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  1. Star Alliance Award Ticket Return Flight Change Prohibited?
  2. Help me to choose a FF program (to receive *G)
  3. Transatlantic Business Class-best airlines: 1. lounges 2. seats 3. intra EU travel
  4. First Time Redemption?
  5. 5 hours @ ZRH - what to do
  6. Buying online B or Y class economy tickets
  7. Flying MAN-RDU Business Class Student
  8. baggage allowance
  9. Eva Air or China Airlines - can I earn miles on any *A FFP?
  10. Anyone booked an RTW on the *A website
  11. Why Does One *A Carrier Need Authorization to Change An Award Ticket?
  12. mileage credit for *A award
  13. *A F award
  14. LH A380 First Award
  15. Fare Class on SQ - *A upgrades
  16. Transfer LH -> AC at LHR: connection time?
  17. Swiss Awards in First to LAX
  18. Opinions on Award Ticket
  19. Travel advice for trip to Denmark & Spain
  20. Upgrade on partner airlines?
  21. SQ Gold, should I consider switching to another *A FFP?
  22. Best Route/Carrier UK - Philippines?
  23. Follow up on LHR US Gates and SFO Dom Lounges question
  24. will bags be transferred automatically?
  25. Star LHR - HKG at a reasonable price
  26. When do CRTWSTAR1 miles show?
  27. Please Recommend a Star Alliance FFP for Me
  28. Complicated award itinery in C, use AC or ANA plan?
  29. Award to Krakow
  30. SQ v. OZ v. TG regional C
  31. Which *A FFP for my RTW?
  32. Any programs allow credit for infant fares?
  33. ExpertFlyer and United Differ on Availability
  34. transit in PVG/PEK
  35. Advice travelling D Class RTW
  36. Some recommendations for *A award in J
  37. Best carrier EDI to SFO?
  38. Pick-up a guest at embarkation gate and give her the opportunity to enjoy the lounge
  39. A RTW ticket with flexible dates?
  40. Baggage: to interline or not to interline?
  41. RTW - Comments & Observations Appreciated !!
  42. forgo a segment for one additional stopover?
  43. UA*G (1k) Denied Entrance at Air New Zealand's SFO (EVA Contract) Lounge
  44. ZRH-SIN with SQ - KF or M&M?
  45. Jat to join *?
  46. Best F Flights from West Coast to Europe
  47. Is Lufthansa restricting award availability to *A partners?
  48. LX I Availability for *A awards
  49. No priority boarding in domestic China flights?
  50. RTW Advice - Airlines & Aircraft?
  51. MP or KF miles for SQ Award Ticket?
  52. op up possible?
  53. LHR Lounge Question
  54. First RTW
  55. Does it matter ? Miles for LAX-SIN on SQ
  56. Award availability: is there any magic pattern?
  57. *Gold Lounge Access, will they accept printout of status at YYZ or LHR?
  58. Air China Compensation
  59. Questions about the use of *A booking tool
  60. Least expensive departure city for RTW ?
  61. Definitive answer sought: *A status benefits only when crediting to status FFP?
  62. Collecting on a different *A member
  63. RTW - place of residence
  64. First Class from DEN to Europe
  65. HELP ! STAR Alliance problem-
  66. A few questions about F RTW airline preferences
  67. Why no *A lounge in MIA?
  68. WSJ Ranks *A as Top Alliance
  69. LAX to Europe in F
  70. Croatia Airlines Strike
  71. *A Upgrade from Biz to F
  72. SkyTeam ElitePlus Member looking for *A Advice
  73. Lounge and Baggage info needed
  74. *AG Lounge in Rio? 6 hr. layoover next week
  75. Booking Award Advice
  76. Most Unusual RTW Itinerary
  77. Q re broad patterns of *A release of award/upgrade inventory
  78. Lounge choices in Oslo
  79. Asia-NA in Biz: AC vs NH vs OZ vs others
  80. RTW booking help
  81. RTW on Star Alliance
  82. Lounge questions
  83. Best to join as a Swiss traveler (non-elite)?
  84. TAM or TAP to Brazil
  85. First award booking in F - Airline and Lounge "Degustation"
  86. *A Upgrade Awards - TG u/grade only from Y/B?
  87. *A RTW Choice in C
  88. MSY Lounge
  89. ANA award search tool gone?
  90. *A Gold Lounge Access with guest in Sao Paolo?
  91. Continental Lounge Access @ Heathrow
  92. CO/UA Standard Award via Star Alliance
  93. Choosing the best FF program
  94. RTW w/ MRU question
  95. Recommendation of *a FF program
  96. Fall and Spring warm and sunny places to burn miles
  97. Star Alliance RTW ticket - SQ flight blocking?
  98. Book how early for SFO-ATH-TLV-SFO
  99. *A timetable on Palm Pre
  100. Reward Flights from Boston (BOS) to Minsk (MSQ)/Kiev (KPB)
  101. South African Air or Lufthansa?
  102. SQ26 from SIN-FRA, then LH to LHR transfer
  103. Star Alliance passes--LAX
  104. ANA (Domestic) Miles accruing on US
  105. Best program for my son?
  106. Baggage allowance on SAS
  107. *A mileage credit for Privat Air
  108. RTW: can't book on *a what I can see on airline website
  109. Newbie Question: RTW by Redeeming Miles
  110. *G Welcome Lounge at SFO?
  111. Proof of bmi silver for benefits on SA flight
  112. Reduced mileage accrual
  113. *Gold Advise needed: Switch from SQ Krisflyer to Aeroplan or BMI or another *G
  114. transit time ORD-LHR (UA) to LHR-MAN (BMI)?
  115. Best *A carrier to China in J?
  116. Star Alliance VS One World
  117. RTW: What is a sector? (Changing flights question)
  118. Euro Airpass
  119. Suggestions / Help MAN - SYD - MEL - MAN
  120. Booking on Continental with Dividend Miles
  121. *A Alliance connections
  122. Elite Status
  123. LOT Polish Baggage - Star Gold
  124. F class lounge LHR
  125. Booking Continental Rewards flight to Arlanda through United
  126. LHR to LIM in J - AC , JJ or LH?
  127. Virgin/ANA "round the World" in PE?
  128. Premier Executive on Continental
  129. Did JJ Block F for Awards? Nothing on ANA tool...
  130. TAP+Spanair
  131. Best route FUK-FRA?
  132. Best Star Alliance FFP 4 my needs
  133. *A 7 day advance booking
  134. *G member, getting points on another card
  135. Best *A economy seat to Europe?
  136. *A Lounge Access
  137. LHR-ORD - how to 'optimise' earning?
  138. I am TG *G but now i want to fly SQ
  139. Send *G to contract lounge?
  140. ANA: partner award search
  141. NH or OZ F from West Coast US-ICN?
  142. New to all of this!!
  143. Best *A Lounge in ATH
  144. Which is the best award search tool for *A?
  145. Advice on choosing *A FFP
  146. Seeking awards TLV-EWR/PHL for a range of dates
  147. US vs CO from TLV
  148. Arlanda SAS Domestic Lounge
  149. upgrading RTW ticket, please help...
  150. Lounge Access at FRA with Diamond Club Silver?
  151. Am I crazy to book a family of four with UA, CO and US miles?
  152. Should I stick with LH, or ask for a status comp on UA?
  153. SQ v TG Y Trans-Pacific Face-Off: Thai Trounces Sing
  154. Lounge access at GRU (without a plastic card)
  155. LH Business Class
  156. UA F or TAM F USA/South America
  157. Advise a UA1K moving to KUL on *A choices
  158. Round The World Question
  159. *A Award Planning Tool
  160. ANA shows availability but United/Egyptair says none?
  161. List of *A airlines that do and don't charge fuel surcharges for awards
  162. Please help newbie decide best program
  163. TAM now officially *A, retroactive status miles possible?
  164. Best business product from Europe to BKK?
  165. Inter Asia Award Question - Stopovers, Zones, etc..
  166. Can we check in Online for Egypt Air Flight?
  167. double checking airport taxes
  168. Who's better: UA or OZ for C travel SFO-ICN?
  169. Star Alliance - Best FF Program - Mainly Flights with LH and LX
  170. LAX - NRT - FRA - LAX (in C)
  171. JJ became into Star Alliance livery scheme
  172. Looking for Star Alliance Experts Advice
  173. Please help: IAH-NBO-IAH in Dec. Anyone familiar with this trip?
  174. Looking for SJC-BUR flight to credit CO FF
  175. Flying TAP out of EWR to LIS
  176. Best replacement for TG Royal Orchid Plus
  177. Connection in Lisbon and Luggage
  178. checking luggage through on lay/stop-over
  179. PVG-SIN-KUL tight connection?
  180. Does United have similar program One World Mileage Based Awards
  181. About to go Across Pond, which Program do I Use?
  182. Help suggestions for *A booking between US-JNB next year
  183. Can I still use my expired Gold Status card at check-in in different A* companies?
  184. UA*G F Lounge access with SA
  185. Codeshares (operated by *A, marketed by non-*A)
  186. Which *A best for econ to South Africa?
  187. Linking two separate tix, one CA and one SK
  188. award availability favour
  189. Help w Reciprical Booking Options
  190. Star Silver may get more benefits
  191. *A F Award Redemption
  192. Need some advise VNO-NYC-VNO
  193. Egyptair tickets
  194. *A FFP Advice
  195. *A to BGI w/o Stopping Midway?
  196. A little help for *A registration
  197. *A RTW - is this a permitted routing?
  198. Lounge access with AA flight and *A gold card?
  199. Best Business/First Class to Europe?
  200. Air China London Reservation Telephone - Do they ever answer?
  201. Question about baggage throughput: UA > ANZ
  202. Location shopping for *Alliance RTW ticket
  203. Redeem miles on US but uses UA gold status to get into lounge
  204. Which lounges to use for following itinerary?
  205. LX or SK from Sweden to BKK ???
  206. Star gold lounge question
  207. AC, CO, JJ, LH (C Class)
  208. Codeshare with Qatar
  209. LHR - T3 - Which is the best Star alliance lounge
  210. Which *A FFP to choose for these perks
  211. How to see different routings on ANA tool
  212. *A award booking best time?
  213. TAM Red card (*G) upgrade options
  214. Best Business Class from TLV to BCN
  215. Distanced based FF programs in *A
  216. LH/SQ/CO?
  217. Booking tool?
  218. Any *A Airline for MEL - BNE - SYD?
  219. Best strategy(ies) for rebooking/compensation for irr-ops in Europe (flying *A)
  220. In to JFK > OUT of LGA.. Bags?
  221. What *A US Carrier to choose from AMS?
  222. Nervous newbie making first *Alliance award booking - please help!
  223. Best Star Alliance B-Class Lounge in Frankfurt?
  224. What Star FF program to join?
  225. DEL to DXB Question
  226. Quick Question please!
  227. CO Gold, UA EPlus
  228. Upgrade DXB-IAD on CO codeshare
  229. TAM is in Star Alliance
  230. luggage concerns when taking connecting flights from different airlines -Shanghai->UA
  231. LX Flights now showing up on ANA tool
  232. RTW miles
  233. I booked an award ticket for a friend-what do they need to know in case of irrops?
  234. SMF to LHR using CO miles
  235. F dropped after F award
  236. Machine readable *A timetable?
  237. biz class help
  238. TG 747 or NH 767 in C?
  239. Lounge Access Request at JFK T4 on May 25
  240. SEA region award question
  241. Booking *RTW...
  242. Online Check-in code share Ticket
  243. *A lounge in Taipei
  244. Star Alliance from US direct to Paris
  245. North, South, East, West...
  246. Business/1st Award to Europe Questions
  247. nesting tickets + immediate transit DME - baggage
  248. Brit switching from OneWorld to StarAlliance, but who?
  249. CRTWSTAR Changes
  250. Aviana to joining into Star Alliance