC flights?
  206. 1k Emirates Lounge Access?
  207. SAA flight booked under TM flight#- Lounge & Miles?
  208. With *A gold and ANZ business, what lounges at SFO and AKL?
  209. Play: Plan that trip
  210. Upgrade from C fare business on ANA to First
  211. Linking two separate tickets?
  212. Star Alliance reward availability
  213. Which FF program for a US based FFer?
  214. Getting a price quote on Star Alliance
  215. *A lounge with Same day boarding pass, but after the flight
  216. Cheapest Source for *A RTW Ticket
  217. Which *A allow to earn miles on activity prior to enrolment
  218. Question on Using CO miles for UA int'l upgrade - Part II
  219. LH/AC/CO in Business Class - Is my trip justified?
  220. Getting my head round *A FFPs
  221. * alliance First Class lounge in LAX
  222. Eurobonus miles upgrade on TG flight?
  223. Do non *A codeshares count for *A miles?
  224. *A Lounge Finder Web Tool
  225. IFE on *A carriers
  226. Premium awards: Is BMI the cheapest?
  227. Best *A lounges in IAD and LAX?
  228. Best First to ICN from Germany
  229. Where to credit miles now.
  230. US Ticket(037)/LH Flight number operated by Aegean/Received UA miles?
  231. LHR-PVC, Air China but flew by Virgin Atlantic
  232. Is SQ62 - SIN-IAH, TransPacific or TransAtlantic for RTW calculations?
  233. LAX - HND on NH. What's the deal?
  234. ICN-DXB in C: OZ, TG or SQ?
  235. RTW wine tasting trip planning
  236. Correct number of countries served by Star Alliance carriers.
  237. Star Alliance upgrades on Singapore Airlines 77W?
  238. New Brazil Pass offering from *A
  239. When should I consider booking airfare for travelling this winter?
  240. options for Brussels - Sao Paulo flights
  241. Status Match
  242. Newbie Question: Can I move miles from one *A member to another?
  243. clueless about obtaining F seat on SG NRT-America
  244. ANA or Korean Air in Biz class
  245. How to get *A recognition using a different FF number?
  246. UA ticket with CO segment after I upgraded CO segment. Action required on my part?
  247. Quick ?: How long do elite status changes on CO take to propagate to other AL's?
  248. need help with status upgrades please
  249. Expedia booking on LH/UA, how to deduce booking class
  250. Which C class to BKK?