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  1. Possible Misconnect in CDG
  2. Transit for checked luggage on 2 different tickets
  3. A new "enhancement" by AF
  4. CDG connection 2E - 2F (JFK-CDG-VCE) in 60 minutes?
  5. CDG Connection YUL->CDG->EDI
  6. AF447 Investigation Update
  7. AF "special" Affaires fares from CDG
  8. 2E Affairs lounge vs. 2C Arrivals lounge
  9. A380 Affaires review with pictures?
  10. Fragile items as checked luggage
  11. ATV or Schengen Visa?
  12. AF and the OSL Lounge
  13. Ash from Icelandic volcano eruption - May 2011
  14. Cant modify flight ticket
  15. CNIL
  16. Meals on late overnight TATL flights?
  17. Why is the bread served on AF so BAD?
  18. AF check in at IAD
  19. Any Hints for Departing CDG 2E?
  20. AF Winter 2011 long-haul network changes
  21. A380 JFK
  22. Air France JFK Check-in Question
  23. Flying solo with toddler on AF JFK-CDG
  24. Air France Business Class from Houston
  25. Twinjet?
  26. AF accepted fifth A380 delivery yesterday
  27. Strange onboard upgrade this morning...
  28. A380 premium economy
  29. Issue with lost baggage
  30. Minimum Connect time 2F to 2E
  31. Transfer time in CDG
  32. Anyone here flew on AF20[23] JFK-CDG yesterday ?
  33. Transfer from 2G to 2E terminal at CDG - One hour enough?
  34. The Mystery of the Disappearing Passengers?
  35. Row 11 on the A380?
  36. Best lounge at CDG?
  37. Best seat on 77W on Premium Voyageur?
  38. Comité Richelieu discounted fares on AF
  39. DTW-CDG question
  40. Best Economy Seat in 777-300ER
  41. Unbelievable AF fee because of web site down
  42. AF Website down 11/05/2011 @ 18:00?
  43. CDG 2E to 2F in 45 minutes
  44. Extra discount for flights ex China, up to 1000 CNY
  45. AF/DL Interline Check In Question
  46. What are my obligations after a missed connection
  47. 50 mins connection from CDG 2F to 2G feasible
  48. AF 359
  49. CDG arrivals lounge. AF metal/QF flight number?
  50. Premium/Luxury tax
  51. Armagnac in J
  52. YUL-CDG AF 777-300ER seat help
  53. What's behind the curtain? And a few observations....
  54. Vouchers "Air France published fare only"
  55. AF - premium Economy?
  56. literally shaken up during sleep by a FA saying "your meal is served!"
  57. Le Monde des livres – Air France" short story contest
  58. Outcome of the Air France/FB - FT meeting on Apr27
  59. Odd Question: What's the average turn around time for an 330 ( International) ?
  60. OLCI Down?
  61. Help Ticket Change
  62. ORD-CDG r/t (AF A330 biz) or ORD-JFK-CDG r/t (CR900 1st + AF A380 Biz)?
  63. will AF start flights to DZA?
  64. French government Schengen comments and potential consequences for AF connections?
  65. What are you thankful for that Air France has that the others do not?
  66. Transfer 2E-->2G CDG
  67. Sort of OT - Shouldn't AF provide the best Champagne?
  68. Long Haul Affaires: is it okay to change into sweats once on board?
  69. Why does the AF website not show a seat map on my flights
  70. Baggage allowance on J/C award ticket
  71. Booking open jaw itinerary on AF Website - how?
  72. Given lower class due to lack of availability, what should I ask for?
  73. CDG Arrival Lounge 2C question
  74. OT: Qantas would like to introduce daily flights to Paris
  75. Fuel truck hits AF B744 at GIG
  76. Is there any advantage to OLCI 30 hrs out in Affaires?
  77. New York seems to like AF food
  78. DUS-CDG-DUS in Y - basic question(s)
  79. NEV4 on which routes?
  80. Air France welcomes its 60th Boeing 777
  81. refunding E/R class ticket
  82. CDG Terminal Assignments
  83. AF272 BKK-CDG First Class
  84. [AF / CDG] Couple of logistical questions
  85. Check-in additional luggage during my trip
  86. New business class seat video blog
  87. Now I remember why I stopped Flying KLM/AF... Yes it's Flying Blue...
  88. Yet Another CDG Transfer Concern: 2D to 2E
  89. AF to order some A320neo?
  90. Lounge Access in CDG as Silver Elite
  91. Risky CDG connection?
  92. New Alize seat
  93. AF011 in the near future (JFK - CDG)
  94. an accident of AF a380 at JFK
  95. AF7 A380 clips a DL CRJ700 at JFK
  96. CDG - SFO with Air France A380 - June 6th-Sep 4th
  97. Help please? EU Compensation WX/AF
  98. Air France A380 Boarding Music
  99. PSA-CDG-ATL op by AF
  100. Question about 772 seats
  101. Do I get lounge access in CDG if flying DL & SV?
  102. Vegetarian meal choices
  103. AF 7 on 4/29/11
  104. New route // Paris (CDG), France - Cape Town (CPT), South Africa / Freq 3/7
  105. Long reservation not showing on AF site?
  106. AF17 - Seat Assignment and OLCI
  107. Update on the province bases?
  108. How hard can it be to get a receipt?
  109. CDG Transfers?
  110. Air France Check-in @ LAX
  111. Help Picking Premium Economy Seat on Air France 777-200
  112. Aircraft choice on CDG-JFK route
  113. Seat selection not available on Euro domestic flight
  114. Where to Check in for AF in ATL?
  115. 24C on AF 777-300
  116. Air France A380
  117. Arrivals lounge in 2C or departure lounge in 2D?
  118. CDG: Lounge in 2E or 2F
  119. Row not available in PV
  120. 4JK or 6JK in Affaires 330 ( 332)?
  121. Last minute upgrade inventory
  122. next Flyertalk - AF/FB meet APR27 at CDG
  123. M-class gone?
  124. Air France fleet and aircraft configuration
  125. AF announced Cancun, Mexico in late-Oct 2011
  126. Skymiles on Air France
  127. Service in Premium Voyageur
  128. AF 22 cancelled on 4/10; Downgraded PV->Y
  129. Any "hints" for a 1:45 hour connection w/Terminal Change?
  130. Seat Assignment in Affaires
  131. Air France Android app
  132. OLCI Question: Do I get my connecting flight BP as well?
  133. AF downgrade from paid J to Y: what rights/recourse/options does one have?
  134. Impact of military action in Libya on AF Routes?
  135. JFK-CDG 2x daily on A380
  136. Checking in: CDG to SVO
  137. Best AF 777-200 Business/ Affaires Class Seat & Row 1 Question
  138. Question - LAX-CDG AF Affaires Seating (777)
  139. AF23 from JFK-CDG
  140. Help with connect time at CDG
  141. Selling S fare for planes without that class.
  142. 1hr 45 transfer time at SIN - long enough?
  143. Situation in Japan // AF changes its schedule
  144. 2E to 2D with 2 hours: Is this still the best way?
  145. Upgraded to 'Premium' due to OLCI bug?
  146. Affaires from LAX-CDG
  147. AF 744 60L - any experience?
  148. Air France upgrade
  149. Where is the box ?
  150. Does AF PV mean QF PE too?
  151. Economy catering
  152. Paris CDG - Transferring from T2G to T2F
  153. Flex Award, lounge and cancel stunt
  154. Twilight Zone-like booking 5/20 #306
  155. Would you pay $200 and change a few dates to get on AF non-stop SEA-CDG?
  156. Air France La Premiere reward
  157. Seat selection
  158. CDG F Layover, use Terminal E lounge?
  159. AF increased 2 to 3 daily R/T for CDG-ATL
  160. Air France: Upgrade?
  161. What can I do with this Frequence Blue flight?
  162. Premium Voyageur on A380?
  163. Comparing Swiss long haul C to Air France long haul C
  164. The best and worst of AF in one trip (two segments) talk about dual personality!!!!
  165. MAN Flybe lounge paid access?
  166. AF confirmed seat switch -- protested and reverted
  167. Question about bar on A380-800
  168. Air France flights 664 and 667
  169. paid multi-class?
  170. Front restroom for crew only?
  171. AF new business class - introduction on A380 when?
  172. How long to respond to "contact us" on
  173. booked on promo award to EWR at 1pm and take 10am to JFK?
  174. Upgrades from PV to Biz
  175. What is AF policy regarding cxl'd flt to TUN
  176. Air France Same Day Standby
  177. Seating Oddity.... AF SFO>CDG
  178. Test flight with no boarding pass presentation
  179. Cancelled flight
  180. Air France Premium Voyageur Missed Connection
  181. Transit at CDG
  182. Question about seats for Affaires/Business on A318 CDG-FRA
  183. Late departing trans-atlantic flights and meal service
  184. CDG 2E -> 2G (arrivals) lounge best option?
  185. Does AF have plans to install lie-flat beds in J?
  186. Air France and lie-flat beds in J
  187. CAI-YYZ
  188. Seating for FB plat on 777 to CAI
  189. Air France has no record of my baggage! CVG>IAD>CDG>CAI
  190. Side trip and routing
  191. Business class seats on AF 777-300ER
  192. Descent procedure
  193. Award CDG-NYC: Premium Eco both ways or PE from CDG to NYC & Business back to Paris?
  194. AF 772 Voyager Premium seat map?
  195. Should I get miles for rerouting with EI
  196. Handling of WX/AF v Swiss elites at LCY
  197. Best Bet for Last Minute Seat Assignment on AF
  198. Entering TGVAIR at another station than ticketed?
  199. AF Flight Safety
  200. merge 2 bookings in 1
  201. AF issued train segments not so seamless
  202. AF 1130pm JFK-CDG
  203. How safe is a 75 min xfer at CDG?
  204. FB Awards // Cancel your FB award tickets online on
  205. Trial changes to check-in at TXL
  206. Dummies guide: Tranfer CDG 2E to 2C
  207. Question regarding blocked seat on AF B772
  208. [OT] Price of a IPAD in CDG Terminal 1 ?
  209. FB Elite seats in AF operated flight with DL ticket
  210. Manage your reservation online
  211. Contacting AF from Australia (Melbourne) on a Sunday afternoon?
  212. AF 22 on 17/01
  213. JL operated by AF
  214. 17 Jan 2010: CDG handling/ground staff strike
  215. Idiot proof guide to 2F to 2E transfer
  216. I hate auto-check in!!!
  217. New Status: "Invited Platinum"
  218. AF 667: ORD->CDG Biz Class seat layout
  219. Flights to/from Tunisia cancelled
  220. Late breakfast at CDG 2E lounge?
  221. Air France I-class fare and access to lounge in Paris and other places
  222. AF baggage sitting in CDG for _3 days_!
  223. CDG Transfer from 2F to S3, Is there a direct walkway
  224. Sarkozy announces new AF flights to Martinique and Guadeloupe
  225. CDG to ORY connection
  226. Another CDG transfer question
  227. Premium Voyageur-which seat?
  228. SkyTeam member already, can I also open a Flying Blue account?
  229. CDG 2D to 2E
  230. Will AF refund excess baggage charge for bag they lost?
  231. Why does my BP states "Premium/Abo"?
  232. Air France flight 11
  233. Thanks France2, now what?
  234. AF Phuket
  235. What is the cost of satellite phone calls?
  236. Award Seats: Checking everyday pays off....almost.
  237. AF MAN lounge T3
  238. Good value for MAN-MEL?
  239. Air France Premium Voyageur class
  240. Dinner in J, CDG-FCO
  241. Lost luggage in DEL
  242. Lounge in MEL
  243. CDG-India cancellations
  244. AF LAX Ticket Counter [check-in time question]
  245. AF 8 and AF 10
  246. Compensations for weather delays in CDG ?
  247. CDG 2D transfer time to TGV?
  248. A full week nightmare correspondance in Paris, compensation from AF?
  249. Did anybody connect through CDG between 12/22 - 12/24?
  250. Bwi-atl-cdg-sof