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  1. Air Canada ordered to pay B.C. man $10,000
  2. Air NZ denied permission to co-operate with Air Canada
  3. Rewards seat selection
  4. YYC-CUN
  5. LAX US Customs Re-inspection
  6. AC 34 CXL yesterday SYD/YVR...pourquoi?
  7. Thank you flyertalk members and Aeroplan.
  8. 1st Time YVR - HKG in Business
  9. Aeroplan Standby Changes AGAIN??!?
  10. 15% Off Duty Free + $10 Off coupon??
  11. Question: MLL Pass with UA flight?
  12. What is the default package for Elite 2009 ?
  13. Online check-in with AC, with UA connection
  14. Enjoy special discounts when you fly from Canada to Paris, New York and Buenos Aires
  15. Lounge access on AE reward?
  16. 25 day - 250,000 Aeroplan miles
  17. Question: Baggage Issues when Connecting to the USA (Late Night)
  18. What happens to I inventory when I cancel a reservation?
  19. So how are 'miles' calculated?
  20. Couple questions about the codeshare to Taipei
  21. Is this just a lost segment?
  22. Does A booking class on UA earn extra miles towards elite on AC?
  23. Issues Getting LX Seats Using Aeroplan?
  24. Award Flights: Same Origin and Final Destination?
  25. YOW-LHR: AC or NWA?
  26. YVR-PVG in J tomorrow - 20 % full only - will it stay that way?
  27. My first experience in J
  28. Air Canada cuts another 375 jobs
  29. A340s sold off
  30. exchanging ac u/g certs for ua u/g certs
  31. Transfer at NRT
  32. Ink on seat ruined my pants and AC gave me 1000 AP points..
  33. AC award on UA will AC allow standby an AC?
  34. Denied Discount At Park'N Fly Calgary
  35. Question: AC 133: 320(v2) or 321?
  36. Question: Down gauge options?
  37. My super elite experience.
  38. DEN CO Lounge Access denied to AC J passenger
  39. Best way to u/g fare from YXU to SAN?
  40. Air Canada A 333s refurbished?
  41. MLL access on rewards ticket
  42. AC: Save 15% on AC, AC Jazz flights in Economy/Executive from til March 31 09
  43. Got an extra 1500 miles today...
  44. NDP MP has high hopes for legislation securing rights of airline passengers
  45. Question: Where could I go?
  46. AP CEO: Members become more loyal after a redemption
  47. Worst plan on the globe??
  48. AC Can Exercise Compassion After All
  49. Who has upgrade priority: passholder or elite cert user
  50. SE actually rather nice
  51. Toronto to Orlando
  52. Codeshare miles
  53. Curtain between J and Y
  54. Question: UA S & W class good for AP mileage?
  55. Threshold Bonuses 2008 -
  56. OT: Metrolinx Starts Study of New Proposal for YYZ Service
  57. AC 156 - 30th Jan - Upgauge maybe?
  58. booking issues??? 22 Jan 0200 EST.
  59. actual miles or 500?
  60. Combining year1+2 SSWU with Feb-Mar return trip?
  61. Sameday Change via OLCI
  62. AE award booking on a Star Alliance airline
  63. $10 and 250 AP miles for Duty Free - still no miles posted
  64. 10% off Tango Plus, Latitude and Executive Class fares (coming soon?)
  65. Aeroplan and BMI - Question
  66. Upgrade Waitlist Worked Example
  67. AC three day sale!
  68. Question about 'I' class for Upgrades
  69. Reward yourself with a total of 1,250 miles per stay at Gouverneur Hotels!
  70. G&M talks to AP CEO Rupert Duchesne on running a loyalty program during a recession
  71. Question: Air Canada refunds on Tango Fare. Refunds on Fuel surcharges?
  72. Pre-pay for additional checked bags online and save 20%!
  73. Air Canada teams with 3 airlines to launch new council
  74. AC Labor Issues
  75. Bonus Aeroplan Miles Postings
  76. Air Canada - The Board Game
  77. Question: Agonizing over Elite rewards choices: Status miles or SSWU certs?
  78. How To Print AE webpage w/ *E Status?
  79. Rumor has it......
  80. Question: E-Mail Address for submitting boarding pass stubs?
  81. Help with ExpertFlyer
  82. Book online and earn 2,000 Aeroplan Miles on selected routes
  83. NYC-YUL, why so expensive?
  84. Upgrading on LH flights
  85. "Display only fares eligible for upgrades" broken?
  86. YVR-YXY J class
  87. Award routing to SIN w/ stopover in HNL - MPM issues? Suggestions?
  88. LHR to YEG
  89. Aeroplan considering improved one-way redemptions
  90. Quick MLL access question
  91. Whats happened to YYZ - PVG L fares
  92. What does *A means to AC for elite bags left in YVR?
  93. Groupe Aeroplan Inc. Announces New Appointments to Board of Directors
  94. ACE Aviation Holdings announces results of step in winding up company
  95. How does IKK work on one-way awards?
  96. UA/AC Codeshare question
  97. Does AP status get you UA Economy Plus access?
  98. Petitioning for status in 2009
  99. Question: Getting the UA Booking Ref for Aeroplan reward ticket?
  100. AC communication
  101. Sorry sir, you can't read either
  102. Spouse Medical Coverage With No Age Limitations
  103. Brussels Airlines *A???
  104. YVR - a 2nd alternative route from international/US arrivals to Domestic departures
  105. Op-upgrade for Elite in K-class FRA-YYZ?
  106. Latest MR (AC) experience
  107. Looking for advice on SE choices
  108. Intl - US Cnx in YUL - doable?
  109. How to move on up this year?
  110. Question: Credit files and Latitude fares
  111. Question: On My Way, Reroutes, EQMs
  112. Firt time booking hotel with Aeroplan miles
  113. Flying HKG to YVR with infant but no working bassinets available
  114. cold one AC! yyz -nrt jan16th
  115. spending AP miles on a european hotel?
  116. Question: Can AC telephone reservation agents track a plane before arrival at departing airport
  117. YVR/KOA/HNL/YVR - $265 ai
  118. Aeroplan for Dummies
  119. AC846 1/16/09 goes mechanical
  120. Question: 2009 cert numbers?
  121. Standing by for an earlier UA flight when travelling on an Aeroplan reward?
  122. AC at IND
  123. upgrade confirmed or not?
  124. Interline bags at HKG
  125. AC129 YUL-YVR tonight
  126. Air Canada Endangers Children
  127. Really Stupid Upgrade Question
  128. AC148
  129. Question about buying tickets using aeroplan rewards
  130. NEW rewards from Air Canada Vacations—$100, $250, $500 certificates from 12,000 miles
  131. Save up to 25% off in Executive First
  132. Help with IKK Taxes and Fees
  133. extra upgrades if you arer travelling yyz to tampa
  134. Crazy Aeroplan itinerary - should I bail midconnection on return segment?Other ideas?
  135. Help to keep international AP account active
  136. 2009 AP Threshold is within sight
  137. Through the looking glass
  138. Question: Turkish Airlines AE accumulation
  139. OT: US Airways flight bails into Hudson River
  140. YYZ-SYD with SWU
  141. AC Reservations Phone Number on Elite card
  142. Aerolotto Advice
  143. SSWU going to waste...
  144. Crossed Threshold in November, got Certs valid til 2010!
  145. Air Canada Alliance Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Albany, NY
  146. Celebrity cruises Aeroplan credit
  147. 15JAN09: AC Extends YVR - China cut in Summer 09
  148. Name on plane ticket
  149. Mils calculatoin
  150. Reward booking to Fiji or other S.Pacific Island
  151. Lots of I space to HKG these days
  152. First Ultra Long Haul - Advice?
  153. Did I do the right thing?
  154. Good C.S. from AP re: Miles.
  155. Late Qualification Double Dip Works.
  156. Should they refund fuel surcharge?
  157. Buying On My Way + bookings
  158. AC is sending 2010 UPGRADE certs! WOW!
  159. YYC/YVR/YUL-DFW on AC $52 ++ OW
  160. Previous day standby
  161. West Face Capital to Oppose ACE Liquidation Plan
  162. Another case of bad PR for AC
  163. Calgary / YYC updates - free wifi finally!!
  164. ac matches ws sale
  165. Transport Canada concerned about flap incidents of CRJ 100-200
  166. AC 877 on Feb. 9 09 cancelled
  167. Question: Travelling with Kids MLL
  168. Thank you Sandra at AP!
  169. Is the 520$ fuel charge for my rewards too much?
  170. Question: and Receipts
  171. Question: Any Elites choosing 50% Bonus miles?
  172. Same Day Change - AE Bus Class Ticket
  173. Business Class on AC
  174. YVR - SYD Upgrade Possibilities???
  175. Where was the MLL?
  176. AC and CAW reach a deal
  177. MLL in Regina closed for repairs today
  178. Urgent Assistance Needed!!! - Passport, AC, and CUN
  179. YVR-LAS $64 one way Jan 13
  180. AC or LX-by-AC YYZ-GVA?
  181. Aeroplan reduces the taxes on award tickets!
  182. Aveos and Air Canada extend engine repair agreement until 2018
  183. MPM Rules
  184. Strange behavior on AC8719 YQB-YUL on Jan 10th
  185. AC*Elite; told by United RClounge that I won't have domestic US lounge access?
  186. Jan 13 G&M - Fuel levy on Aeroplan reward flights under fire
  187. Tango from SFO?
  188. Is starting on the returning trip of an itinerary allowed on a round trip ticket?
  189. What does AC*S status mean on a (codeshare) UnitedAirlines boarding pass?
  190. One way fares to Europe - how can I beat the system?
  191. To OLCI or not to OLCI, that's the question
  192. Question: AC same day standby policy
  193. Question: Flight Pass Renewals?
  194. Thank you Air Canada!
  195. Priority boarding with a non-status colleague
  196. Flight Pass Question...
  197. Flying the YVR - HNL Route?
  198. AC 1133 today
  199. Luggage when ticket states UA Operating as AC
  200. Redeeming aeroplan miles with layovers
  201. Toronto Vancouver upgrade certificate available
  202. Elite Status
  203. Grab your award tickets for next Christmas now!
  204. Question: Can Maple Leaf Lounge Guest Passes be used at AC LAX MLL?
  205. Did my best to get downgraded, but AC still seated me in J
  206. Help! Honeymoon Aeroplan flights not as planned
  207. Why no Bangkok?
  208. YEG Perks - $25 Starbucks Card to show yourNEXUS pass at Info Booth + other discounts
  209. Question: How is mileage calculated on stops?
  210. Question: New Tango fares on transborder flights?
  211. Availability of Perrier in MLL and Y class
  212. Toronto-Chicago 26 Daily Non-Stops
  213. AC Fare availability
  214. Question: No stopovers on reward ticket from Hong Kong?
  215. AC, ESTA and the I94-W
  216. AC *A Status Miles - Quick Question
  217. Cancelled Aeroplan Miles
  218. Change Flight on Aeroplan Reward Tix
  219. Children and Pods...
  220. Threshold Bonus Cutoff Date
  221. Flying from YOW on UA, possibility of MLL access??
  222. how late to book and still get a price?
  223. No more hanging your overcoat in J.
  224. YYZ <-> HKG in July
  225. Online Check-In or lack there-of (RDU)
  226. YVR AC/WS performance stats up to Dec 31
  227. Anybody taking adavantage of seat sale?
  228. Just booked First Class AP ticket to Hong Kong with stopover inToronto and Amsterdam
  229. ANY recent experience on the BR codeshare to TPE?
  230. AC 137 YYZ-YVR January 8
  231. Any guess on AC Travel Credit voucher?
  232. Extra seating for passengers with special needs
  233. Great deal for Aeroplan: Toronto to Zurich
  234. YYZ-YVR-HKG-YYZ $1016.74 ai, is that a good deal?
  235. Ipsos Survey
  236. 20% off winter travel to popular destinations in South America.
  237. VIP lounge at CCC
  238. AP routing help please
  239. UA checked baggage fee on UA-operated Air Canada flights
  240. Latitude Multi-city refund
  241. Air Canada launches its new 'Escape Pass'
  242. Accuracy of ANA Skyweb for AE *A awards
  243. Question - Asia award via Europe
  244. Seat Selection in AC 777-300 metal
  245. newbie elite question
  246. YYZ - Pearson connecting Terminal 3 International --> US
  247. Fare Differences between UAL and AC
  248. Looking to refund ticket due to seat sale
  249. Availability of Flight Passes
  250. Prestige / Elite selections choices question