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  1. AF CDG-LAX plane changes
  2. Delta PM or Air France Platinum?
  3. CDG-SFO always late. Why?
  4. I must have missed that earlier: much enhanced catering in European C!
  5. Best seats in Affaires on the A330s
  6. Double Bonus to certain destinations
  7. Is this enough time to catch AF to CDG in ATL?
  8. Boeing and Air France Deepen Maintenance Partnership
  9. Air France and Bangkok Airways to Strengthen Partnership
  10. Best F lounge?
  11. MIA-FCO AF Award Question
  12. Seatguru says A332 J seats are old-style -correct?
  13. AF - 90 minutes on the ground after boarding
  14. "Technical incident" on AF 51 ORD-CDG Dec. 16?
  15. 772ER which have NEV seats. List of Regs..
  16. Trying to change flight - no one home at AF?
  17. CDG Transit Question from Delta Flyer
  18. Air France Flight to Mauritius
  19. Any updates on NEV 772 retrofits?
  20. AF:$151 & up -- Europe on Sale thru March (each way)
  21. AF:$151 & up -- Europe on Sale thru March (each way)
  22. New cheap semi flexible ticket France-Europe
  23. Denied Boarding Af 434 To Mex
  24. BKK - Any fast track through passport control
  25. Which 772 BC seat?
  26. BC CDG-HKG questions
  27. Yul Nev J
  28. Attn AF: Fixing Long Haul Business Class
  29. Which movies on the 747-400 upper deck ?
  30. Business class NTC video
  31. December movies on Air France?
  32. AF web site : "Avantage Plus" service - great !
  33. AF Lounge Staff, can they be frindly as well?"?
  34. discount voucher in AF flight magazine
  35. The new AF FAQ - discussion thread
  36. the NEW AF FAQ
  37. Finding a business seat on AF with an award
  38. Flying on AF's newest planes
  39. AF route map
  40. Cdg2 Lost And Found - Does It Exist?
  41. ITA versus AF search
  42. Lost baggage reimbursement rule
  43. Booking tickets on
  44. Air France Get Together at CDG
  45. Access to Arrival Lounge at CDG
  46. e-check in without BP
  47. Air France IFE
  48. F Lounge + car to plane at CDG?
  49. Anyone knows what happened here? - AF reports to the police
  50. CDG -> SFO connection in 1 hr 10 mins doable
  51. Paris CDG to Lyon XYD TGV question
  52. AF to launch a new airline in 2007 ?
  53. Which B777 on LAX-CDG
  54. Access to Tempo Challenge when on connection to Longhaul??
  55. CDG - MAA
  56. Exit row booking information/strategy?
  57. Preferred seating for FB Plats with AF
  58. AF launchs a biz-pax oriented website
  59. CDG Paris - 45 minutes to transfer from Terminal D to Terrminal E
  60. AF L'Espace Affaires New Seats
  61. Just for you - £30 off flights (to Asia)
  62. Song used in the F/C online tour and TV ads?
  63. AF to Bogotá: Availability of Upgrades
  64. BOS-CDG is staying on a 747 daily?
  65. Poor beverage service on early morning European flights
  66. Newbie to Business AF
  67. "La Navette" 10 years celebration
  68. AF A320 Business Class
  69. AF newbie flying MIA-CDG in J with a few questions
  70. Number of Miles
  71. Af188 Cdg-hkg
  72. upgrade CDG-IAD
  73. Boarding Priority on AF in CDG to ATL
  74. Air France Industries once again selected by Virgin to support its A340 fleet
  75. Praise for FB Mileage Credit
  76. New restrictions on carry on at French airports
  77. Gold vs. Platinum
  78. Free Ipod In Business Class-argentina
  79. Do 4 degrees make a difference?
  80. 77W in New Alize, Any Experiences?
  81. Foie Gras- how long does it keep once opened?
  82. 55 min connection at 2F in CDG? (NCE-CDG-NRT)
  83. AF Flight 31 all 0's, possible to ask to switch to Continental
  84. SEA flights to what destinations?
  85. Paris fears extremists may work at airport
  86. Guide to Air France booking class codes
  87. Air France - Nice : the Lounge
  88. Elite Bonus on domestic flights
  89. AF = Great, CDG = Nightmare!
  90. Connection from 2B to 2E
  91. Time from the Lounge at Terminal 2F CDG to terminal 3?
  92. AF Summer 2007 Highlights: 6th daily JFK, B744 to BOS, YYZ, ATL and others
  93. AF CDG-MEX / 22nd of December
  94. Mystery load status
  95. TLV flights moving to 2E
  96. Best hotel at CDG if Sheraton is full?
  97. Great deals from Air France
  98. Transfer from 2F to 2E terminal at CDG in one hour... Problem?
  99. AF vs. AA in J BOS-CDG
  100. Online tool to compare train vs. flight vs. car for French domestic travel
  101. Air France eliminates L'Espace Premiere from ATL-CDG
  102. SIN CDG - AF more than ever lagging behind SQ
  103. Which Business Booking Classes allow a first class upgrade ?
  104. Embraer190 to enter BritAir and Regional fleet
  105. AF/KLM PDF Timetable
  106. Fun little Air France game
  107. AF flight delay
  108. Tips for AF Newbie on JFK-CDG in J
  109. Incredible!! AF did it....
  110. AF F - the value of travel in First?
  111. AF F - the future and where to get it?
  112. CDG shower facilities for arr. Y passengers?
  113. Air France BP at City Ticket Office?
  114. (nearly) bumped by Air France
  115. How bad is 45 conx time in CDG to change 2F to 2C
  116. Documentary about Concorde Crash on German TV tonight 9pm
  117. AF Lounge in Mumbai?
  118. Connecting in CDG
  119. Day pass to Air France lounge at JFK?
  120. Refund of taxes on unused portion of ticket
  121. AF lounges in CDG 2E
  122. Transfer from ORY to CDG
  123. 744 Upper Deck Question
  124. OT - Lunch in BOD?
  125. Some improvements to the AF website
  126. CDG 2B - 2C in 45minutes
  127. AF Cabin Baggage Biz Class Question
  128. Nouvel Espace du Voyage - New Seats
  129. Air France delay, what are my rights?
  130. Need some information about CDG-YUL routing
  131. Tight connection in CDG. Problem?
  132. Flying AF first time, have a question about the upper deck
  133. Service Question on MIA-PAP
  134. AVOD movies will be 12 from November
  135. Multiple destinations on AF website
  136. AF Cabin Plans
  137. OpUp or miles upgrade? BUD-CDG-SIN
  138. Really disappointed with NEV
  139. Post Aug 10: How much time to allow for bag drop & security at Orly?
  140. Flying to Bombay in Late October, Does the 772 have the new AF seats?
  141. Connecting to a train at CDG
  142. How can you tell Fare Class when booking Online?
  143. Why CDG smells like an ashtray
  144. CDG - Carry on rules for liquids purchased in Duty Free?
  145. Minor Rant
  146. LAX- CDG L'Espace Affaires seat config
  147. Fréquence Plus FAQ
  148. AF new L'Espace Affaires seats
  149. AF is expected to lose about 500,000 pax annually on the PAR-SXB routes
  150. Carry-on baggage limits
  151. Bus Boarding at CDG
  152. LAX - CDG Business Class
  153. AF and "flat tire" rule
  154. Fuel Hedging Policy
  155. Best way to use amex miles for air france
  156. Meals On AF
  157. CDG - NRT - AF L'Espace Affaires experiences?
  158. AF Upgrades using Amex
  159. Transfer from CDG to ORY
  160. CDG - EZE - L'Espace Affaires
  161. AF very cheap F fares from MRU to South America
  162. New service CDG-PPT from November: NTC?
  163. Did AF/KL drop EIN-CDG?
  164. Airbus A340
  165. Daytime Sleep at CDG
  166. AF CDG-JNB 744-400 seating chart?
  167. AF Etkt Service - We don't give out our name
  168. New AF forum game - post flightnumber, day and aircraft registration
  169. AF - major enhancement to its French call center
  170. Connecting at Terminal 2E
  171. Seeking confirmation of security at CDG
  172. Airlines need psychiatric help
  173. When they are good, they are very, very good
  174. Through check in with two non-changeable tickets
  175. Changing Flights in Booking
  176. Does the Air France website allow you to see available seats?
  177. JFK to CMN via CDG -may change tight connection and take day trip to Paris
  178. ATL-CDG AF307 New Business Class Seat or Old?
  179. 25 min for connection in Clermont-Ferrand with Regional Air?
  180. Terminal changes at CDG - CDG2E for most US destinations (merged)
  181. CDG Connections
  182. AF - You are *****
  183. making my connection
  184. Help! is there special rule for changing UK tickets?
  185. Flight from LAX to CDG
  186. AF188 CDG-HKG in Nov
  187. JFK-CDG 747 Affaires - what to expect?
  188. Film showing CDG T1 from 32 years ago. Nothing has changed
  189. Flights to Beyrouth
  190. Soon no more Thalys CDG-BRU
  191. sept 2nd: AF code-sharing with NW
  192. AF First or Business from AMS/CDG to JFK or YUL
  193. Air France Bad or Good ????
  194. AF OLCI question
  195. PTV on Y
  196. ---what kind of 343 i will be flying?---
  197. Meeting pax airside at CDG and tight connections
  198. PNC short movie
  199. Check in luggage with a non-AF connecting flt. on sep. ticket
  200. Air France First To BKK
  201. New "J" Seats: 772 vs 77W?
  202. Op-ups ex-JFK?
  203. Post 8/10 What's Happening at CDG
  204. AF 038 CDG/IAH arrival history?
  205. Updated security/safety measures for AF flights & travel from/to France
  206. How many miles for "tarif couple"?
  207. AF Premiere in 772 NTC
  208. What are the red squares on the tops of AF 777s?
  209. AF Price difference L vs. V-Class
  210. The Plane to the Bus....
  211. lounge access when flying Y on MH?
  212. AF codeshares operated by UX
  213. upgrade tickets at airport
  214. August films
  215. I'm confused about a downgrade credit
  216. Where in the world is Guy Martin?
  217. modify your e-ticket online - now available
  218. Best J seat on 77W af
  219. 777-200 Ntc
  220. 25 EUR online booking fee on AF Greek website
  221. AF launches Cairns as its seventh code share destination in Australia
  222. Totally New To AF, heading to JNB from PHL
  223. WOW - Air France. Chapeau!
  224. FC lax to CDG on 772/77W
  225. OLCI to USA works, but don't get premium seats on feeder flight
  226. OT: Any post-renovation reviews of Bordeaux Sofitel?
  227. Multiple Destination Booking Option on AF US Website
  228. See all your reservations at a glance with your FB #!
  229. Problems at BOD:July 23, 2006-- Compensation?
  230. Booking tickets on
  231. Double Reservation Visible on / amadeus
  232. Air France or Lufthansa IAH-MAA?
  233. Claim missing miles
  234. French citizens evacuated from Lebanon : discount on domestic travel
  235. Food Safety : AF first airline to be awarded ISO 22000 certification
  236. Air France Z-fares (IAH-MAA)
  237. AF Voucher Credit towards Travel re: expiration
  238. Air France Madame will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the end of the year
  239. Alcohol Policy in Y
  240. Petrol stations at TLS
  241. AF start routing TLV via LCA
  242. Extreme overbooking case
  243. Does af still have first class service?
  244. Bord a bord
  245. new AF lounge at YUL opened
  246. what happened exactly in RUH? - AF aircraft damaged by ground handling?
  247. Current AF F lounges at CDG?
  248. Seat assignment on Air France
  249. Spinetta may be indicted
  250. Lounge Access in HAN