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  1. Anyone know how to reach CAI from Asia w/o touching down in UK?
  2. CAI ticket pick up strategies
  3. Best and worst of One World
  4. OWE - Caribbean, which continent?
  5. Can't access the OW tix rules files
  6. Anyone here ever try to do Oneworld Explorer with the LEAST segments?
  7. Flight Classes & Oneworld Rules
  8. RTW: change to intial intercontinental flight
  9. RTW and Mileage Run
  10. Worth asking AA for downgrade comp?
  11. My reissued OWE tixs say "Good on OW", not the list
  12. a few quick questions re RTW
  13. Best route/price/upgrade sfo-mxp, mad-sfo
  14. Changing Carrier After Ticketing. Needs to be Reissued?
  15. NY eve 2004 help needed
  16. What happens with routes are cancelled?
  17. Totally confused by RTW rules
  18. Virtualtroy´s DONE trip report
  19. Reissue Fee and Service Fee- Double Charge?
  20. Help re QF downgrade on Oneworld award
  21. Will "Qualiflyer" members join OW?
  22. I thought I knew the rules for open tickets...
  23. Buy OWE from airline or travel agent
  24. Europe to Brazil, IB or BA?
  25. What does OW consider ME ?
  26. My first RTW
  27. Getting from Eqypt to Morocco on OWE.
  28. China on a RTW?
  29. A/D ONE ex Australia
  30. Gulf Air and Mexicana set to join ONEWORLD ALLIANCE
  31. Gulf Air and Mexicana set to join ONEWORLD ALLIANCE
  32. Any way to do DXB on ex-CAI at the beginning?
  33. Maximum Number of Status Miles
  34. RTW - Different Starting and Ending City
  35. Europe-Australia on 4 continent RTW
  36. How can I contact to CAI?
  37. Help on RTW ex CAI
  38. Valid CIRPAC /oneworld award Routing?
  39. Quick confirmation of AONE4 routing please
  40. Arrgh... reissue woes
  41. RTW ticket
  42. Two questions regarding OWE fares
  43. Free stickers in London?
  44. Could this be done on a 4 continent award?
  45. RTW upgrade after departure
  46. Multi-stop one-way ticket...?
  47. Contact info for EMECO Travel in CAI
  48. Lifetime Elite
  49. CAI price increase
  50. need some help / departing ex CAI
  51. Is this itinerary legal?
  52. Transiting at CAI and VISA requirements..HELP
  53. Cathay Pacific HKG-Beijing valid on OWE?
  54. changing a global explorer in an oneworld
  55. Starting in Iceland? What is best value starting from US?
  56. What is the best O.W. lounge in GRU SAO PAULO?
  57. RTW tix 3 continents or 4 continents itn ex. CAI?
  58. HKG-BKK CX or AY
  59. Pre-purchase of ex-CAI RTW
  60. AY's third destination in mainland China?
  61. Best value from US
  62. select airline or route on ticket?
  63. valid done4 from Australia?
  64. How about this itinerary
  65. Africa to North America?
  66. Which carrier LHR-JFK?
  67. Lounge in CCU?
  68. Whats the best RTW fare in eco?
  69. What happen with QF and AirNZ, and will AirNZ join OW?
  70. IB CAI-MAD
  71. OW Emerald partner seat assignment semi-quandry
  72. Where's BA gone?
  73. Planned RTW trip
  74. Need Comments on RTW itinenary ex SIN
  75. Any good prices X HNL or LAX RTW?
  76. Cairo to Asia
  77. what the best FF program ??
  78. Routing Question
  79. Lan Chile No Longer Allows First Class Bookings for RTWs?
  80. email-adresses of the best and cheapest travelagencies in the UK
  81. Re-route and increase total segment, possible?
  82. Are qty discounts availible?
  83. Difference in Tax from BA to AA
  84. Earning Promos on RTW
  85. Has Anyone Had Any Luck Getting an "A" Seat on LAN 801 from SCL to SYD?
  86. Who have ultimate control to my reservation?
  87. If we start with a one world ticket in Cairo, do we have to end our trip there?
  88. CAI RTW ticket starting somewhere else
  89. Is Egypt still the cheapest Oneworld RTW?
  90. Interesting article on LanChile
  91. iberia mulls acquisitions, says Expansion
  92. Is CAI really not one of the "limited" segments from UK?
  93. OWE routing ex CAI
  94. AA RTW desk problems
  95. LA584 SCL-HAV-CUN, problem for flying AA?
  96. BA Travelshop- will agent get commission fee?
  97. SWISS upcoming entry into oneworld
  98. How much is the OWE fare in Cairo ?
  99. World Discovery Fare Itinerary
  100. Round the world trip
  101. How to get from Sout-Africa to South-america with a RTW-global explorer-ticket?
  102. Best and worst OW lounges
  103. OW or Star
  104. Global explorer upgrade question.
  105. Thanks to all webflyers!
  106. Confusion re ex CAI pricing
  107. Lanpass earning restrictions with QF & BA?
  108. Problems with BA fax in Cairo?
  109. OWE ex SIN
  110. Best oneworld FFP for non-frequent flyers
  111. Can anyone spot any problems with this itinery?
  112. Circle Fares
  113. Segment does not exist anymore, now what ?
  114. BA or CX's J ?
  115. OWE ex-CAI
  116. Increasing # of continents on OWE
  117. Where does one check-in for the Lan Chile AKL-SYD flight?
  118. Checking bags ALL the way home...
  119. Why no codeshare on AA flights ATL-BNA?
  120. Another LAN availability question
  121. Best routing for Oneworld miles and status ?
  122. Y or L for tickets already issued?
  123. Best Oneworld FFP??
  124. Adding extra flight after departure
  125. Fare Classes/ Booking on Visit Europe
  126. is this within max no. of flight segments?
  127. what constitutes 12 mth limit??
  128. Reissue OWE at BA/LAX
  129. 28 segments ex Australia
  130. AA Oneworld Desk number
  131. Mile Maximize and Minimize at the Same time, help needed
  132. Baggage allawance on one world explorer?
  133. L-availability for LA 801 in March 2004
  134. LHR-TOS-DME-LHR Help!!
  135. Subtle Rule Difference Between Explorer & Global Explorer
  136. slight changes to explorer rules
  137. Explorer: Segments Question
  138. south pacific first
  139. Does a ground segment count for RTW?
  140. OW ticket in Cuba?
  141. 55K miles reward
  142. CDG and NRT Lounges and access
  143. LHR-SYD-(asia) has anyone done this route???
  144. Fares not inc USA???
  145. Help me!(routing DONE4)
  146. RTW - ANy flights West (USA) from South Africa?
  147. Just 6 cents?
  148. Taxes on 4 cont. one world explorer?
  149. MU in oneworld soon
  150. Delhi
  151. Buying a one-way ticket to CAI
  152. Who has managed most miles out of the 20 segments?
  153. DONE4 questions
  154. Where to book in UK
  155. LHR- CAI £179- BA Book today only
  156. South America Routing
  157. Best F to Italy?
  158. Is this OK for OWE5
  159. Complete RTW ONE rules
  160. Cathay to PEK
  161. Oneworld eyes joint savings
  162. Swiss partnership
  163. CAI visa $15 US, $80 UK?
  164. NA sale ex CAI ?
  165. NZ & Aus Routing Question
  166. Return tix to CAI for reissue?
  167. CAI FAQ?
  168. OneWorld Explorer 4 - Help!
  169. CAI: is Meet and Greet Service important?
  170. Open dated ONE4
  171. More than 20 flights?
  172. OneWorld Award table
  173. OWE transit Europe to/From Africa
  174. wonder about europe on route
  175. RTW through HAV
  176. CAI OW continent prices and srface sect miles
  177. Egypt. Where do I obtain my visa as a US citizen?
  178. ba rtw desk phone number
  179. OWE in Cairo: Where is Tashkent?
  180. It's been said before but.....
  181. Any non-AA carriers Central Am or Caribbean-mainland?
  182. Round the World Qualifying
  183. Columbo, Sri Lanka
  184. OW 35K miles Award (QF) - rules question
  185. AA CTO in Cairo experiences?
  186. "Open" RTW Tickets
  187. Zone Chart
  188. Newbie - Easter Island?
  189. OneWorld Vacation for 2004
  190. RTW Newbie
  191. new to RTW
  192. Refund of unused additional segments
  193. Does this Work? ONE4
  194. Changing onward reservations /// and AA LAX-JFK
  195. BA or AA to London from DCA/IAD/BWI in coach?
  196. ONE4 date change of first sector
  197. OWE in cairo
  198. Using QF for LAX-JFK on RTW
  199. Suggestions for RTW
  200. QF Y to BA J connection question.
  201. A-space on American, NYC-MIA?
  202. Trying to get a Pre April 15 ONE re-issued to correct Travel Agent’s mistake.
  203. Question re: missing taxes on AONE (specifically MEX)
  204. Help with circle trip
  205. procedures to join oneworld
  206. Updates to Unofficial oneworld Info Desk - I need your help, please!
  207. ATW from BKK
  208. Would SA fit into OW?
  209. LX on ONE tickets?
  210. New oneworld fact sheet incl. LX
  211. OWE Routing?
  212. Hong Kong Hotel Convenient to Airport
  213. Swiss to join oneworld airline alliance
  214. Introducing the 9th member of the Oneworld Alliance
  215. BA Tier Points on AONE RTW
  216. OneWorld Timetable Planner
  217. Paid OW RTW Tickets - Completely New To Me
  218. SFO-BOS >2700 miles?
  219. Booking RTW Award
  220. One World Award on AA
  221. Online Check-in RTW
  222. Conde Nast Traveler article mentions this forum
  223. IST Turnaround
  224. DXB turnaround
  225. Any "Circle" for Africa?
  226. Reissue or sticker?
  227. Gibraltar RTW ticketing
  228. Please crit my OWE5 itinerary
  229. Two simple (?) questions re: DONE4
  230. Involuntary re-route on CAI-issued AONE4
  231. OneWorld Africa destination suggestions?
  232. BA reservations talking pants
  233. question re oneworld 35,001-50,000 award...
  234. Decision Time DONE ex CAI
  235. Sched change force OWE change, leeway on fees?
  236. Qucik Question on Lan Ecuador
  237. Duo Airways
  238. SCL Arrivals Facilities
  239. OWE ticket reissue in LHR
  240. thanks flyertalkers
  241. Best FFP for economy travel
  242. Global Explorer from CAI and payment
  243. Aer Lingus website
  244. A fare posted as business for AAdvantage
  245. ATW Questions
  246. OW Explorer – Missed Segments Lead to Cancelled Itinerary?
  247. RTW fares
  248. Complicated Reroute Prob - Discuss?
  249. seat reservation for RTW possible before ticketing?
  250. Problems with BA CAI Ticket Reissue

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