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  1. Elite / Premium Bonuses
  2. What happens to elite bonus?
  3. What is the "definition" of "once a month"
  4. Until Labor Day, Nyc Prix Fixe Restaurant Deals And Idine Miles
  5. Idine Fax Number
  6. I Dine restaurant recommendations in DC area
  7. how and where is the credit created
  8. Newbie asks about iDine
  9. MyPoints drops out
  10. Trouble get dines posted?
  11. "Stacking" iDine and Entertainment - can it be done?
  12. UA 250 Mile Bonus posted
  13. Restaurant Week
  14. registration deadline extended till July 31 for Delta /UA promos and ? for Moderator
  15. I got iDine ELITE in ONE DAY.
  16. Are you changing your idine strategy because of the lawsuit?
  17. Delta's Rewards Network problem w/entering CC
  18. cancel idine/rewards network
  19. ? re credit for multiple same day dines with same airline
  20. Which City(or cities) have a really large number of good Idine restaurants?
  21. British Airways Bonus 250 miles posting early
  22. Got Miles from a place that left Idine
  23. Has anybody had the 250 mile NWA bonuses post?
  24. New Delta Dining Bonus: 25,000 miles
  25. New AA Dining Bonus - 1,000 miles !!
  26. New UA Dining Bonus - 25,000 miles !!
  27. Any Idine restaurants at airports in Atlanta or Seattle?
  28. Double dip?
  29. Chain Restaurants on iDine with Gift Cert opportunities
  30. Fast Food Idine Places: e.g. BK in Quakertown, PA
  31. online purchases possible?
  32. Air-Tran and Idine- is there a program?
  33. AA 25 promo: 25 miles/$ for Elites
  34. Slow Posting
  35. Triple AA Miles - New Posting
  36. Does iDine partner with Marriot?
  37. New British Airways Dining Website and Bonus
  38. Merged !! - AW & US
  39. How to work in airline miles/ basic account question
  40. Priority Club switch to United for IDine?
  41. Rewards Network / iDine California Class Action thread
  42. Spring 2006 DL Idine bonus
  43. Overall Rewards Network wish list
  44. Help? Credit card number change
  45. iDine with WiFi
  46. CC info on I-dine missing or screwed-up
  47. PDA Sync for AAdvantage Dining is down
  48. ? re Idine Priority Club Promo
  49. Earning Rules - Gift Certificates
  50. UA triple miles finally post
  51. AA BIG SPENDER Bonus promotion
  52. An FYI for us all!
  53. Idine "elite" bonus extended
  54. Weird, disturbing occurance
  55. Reataurant.com promos better deal than IDINE?
  56. Any idine signup bonuses?
  57. Special Code for iDine CashBack Membership
  58. AA Triple Miles Promo - Dates?
  59. AA IDines posting very, very slow for me!
  60. Incorrect date on rewardsnetwork
  61. Are we losing interest in IDINE for ff miles?
  62. Non-US based cards?
  63. "Benfits Everyday" on 1x month restaurants?
  64. Oct/Nov Delta bonus just posted
  65. The Paradoxical Idine Bonus
  66. Quickie question: NW idine
  67. New Bonuses - Most Airlines
  68. New United iDine Bonus (Registration Required)
  69. New Delta Idine Bonus 1/1/06-3/15/06
  70. IDINE for children??
  71. Please be careful: not the same restaurants for all airlines.
  72. Buy gift cerificate from reservation only and get miles credit?
  73. Recent dining has not been posting?
  74. Year end strategy?
  75. New Idine website feature: Rate your experience
  76. Anyone successfully get "lost" bonus miles to post?
  77. Pressure from Rewards Network on 1x/month'ers?
  78. Horrible Idine side effects
  79. Suggestion: Standardized Thread Titles for Promos
  80. 2005 Roll Call
  81. IDines that deliver? Can we keep a list?
  82. Anyone's AUG-OCT AA Bonuses show up yet?
  83. Sign up code promo or bonus?
  84. No UA MP idine bonus plan for December '05 ?
  85. Combine: RewardsNetw IDINE with Entertainment book?
  86. Curious - Minority Receiving IDine Points?
  87. Different restaurant list for elites v engaged
  88. Nice MP Dining Surprise (reward at a restaurant allegedly closed)
  89. Can I use citibank virtual account #?
  90. Any iDINE places in airports?
  91. iDine for the British BAEC members?
  92. UA: "Build a Bonus" 3,000 miles-same as RSVP promo?
  93. Why some of the restaurants do not appear after you login
  94. How many extra dines do you-to cover their or your error?
  95. Restaurant.com: up to 60% off, plus $50 gift?
  96. How does rewards network compare vs upromise?
  97. Wrong MC #
  98. Mistake in my favor
  99. Master List: most favorable current promos.
  100. How soon does aa idine post miles
  101. If restaurant has once per month limitation: strategies?
  102. United RSVP: Check Your Registration!
  103. Earn Double Miles on Midwest IDine
  104. New AA bonus--not unlimited
  105. Phoenix Area Recommendations???
  106. what constitutes a restaurant visit?
  107. question about times
  108. Bonuses posting quickly now!
  109. Roll call: How many bonus babies, baby?
  110. AA Idine Posting Screwup Rate Study
  111. Gift Certificate Question
  112. Recent Dine- Good News, Bad News
  113. Incorrect calendar
  114. Partner list available?
  115. Just starting
  116. Miles not posting
  117. Missed 3000 UA bonus b/c of not "booking" miles ahead of visit
  118. does idine / airline match cc name w/ ff name?
  119. Problems with the US Air and Delta IDINE site
  120. Problem with AA.Rewardsnetwork site
  121. Advantex Restaurant Program--Air Canada Aeroplan
  122. 250
  123. 1,500 Mile Bonus Counts Toward Elite Status?
  124. Any Compensation for 'Phantom' Restaurants?
  125. Question re: Skymiles Dining & Hotels
  126. Please redesign Idine website......
  127. new Oct promos different for each iDine program
  128. R.S.V.P. Promotion UA. 3000 miles
  129. 1500 Points for August posted in Skymiles
  130. Was offered 15% discount for paying cash by the restaurant? Take that or the miles?
  131. Points Posting Problems September 10-16
  132. Wrong date on website
  133. Q: Restaurants that require advance booking with iDine?
  134. Error adding new Diners Club issued MC
  135. Anyone get the 250 bonus as yet?
  136. Transferring "Elite" between programs
  137. PC Dining earns slightly more than before July 1; other hotels too?
  138. "Your account is locked..."
  139. SAN "Build Your Bonus Promotion"
  140. "One dine per month" ?
  141. Points "Pending"for an awfully long time?
  142. Which is more accurate? Flyer or web?
  143. Fax number please
  144. How does Idine (reward network) stay in business
  145. SPG card and 250 AA bonus? double dipping?
  146. Splitting the check ?? multiple 250 bonuses??
  147. Problems with iDine webpage?
  148. Any eligible in-airport restaurants?
  149. current bonus quite different at different airlines
  150. "Qualifying" dine?
  151. Four in a row
  152. iDine hotel and dips?
  153. iDrink (miles from places that don't even serve food)
  154. Caution/advice re: promos with minimum tabs
  155. it's just so easy
  156. 20 miles restaurants out of business?
  157. Is there a restaurant that takes a $1 donation?
  158. Register on the idine web site for bonus miles
  159. Can one search by number of miles given for each $?
  160. Interesting Observation on 20 miles/$ joints
  161. Is status part of iDine, AMEX, or DL? Need help
  162. Warning: Idine and Continental MC
  163. My wife packed my lunch today
  164. Idine MC Vegas ??
  165. Please Share iDine Bonuses
  166. Has anyone gotten their bonus miles yet?
  167. IDINE/Reward Member Bonus Through 6/30/06!!
  168. Difference resturants between idine AA & NWA
  169. 10 milers changing to 5, 20 to 10, DC cashback unchanged
  170. Confusion after 6/30/5?????
  171. How am I Elite?
  172. San Francisco / Bay Area/ Napa?
  173. Lifetime Earnings
  174. AA idine promo?
  175. iDine Hotel Question
  176. Is Rewards Network Cash back free for 1st year?
  177. The good news and the bad news with points posting to Delta
  178. Triple United Idine Miles for 3 Meals
  179. Restaurants and 10 milers dropping like flies...
  180. New Delta Promo info
  181. iDine error message?
  182. Registering my credit card for wife's account
  183. Pasadena CA Italian?
  184. 1000 Bonus Midwest Miles
  185. Idine 6 Dine=1000 Mile Bonus
  186. 20 miles per $=restaurant closing?
  187. Rewards Network Hotels For Miles Discontinued
  188. Five miles per dollar starting to dominate?
  189. Waykewl New Feature!
  190. iDine changes AA elite benefit of 500miles for three dines
  191. iDine Hotel Booking More Expensive?
  192. New AA bonus
  193. NWA/iDine Bonus Offer "Dining and Flowers"
  194. Fold 'N Go Dining Guide?
  195. Cards registered with idine and Upromise
  196. TGI Fridays in NYC
  197. Suggestion for more interesting or quality restaurants in Miami/ Fort lauderdale?
  198. Did AA recently offer double miles?
  199. Midwest Adds
  200. Watch for 20 mile awards!
  201. Anyone else having problems with the idine Avantgo client?
  202. Response to change: anybody else Idining like a wild banshee?
  203. Idine competition=everyday miles
  204. Idine & Gift Cards: An Idea
  205. Idine AND Resturant.com - Can It Be Done?
  206. REDUCED Rewards - Effective 7/1/05
  208. Idine - Priority Club
  209. Muliple Idine Accounts
  210. New Idine Website format
  211. Idine bonuses
  212. When you join iDine, are you limited to earning miles w/ only one FF program?
  213. A lucky break for me...
  214. Can I switch my iDine accounts at this time?
  215. A case of mixed emotions….
  216. Creative / 'fluffed' restaurant descriptions...
  217. Idine/Rewards Network - Help?!?!?!
  218. Anybody seen these new reward details?
  219. New UPromise/iDine Promo - free drinking if you do it right!
  220. AA Rewards Network - Canada
  221. Continental Airlines iDine bonus
  222. AA 500 mile hotel bonuses
  223. Earn program points on Gift Certificates?
  224. New Onepass Bonus for OCT & NOV
  225. AA's Monthly Elite Bonus
  226. moving a card from one FF program to another
  227. When will August Idines be credited to Worldperks?
  228. Can I use MPcc for AA Idine?
  229. What IDine programs are there?
  230. Restaurant on some iDine lists, but not others - anyone know why?
  231. Does a restaurant owner know who I am?
  232. iDine- Any Promotions for Signing Up
  233. Anyone get their Delta 500/1000 mile bonuses?
  234. Paying with cash
  235. A restaurateur’s view of Idine
  236. Current post 8/1/4 promos?
  237. Can a Canadian sign up for RewardsNetwork through NWA
  238. Bonus Miles
  239. Idine stock at 52 week low. Anyone know why?
  240. Not worth the trouble anymore
  241. 20 miles/$ at United IDine
  242. Supersize me ala Idine: a documentary
  243. Long time to post
  244. Is there any similar program in Canada?
  245. Retroactive credit
  246. Gift Certificates
  247. HP I-dine promo question
  248. Date/Time rewards
  249. Priceline Dining Cash Back
  250. 7-miles-per dollar