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  1. Traveling with Aeroplan Points
  2. Unused Flight Pass benefits
  3. Former P, New to E - Help!
  4. AC1 YYZ-NRT SSWU confirmed, LMU for parents?
  5. Question re upgrade certs / bonus status miles bonus for flight pass activity
  6. How Long Does It Take To Post Status Miles?
  7. Places that need a (new) lounge
  8. Confessions of a Newbie...
  9. elite sponsor upgrade Dec 20 AC190 - please help
  10. Ppl need to freak out over AC's DCA move from Term B to Term A!
  11. Question: Non XM IFE??
  12. Keep your LMU Receipts!
  13. AC1109 YUL Dec 18th
  14. The "I won't have any status next year for the first time in X years" thread
  15. Published routes-reward ticket
  16. Question: Mileage Plus 2P vs AP no status?
  17. Unposted delays/IROPS..miles to be made up!
  18. USB Ports
  19. The Lounge Access Wiki
  20. How would like to improve the J/Y Seat in the future?
  21. S/E Priority Awards (IKK) - Will I get a credit?
  22. Name/Person change on award ticket
  23. online check in with a baby
  24. dropping last leg in YYZ
  25. Year end miles posting question
  26. AC Cuts 255 Jobs in Winnipeg According to Union
  27. plane changed?
  28. Question: SWU on T+ during Xmas: YYZ -> YVR -> NRT
  29. "Direct" with stopover versus "Connecting" flights, same AP points?
  30. Question: Couple of newbie questions about E
  31. so I got the Prestige status... what to do with rewards and miles?
  32. Which B767-300 routes do not have the sleeper seats?
  33. MLL's valid at cnx?
  34. what's a W class on AC Jazz?
  35. frozen
  36. Lifetime SE
  37. Exbrit stiffed by the Brits
  38. Heart? Or head?
  39. 2010 Elite Tier Bonus or the Four System-Wide Upgrade Certs?
  40. Elite Invitation decisions
  41. Aeroplan and availability on expertflyer
  42. MLL Pass
  43. How many dollars is a Special System Wide Upgrade worth?
  44. Maple Leaf lounge Access on Reward Ticket
  45. CIBC ML Club
  46. Visa trip interruption insurance
  47. MR From YOW Just Completed
  48. Question: Toronto Transfer Question
  49. NRT Terminal 2 *G Lounges?
  50. Question: 36 Miles short of SE?
  51. Convert hotel miles into Aeroplan miles
  52. Just made my SE selections, how about you?
  53. Air Canada launches daily non-stop seasonal service between YYT and LHR
  54. *G benefits on other airlines
  55. *G and Preferred Seats
  56. Question: Close to Elite Status
  57. We were un-upgraded...
  58. Up in the Air - Movie
  59. Use of MileTracker with Aeroplan?
  60. Need some advice rerouting
  61. Why No Hotel Stopover Program for Calgary?
  62. LMU: what are the criteria AC uses to offer them on a flight or not ...
  63. Sweep dates?
  64. Is this a award booking?
  65. Sneak preview: 2010 Air Canada Top Tier program
  66. North America Promotion - when do miles post
  67. SPG point to Aeroplan miles - how long to credit?
  68. You can leave...but will just get sucked back in again....
  69. Passenger on wrong plane!
  70. Mileage Credit Deadline?
  71. late Elite and UA lounge access?
  72. Ac1244 - non-xm?
  73. 15% discount code!! - Good until midnight!
  74. Someone please send me a PM with Prestige telephone numbers for Air Canada
  75. Award Redemption Mispriced, Agent Scared to Ticket
  76. AC among airlines signing MOU for biofuels
  77. Mileage accumulation for discounted ANA flights
  78. AC 112 (YVR-YUL) Dec. 14 09
  79. YUL Internet
  80. Xmas Miracle, or has AC really changed?
  81. SUV inside YVR
  82. Question: Are any flights to LHR from YYZ non-XM'ed?
  83. Can I Use A SWU for T+ Upgrade For Just A Segment?
  84. changed booking type?!?
  85. YYZ to HKG
  86. AC900 Switched
  87. Early Prestige?
  88. upgrade chances out of FRA
  89. Question: Any luck upgrading with two SWUs in T+?
  90. And we complain about the AC food...
  91. Transfer AMEX Membership Rewards to Aeroplan - 25% Bonus! Dec 14-20, 2009
  92. Longest on hold time...52 minutes on Sat. nite...
  93. AC 064 today - late from ICN, now mechanical in YVR
  94. AC*G lounge access in the US on domestic itinerary
  95. Interlink with SkyTeam carrier, 3 bags?
  96. Aeroplan Miracles!
  97. First Time
  98. MLL pass
  99. Airlines, Including Air Canada, Move To Individualized Pricing
  100. Is the flight really full? If so, does full in Y mean LMU chance?
  101. Ap unavailability in C for LHR-YOW in late-May: very strange behaviour
  102. Frozen Gates at YEG and AC
  103. Closest Airport to DCA? (YYZ)
  104. Priority Contacts
  105. YUL Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Lunch?
  106. AC 777LR gone Mx in YVR Dec 12?
  107. what route to STR?
  108. LHR BD lounge question
  109. Early warning: Poss. major snow/freezing rain for YVR Monday night
  110. credit miles to CO after upgrade to I?
  111. ZRH-YUL-YYZ security question
  112. Lost Elite Card - Can somone PM the AC-E Phone #
  113. Survey: What do AC frequent flyers recommend in terms of lounges in USA?
  114. Award Booking With TG
  115. 20% cheaper to fly in 2009 vs 2008!! AC?
  116. 787 first flight on Tuesday
  117. WIFI @ YUL MLL lounge - yes it works
  118. Question: Anyone at the YYC MLL 13 DEC 18:00 to 21:00
  119. What will be the cost of using NAUs and SWUs?
  120. Aeroplan Website Technical Problems
  121. Mr and Mrs. Super Elite?
  122. Question: consider Expedia booking: aeroplan / booking class (how to interpret)
  123. Mom and Grandma going to PHX...MLL passes needed....
  124. Question: Last-minute gate upgrade against $$$ to/from Europe
  125. Flight Pass Activities for Bonus - includes NY Commuter Pass?
  126. AP and its Members Donate over 12 Million Miles to Charities on Mile Matching Days
  127. premium cabin awards for economy seats?
  128. Anyone else notice gate agents enforcing boarding lately?
  129. Olympics Luggage Tags handed out in J cabin
  130. Tango Plus for the price of a Tango fare
  131. Aeroplan Redemption AUS-YYC
  132. Anyone not planning to use their 15% tropicana/sobey/esso discount code?
  133. Fare Classes
  134. Question: 21k miles as of Dec 10th, should I try to reach top tier?
  135. What *A carriers out of YYZ fly first?
  136. Aeroplan Award No-Show Rules
  137. Question: Seat assignment when no seats showing available...
  138. Aeroplan points tickets
  139. AC sale, websavers etc
  140. Great offer from Amex AeroplanPlus Platinum: 50,000 miles
  141. Question: YYZ Trans Border Lounge Access
  142. Help getting to Elite Status
  143. Odd language in AP Bonus offer
  144. *** The Official Dec 9 Snow Storm YUL/YYZ/YOW ***
  145. Reward ticket expiration
  146. FRA-YVR
  147. New Issue with booking US with Aeroplan
  148. Any leaks yet on 2010 top tier benefits ?
  149. AC 1171 | YYZ-YVR | Downgauged often?
  150. Jet Airways, codeshare but NOT booked via AC
  151. Executive First (YYZ-NRT)
  152. Earn aeroplan miles
  153. earn 500 aeroplan miles
  154. Another Flight Pass Question
  155. Question: Flight Pass question
  156. Question: eStore gift cards
  157. 2010 Getaway Pass
  158. Air Canada - "BAGGAGE DENIED"
  159. Upgrade the old I now R on KVS?
  160. YHM workers prepare to strike during holiday season
  161. Fee for WIFI coming to your nearest MLL soon!!
  162. Met a fellow FTer in a tight spot
  163. Question: Extra $200 for 2010 Status Miles?
  164. Toronto airport - 1 hour to change planes?
  165. MR for 15K NA promo from YYZ: try LAS, BOS or LGA
  166. Winter storm advisory Maritimes 6 Dec
  167. Anyone need Lounge Access in YVR? Sun Dec 6 @330p
  168. Air Canada & TSA Secure Flight
  169. LMU offered.....
  170. Anybody else trying to call AC reservations and getting a busy signal this morning?
  171. Any spare Maple Leaf Lounge passes?
  172. connection time in Tokyo
  173. Question: 2010 Certs out yet?
  174. Had to use my SSWU on a Lat Transatlantic, Now have a T+ LHR and SWU certs
  175. Question: Reward Question and Free 2 Personalized Luggage Tags)
  176. AC changes flight time: options
  177. Allowable Aeroplan Routing
  178. Get cosmetics and get rewarded with 500 Bonus Aeroplan Miles at Rexall—December 5-11!
  179. YYC Snowstorm 12/4/09
  180. Unable to book multiple flights on same day with Flight Pass
  181. Edmontonflyer is published!
  182. 767 Executive Class food serving order
  183. *A Gold - US travel allow Lounge access?
  184. Flying UA from YOW to HKG and be able to go on standby for AC
  185. Question: Help with OLCI and upgrades
  186. Booking for travel next November?
  187. "Double dip" for E+ on UA
  188. Promotion code doesn't work
  189. standby with tango fare
  190. November load factor: 74.7% (gasp)
  191. AC vs LH business class
  192. Blast from the past!
  193. Caracas incresed to daily Summer 2010
  194. API on AC from YYZ to EWR?
  195. Air Canada offers stranded swan a lift to Vancouver
  196. Mileage run Special
  197. Flight time changes - how often & when ?
  198. 75% rebate on Air Canada luggage at The Bay!!!
  199. YYZ-LHR Summer 2010 service
  200. YYZ-LHR Summer 2010 service
  201. New AC/Jazz service between YYR-YYT
  202. Question: Will I keep my Elite status?
  203. Dec 4 - YYZ Up in The Air?
  204. problems with updating aeroplan profil
  205. Question: Points not posting on UA tickets?
  206. Jazz drops one flight/day into YCG ex YVR
  207. YYZ-BOG refurbished?
  208. Advisable connection time for August: CDG-YYZ-YSB
  209. need routing suggestions for MLE on award travel
  210. Question: to/from Europe travel - your suggestions
  211. AC implements second bag fee selectively - status pax exempt
  212. AC7 YVR-HKG is now AC17 with new time for Summer 2010
  213. Posting of miles (AC vs Jazz)
  214. Can I book YYZ-BKK in M or U Class?
  215. Milestone: Air Canada celebrates 60 years of service to Barbados
  216. Question: What's a "secret flyer"
  217. Where to get a couple of Aeroplan miles?
  218. AC voted best airline in Canada
  219. Scandinavia tkts $
  220. AP Miles for an ANA Flight on EVA Metal?
  221. Selecting Benefits for 2010
  222. YUL Do?
  223. Super Elite Status
  224. Question: YVR-YUL vs YVR-YUL-LGA
  225. Why won't AP show me YXU-YGK Dec 27?
  226. What can I expect to eat tomorrow!?
  227. lounge in Vegas
  228. Carryon for DH1 - YUL - YQB
  229. Booking problems
  230. Lmu yul-cdg?
  231. Potential Labour Disruption at YVR
  232. Question: Super Elite Priority Award
  233. booking
  234. Elite MLL Newbie Question
  235. Vegas (MR) Dec 5th
  236. Air Canada denies Grand Forks flight was at risk
  237. Advice/wisdom sought from FTer's
  238. 4 day SSWU window for *E clarification
  239. Triple seven YYZ-SCL
  240. Agent says he upgraded me but didn't..
  241. Priority waitlist questions
  242. Pass: Can I book a conection that is not listed?
  243. Where to find miles expiration date?
  244. AC expands codeshare with LH to France
  245. YOW get together?
  246. Domestic-Transborder Connection Time
  247. Question: Does AC have a 24 hour cancellation/alteration policy?
  248. YEG Dinner Dec 14 or 15?
  249. Help with Aeroplan rules
  250. Sorry, gotta ask - Standby upgrades on reward tickets