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  1. Air France flight, diverted from BEY to AMM[, has landed at LCA]
  2. A minute of poetry...
  3. AF28 Emergency Landing at JFK today
  4. Turbulence and injuries on approach in Chile
  5. Why did the Brazilian Athletes and Olympic team travel home with Air France?
  6. LBV on AF question
  7. More AF European flights at ORY ?
  8. 1h at CDG for transfer from terminal 2E to 2G - enough?
  9. cannot check the status of Air France flight SFO - CDG (AF4097)
  10. where is the sweetener?
  11. AF La Premiere Ground Services at IAD
  12. Minimum connection time 2G->2F
  13. PV or Affaires?
  14. Construction help assistance request
  15. AF has improved, but still not won me back (feedback over across several flights)
  16. Long layover at CDG and thinking of getting a hotel
  17. 1 hour connection time 2F to 2E enough time?
  18. IAD to ARN connecting in CDG - customs, immigration etc?
  19. Whats going on with AF # 664/667 (CDG-ORD) the last few days
  20. How to cross-reference two bookings (info for connecting flight)?
  21. AF website -- August entertainment still not updated
  22. Express Baggage Drop-Off
  23. Why are AF interiors so basic?
  24. 747 SeatMap Question
  25. Air France Upgrade Miles Chart or Calculator?
  26. Paris Arrival Questions
  27. NEV confused
  28. Recent trip on Air France
  29. Transform 2015 influence over [long-haul] on-board services
  30. AF A380 connection vs DL 763 nonstop
  31. Which PV row to choose?
  32. Connecting to Morocco through CDG
  33. CDG-SXB operated by rail effective December 9th, 2012
  34. CDG-FSP-passport?
  35. AF useless new iPad app
  36. Beware AM and PM in Air France booking system!
  37. Unavailable meal choices and seat selection
  38. Ground service at JFK for La Premiere pax?
  39. "Exceptional upgrade offer" Affaires -> La Premiere
  40. Industrial Action AF 25-29 July be advised
  41. Toilet paper on AF
  42. Best Premium Voyageur Seat on a380
  43. 40 hour layover - can I check bags through?
  44. Strike at Regional
  45. Air France ripoff
  46. Air France lost my luggage...
  47. Question: Alizé CDG-HAV since new PV Seats
  48. First time on AF Paris-Dublin - questions
  49. Improvement on Longhaul J
  50. Poor ranking for AF
  51. Air France shorthaul affairs seat
  52. What time to arrive at the airport
  53. Flash mob at CDG [Air France staff in S4]
  54. A380-800 Seating Question
  55. Train segment: Domestic flight?
  56. OLCI
  57. AF/MU flight mech. delay in CDG - can I get compensation besides hotel and meals??
  58. Affaires in CDG
  59. Possibility to upgrade to Premium Economy at Check In?
  60. AF Premiere ground services for a fee?
  61. Air Mauritius
  62. list of AF First class destinations?
  63. improvement for travellers to CDG
  64. CDG 2F to 2E L gates Transfer Questions
  65. Question about 2F-2E transfer and showers in lounge
  66. Does AF fly to SEZ?
  67. Do I have this right or am I going mad?
  68. Transfer from 2E to 2E, short connection time
  69. Milage question alizé/Premium voyageur
  71. Upgrade from Voyageur to Affaires
  72. Transfer between terminal 3 and 2B
  73. Léon & Gertrude at CDG (video)
  74. ORY Ouest is very efficient, except....
  75. 75 Minute layover at CDG
  76. Premium Eco ticket, one leg operated by KL - where will I sit?
  77. Another new AF Website
  78. Any advance seat selection on CityJet?
  79. Terrible check-in experience at DXB + Close lounge
  80. Check-in system down because of leap second
  81. Guest lounge access w/ J passenger at IAD?
  82. AF 276, A380 in problems, returns to Paris
  83. Slight crispation after second try for landing on AF 1051
  84. Anyone know what happened to #65 (LAX-CDG) yesterday?
  85. Connection at MRU
  86. Row 91 on A380 vs PV seats
  87. What happened to booking class "A"? Used to be longhaul PV
  88. CityJet to drop EDI-CDG?
  89. Checkin and Lounge Availability in Athens for early AM flight
  90. Disney CDG Layover
  91. CDG to YUL on A380 : S3 or S4?
  92. Transfers in CDG (2E) - Time to S4?
  93. CDG-BKK
  94. Airline canceled flight, no airport change allowed during rebook?
  95. SFO-CDG - Spring 2013 - no nonstops?
  96. Best seats in AF business class
  97. Transfer Advice
  98. ?s on Premium Voyageur on A380
  99. CDG : 2G arrival with a "big" plane
  100. Upper Deck Exit Row with Kids
  101. Which AF Flight CDG-SFO
  102. CDG L gates? [in 2E]
  103. Flying standby on Air France from LED-CDG-LAX?
  104. Free one-leg upgrade to F on paid J or C tickets in Jul/Aug
  105. What was I thinking? 1:15 connection time in CDG
  106. Awful Affaires-Class-Seat on AF A380
  107. June 22nd flight cancellations: VCE & LIN
  108. Air France gig-cdg-gig
  109. What's the least expensive long-haul La Premiere fare you've seen recently?
  110. Please help a newbie with CDG info
  111. AF66's arrival in LAX and immigration
  112. Refund - how long before really getting it?
  113. Delta says Biz, Air France says economy?
  114. Is AF667 overbooked today?
  115. Help: AF won't send delayed bag because " planes are full"
  116. Help with JFK-CDG-MAD-PMI and short connections times in CDG
  117. Award Travel [in Y] -no seat assignment intra Europe?
  118. Thank you Air France and Saphir
  119. 5X bonus multiplier for AF Amex purchases aux Galeries Lafayette
  120. AF Lounge Access at JFK/CDG/OTP?
  121. MRS-BEY
  122. Best seats in voyageur on 772
  123. Air France [CH] omits discount code in offer
  124. New interface for Flyingblue members on AF website
  125. AF381 PEK-CDG new seats or not?
  126. One of AF's unions calls for strike on June 21st
  127. I'm flexible; A380 or 77W in J; CDGJJFK
  128. End of A380 and First class on CDG-YUL after Oct 28 th
  129. Does the A380 board J from the lounge in JFK and CDG?
  130. CDG Satellite 4 information and overview of 2E changes
  131. A little help please!!!!!!!
  132. Advice on CDG Terminal 2e lounge?
  133. CDG Flight Connection
  134. Meals from ATL to CDG in June/ Business Class
  135. Air France lounge at Dusseldorf closed
  136. A340 seat questions
  137. air france event @ toulouse
  138. Procedure back to CDG after Paris layover
  139. Strike RER B Friday June 8 2012
  140. Moving countries and new airline routing considerations. Feel like a newby!
  141. How do I book AF PV on Delta website?
  142. BOS Lounge
  143. Do i have to be a member of Air France's flying blue program to check in online?
  144. Clueless blonde needs help! [connecting from 2E to 2F non-Schengen]
  145. Polish border controls reinstated during Euro 2012 football competition
  146. Anyone Get E-Mail Upgrade Offer from O to F?
  147. First strike against "Transform 2015": Cityjet, starting June 5th
  148. Seat Plus vs PV
  149. New to AF world - booking SFO/CDG
  150. Has anyone experienced the new 380 service CDG-LAX?
  151. CDG duty free special offers
  152. Lounge Access upon Arrival @ CDG intra-EU
  153. Flying another 'base de Nice' flight
  154. AF PV review, DTW-CDG
  155. Poor Pierre-Henri Gourgeon
  156. New La Premiere seat in the newest A380
  157. Many thanks and a seat question
  158. Booking engine "down", what to do
  159. Does AF have Upgrade Vouchers?
  160. BA or AF?
  161. Cabin Baggage
  162. Overhead Bin Space
  163. AF A380 and 777-200 Seating Advice and Opinion
  164. Question about change fees and dropping one segment of a flight
  165. Loads on tomorrow (Sat 26th) CDG- BKK AF0166
  166. cabin baggage question
  167. ORY: Le Patio lounge in Hall 1 closed
  168. May 22nd: renumbering of boarding gates at CDG 2E
  169. Upgrade
  170. PR event for MRS "bases de province" - want to participate?
  171. PHG's new job: make CDG Express happen
  172. AF Compensation for Delayed Flight
  173. AF shrinks operations at Marseille
  174. AF 16yr Old
  175. ARN: move to Terminal 2, effective May 29th
  176. Which NEV will it be?
  177. Clearing Customs in France, enough time?
  178. What's happened to BHX to LYS?
  179. just for laugh (ADP / ORY)
  180. Improvements to Premium Voyageur meals from June 1st
  181. Lounge acces questions flying PE
  182. End of ID/BP cross-check at boarding in France for AF flights, starting May 15th
  183. flight Canceled/ Getting to Paris
  184. Affaires TATL -> Voyageur in France cabin baggage limits
  185. Flight Attendants on the A380
  186. CDG Connection/Transfer System
  187. Air France Travel Book App
  188. Discussed at the CDG DO: comparing AF & BA product/services
  189. B747 -- refurbished or not?
  190. [elliott] E-mail long haul upgrade breakdown?
  191. AF accepted #7 A380 delivery today
  192. how much time for connection at CDG
  193. Poor customer service
  194. Abonné Domestic ticket crediting on Delta Skymiles?
  195. AF A380 to 777
  196. Ticket transfer or change on AF N fare TATL
  197. Face Book of Air France forum members
  198. CDG lounge 2E on arrival?
  199. AF Affaires Boeing 777 LAX to PPT and back
  200. What should I do: tight connection for my 80 year old parents.
  201. AF Booking Class change from T to Y
  202. Upgrade from economy to first class
  203. CDG DO 2012 - powered by Air France & ADP - LIVE DO REPORT
  204. Transfer 2E to 2D in CDG
  205. AF CH: Wild Online Wednesday
  206. Best PV seats on A388
  207. Jet-Lagged in CDG
  208. Mix Econ and Prem Econ on different segments
  209. AF Flight CDG-Istanbul - Seatings on A319 A320
  210. RDU-CDG in Affaires - best options?
  211. 2E -> 2F transfer in CDG
  212. Why did they change my flight?
  213. Crazy La Premiere access offer
  214. CDG Terminal 2C Smoking
  215. Upgrade award on AF-coded/DL-operated flight?
  216. thoughts about Premium Voyageur class
  217. LYS - where to eat
  218. CDG/MRU : PV or Alize ?
  219. Special meal on AF
  220. [AZ operated flight] Terrible queue for security check at ORY this evening
  221. Will they put you on an earlier connection if available seats?
  222. attorney investigating Air France advertising
  223. What to expect in AF Affaires (772 and 332)
  224. Connecting from 2F to 2G - fastest way?
  225. DL vs AF business class
  226. AF A380 PV seat
  227. I have an AF $5.5k unused ticket expiring tomorrow, what can I do with it?
  228. Flight 011 Cancelled 2 Consecutive Days!
  229. Business Class sale US to Europe
  230. Air France taxes and surcharges
  231. random 747 question
  232. A380 out of LAX: terminal? lounge?
  233. Now it's AF turn to offer paid for pre-order meals in long haul Y and W
  234. Meal service on AF 347 YUL-CDG
  235. AF announces to start SXB-FCO/VIE
  236. AF PV - Delta Economy comfort seat
  237. Affaires Seating 777-200 Question
  238. AF 744s upgrade status
  239. More strikes today, cancellations at ORY and at regional airports
  240. AF web site Itineraries missing
  241. Alexandre de Juniac unveils the main axes of the transformation of AF [merged]
  242. No direct flights to SFO from CDG (Oct 2012)?
  243. When will I be able to select my seat?
  244. Is there a link to book an award ticket?
  245. Japanese Flexibilty (AF NRT)
  246. Is Bulkhead a good seat in the 77W?
  247. New Economy Headset ?
  248. Power ports in Affaires on A380
  249. Trouble in SFO?
  250. Cancellation fee