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  1. CDG Satellite 4 information and overview of 2E changes
  2. A little help please!!!!!!!
  3. Advice on CDG Terminal 2e lounge?
  4. CDG Flight Connection
  5. Meals from ATL to CDG in June/ Business Class
  6. Air France lounge at Dusseldorf closed
  7. A340 seat questions
  8. air france event @ toulouse
  9. Procedure back to CDG after Paris layover
  10. Strike RER B Friday June 8 2012
  11. Moving countries and new airline routing considerations. Feel like a newby!
  12. How do I book AF PV on Delta website?
  13. BOS Lounge
  14. Do i have to be a member of Air France's flying blue program to check in online?
  15. Clueless blonde needs help! [connecting from 2E to 2F non-Schengen]
  16. Polish border controls reinstated during Euro 2012 football competition
  17. Anyone Get E-Mail Upgrade Offer from O to F?
  18. First strike against "Transform 2015": Cityjet, starting June 5th
  19. Seat Plus vs PV
  20. New to AF world - booking SFO/CDG
  21. Has anyone experienced the new 380 service CDG-LAX?
  22. CDG duty free special offers
  23. Lounge Access upon Arrival @ CDG intra-EU
  24. Flying another 'base de Nice' flight
  25. AF PV review, DTW-CDG
  26. Poor Pierre-Henri Gourgeon
  27. New La Premiere seat in the newest A380
  28. Many thanks and a seat question
  29. Booking engine "down", what to do
  30. Does AF have Upgrade Vouchers?
  31. BA or AF?
  32. Cabin Baggage
  33. Overhead Bin Space
  34. AF A380 and 777-200 Seating Advice and Opinion
  35. Question about change fees and dropping one segment of a flight
  36. Loads on tomorrow (Sat 26th) CDG- BKK AF0166
  37. cabin baggage question
  38. ORY: Le Patio lounge in Hall 1 closed
  39. May 22nd: renumbering of boarding gates at CDG 2E
  40. Upgrade
  41. PR event for MRS "bases de province" - want to participate?
  42. PHG's new job: make CDG Express happen
  43. AF Compensation for Delayed Flight
  44. AF shrinks operations at Marseille
  45. AF 16yr Old
  46. ARN: move to Terminal 2, effective May 29th
  47. Which NEV will it be?
  48. Clearing Customs in France, enough time?
  49. What's happened to BHX to LYS?
  50. just for laugh (ADP / ORY)
  51. Improvements to Premium Voyageur meals from June 1st
  52. Lounge acces questions flying PE
  53. End of ID/BP cross-check at boarding in France for AF flights, starting May 15th
  54. flight Canceled/ Getting to Paris
  55. Affaires TATL -> Voyageur in France cabin baggage limits
  56. Flight Attendants on the A380
  57. CDG Connection/Transfer System
  58. Air France Travel Book App
  59. Discussed at the CDG DO: comparing AF & BA product/services
  60. B747 -- refurbished or not?
  61. [elliott] E-mail long haul upgrade breakdown?
  62. AF accepted #7 A380 delivery today
  63. how much time for connection at CDG
  64. Poor customer service
  65. Abonné Domestic ticket crediting on Delta Skymiles?
  66. AF A380 to 777
  67. Ticket transfer or change on AF N fare TATL
  68. Face Book of Air France forum members
  69. CDG lounge 2E on arrival?
  70. AF Affaires Boeing 777 LAX to PPT and back
  71. What should I do: tight connection for my 80 year old parents.
  72. AF Booking Class change from T to Y
  73. Upgrade from economy to first class
  74. CDG DO 2012 - powered by Air France & ADP - LIVE DO REPORT
  75. Transfer 2E to 2D in CDG
  76. AF CH: Wild Online Wednesday
  77. Best PV seats on A388
  78. Jet-Lagged in CDG
  79. Mix Econ and Prem Econ on different segments
  80. AF Flight CDG-Istanbul - Seatings on A319 A320
  81. RDU-CDG in Affaires - best options?
  82. 2E -> 2F transfer in CDG
  83. Why did they change my flight?
  84. Crazy La Premiere access offer
  85. CDG Terminal 2C Smoking
  86. Upgrade award on AF-coded/DL-operated flight?
  87. thoughts about Premium Voyageur class
  88. LYS - where to eat
  89. CDG/MRU : PV or Alize ?
  90. Special meal on AF
  91. [AZ operated flight] Terrible queue for security check at ORY this evening
  92. Will they put you on an earlier connection if available seats?
  93. attorney investigating Air France advertising
  94. What to expect in AF Affaires (772 and 332)
  95. Connecting from 2F to 2G - fastest way?
  96. DL vs AF business class
  97. AF A380 PV seat
  98. I have an AF $5.5k unused ticket expiring tomorrow, what can I do with it?
  99. Flight 011 Cancelled 2 Consecutive Days!
  100. Business Class sale US to Europe
  101. Air France taxes and surcharges
  102. random 747 question
  103. A380 out of LAX: terminal? lounge?
  104. Now it's AF turn to offer paid for pre-order meals in long haul Y and W
  105. Meal service on AF 347 YUL-CDG
  106. AF announces to start SXB-FCO/VIE
  107. AF PV - Delta Economy comfort seat
  108. Affaires Seating 777-200 Question
  109. AF 744s upgrade status
  110. More strikes today, cancellations at ORY and at regional airports
  111. AF web site Itineraries missing
  112. Alexandre de Juniac unveils the main axes of the transformation of AF [merged]
  113. No direct flights to SFO from CDG (Oct 2012)?
  114. When will I be able to select my seat?
  115. Is there a link to book an award ticket?
  116. Japanese Flexibilty (AF NRT)
  117. Is Bulkhead a good seat in the 77W?
  118. New Economy Headset ?
  119. Power ports in Affaires on A380
  120. Trouble in SFO?
  121. Cancellation fee
  122. Exit Seat 65L on AF 747 - Legroom?
  123. Same fares but differente prices...?
  124. Connecting Time 2E to 2E
  125. A340 question
  126. Terrible mess this morning at T2E
  127. Air France to found a new low cost carrier?
  128. Pre seat assignment for codeshare flights operated by AF.
  129. Boeing 777-300 - CDG - SGN - J class - Row 1 & 5 are both bassinet location ?
  130. Strike of ground personnel on March 30th
  131. Please help - transfer at CDG
  132. History of business class on AF
  133. Famous (or is it Infamous?) Upgrade Email
  134. Early Baggage drop possible at LAX??
  135. benefits for AF elite members are no longer valid at Sofitel, Pullman and MGallery
  136. Short haul Premium Voyageur [Premium Eco]
  137. Connecting at CDG American / AA to Air France / AF (three hours)
  138. Connection at JNB
  139. What are AF D fares?
  140. SkyPriority: a new airport experience for our most valued customers
  141. How best to bring cheese/meat from France to the UK on AF?
  142. AF Online Check-in "error" - still BP printed successfully...
  143. [New] New long-haul Affaires product unveiled In June 2012
  144. No Show Penalty Return Sector
  145. AF bed bugs?
  146. 25/03/2012: baggage allowance between Metropolitan France and Corsica
  147. AF questions: flying in C
  148. 380 Affaires: Where are the TV screens in row 60?
  149. How to fly from MLH-BSL?
  150. Transfer from 2G to 2D at CDG - help please.
  151. AF027 March 7, 2012 Cancellation
  152. Checking bags with AF at GVA to return to main terminal.
  153. End of Club 2000 ?
  154. Changes to catering on medium-haul flights in the Premium cabin
  155. Complicated CDG Hotel question
  156. I'm a Elite member and I have been charged for an emergency exit
  157. Best place for a long layover at CDG with kids?
  158. Best Premium Voyageur seats on a 772
  159. Elite advantages Seat Plus?!
  160. Availability on AF664 (MAR26)
  161. Grandma get an emergency row seat?
  162. Air France Affaires Boeing 777
  163. A380 to Singapore on april 1st
  164. AF changes itinerary to diff country?
  165. SFO - CDG March 9
  166. AF hires external consultant to identy pay-for-service opportunities
  167. CDG Airport Paris
  168. 747 Affaires going to 2-2-2?
  169. IAD Lounge access upon arrival
  170. Change in mid flight offering over 10H30 to China
  171. Seat plus specs
  172. Heavy disruptions on RER B between Chatelet les Halles & Gare du Nord
  173. Paid access to P services for J pax on long-haul flights without a P cabin ex CDG
  174. AF flight to Bogota landed on Azores
  175. July 1st: latest check-in time at CDG increased from 30 to 40mn on short/medium haul
  176. Has Delta permanently replaced AF on the ORD-CDG route?
  177. AF J seat (NEV3 or 4) Headset Plug
  178. CDG-MCO
  179. Nonstop EWR-CDG, Flt #019
  180. Lounge Access at LUX
  181. 20h Layover, have to pick up my baggage?
  182. Booking a flight from OSL and it gives me TRF !
  183. Is this flight qualifiy for miles?
  184. AF Lounge (ORD) and CDG 2C Arrivals Q's
  185. AF Non refundable ticket ?
  186. No RTW booking due non-profi AF staff ?
  187. Business 777
  188. Air France captain: This flight is operated on behalf of Alitalia and MALEV!
  189. ABJ : possible future destination for AF A380 !
  190. Tempting Biz fares from Canada
  191. Flight delayed but lounge close after 9.30 pm
  192. A380
  193. Where is Joel Robuchon?
  194. Looking for CDG info
  195. What does "On Hold" mean with a reservation?
  196. CDG – LAX: Same flights, different flight durations
  197. Air France/Finnair/Flybe Nordic
  198. A332-JFK Will aircraft have Avod, if yes is it as good as KLM?
  199. When does Air France close boarding in Hong Kong?
  200. Air France magazine and Air France Madame are now on iPad.
  201. Baggage Check Question: 2AF Flights/2 Tixs
  202. Review: Abidjan to Manchester with Air France
  203. Which 777 configuration for Abidjan to Paris
  204. New Amenity-Kit in Affaires
  205. Affaires Seats on 777-300ER Configuration 1
  206. Did I get Upgraded (Intra-EU)?
  207. Air France experience using DL Skymiles in Business Class
  208. AF17/AF22 JFK-CDG Affaires/Business Seat Recommendation
  209. Walking route through CDG 2F to 2E
  210. AF Ticket Second Segment operated with Luxair
  211. Connecting from AF to Flybe. Questions...
  212. Understanding flightstats for an AF flight - is there an O available?
  213. How many times will we get fed CDG-LAX?
  214. Question About Air France Flight
  215. Paris-Ile Maurice in Affaires: 24 euros
  216. moving a non-changeable outgoing flight 1 day ahead - how impossible?
  217. First time to Europe questions about CDG
  218. Connecting in CDG
  219. Does Air France have a 24 hour cancelation policy?
  220. Review: From Manchester to Abidjan with Air France
  221. 747 J seat advice
  222. No more CityJet to ZRH: new AF by Regional E190s
  223. Air France wins awards at "Cellars in the Sky"
  224. CDG terminal change 2E to 2D in 1 hour?
  225. Lounge at Roissy 2F (Schengen) w/ photo - How is this possible?
  226. child seat and seat plus on Air France
  227. AF 777-200 Business Seats
  228. 2E to T1 transfer time?
  229. CDG connection
  230. FB Plat credentials not printing on Award Ticket BPs
  231. Please Help..transit from 2F to 2C [sleeping in 2E-no Schengen visa]
  232. AF 777-300ER Business Class Seat Question
  233. Online form for delayed baggage
  234. Real enhancements to the website
  235. RIP Dedicate
  236. Traveling on FlyBe including transfer at MAN/BHX - Platinum benefits?
  237. SkyMile Elite Upgrade on AF?
  238. Anyone else having trouble this morning pulling up reservations on AF.com?
  239. Bags checks with AF for CX flight ?
  240. Winter is back: snowfalls
  241. New Year Gift
  242. is dinner served on the AF flight from LAX to PPT?
  243. Mission Impossible: AF flight cancelled & reservation changed
  244. A380 top deck leaves plane before bottom deck?
  245. AF announces adds new Sat. service only
  246. Athens Meal Question
  247. Choose seat 19D on CDG-BOS on A340!!!!
  248. AF 17/192/191/8; CDG Lounges
  249. New pre-flight email from AF
  250. Shower upon arrival at CDG???