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  1. plat amex and 2/1 flight to NZ what's the fare?
  2. Caribbean customers - finally an alternative to AMEX !
  3. Purchasing MR points in UK?
  4. amex vs. Hilton Plat Amex
  5. Why is the SPG Amex better than Amex gold?
  6. Boss has asked me to provide him all benefits of his Centurion card
  7. Platnium Conciergie BLOWS IT!
  8. APF/Amex airline point transfer - how does it work?
  9. SPG Amex vs. AMEX Platinum
  10. When are AMEX MR Pending Points credited?
  11. Typical PTS result?
  12. AMEX MR and Thrifty
  13. Centurion Brochure Germany now downloadable
  14. Card Value: Starwood AmEx vs Platinum AmEx
  15. Fidelity Gold Amex
  16. Platinum 2 for 1 to Bahamas $700!
  17. Platinum and black card with most benefits?
  18. Cheapest country to use 2 for 1.
  19. 2 for 1 tix good value to Central America
  20. AMEX Aeroplan vs. RBC Avion Card
  21. London Centurion flyertalk meet (part 2)
  22. Offshore bank suggestions that offer IDC? Im thinking of going with HSBC
  23. IDC Centurion vs Platinum
  24. I love AMEX! Plat, Delta, SPG
  25. Tips on Getting Plat?
  26. any tips on getting approved for Green Charge with young credit history?
  27. Accumulating AA miles with Starwood
  28. AMEX Plat Query RE: CRC
  29. Centurion vs Platinum
  30. Hilton Amex for Starwood Amex
  31. 30% Bonus for transfering MR to Delta
  32. SKYPOINTS - new AMEX / DELTA concept affinity card
  33. credit
  34. How much do you value priority pass?
  35. Some help needed
  36. Best Delta Skymiles mileage bonus?
  37. American Express Launches Companion Airfare Offer for Travelers Cheque Card Customers
  38. Any US Platinum Card Application Promotions?
  39. AMEX Reapply
  40. Auto Insurance
  41. Quick question for fellow Cent holders
  42. Anyone have the asia-australia international dollar platinum card?
  43. From Chicago to Tokyo
  44. Basic qualificaitons for Platinum Card
  45. Upgrading UK Gold to Plat
  46. can you upgrade from amex student to green and then gold..?
  47. A Newbe's use of Amex points
  48. New Delta Discount AMEX card
  49. AMEX Plat AMS access to lounge
  50. Opt out of MR?
  51. Any Indirect Way To Transfer MR to AmericaWest Flightfund?
  52. UK Amex Corporate Gold beats Centurion on benefits
  53. Amex Delta Platinum - 10,000mr
  54. Best amex plat and black card in terms of value ,lowest threshold,benefits?
  55. Starwood AMEX "Platinum" question
  56. Miles for secondary passenger on 2 for 1 biz class
  57. BA Amex or Centurion (UK)
  58. MyWishList - Anyone get the TV?
  59. Mandarin Oriental 2 for 1
  60. Centurion URL to register for email offers
  61. Reconciling bonus points with spending
  62. Top 10 Value Awards
  63. Plat Charge Card - Lounge Access
  64. fifty London
  65. Have Pref Rew Gold, now Bus Plat - what to do?
  66. MR to SPG
  67. AMEX Rewards Plus Gold - not the best for me now?
  68. Must you pay the annual fee for each country you have a card in?
  69. Best amex plat in the world?
  70. outrageous cost of using MR for car rentals
  71. Raised US spend for Cent to $250k?
  72. Is there a difference between Plat and *wood Plat
  73. Finally Denied the Wavier of SPG annual fee
  74. Spending on Starwood AMEX count for Cent invite?
  75. Amex International Dollar Card
  76. Double AMEX SkyMiles on all puchases in July and August
  77. Would a recommendation from a cent holder help?
  78. Which member rewards program should I sign up for?
  79. Now that I have us plat any reason why I shouldn't switch too idc.
  80. 28 cent credit for Class Action Settlement
  81. Any Delta AMEX Promos?
  82. AmericanExpress Germany new homepage look, do you like it?
  83. Platinum and Centurion too easy to get? What would you do about it?
  84. Using MR points to get from JFK to HKT
  85. Aeroplan now a mr partner.
  86. Should I take the 7500 points for a Financial Consultation?
  87. Do I need an AMEX?
  88. A comparsion of baggage delay coverages.
  89. Best amex plat, centurion cards in the world?
  90. Lowest threshold spending for black card in the world?
  91. Amex's Entertainment Division
  92. Warning- Online payment funds withdrawn INSTANTLY
  93. double miles on delta skymiles amex for may and june
  94. Long shot: P&O Ferries Promotional Code
  95. Foreign travel/currency question
  96. Forbes.com "Black is the new bling"
  97. Is the amex lounge open at staple center yet?
  98. Info on Premium Car Rental Insurance?
  99. Just got amex green how long till I can get plat?
  100. Amex Concierge….Priceless
  101. Business Centruion Card From Open
  102. SPG to Delta transfer time
  103. Centurion in Latin America... any info?
  104. confused about Platinum
  105. Rolling Stones Gold Card Pre Sale
  106. Amex Financial Advisors & Centurion Card
  107. Immediacy of pay-by-telephone?
  108. Post here yours Amex Platinum Benefits
  109. Priority Pass - The Lounge Guide by FTusers
  110. How long until my application is processed?
  111. Just Been approved for plat - few questions
  112. Amex Platinum In France [Consolidated]
  113. Priority Pass - Centurion
  114. The #why i love my centurioncard # thread
  115. Amex Concierge USE.
  116. Amex Delta 5x skymiles bonus
  117. Titanium Centurion may not come to the UK
  118. Upgrade to "Gold Rewards Plus" - Any downside?
  119. UK Centurion Relaunch
  120. NEW Double Points Opportunity - AMEX Travel Related Services
  121. LDW & Rental Moving Trucks like U-Haul
  122. Questions for Centurion holders:
  123. Any good signup bonuses for Starwood Amex Plat?
  124. UK Centurion Concierge are a bit pants
  125. Membership rewards transfer to Delta with 20% bonus miles
  126. Delta, Starwood or HHonors? Which one to charge mega $$`
  127. AMEX Starwood offer
  128. Amex Gold Customer Svc Phone# please
  129. Just got a green amex, every other purchase is refered.
  130. Any luck getting Platinum card fee waived for first year?
  131. Anyone know how to convert AMEX MembershipRewards Points to United Mileage Plus??
  132. UK Centurion halt invitations till Q1 2006.
  133. Class Action Settlement?
  134. Anyone switched to 'My St@tement' (online statements only) in the UK
  135. Returning Expensive Item - Miles Have Already posted...!
  136. $ Gift Cards to avoid 2% fee
  137. Starwood Transfer Bonus
  138. Should I upgrade to Plat from Gold? How to get the bonus miles? Any fee reductions?
  139. UK April 2005 Special offers for Centurion card holders
  140. Posting Times for new Charges (why so long)
  141. Platinum card and free R/T int'l ticket
  142. only got 5k bonus with Delta Plat Amex b/c already had Delta Gold Amex - what to do?
  143. certs for travel vs others.
  144. How many Points do you have?
  145. Centurion Card - Before 1 Year
  146. Centurion Card - SPG VIP level
  147. My Wishlist is back!
  148. Amex credit lines.....
  149. How do you earn 2 for 1???
  150. Dubai or Middle East Platinum
  151. AMEX not accepted!
  152. foreign currency fee- Starwood Amex v. Citi
  153. US Centurion qualification jumps to $250,000 on May 1, 2005
  154. UBS selects American Express
  155. Way to go CTS!!!!!!
  156. MR Hotel Stays - Do you still have to pay the taxes on the room?
  157. Getting cash from AMEX Gift Cards?
  158. Best way to spend my amex pts on a vacation
  159. International Dollar Card, Additional Card holder
  160. any new double SkyMiles on all purchases promos?
  161. Plat Luggage Tags
  162. Hilton HHonors Card Terms and Conditions Changes and New Look
  163. Problems Paying SPG Amex Card off in full & early?
  164. Platinum Delta AMEX and foreign transaction fees
  165. Platinum add'l card questions
  166. What additional card holders do you have?
  167. Amex International Currency Card- Expats, your thoughts?
  168. Can you gift to a third party?
  169. German Centurion Online- Booking- Changes
  170. German Centurioncard holders get 1000MR Points for online booking
  171. Does the SPG Amex have an upcoming change in terms also?
  172. Upgrading from Gold to Plat: Cruising in 4 months
  173. AMEX MR to Delta Transfer Bonus Question
  174. German + Swiss Centurioncard holders get easy Sixt Platinum
  175. Loading Money on My College Student ID - Cash Advance or Purchase?
  176. First Centurion Mail in France...
  177. American Express Platinum Card – Is it for me?
  178. What To Do With My Gold Card Now That I Have A Plat Card?
  179. AMEX PLAT vs Citi "Chairman" Card
  180. What are foreign currency fees for Platinum and Centurion members?
  181. Asking for AMEX Plat amenities, even though not booked via AMEX Fine Hotels service
  182. How to go from a Small biz Amex card to Corporate card?
  183. Can someone else top off my FF account using MR?
  184. Extra discount for OPEN at Staples?
  185. New MR Double promo Home Depot
  186. Most Efficient Use of MR Points
  187. Best Value Guarantee, anyone use it?
  188. Upgrading Gold to Platinum
  189. AMEX Centurion Travel Services Debacle
  190. Would you pay that little extra to use your Amex?
  191. HURRY! April 13th is the deadline for claims!
  192. SPG Amex credit limit - sense of humor
  193. Amex Black Card Queston
  194. PTS Fee for booking an air ticket
  195. Where to sent 100K MR Points to
  196. Amex Plat... can you earn CO miles?
  197. do all gold cards have the same fists numbers?
  198. One Way 2 for 1
  199. How Can I maximize my Amex Plat ?
  200. Which card do I want? I'm so confused...
  201. Re elite level "white" credit card
  202. Updating SSN in AMEX records
  203. New Look for Amex UK Website
  204. Amex MR to Delta Skymiles 15% - 20% Bonus
  205. Centurion Concierge
  206. Notice of changes to your agreement - Grace Period Being Phased Out
  207. MR to OnePass 1000 mile bonus
  208. Does anyone know spending requirements in HK for Centurion Card
  209. Citigroup's Competition to Platinum
  210. Centurion Events Email
  211. SPG renewal
  212. Platinum benefits after one year
  213. Using Amex when filing with Turbotax
  214. Starwood points. Do they expire?
  215. Amex Member Rewards to NWA via common Hotel Partners???
  216. Converting MR points to *A miles?
  217. how to use your credit cards wisely
  218. Do Amex Skymile promos ever post?
  219. UK Quintessentially members
  220. Flyertalk Centurions Germany- Francfort?
  221. Gold Member thinking about Platinum.
  222. just how rich are centurion card holders..
  223. How do you start a credit history for a biz?
  224. Danger! Danger! UK Centurions - Half your insurance dissaprears if you use Miles!!
  225. additonal cardholder
  226. Flyertalk Centurions London meet for drinks & dinner
  227. Membership Miles Worth Anything?
  228. Blue vs. Starwood
  229. plat in italy
  230. Post Amex-unfriendly merchants (and experiences) here
  231. Mylifemycard.com Amex Website Rebate Offer
  232. Dismay with German Platinum Card
  233. Customer Service Mailing Address for Delta Amex
  234. Crystal Amex ?
  235. new to Starwood card
  236. Real Automatic Bill Payment
  237. The "last" centurion card
  238. No Double MR for Centurion Tax Payments
  239. upgrade card question
  240. Change in Waiting Period For LOC Increase Requests?
  241. Secret website? What on earth is it?
  242. Spring 2005 Amex Centurion Magazine
  243. MR to SWA RR?
  244. Membership Rewards vs. SPG -- Are you sure SPG is a better deal?
  245. $150,000 and no Centurion?
  246. FHR Code for Hyatt.com
  247. question about foreign country spending fee
  248. American Express changing the way finance charge accured
  249. Amex TCC - Problems reloading
  250. Amex MR Points to TAP ?