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  1. Club Sobeys Birthday Bonus Coupons
  2. AC's CUPE president alleges union email spying, sues union for $250K
  3. Connection time in YHZ?
  4. luthansa k class miles
  5. AC Forum Approaching Half Million Post Milestone
  6. Protecting Air Canada costs jobs, lowers revenue, raises prices
  7. Am I the only one who dislike bulkhead rows?
  8. AC Cutting HKG-YVR
  9. Stormy Monday in the Northeast?
  10. Miles and more to aeroplan
  11. Seat Poaching?
  12. upgrade waitlisted on a two-leg flight
  13. YYZ T1 AC/Amex "Priority" International Security Lines
  14. No free seat selection with status on AC Vacations?
  15. Status level leap with Miles/Cost? IE have E and upgrade or purchase to SE
  16. Interesting YYZ T1 Immigration line Sep 25
  17. PLEASE AC ADD (VERY LOW) or (RANDOM) PRIORITY to the red tag!!!!
  18. The Fifth Estate Reviews Security at YYZ...
  19. Complimentary Amenity Kits in Economy?
  20. Changes in Booked AEROPLAN Flights
  21. Question for Air Canada CEO
  22. Question: Poster tube carry-on?
  23. Toronto Star - now in YYZ MLL
  24. YVR-EWR: sale?
  25. Question: Aeroplan status miles earned yyz to mumbai return?
  26. Question: 6 1/2 hour transfer at YYC (Canada to USA) - what happens with luggage?
  27. Using Expertflyer
  28. Booking meeting room in YYZ transborder MLL?
  29. Help with complex route
  30. Question: How to search US origination - US destination airports?
  31. Question: YYZ domestic MLL - can I use it for arrival?
  32. Question: T+ to Latitude?
  33. Question: How do i do online checkin for codeshared flights?
  34. Will AC Status Match
  35. Question: New here... Aeroplan to fly to Hawaii at Christmas
  36. Question: J on points, lounge access even though connector flight doesn't offer J class?
  37. "Air Canada Jazz eyes Toronto Island airport return" - next April - Globe and Mail
  38. no AP miles, no way !
  39. Question: Inter Island travel on Aloha Airlines & AP
  40. HNL Air Canada Lounge Closed
  41. LGA Check-In Agents Creating Problems?
  42. Does AP use Starnet blocking for reward travel?
  43. Newbie - Question on AC status
  44. FAQ: I am X miles short of P/E/SE. Will AC give the status anyway?
  45. 250 miles short of Elite..will AC give anyways?
  46. AP Members in BC Can Now Earn Miles at Thrifty Foods Stores
  47. Air Canada weighs direct Calgary-to-Asia flights
  48. Future Travel Credit - T&C
  49. Air miles are great...
  50. Swimming in SWU's, no (real) chance to use...
  51. Oh so close to Elite
  52. Help booking reward flight to BKK
  53. availability question
  54. More new look features on
  55. Fast Track Elite Recognition
  56. Does the ANA Group Airline Air Japan (NQ) Earn AE Status Miles?
  57. YYZ to LAS
  58. Arrivals "Lounge" in London
  59. WestJet 50% off sale - AC match?
  60. Best seat on AC 777 planes
  61. preferred US partner: US airways or united
  62. YYZ-YVR Post Dec. 14 Travel - When will prices drop
  63. What it would have cost
  64. 1 Month to CO Joining *A
  65. YVR Lounges Refresh Program
  66. Needing Government Discount Codes
  67. ACE Aviation buys back preferred shares for cancellation for $73.6 million
  68. Question: Aeroplan rule changes
  69. Access to lounges
  70. Question re entry to domestic "arrival" lounge at YHZ
  71. Question: Should I book now or later for a Christmas flight?
  72. YUL to LAX to BNE
  73. YVR to California for $300 + GST + Fuel Surcharge (safeway!)
  74. Lounge access in YUL while enroute to the US
  75. Physician claims racial profiling on flight, sues AC for $162,000
  76. YVR customs and YOW ground transport
  77. Question: aeroplan classification of seats
  78. POS; will AC ever add back to the schedule?
  79. Upgrade success YYZ-HKG
  80. collecting Aeroplan vs air miles?
  81. Disappointment, Air Canada Flight AC2 - Tokyo NRT to Toronto
  82. Check your future upgrades carefully - mine were dropped into Tango!
  83. Am I/Are you liking AC less because of Aeroplan?
  84. Buy a RapidAir Pass, get an int'l ticket for $199+taxes, fees & surcharges.
  85. Airline alliances
  86. Question: Selecting the "No Aeroplan or Air Canada Status Miles" option
  87. AC maintains direct YYZ-NRT this winter
  88. Frequency reduction: YVR-HKG YVR_LHR
  89. Last minute release of 1st class *awards?
  90. Air Canada sees 12-18 months of pain for airlines
  91. Question: What is the upgrade window for B and M/U class after Oct 29?
  92. flying to BGI
  93. Lounge Access - LAX *Gold
  94. Help! Is this allowed?
  95. Aeroplan Celebrates World Car-free Day with More Ways for Members to Turn Miles Green
  96. So how should AC compete with WS's FF program launch?
  97. Seat Selection When Booking
  98. Question: SSWU not working for T+ now on
  99. Best chance for an upgrade on UAL / Lufthansa Codeshare
  100. Passes going away "next year?"
  101. Can my family use YUL priority security?
  102. Website points errors (double on website)!
  103. How Do I get Executive Class on Air NZ
  104. Elite but AC validates me as Super Elite?
  105. Aeroplan Upgrade Class is now R
  106. Special 15% off discount code for between US/Canada & TLV
  107. Note to cycling enthusiasts: Ride Guide now available on AC IFE
  108. Question: *G and Lounge Access
  109. Lounge for SE to use in MIA?
  110. Fare rules are now readable
  111. Why don't agents enforce priority boarding?
  112. MLL Offer: Six months for $225 NA/Eur or $349 Global
  113. AC 'Expands' MLL Access to Tango Fares
  114. AC Announces Free Same-day Standby on Rapidair
  115. UA Codeshare..AC Metal..Same day change?
  116. eligible upgrade confusion
  117. Seat Selection Fee--more nickel and dime!!
  118. Question: Transfer Aeroplan Miles? Or how to credit without receipt?
  119. Has I class been replaced?
  120. How would you deal with this potential upgrade problem?
  121. AP 40 bonus days & 15% off AC flight
  122. Free Rapidair standby
  123. Difficulty getting flights Aeroplan
  124. Air Canada paints A320 C-GQCA for U2
  125. AC transborder changes
  126. Transfer from AC Gates at T2 to UA T8 at LAX?
  127. Question: Upgrading M booking class to C with cash?
  128. In seat Power
  129. Hey please answer this question ASAP
  130. What is the point staying loyal to Air Canada
  131. shoulda picked the amex lounge
  132. Problems with online advance passenger info?
  133. Question: OLCI - when does it actually kick in?
  134. AC967 BGI - YYZ when is a 763 not a 763
  135. Flew YYZ-YVR-NRT but only credited YYZ-NRT
  136. Air Canada winter suspensions on 2 Routes
  137. Question: AC*SE this year, but not flying... Will Aeroplan give me Elite for free next year?
  138. Is "On Your Way" going to be on the way out (Macleans): Westjet covers fees
  139. Reward yourself with Double Aeroplan Miles on Bearskin Airlines!
  140. Question: Is this a valid AE Itinerary
  141. Lesson learned - E fares on LH do not count!
  142. Question: returning from US to YYZ and flying out to US same day
  143. Help Me Out Here
  144. can I request upgrade and then cancel?
  145. Rio unavailable?
  146. DFW - AC Jazz?
  147. "Saw something weird up there" - The AC Unusual (non-scary) Things Thread
  148. Is Air Cananda ware that other airlines exist and offer better prices?
  149. ISO: Aeroplan Bonuses To/From Asia
  150. Question: AC - Fare Rule - Max Stay
  151. Beechcraft new paint job
  152. Transfers at SYD
  153. Advice for YVR transfer for YYZ-YVR-NRT?
  154. Reward Travel Gets Tougher By the Day
  155. MLL coupon usage?
  156. Newbie SSWU question
  157. Best place for family with infant in J on A330
  158. Question: Flights AC 063/064 YYZ-ICN
  159. SPC GOLD by Aeroplan>??
  160. Which airline for YYC-FRA in Y AC or LH?
  161. SSWU on Air Canada flight United Codeshare?
  162. UAL/AC
  163. Not able to reserve exit row or better seats
  164. Sept 8, AC888, Shortest YOW-LHR flight Ever?
  165. Aeroplan Elite status+AA ticket ?Arrival lounge access?
  166. A PETA pitch with wings?
  167. Air Canada 's Path to the Leading Edge
  168. No More YVR Arrivals Lounge
  169. One Advantage of nonSE Aeroplan (and AC?) phone line -recorded messages of promotions
  170. Aeroplan: share miles program - cost decreased by 50% in Sept.
  171. Aeroplan web site - for booking transborder Star Alliance flights
  172. How is the Star Alliance Arrivals Lounge at LHR compared to AC arrivals lounge
  173. Can E member request a friend on T an adjacent seat?
  174. AC Not competitive enough to FL!
  175. Question: No flights from YXE to HKG?
  176. AC Jetz
  177. Don't miss our 40-day celebration!!
  178. New AE Celebration Teaser email
  179. G&M: A losing legacy the decline of business class
  180. seat selection -- not really a top-tier benefit?
  181. When to book Rome award?
  182. Question: Air New Zealand - missing miles
  183. YVR-YYZ red eye - MLL showers in T1?
  184. Ignatieff and Air Canada
  185. Rexall to offer Aeroplan points
  186. Air Canada Cargo for Personal Effects
  187. How about this for a conundrum.. AC Prestige kinda unfair?
  188. Elite Podium... What if?
  189. Using Expedia Flights + Hotel for last minute US trips
  190. AC 898 Delayed 20 hours.....
  191. Question: AC Vacation VS Self book
  192. Lounge Access in CCS
  193. How to book Multi-City segments in different classes?
  194. MLL access using a friend's *E status
  195. LHR arrivals lounge - pressing service
  196. Get rewarded with up to 4X Aeroplan miles when you register and stay at Best Western
  197. MLL at YYT
  198. Aeroplan ticket-connecting through EWR
  199. AC told to stop flying sports teams within USA
  200. Promo code and multi city
  201. AC current discount codes
  202. 15% off promo code for Canada!
  203. yyz-fll
  204. 15% Esso Promotion - Send to Aeroplan?
  205. 4 SSWUs and a Free Week - Where To?
  206. Visa Perks Visa AC promotion for Sept 2009
  207. Help - 10 Hour Layover at YYZ Sept 8/09
  208. Air Canada reports record load factor for August
  209. Tip for when booking AC or AP flight through the call centre
  210. Booking class re-alignment
  211. DO govt rates get perks on AC?
  212. AC873 31/09/09 No IFE
  213. Discounter for SCL-EZE tag-on?
  214. Question: need help with rejection letter from air canada claims department
  215. aeroplan exec class tickets 85,000 miles
  216. 10% Promo code for Winter Gay Pride
  217. New AC codeshares with Asiana
  218. New "chip" Aerogold Visa beeping going through security
  219. Blackberry Web Signal app link
  220. Aeroplan Stopover in Asia
  221. Why is AC/AP so slow?
  222. How rigid is the < 24 hour rule for connections on an *A award ticket ?
  223. Question: AP Vacation package reward question
  224. Connecting in Vancouver
  225. WS being domestic price leader, AC slow to respond to price changes
  226. Curious if NWA/Delta will offer the same to AP customers?
  227. Double Aeroplan bonus points at ESSO again...
  228. Sept 17 YYZ event
  229. Hypothetical Question about an Award ticket...
  230. Cold soup
  231. Cheap executive first trip
  232. Using AE points on car rental
  233. When AC Biz seats are freed up on AC
  234. Observation: Immigration officers checking passports at a/c exit
  235. PVG Stopover time
  236. Question: Aircanada has changed my itinerary !
  237. When To Book Jan Travel YYC/YVR
  238. Executive class meal from Japan
  239. Anyone know what Turkish fare "W" earns?
  240. Really good value for First Class!
  241. Ac 015 yyz-hkg mx 8/29
  242. Where should AC fly next?
  243. Canadians being ripped off?
  244. Can't access Air Canada web app.
  245. need help with a multi-city booking on AC...
  246. So I bought some shares in Aeroplan...
  247. CAW reaches tentative deal at Air Canada Jazz for customer services workers
  248. 20% Off All Fares Types to Select Destinations (ie: Porter Routes)
  249. Bilinguisme chez Air Canada
  250. Aventura Vs. Aerogold?