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  1. Brit switching from OneWorld to StarAlliance, but who?
  2. CRTWSTAR Changes
  3. Aviana to joining into Star Alliance
  4. Lounge Access - US Airways
  5. UA or LH to FRA?
  6. Nairobi in June -options?
  7. LON-DXB: which airline using miles?
  8. *A Z Fares SFO-ATH
  9. Aegean and Star Alliance Airpass
  10. US Airways Post CO/UA Merger
  11. Can one book CO Micronesia to ROR and YAP with CirPac and RTW products?
  12. CA vs OZ F out of JFK to PEK
  13. Advice on J travel from LHR-SYD: Thai or Asiana
  14. PHL-Eastern European Circle Trip-PHL
  15. Which Skyteam FF to join to maximize BIS EQM and award redemption?
  16. How to get to FCO from YYZ
  17. Skyteam or Star Alliance
  18. AI delayed entry again ? Enough already -grab 9W
  19. SIN as a base, which FFP do you choose?
  20. Which *FFP allows date changes on partner award flights?
  21. Best *A F Service LAX-NRT
  22. reliable website with competitive prices on business class tickets
  23. Need some recommendations for SIN-NYC redemption
  24. Arriving in Singapore
  25. F Routing Feedback
  26. Programs that could not book NZ award flights (IT issue?)
  27. Looking for some routing suggestions SFO - ??? - TLV
  28. BMI award booking - SQ spacebed v LH J seat?
  29. Which lounge to choose in DTW with CO *gold
  30. Best J to SIN?
  31. SAA Business to FRA - Arrival Lounge?
  32. 24 hr layover IST-LHR(TK) LHR-SFO(UA) -bags?
  33. Business Class
  34. Star Gold # not on BP
  35. stay with BD or change to OZ
  36. How do I Switch "Home" Carrier and Keep *G Status?
  37. *G extra luggage allowance honored on StarFlyer
  38. Star Gold recognition at
  39. Looking to avoid EZE arrival tax - other *A options
  40. BMI Business class
  41. Best connection HAN-IAD
  42. First Class *A Lounge in DEN
  43. can I get to DPS on one ticket?
  44. HK-US-Europe/Aussie-HK, other options?
  45. Which *A F Route to Choose?
  46. Best F options: PIT-DPS
  47. How were Star Alliance Gold members treated by *A carriers during the volcano?
  48. CRTW29000 for under $5000 out of TKK (Truk)
  49. *A Upgrade Question
  50. Best redeemption value for Shanghai to Beijing ?
  51. Which carrier gets the phone call for booking?
  52. Conde Nast Traveler
  53. Redeem M&M Miles or *A miles on CONDOR?
  54. Transfer in LHR T1 to T4
  55. *G lounge access in SIN and BKK
  56. *A - NYC to FCO in Sept
  57. Flight seat availability for NRT-SIN for June 27, 2010
  58. *A Carriers w/Transcon Service w/2-Seat Rows in Y?
  59. Best *A Lounges in LGA
  60. Help, Suggestions and Comments Please RE: Round The World Trip
  61. South Africa award value
  62. Using US DMs to book a *A RTW
  63. Another Lounge Confusion Question: UA/CO flights as 1P
  64. *A Upgrade Award Rules and availability
  65. ANA Tool Updated
  66. Star Alliance Gold (*G) Emirates lounge access?
  67. Best FC Option EWR-HNL
  68. BMI Diamond Club or CO Onepass?
  69. Which LHR Lounge To Choose As *Gold???
  70. Guest Swapping Policy *G / Luftansa Lounge Attendant
  71. any "elite seating" on AC?
  72. Flying Asian multi-route on CA & OZ - need advice!
  73. Brussels or ANA progrmam for crediting Etihad flights?
  74. LH Italia ticket operated by BMI
  75. Star Alliance Membership Help
  76. Best *A carrier to Germany (business class)
  77. Store my spare miles in AC Aeroplan or UA MileagePlus?
  78. Why no food allowed in lounges?
  79. Finding upgradeable fares online?
  80. CRTWSTAR1 and Positioning Flight Questions
  81. Need *A advice on Travel Option from PDX to BCN in Business Class
  82. Star Alliance Question
  83. Tam joining Star Alliance next month, another annoucement
  84. Redeeming UA miles on *a carrier WAS-BKK - must it be done through UA?
  85. need help with Routing
  86. LHR-SIN upgrade on Star Alliance: advice please
  87. any new features u would like on the star alliance website ?
  88. TK and 261/2004
  89. Air China Business or Singapore Airlines Economy
  90. Which would you pick.. LAX->NRT -- UA F or NH C
  91. EgyptAir Anyone?
  92. HKG lounge CO
  93. LHR arrivals facilities - arriving TG F
  94. TAP and TACV - Can I use *A points?
  95. SHA-CAN on CA or FM
  96. Circle pacific fare?
  97. Need ideas about which *A to use
  98. Help Picking *A FF program
  99. Question about LGA->JFK airport transfer on award travel
  100. Vacation Ideas for Military Family
  101. Best Frequent Flyer Program for Spouse
  102. Quick NRT lounge question
  103. Shenzhen Airlines in Star?
  104. SQ RTW Fare USD 9564 base plus 900 surcharge Please help!
  105. Price of a 29 000 mile ticket (D class) EX - Melbourne?
  106. *A Gold lounges at HKG or HEL ?
  107. Star Biz - Europe to Australia in September 2010
  108. SFO-Japan-Shanghai-SFO:SFO-LAX-NRT? reward advice needed For 5/29 dept
  109. SHA to PVG
  110. Earning Onepass EQM on UA
  111. SAS & ET codeshare
  112. Is changing airports within same city (for example from TSA to TPE) a rerouting?
  113. Are there any *Alliance carriers that can get me from LAX to Iceland (& earn UA EQM)?
  114. RTW fare increases effective 6 April 2010
  115. ANA, Lufthansa or Turkish first class to NRT?
  116. Europe Airpass - Not
  117. Advice on whether to ditch Aeroplan for ANA
  118. Which Star Alliance partner to join.
  119. Challenge to suggest better routing
  120. best c sfo-lhr?
  121. *A to LIS: CO or Tap P?
  122. Which *A should I choose?
  123. Best search engine for Star Alliance flights?
  124. UA Miles Award - how do I select seats on TG and NH?
  125. Is there a non-hub city in N America with service to all Star hubs in NA?
  126. How to spend 11000 miles within Asia
  127. 7 trips to HKG planned - best Star card?
  128. Easiest Star Alliance Gold by Segments
  129. Nrt - gig - hkg
  130. Flying Agean/Olympic
  131. Online Check-in - Virgin/Continental codeshare ticket?
  132. On living in a forgotten part of the world
  133. Need advice for infrequent *A flyer
  134. on time concern for flight - IAD-SFO-HKG
  135. Lounge at NRT
  136. Need help on routing SFO-TPE-HKG-SFO
  137. Help with route: YEG-SIN in late June
  138. OT: AT&T Banner Ads
  139. BOM-SFO C Class Award ticket experiences
  140. Where to issue RTW ticket?
  141. Beds in BKK Star Alliance lounges
  142. US vs CO on TLV-PHX flight - who should I take
  143. Placing *G status on Award Reservation
  144. For UA elite, which *A over-water carrier is best?
  145. Status on BP - different names
  146. Lounge Access *A question - ORD & LAX
  147. RTW question from EWR/JFK
  148. quest about spend miles to change a ticket back to China?
  149. Flight booking/finding advise needed
  150. Europe Airpass and Advanced Trigonometry
  151. IAD-CLT-GCM in Y on US - Which *G lounges accessible?
  152. Newbie trying to sort out what direction I should go on
  153. Which Program to Credit?
  154. Star Alliance Gold - No Chance of Upgrade, Right?
  155. Sick of Krisflyer points expiring
  156. xRWSTARx booking class changes
  157. EQM Question re: Booking on Singapore but its a Virgin Atlantic airframe
  158. Newbie Mistake?
  159. Expert Flyer vs. ANA
  160. *G Check-in Benefit
  161. What's the best *A F upgrade for 100k miles?
  162. Denver Continental lounge closing
  163. Gold Medallion defecting from DL to *A, asking for current Elite members' $0.02
  164. Double upgrade possible on SA flights?
  165. TK verses TG out of BKK to europe
  166. Buy up US Dividend preferred to get *G?
  167. *A sale prices
  168. Noobie Getting Started w/ Star Alliance. Help! :)
  169. My Experience Booking Award on Swiss via US Air Dividends
  170. *G Lounge Options in MAD
  171. US Domestic Connection Flight Baggage Charges
  172. Splitting PNR on RTW Ticket for Two Passengers
  173. Checking luggage from *A to OW
  174. Will Aegean Air be in *A by end of May?
  175. Breakfasts in *A lounges LHR
  176. Dumb question of the month: Star Alliance.
  177. Book now or hold out for a deal?
  178. cabin baggage SFO-FRA-CDG
  179. Kinda odd *A earning question
  180. Asiana Club the best for earning *A gold?
  181. Already LH SEN, no need for 1W or Sky. What now?
  182. RTW ex-Jordan - help with prices please
  183. TK vs SK FFP
  184. No more free WIRELESS internet in Zurich?!?
  185. *A member Air China does not upgrade to first-class?
  186. City Pairs to Use When Searching Star Alliance Award Availability
  187. *A Premium Cabin Reward Redemption LHR-NYC
  188. Which Star Alliance FFP Should I Use?
  189. Will TACA join the Star after the AV merge?
  190. Lounge at LHR terminal 4
  191. Checking baggage all the way from hkt to xiy ?
  192. Assistance with a flight from northeast to JNB
  193. Alliance Impact on Operations
  194. Where should I credit an LH T fare?
  195. Rookie Mistake
  196. CRWSTAR Booking on Codeshare Flights?
  197. Star Alliance lounge at SHA
  198. Europe-based PM trying to decide to stay with DL or bail to Star Alliance
  199. Question Miles & More or Miles & Smiles
  200. Warning: CO books RTW into lowest booking class
  201. Help find a couple of roundtrips to EUROPE
  202. Priority Boarding Question
  203. Connections at IST?
  204. Great Escapade current 2010 fares
  205. Thank Goodness for *G
  206. Usairways Dividend Miles to LH Miles and More
  207. Good Star Alliance First Class, SIN-CDG and NRT-CDG
  208. How to combine Turkish and Lufthansa points?
  209. Any way to get exit rows on US Airways for star alliance?
  210. B787 orders for *A carriers
  211. Star Alliance lounge at PDX?
  212. Is the ending city on a RTW ticket considered a stopover?
  213. CO or US to Hawaii
  214. Route: YUL [montreal] - DPS { Bali ]
  215. Austrian versus Thai Long-Haul Business Class
  216. Air China? Good/Bad/Ugly?
  217. Help me find a *A FFP please!
  218. 3 near-mishaps on RTW ticket
  219. Aer Lingus
  220. Single coupon, multiple sectors, mixed classes award
  221. Best * A FFP for C/F redemptions to/from & in Asia, and US based CC mileage earning ?
  222. Award Travel Help/Advise
  223. Best carrier c/f for XIY-BKK-REP trip?
  224. Brussels Airlines miles, or not
  225. Is there a Status Level that allows you to grant status to someone else?
  226. How would you book this *A ticket?
  227. Catch 22 upgrading to business on Turkish Air
  228. Considering JFK-BKK via Cairo on Egypt Air. Any recommendations?
  229. flat-tire rule/standby on TAP?
  230. Lufthansa Strike 2/22/2010
  231. Who has the best Award World Cup Flight Itinerary?
  232. Newbie Question - Earning Gold Status on *A
  233. Availability openings~
  234. LH Silver aiming for *A Gold
  235. Standard Award?
  236. UA Gold but flying on CO FF# = no status?!
  237. Impact of LH strike?
  238. Latest *A flight from West Coast to Europe?
  239. Currently AA Platinum, wanting to grow in a Star Alliance program looking for advice?
  240. Turkish Airlines to start route to Dar es Salaam
  241. F award routing ? BKK HKG backtracking?
  242. TG releases *Award inventory post31oct
  243. Egyptair: JFK-CAI-JFK in Y
  244. Expert Flyer says YES Areoplan says NO
  245. United/Swiss or Lufthansa to Dar es Salaam?
  246. Star Alliance Award Ticket Baggage
  247. Best in Business Class
  248. *G Lounge access for children
  249. *A virgin... Need advice
  250. does *a gold have lounge access for intl arrival?

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