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  1. Which award alliance to book cheapest
  2. Does anyone feel like helping me book a trip using *A
  3. EVA * application is in
  4. AC in C vs UA in F
  5. Baggage check through and connection guarantee
  6. ANA vs Singapore Air Bus Class (LAX-NRT)
  7. Moving from *A Silver to Gold
  8. Star alliance flight cancellation - am I taking the right steps?
  9. Best Way to Redeem on Air China?
  10. Star alliance gold lounge access
  11. Round the World (RTW)
  12. United Saver/Star award... which dates are available?
  13. Best carrier on TLV-SFO route
  14. Best carrier on TLV-SFO route
  15. How Many *A Points Would I Get?
  16. *G EWR-LHR in CO Y; LHR Lounge Access?
  17. Best C & F Products in the Alliance
  18. New to *A and flying standby
  19. Virgin/Singapore Airlines RTW Business class or best alternative
  20. How much more would you pay?
  21. Mileage collected to wrong airline program
  22. Circle Pacific Strategy
  23. GMP-HND
  24. Switching from ST to *A
  25. Where to Earn SAA Miles
  26. Does the ASEAN Airpass still exist?
  27. CO - nesting transcon tickets
  28. First Class carriers with top notch cognac, scotch, vodka?
  29. Which airline should be kicked out of *A?
  30. *A N.A. to S.Africa- can you route throug S. America
  31. TG or TK in Business?
  32. *A Lounge LAX Tom Bradley no elevators today and tomorrow
  33. Lounge access for Star Silver members
  34. LH A330-300 or UA 767-300 for TATL in Business
  35. LH or SA Business Class?
  36. Stupid Question about baggage
  37. LH First or Turkish Airlines First Class on the JFK-Europe route?
  38. Which C to BKK/SIN?
  39. AC vs UA for long haul economy
  40. Is the availability of award seets dependent on the airline or the miles program?
  41. cheapest city of origin for Circle Pacific fare?
  42. Suggestions for Multi-City Trip
  43. Flying from NRT-ICN who should I fly? UA First Class, OZ Biz with NEW SEATS, NH Biz?
  44. *A lounge at LAX domestic
  45. *A lounge before connecting to BA flight from LHR T5?
  46. Any *A flying HKGTPE?
  47. F SYD-LAX-LHR is available 3 Dec 2011
  48. I need some routing help!
  49. RTW ?: Surface sector as stopover
  50. A380-reward flights, partner airlines
  51. Star Alliance internal rankings : some thoughts and implications
  52. no lounge at BDA?
  53. ORD/WAW/VNO on LOT, what to expect? what lounge to use?
  54. Lounge access with FF number only
  55. LAXLounge Help...
  56. Valid *A RTW
  57. *A connection times at O'Hare
  58. Do not have seat number
  59. Need help deciding on what carrier to fly in F class...LX,TK,LH?
  60. US qualifying miles on United flights?
  61. No more *A at GLA
  62. Miles for use on another airline?
  63. What SA Carrier for Status Match?
  64. How solvent is A3?
  65. Award Ticket: LAX - BKK Direct Flights
  66. NA West Coast to SIN/BKK via SYD/AKL ?
  67. *A reward on NH
  68. *A Award inventory in Y on SQ1 SFO-SIN-SFO
  69. Some sort of sticky thread comparing * business classes?
  70. BCN - SIN Options
  71. Best Star Alliance carrier to fly to Shanghai(PVG)
  72. Extra leg room free?
  73. SQ J (A380) vs TG F (744)
  74. RTW in F: *Alliance or oneworld?
  75. Tahiti or Fiji
  76. TAM joined *A but still issues getting *A award tickets - why?
  77. Need inter-Euro airline recommendation -Flying from Seville (SVQ) to HAM (Hamburg)
  78. TG Premium Econ vs. AC Business
  79. Overnighting in IST...Q's
  80. Earning Points after a *A Upgrade
  81. Which * Airline from London-Bulawayo?
  82. Best *G Lounge LHR T3
  83. Texas
  84. No merger Aegean-Olympic!
  85. Reward ricket
  86. US-Cambodia (PNH) Suggestions
  87. Lounge Access London
  88. Any mainline service left to STL?
  89. Aegean
  90. Does Star Alliance provide any discounts for personal events such as weddings
  91. Asiana to United Air?
  92. Star Alliance Gold Lounge Access Question
  93. Airlines that serve the best champagne/wine list in First Class?
  94. Code sharing with Virgin - do I still get my points
  95. *A Lounge in EWR
  96. flights on Copa and OZ EQM
  97. NH only option for Japan<>Europe flatbed C award?
  98. DPS Routing help!
  99. Qatar buying into TAP?
  100. Redeeming AP to Hawaii. Flying UA/CO/US. Questions
  101. *A Business LHR-PVG
  102. Best *A Economy NYC-Rome?
  103. PriceWar in Asia?
  104. How to Use *G Status and Earn Another
  105. Best *A First Class from JFK to SYD - Award
  106. *A Gold- Lounge Access LHR-IST-BGH ???
  107. How can I complain about TAM to *A?
  108. Does Lufthansa have lie-flat seats in business on their 380?
  109. Air China CX/KA codeshare lounge access
  110. Round the World - Adv, Disadv
  111. Air China vs United
  112. Upgrade options on SK-TG to Asia
  113. Online Check-In Codeshare Confusion
  114. Lounge access at Munich airport
  115. Using Multiple Air China Contract Lounges HK
  116. Best Business Class Fare to Asia on Star Alliance
  117. Advice on *A Lost Baggage on RTW Trip
  118. Earning United EQM when Booking BMI but operated by VA?
  119. Convention code on *A
  120. What's a good *A lounge to spend the day in at LAX ?
  121. Eurobonus or OnePass?
  122. IAD to BKK award in F
  123. Advice... *G into/out of IST
  124. What's a good value 747 top-deck redemption?
  125. MCO - FRA on LH 747-400. Other options.
  126. HKG - EWR - Best flights?
  127. United or Continental
  128. Slightly Complicated Interline Question
  129. Best lounge in dxb
  130. Need info on Bom - Lhr travel
  131. Award Advice LAX to Paris in Fall 2011
  132. *A Baggage rules
  133. How does Star Alliance Work?
  134. Need Advice
  135. Use miles to upgrade on any partner?
  136. Star Alliance Upgrade Award with *A RTW ticket?
  137. Seat availability with US Airways
  138. Aeroplan Reward Upgrade Strategy
  139. International Star Gold lounge access on a reward ticket with no card?
  140. Baggage Charge?
  141. *A award travel to STT
  142. Best way to get *A gold with minimum miles?
  143. FF program to request mileage credit within 1 year?
  144. Arrival Lounge Access for Shower
  145. Premium seat selection and complimentary upgrades across Star Alliance
  146. Can you upgrade one sector on a YRWSTAR fare?
  147. Elite benefits on codeshares
  148. Travel and through baggage on two separate tickets of Star Alliance carriers.
  149. Air China, 21 hr layover in PEK. Collect bags? Skip second flight?
  150. Valid *A RTW?
  151. Best Ideas for Flights from NYC to BKK/HKG
  152. Lounges in LAX
  153. Which Star Alliance Carriers have Flat Beds in Business?
  154. Tam, lack of courtesy?
  155. Status of TAM as pertains to *A
  156. Help plan a trip to India and maximize EQM
  157. Can I collect United miles on a Copa flight?
  158. Lufthansa Vs United
  159. Last year's time table for Star Alliance
  160. Best routes from DEN-KGL; JRO-DEN
  161. Denied Swiss milage on UA Mileage plus -- now what?
  162. Credit card
  163. C/J to F upgrade using miles on *A carriers
  164. Best *A lounge at Cdg?
  165. Star Alliance quiz
  166. TAP - Manchester-Lisbon
  167. A class for NH new F
  168. When will TG release Star Alliance award seats KTM-BKK for Nov 2011?
  169. *A website error or unpublished change in policy?
  170. Thai or Air China
  171. Tips for a great deal: WAS-AMS, IST-WAS Mar/Apr 11
  172. Which *A airline between US & Europe in Y?
  173. Best time/airline to book for BIZ NYC-NRT
  174. Flying SAN-USM on award flight
  175. ZRH Lounges
  176. Arriving LH F departing UA F with 3 hours, which lounge?
  177. Business Saver Europe *A Gold
  178. Aegean Discrepancy in Status? Or will it happen later?
  179. BD / NZ Connecting Flights - Baggage Allowance
  180. Air China JFK-PEK C class
  181. Best way to reach Ljubana, Slovenia from SFO?
  182. PVG and PEK Star Alliance Lounges
  183. *G - Baggage allowance on Brussels Airlines?
  184. OnePass vs. Mileage Plus
  185. LAX-Sweden: advice on best of two evils....
  186. Does any program give credit for segments flown before enrollment?
  187. SFO-NRT business class: UA or ANA?
  188. 2 *A carriers - baggage allowance
  189. First Class to Cairo?
  190. Award ticket on CO to CTA
  191. CO Elite travelling on AC
  192. best way to renew senator or *Gold status
  193. Release of Air New Zealand award seats
  194. LHR to SYD in business
  195. Best Star Alliance Airline to Join
  196. Anyway to check *A award seat availability?
  197. Using United mileage for Singapore Airlines?
  198. NYC to SIN or HKG - What Airline is best in business?
  199. WAW-ZRH-LYS seats
  200. TPE-BKK missing in *A timetable
  201. How to book a *A Award Trip after Christmas? (Used to US Airways)
  202. Q Re: IDB on a SA member
  203. Spanair not crediting miles - what to do?
  204. LH or TG J?
  205. need some help planning award travel in first
  206. How to Transit NRT
  207. Thai Airways upgrade to Business
  208. HKG - Midnight to 11:00 am - Lounges
  209. How many customers/FFP members in total does Star have?
  210. How to find star alliance routes on which a first class cabin is available
  211. Is Turkish a good option?
  212. Virgin Blue joining Star Alliance?
  213. *G Status... can i use lounges now?
  214. Charlotte to Capetown or Johannesburg?
  215. Is Puerto Rico considered int'l?
  216. Pricing *A Asia Pass ?
  217. Star Alliance Gold Clarifications?
  218. Fastest way to become gold
  219. Lounge Guests
  220. Zurich lounge access
  221. Olympic to join Star Alliance?
  222. Is LH biz seat same as the SQ spacebed?
  223. How Should I book Complicated Fare on *A?
  224. Which carrier's status best for UA-marketed CO-operated flights?
  225. Best *A Option LHR-DUB or AUH?
  226. TK F (77W) vs NH F (777)
  227. Lounge access when award ticket on airline but *g on another?
  228. Time to kill - advice sought: SIN and FRA
  229. Tight connection at PVG? I need a PVG expert!
  230. Indian Carriers to join?
  231. What Lounges can Star Alliance Gold Access?
  232. *G additional bag/weight provision just applies to itineraries of 2+ carriers?
  233. SQ388 C vs. ANA 77W C (maybe) vs. UA C
  234. *A - NYC - ARN Business Class
  235. circle/pass fares
  236. CO Airline lounges on BD redemption/*G
  237. ANA award search
  238. Help me choose a *A FFP
  239. Intl. transfer BKK and *G lounge KUL
  240. SQ 380 C or UA 777 Old (maybe New) F?
  241. Intl. lounge in Chennai?
  242. Star A Lounge Access in TLV
  243. Best *G lounge at LHR?
  244. Mileage Plus or Miles & More?? Advice nedded!!
  245. Priority Seat Selection-A Star Alliance Benefit--Is It Dead?
  246. CO Z on UA - is it First Class?
  247. SFO -> CDG or DME or ???
  248. Booking fees for *A award
  249. Mileage Run Strategies within Europe?
  250. SFO-HKG: which premium product?