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  16. Over 42% of J seats taken by AC Employees
  17. No more Gazette in YUL Transborder ML?
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  19. Want to get to Hawaii For Xmas with least amt of Aeroplan points and money
  20. YYZ-TLV
  21. Another Aeroplan green initiative
  22. Registration numbers
  23. AC Ripping off on code-share fuel surcharges
  24. Changing seat assignments - does AC do it?
  25. Did I ever luck out haha.
  26. Will I still hit Prestige??
  27. Question: Would this constitute an involuntary downgrade?
  28. i feel like an idiot
  29. AC website late nite "trial features"
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  32. Multiple Record Locators
  33. Non-AC best points option out of Vancouver?
  34. Hawaii Reductions in 2009 Summer (as of 03DEC08)....
  35. Inbound flight is not cancelled if you do not take the outbound flight
  36. Air Canada fuel hedges backfire as oil drops
  37. Looks like I need another 70 miles
  38. Luggage Symbol on
  39. Compensation for No IFE?
  40. User Voice: Vote/Submit ideas for Air Canada (Unofficial)
  41. Transfer of AP reservation
  42. Breitling Clocks in YYZ MLL...
  43. Exclusive discount: 15% off winter travel to Mexico City & Havana
  44. can i get into the lounge?
  45. Like trained monkeys
  46. Air Canada placed on S&Ps CreditWatch with negative implications
  47. Redeem your Aeroplan Miles for in-flight duty-free vouchers
  48. Help With Year End Segment Run
  49. Secret Airbus connection revealed
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  51. AC Lounge LHR
  52. 10% off Tango Plus, Latitude and Executive Class fares
  53. HKG-Canada flights may be a bit busy
  54. Really need to make a mileage run for 99miles?
  55. Question: is there 2 daily flights YUL - ZRH?
  56. BA and Qantas merger
  57. Consolidated 2009 Benefits Thread
  58. Aeroplan & Amex and hotel programs
  59. Instant Elite
  60. Checkin counter location?
  61. Aeroplan announces 4 major changes to Redemptions
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  63. Small business pass: Bug triggers AC security
  64. Air Canada to get $70-million from Aeroplan
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  66. WSJ: Air Canada, Out in Cold, Learns Fuel Self-Reliance
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  68. Aeromove
  69. Embraer 175/190 are they really bad in rough weather?
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  71. Aeroplan D class points ripoff
  72. BGI-YYZ or YUL Flights Jan 1-6 Availability
  73. Question: How Accurate is the Interactive Route Map?
  74. 42 status miles away from threshold!
  75. return of the non-stop nrt-yyz april 1st
  76. Ac 590 11/30
  77. AC Check In Emails - Delayed
  78. AC Vacations is "nickle and diming"
  79. Request to retag bag on stopover
  80. YVR-ICN "A" booking class upgradable?
  81. YVR - Your Input Requested (Observation area)
  82. Question: stuff stolen from baggage, how to pursue recourse?
  83. Donating SWU's NAOU's
  84. Question: 767 on YVR-HNL and SSWU
  85. How to Best Negate any Effects of Pending Snowstorm?
  86. YYC lose 2 of 14 weekly LHR to YEG
  87. Redeem for Cruise Centre Voucher or Wait for Access to Elite Rewards?
  88. 5100pts short of SE, but last trip of year cancelled! suggestions?
  89. MSP-YYZ-GRU connecting time
  90. Opine on my check-in time for AC 1 tomorrow?
  91. Why Hasn't the Fuel Surcharge Been Dumped?
  92. Headphones questions
  93. Options to the Aerogold Visa
  94. A/C international promotion extended
  95. AC Service to Buenos Aires
  96. Tourist fare
  97. Interesting Document on AC Ticketing
  98. Nov 27 - AC 859 LHR-YYZ
  99. Mini MR help (so small in fact, as not to want to post in the MR forums!)
  100. Seat Selection problems on
  101. OT: YYC Increases AIF
  102. Earn AP miles at Delta hotels even when Pricelined
  103. Another YVR Do? Already?
  104. 10 years of Self-Service kiosks
  105. Ac 001 11/28 ac590 11/30
  106. Question about YHZ-LHR service
  107. ACC889 / 888 Nov 25
  108. Contact reservations by email
  109. YYZ pre-Christmas do?
  110. Award travel missed connection
  111. Air Canada Deal vs Fuel Charge - flight cheaper than fuel to fly it?
  112. Aeroplan points and outragous taxes
  113. Award booking to BKK and possible cancellation
  114. Jumping on an earlier flight
  115. Tourist fare available but no Leisure???
  116. AC int'l sale: YYZ-ICN app. C$900 all-in
  117. Question: 21h20m overnight layover; can I upgrade both segs with one SSWU?
  118. Why AC so ignorant about international fuel surcharge?
  119. Question: aeroplan offers on UAL flights operated by ac jazz
  120. Aircanada Status Credits Question
  121. Question: Checking golf clubs
  122. AeroplanPlus Gold Card Question.
  123. Wait time of SE desk
  124. One of those days?
  125. Elite Priority Contacts
  126. AC flights and
  127. AC967 - mechanical today?
  128. Crazy Pricing!
  129. AC 444 YYZ-YOW Nov 25
  130. SSWU upgrade waiting till the last moment
  131. Nice RCC in LAX ...
  132. MR/Posting Late in the Year
  133. Question: Do Status Miles Matter?
  134. Amex or CIBC Aerogold?
  135. YYZ-LHR Aircrafts currently in service
  136. Anyone in YYZ international MLL right now?
  137. Question: Booking flight over phone using MCO vouchers
  138. Crj-200 baggage capacity
  139. Who wants a SSWU Cert for Dec 27 YYZ - HKG
  140. How to take a dining chair to Atlanta?
  141. How many hours delayed before compensation
  142. AC8773: 0 for 2, two Mondays in a row!
  143. AC AVOD now sponsored by Telus?
  144. Pax privacy....public health safety. GM article
  145. Vegas at XMAS - high prices..ouch!
  146. Question: AC status miles MR on BMI
  147. Random NEXUS secondary?
  148. Priority luggage for Elites?
  149. Question: What are the chances?
  150. Vista Home Edition (???) problems accessing "manage my bookings" page
  151. Flight Pass Pricing
  152. HKG-YYZ delayed
  153. Status on reward flights?
  154. *A versus "the others"?
  155. YVR: no need to be in MLL to get free WiFi
  156. AP Points for YWG Airport Survey
  157. Gate Check
  158. new destination: YUL - GVA
  159. Glitch with OLCI when UG'ing?
  160. Disappointment Booking Award Seats (was "Disappointment")
  161. Always remember to check the fare on for cross border flights!
  162. YYZ to South America -- J meals
  163. Bomb threat on 20-Nov-2008
  164. BA 50% off awards, will AC follow
  165. ML Club Worldwide Membership
  166. SSWU question
  167. Elite: Which Privileges to Choose in 2009
  168. Question: AC Status miles on Canadian North Airlines
  169. AC - good customer service
  170. Canada and South Korea Open Skies Agreement
  171. increase fees for seat selection
  172. AC CXL lingua
  173. Question: How is WWTMS's Hotel Booking Service through
  174. Upgradeable fares for Multi-City trips,etc.
  175. AP Elite or Miles and More Oil & Enegy Club?
  176. Aeroplan Agent vs Online
  177. MLE - YYZ
  178. Over 60% off YYC-YVR $49
  179. Reservation retrieval - website issues
  180. Question/Advice: SWU, UIO-BOG-YYZ, Baggage and more...
  181. short on miles for elite
  182. AC over the pond, is there any competition in C?
  183. *A award on AC
  184. Ac 1117 yul-ywg
  185. Codeshare YYZ-BRU on Jet?
  186. YYZ - Winters here!
  187. AC087 vs AC015 on J Reward
  188. Question: Amex AP Plus Gold: February Spend Bonus?
  189. BEst (cheapest way) to keep Aeroplan points alive?
  190. Need MR Help from YYZ
  191. Question: MLL Pass in HKG?
  192. Chance of upgrade?
  193. AC 115 YYZ-YVR Nov. 20
  194. XM IFE Commercials
  195. AC 864 cancelled to LHR
  196. I really should have taken those bonus miles as an E benefit...
  197. I anyone out there happy with their Sun Pass?
  198. Gel Pak Coolers and CATSA
  199. Question: Can I ask for a different flight in this scenario?
  200. Aeroplan Reward J class Asia 1
  201. No I availability almost 3 months out?
  202. Ways to get an op-up when you know Y oversold?
  203. Lat Fare, Upgrade Cert & Pilot got the Exec Seat
  204. strategy to get FRA upgrade?
  205. Poor state of MLL in YVR
  206. YVR Mysterious Medical Emergency
  207. Air Canada discount codes to the US and International
  208. YUL Logic
  209. Upgrading on AC
  210. Question: Change to Aeroplan Award location / class
  211. Question: Biz Class reward strategy for a segment w/ only one J seat?
  212. Aeroplan/ down again??
  213. Aeroplan Mileage Credit: Original Boarding Passes Req'd?
  214. Question: 767-300 service to HNL from YVR
  215. Through Check-in between UA and AC tickets
  216. Early Warning System for Upcoming Fare Increases
  217. Fuel Surcharges again
  218. Overnight connection in NRT
  219. AC 872 to FRA...with time to kill
  220. Swap United RCC pass for Air Canada MLL passes?
  221. Should I defect to AC?
  222. Y Service for long flights
  223. Upgrade on LHR-SYD A class
  224. AC FA kindly gave me her own meal
  225. Incompetence at Aeroplan missing credit desk
  226. OLCI on UA codeshare flight?
  227. Best Aeroplan/AC option when getting CO lounge access?
  228. Reward Booking Question - X fare?
  229. Is "Access a single Flight Booking" not working?
  230. New Lounge Terminal 1 at YYZ?
  231. YYZ /LHR Business Class
  232. Another competitor to the YYZ-LHR route: AI
  233. AP points and canceled flight
  234. Business Seating...what type??
  235. Departure times YYZ-TLV and TLV-YYZ
  236. Amex Aeroplan Gold : 15 000 bonus miles?
  237. Best Strategy to Minimize Jetlag from YVR-HKG-SIN?
  238. Lounges at IAD
  239. Canada West Flight pass cost increase!
  240. Do Tango flights qualify as "segments" for top tier?
  241. AC Lounge in FLL
  242. AC J seats: 2 available, odds of a 3rd emerging?
  243. Aeroplan 'Greens it Up' with Go Carbon Neutral Contest
  244. upgrade question?
  245. AC will be moved to terminal 4 at PHX effective Dec 1, 2008
  246. I won 5k points re: AP Advisors Panel
  247. Executive class service to HKG and PEK to YYZ
  248. Amex Platinum Aeroplan Card Lounge access
  249. AC Executive First Sale including holiday period
  250. The latest "enhancements" to Aeroplan