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  1. Airfrance.ch (and .ie) seems not to be responding...
  2. New AF amenity kit?
  3. got an offer to upgrade for my return flight
  4. AF re-routes my EWR flight to JFK. Should they pay my taxi fare to EWR?
  5. AF website: selecting companions without re-entering their data.
  6. Paid VIP Service at CDG
  7. Affaires cabin question
  8. AF A380 return to CDG due to smoke in cabin over Atlantic
  9. Connection at CDG with Air France, is it easy?
  10. Cityjet's strategy
  11. Status: N/A on bookings page?
  12. Air France's Seat Plus-JFK to CDG: which plane?
  13. 2012 Affaires Summer Sale
  14. AF NEO, EZ and BA
  15. AF an academic case study for a "company with quality issues"?
  16. My experience with Premium Voyageur on A380
  17. Abu Dhabi & Leipzig to go
  18. Seat selection areas (1 & 2), full cabin or?
  19. Best seats in Y on AF A380 CDG-IAD
  20. Access to Seat Plus
  21. Elite Silver bring guest to lounge?
  22. Flying blue miles extra baggage redemption
  23. PV to NRT in March 2012
  24. CDG - MCO punctuality
  25. AF9 JFK-CDG Meals Question
  26. Our experience with Air France
  27. CDG-IAD (Washington Dulles) route
  29. CDG - Process for international connections. (security? baggage claim? customs?)
  30. Air France rules for paid upgrades
  31. Connection through CDG
  32. Where's flight AF664
  33. CDG-JFK -- 388 vs. 772?
  34. Canceled Air France flight from Toronto, compensation claim
  35. Air France Actually Kicked ... Today!
  36. Any Idea Why AF639 From IAH to CDG Was Diverted
  37. Good seat ?
  38. Accès n°1 & immigration upon arrival from non-Schengen countries at CDG
  39. Buy up to First class?
  40. Voyageur Elite
  41. Platinum for 2 benefit with the new French AF Amex Platinum, for people living abroad
  42. Changes to HLE at LHR, VCE and BCN
  43. AF 639 returned to IAH - mobile phone found onboard
  44. AF wet leases
  45. An AirEuropa plane with 162 people on board left the runway at CDG
  46. A380 to IAD
  47. Trying to understand "Fuel Surcharge" - Someone please explain?
  48. Since when was snack service on AF sporadic and only for certain rows?
  49. Club 2000
  50. AF will deploy the 744 aircraft CDG-MCO in Summer 2012
  51. Upgrade from Y to C or S?
  52. Kul - lcy flight change with apparent refund
  53. AF new business class seats
  54. La Premiere lounge guest
  55. Strike at Servair?
  56. [ended] Pilot strike announced February 6-9
  57. Dumb and dumber - not good sense to lose a customer..
  58. Cancelling an online booking within 24 hours ?
  59. Personalized services at the airport
  60. CHF 50 discount code...
  61. O class
  62. Lounges at CDG
  63. Where are fuel surcharges for (domestic) awards?
  64. What is going on with Flight #65 ( LAX-CDG)?
  65. LYS-CDG this weekend
  66. Upgrade to F still valid?
  67. CDG early flight with baggage - check in latest?
  68. Strike of security personnel at French airport goes on today
  69. accessing airfrance site from a tab
  70. New business class seat - availability
  71. Holidays coming up -> first strikes announced
  72. The thief of the Air France first class arrested
  73. AF Discount Code (-100€) for next booking
  74. Where'd the OJ go? [CDG lounges]
  75. Looking for a judgement call on foot-placement etiquette...
  76. Record wine sale for passenger departing from 2E
  77. Online Reservation Cannot be completed in this country...
  78. A380 Seat Selection
  79. Calling Le Club to book spouse/parents/children: go away!
  80. [AF] Anybody knowledgeable about EC law on passenger rights?
  81. AF flyers, is this a crime on French Sky's??
  82. Does CDG-Brussels qualify as TGVAir
  83. Very weird upgrade experience on CDG-NUE
  84. Liquor In Affaires
  85. Quick question - A380 Europe to California USA
  86. Air France buses
  87. Joel Robuchon?
  88. Air France, the (useless) CAA and going to Court!
  89. Couple of AF/CDG questions......
  90. Premium Economy vs Business on a 380
  91. Why hell AF does not select the best seat available with OLCI?
  92. Seat selection @ OLCI
  93. Check-through Baggage: Prague-Paris-Budapest
  94. CDG-DEL on 744
  95. Air France Arrivals Lounge at Heathrow?
  96. Few Details on Juniac plans
  97. Best Affaires seat for sleeping on the A380?
  98. AF unveils a new corporate website
  99. AF Unaccompanied minor
  100. Sucré? Salé? Now it's help yourself...
  101. New AF maintenance issue
  102. Air France Scent
  103. air & rail connection - CDG-Brussels Midi
  104. Great AF 77W J experience
  105. Accept compensation?
  106. Paris - Abu Dhabi Winter Reductions
  107. Class of Service Codes?
  108. Arrival Advice
  109. AF ticket refound policy
  110. VIP on Boarding Pass
  111. AF flight op by BE
  112. ATC delas today - or pilot telling porkies?
  113. AF website crashed - now higher fare. What to do?
  114. Flight change dilemma involving A380 - need advice
  115. Changing Flight - Airfrance.us
  116. Fares in X class published
  117. Flight from FLR to LCY
  118. Help with BC seats on 777 to Paris
  119. Switzerland Only : Win a round-trip worldwide and get CHF 50.00 off your next booking
  120. Invol Downgrade on Premium Voyageur Booking - What Would You Do?
  121. AF 772 Affaires Seating
  122. A380 - Row 89
  123. Luggage 12 hour layover at CDG
  124. Air France ? Just remembered why I don't use you.
  125. China Southern Airlines
  126. Affaires Newbie question
  127. CDG Express and alternatives: Vinci bowing out
  128. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) is in Middle East or Africa
  129. Business Class Amenities
  130. Flight + TGV cancellation
  131. Air France to start service to Wuhan
  132. [confirmed] Rumor: SEA- CDG is going from AF to DL
  133. OLCI now available for flights between CDG & JNB/CPT
  134. Seat 10A/L AF A380-800 Does it exist?
  135. Flying Blue Silver to Gold question
  136. AF salon d'affaires at JFK: le service au fond du lac
  137. Air France Lounge LAX
  138. A380 to Dubai 05DEC11 - 24MAR12
  139. AF693 15Nov11
  140. Random Upgrade on an Flying Blue Award Ticket(!)
  141. Does AF Allow Stand-By for Earlier Flight?
  142. What happens in Misconnect Scenario? O Fare
  143. Can I take a stroller without a child?
  144. AF Interline from CDG on three separate tickets
  145. Question regarding meal on FlyBe
  146. Bulkhead Seats in Affaires Blocked?
  147. Did they overcharge me with luggage?
  148. [sign-up closed] 1st Flyertalk CDG DO 2012 - powered by Air France & ADP (Apr26/27)
  149. AF Affaires "Mini Gaufres" crackers?
  150. JFK Terminal 1 US Immigrations
  151. Seat recommendation - A380
  152. AF code-shares to Australia: all Qantas aircraft grounded worldwide
  153. C class on CDG-VIE - what is it like?
  154. Online booking w/ confirmation mail but...
  155. Air France web site
  156. Air France Phase out of 747s
  157. Air France Lounge at Madrid Terminal 2
  158. AF summer 2012 Long-Haul Changes
  159. Some CDG-LAX flights will use a 388 starting June 1st 2012.
  160. CDG: From terminal 2E to 2F
  161. CDG BKK down to x3 weekly
  162. Hub 2012, satellite S4 and future CDG2 developments
  163. AF7 on Nov 4th: opup possible
  164. Lounge access at BOS
  165. Few Qs re flying AF from CDG 2E
  166. AF OLCI leaves much to be desired
  167. Complicated Connection CDG: connecting OS (codeshare AF) to DL
  168. Treating elite customers: Ignorance + arrogance @ CDG
  169. Under which circumstances does AF provide gate-2-gate transfer when flight is delayed
  170. Big delay - Compensation
  171. Seat Availability - 777-300
  172. AF Business Class -Bang for your buck @ best time to buy
  173. Temporary closure of Nice airport lounge
  174. AF ends F Service to Tahiti from 25MAR12 (and other changes)
  175. A 380 to YYZ
  176. Pleasant surprise on AF
  177. creative way to get into CDG lounge?
  178. Flight Experience - LHR-CDG-DXB-CDG-LHR
  179. PV on A380 to Tokyo
  180. Premium Economy [Premium Voyageur] on AF, is it worth it?
  181. RTW reservation mail for FB members
  182. Favorite Seats in Affaires on a 340-300 long haul?
  183. AF PV on intra Europe flights
  184. Seat 5A on AF B777-200 (307 Pax config)?
  185. Seat 1A on AF A332
  186. Catering in Y class between CDG and Buenos Aires
  187. Booking into W or S Class Question
  188. Airberlin giving free gold card to politicians, what about AF?
  189. [Confirmed] New strike Oct 29-Nov 2
  190. Free Transfer with Air France coaches between CDG & ORY
  191. Air France Business vs. Premium Voyageur CDG to Bangkok 777
  192. Possible to Book a Mixed-Class RT?
  193. CDG lounges
  194. Air France, Easyjet, and the cost of slowness?
  195. Who really counts in the eyes of AF (observations at FRA airport)
  196. AF newbie - Transatlantic fare question
  197. Looking for thread upgrades sequences on AF full flight
  198. AF693 77W MCO to CDG 15th nov
  199. Transfer from Royal Air Maroc to Air France in Casablanca
  200. J ticket bought from AF in HKG, conditions issues
  201. Will AF transfer baggage to UAL at CDG?
  202. 773 J Seat Advice
  203. NC headphones in Affaires?
  204. Brand new Business seat in 2013?
  205. If I wanted to fly Ryan Air I wouldn't have flown Air France
  206. CDG-SFO seating
  207. Confused about connections in CDG???
  208. CDG-MAD baggage delayed, sent to BOS on IB
  209. CDG connection from 2E to 2F for about one hour(SFO-CDG-IST on 12/15/2011)
  210. A380 Y Seat Availability on Web
  211. Clearing customs at CDG before transferring terminals
  212. AF screwed us big time
  213. op-ups despite exit rows or special seats
  214. Seats not blocked
  215. AF moves from Tegel to Berlin Brandenburg on June 3rd, 2012
  216. (Rant) Air France reservation system and OLCI
  217. Business class seats to/from Tokyo and Hong Kong
  218. SE Asia
  219. Two AMAZING Air France Concorde videos
  220. Best first class flight to Paris from East Coast (US)?
  221. "Fête de la gastronomie" events by Servair, ADP, Ladurée, La Maison du Chocolat ...
  222. allergen free meal
  223. Skyteam flight from Paris to Dresden?
  224. AF Service Changes/Reductions to Bangkok; Indo-China Adjustments in S12
  225. Business Class Seats
  226. A380 Voyageur - Can't select upstairs?
  227. L'Envol...
  228. PV Long Haul Non refundable
  229. AF connecting to EC (OpenSkies) at ORY
  230. AF990 19 hour delay, compensation?
  231. Air France Seat Availability
  232. Change Fee for Business???
  233. Very impressed with Air France customer service
  234. VIP on boarding pass?
  235. Flying Blue promotion for upgrade to First
  236. CDG Terminal 2E Smoking
  237. AF 990 emergency squawk (A380)
  238. AF084 from CDG to SFO in December
  239. Seat assignment at airport--any workarounds?
  240. fee for cancelling last leg of flight???
  241. 1:20 enough time @ CDG - 2F to 2E?
  242. club/lounge acces at CDG
  243. A380's and the New Business Class Seat
  244. Mobile boarding pass broken?
  245. Baggage allowance in Premium Voyageur
  246. a380 or a340
  247. AF 747 upper deck 64a
  248. Lounge full, elites turned away
  249. need some help in booking with AF
  250. where to book: would like some help