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  1. Overnight connection in NRT
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  14. YYZ /LHR Business Class
  15. Another competitor to the YYZ-LHR route: AI
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  17. Business Seating...what type??
  18. Departure times YYZ-TLV and TLV-YYZ
  19. Amex Aeroplan Gold : 15 000 bonus miles?
  20. Best Strategy to Minimize Jetlag from YVR-HKG-SIN?
  21. Lounges at IAD
  22. Canada West Flight pass cost increase!
  23. Do Tango flights qualify as "segments" for top tier?
  24. AC Lounge in FLL
  25. AC J seats: 2 available, odds of a 3rd emerging?
  26. Aeroplan 'Greens it Up' with Go Carbon Neutral Contest
  27. upgrade question?
  28. AC will be moved to terminal 4 at PHX effective Dec 1, 2008
  29. I won 5k points re: AP Advisors Panel
  30. Executive class service to HKG and PEK to YYZ
  31. Amex Platinum Aeroplan Card Lounge access
  32. AC Executive First Sale including holiday period
  33. The latest "enhancements" to Aeroplan
  34. Question: New Macbook laptops - in seat power
  35. Aeroplan profit falls 31 per cent
  36. Why is CX cheaper than AC when going to Asia?
  37. Flight cancellations - due to weather or cost cutting?
  38. Purchase a BlackBerry smartphone and earn 4,000 Aeroplan Miles!
  39. Amex AeroplanPlus refund fee upon cancelling?
  40. How to change one FP segment after checking in?
  41. AC Keep Taxes on Refunded tickets
  42. Angling to use SSWU?
  43. Flight Notification not working?
  44. Upgrade YYZ-SYD
  45. Question: Using SWU / SSWU but not on AC Metal
  46. LAX to YYC on AP??
  47. Accumlate 6,100 miles
  48. Rogers/Aeroplan Magazine Offer: Automatic Renewal for 2009!
  49. Question: Childrens' Meals in Exec First to Asia?
  50. Who Is Driving AC's %^& Catering Trucks?
  51. want upgrade certs anyone?
  52. MLL YVR - phone access?
  53. Question: Buffer for reaching Elite/SE
  54. Air Canada 500 Contest: Consolation Prize of $40
  55. Canada>International Connections: Security Reclearance
  56. Question: Flying YYZ to OGG
  57. Implications of Westjet FF Program for Aeroplan
  58. Time-limited offer: save an extra 25% off Spring travel to U.S. destinations
  59. LAS Terminal Move Confirmation
  60. No Tango Fare to the US?
  61. Question: SSWU Upgrade Waitlisted->Confirmed Seat Selection
  62. Does anyone know of this fall's 750 bonus for 3 partners?
  63. Air Canada to fly Geneva/Montreal
  64. How to purchase a discounted Latitude fare to HKG online
  65. dfw lounge access
  66. Mileage run from smaller locations
  67. Special System Wide Upgrade Cert's
  68. Smile... and AC will smile back at you - focus on customer service!
  69. Question: Buy AC or UA/AC codeshare?
  70. Choosing an airport for a 1 hr connection
  71. AC 714 YYZ -> LGA Meal Question
  72. Help developing a company travel policy...
  73. Mileage Run Help
  74. Using two credits on one new booking
  75. Fuel Surcharge nearly exceeds fuel cost
  76. A333 refurbishment question
  77. Option to purchase upgrade certs?
  78. YVR-YYZ in J (red-eye)
  79. Question: Booking hotels with AE Points
  80. Looking for update on International Fuel Surcharge
  81. AC423 YUL-YYZ (77W) on W, Nov.12
  82. Question: What is the most economical way to go from Canada to Australia/New Zealand in J?
  83. Question: SSWU and E status -- max one can receive in a year
  84. AC871 CDG-YUL Nov 10th?
  85. AC 874 tonight?
  86. Meal Service Toronto > Buenos Aires
  87. Worth changing flight to get a B767-300 instead of E175?
  88. Time it takes to get threshold upgrade certs..
  89. AC 756 SFO-YYZ problems
  90. Stay at Delta with or without AE miles
  91. Booking an Aeroplan Seat to SIN
  92. Multi-city International Upgradable Fares on
  93. Newbie member & flyer have Elite is SE worth it?
  94. Question: Getting Miles at Uniprix and ING Insurance
  95. AC 366 YYZ-BOS tonight?
  96. equipment change for YUL-FRA
  97. Home Hardware promotion
  98. Reinstatement of aeroplan points
  99. Small planes and bad weather
  100. Wheelchairs and MLL
  101. Was I shortchanged?
  102. Airmiles (not Aeroplan) & UA & AC Elite Status
  103. Saving is Still Saving but........
  104. So why does Sobeys post faster than AC?
  105. Flight Pass Problems Sameday Evening Bookings Just Me?
  106. SWU/SSWU counted by GA at end of day?
  107. equipment change on AC857 (LHR-YYZ)?
  108. Can someone with KVS access look this up for me?
  109. Trying to decide if SE is worth it
  110. Flight Pass US vs. Canada pricing
  111. Getting into J on a segment confirmed in Y on a Star Alliance J award
  112. Question: Best day to fly YVR-HKG - Jan 19/20, 2009
  113. Question: Anyone knows if there is still the winter gataway pass next year???
  114. On My Way: Air Canada fee for extra storm service 'reasonable,' transportation agency
  115. Question: Do J Class Award passengers have access to lounges even if they dont have status?
  116. New "Personal Touch" Screening at YOW-OUTRAGEOUS
  117. Hypothetical Situation with Aeroplan
  118. Question: Online Floor Plans of MLLs?
  119. Taxes & Fees of $455 for reward ticket?
  120. This is what AC needs for J pax..........
  121. How long to get SWU/SSWU certs?
  122. Eligible for MLL at CDG?
  123. According to people's experience, how soon does UNITED post to Aeroplan?
  124. Question: Elite Status
  125. IFE and 4:3 movies... argh
  126. Question: Has your business travel been curtailed?
  127. AC1 meals
  128. So when are prices coming down?
  129. 77W Best J class seats
  130. FIN 619 going to Arizona today - for good.
  131. Connecting YYZ Domestic to US
  132. Considering Aeroplan Plus Platinum Amex Card: question about Executive First check-in
  133. Question: When do the 09 top program get announced??
  134. Ac864 nov 1 unacceptable bs
  135. 500-mile min
  136. One destination unreachable (my bags that is)
  137. Best route to Manila on miles?
  138. Marketing Study: Your Input Please
  139. Op-Ups Alive And Well...And Why You Should Always Be Polite...
  140. Upgrade Shmupgrade.
  141. How early to arrive at airport for flights to/from Israel?
  142. Aerogold Visa Processing Down
  143. Question about routing of today's AC 015
  144. Trans-Pac business class reward ticketed for 100,000 miles. AP now wants 15K more.
  145. Aeroplan Non Air Rewards
  146. Hawaiian can now check bags through to AC final destination.
  147. New EU fare rules
  148. Postponing Threshold Certs Until Next Year?
  149. Threshold bonus
  150. AC and Jazz mark Remembrace Day
  151. Can this be done?
  152. Question: Anybody know what the cancellation fee on internation Tourist fee?
  153. Air Canada in the Caribbean
  154. Question: Anyone on AC541 YYZ - SEA on Sunday Nov 2 has a spare North American upgrade cert?
  155. a flaw in the OLCI checkin rules...?
  156. Asian Vegetarian Meal on AC?
  157. air Canada aeroplan in the Unitedstates?
  158. PManitoba files suit on behalf of Air Canada attendants
  159. NEXUS codes
  160. Rant - Aeroplan "help"
  161. Star Alliance reward & schedule change - options?
  162. New Functionality on
  163. Question: Aeroplan mileage for international flight
  164. Status miles - short haul with stop over - how many Q miles?
  165. What is the actual dollar value of an Aeroplan mile?
  166. Are S and A fares now upgradable?
  167. Aeroplan miles on NZ
  168. YVR-SJD Routing through YYZ or YYC
  169. Question: Aerogold renewal/nbonus? Aerogold Infinite?
  170. Would Aeroplan ever offer a 50% bonus for points transfers?
  171. Complimentary earphones for SE
  172. Question: Same Sex Partner Flying Benefits - Any Knowledgeable Air Canada Employees here??
  173. What does this AC Diagram/Pic tell you?
  174. Current RTW fares ex-Canada?
  175. Status CRedits Earning Question
  176. Tango v. Tango Plus Fares
  177. Question: Anyone know where I can find the executive first walking tour?
  178. Question: Flight Classes with Aeroplan redemption
  179. Elite Status - Short a couple miles, what to do?
  180. AC award ticket availability YYZ-BGI for Aug 2009
  181. Aeroplan VISA question
  182. Newbie Question
  183. Question: Aeroplan Redemption Puzzle - DBV/BUD
  184. Refund fuel surcharge
  185. Will there be a Flight Pass Sale soon?
  186. YYZ-HKG-SYD-AKL route possible??
  187. Question: Unable to change seats on United Segments due to no Mileage Plus
  188. Connection times at YUL
  189. Stuck in YVR overnight -- suggestions?
  190. Question: Air Canada post Quebec separation?
  191. Mrs flying economy
  192. Status miles for Prestige
  193. Question: Dash and CRJ into AC colours ?
  194. RTW Ticket - Aeroplan Reward
  195. Major AC news coming up soon...huge
  196. Question: Is there WiFi in Toronto Maple Leaf Lounge?
  197. Question: Are Aeroplan benefits same or not for Canadian vs US residents?
  198. Same File does not mean one ticket, for flights esp on AC and also on other airlines!
  199. Question: Are Friday evening arrivals for intl passengers at YYZ T1 always so busy?
  200. Question: What happens with one's tickets if one misses an AC flight?
  201. Standby requests - like upgrade requests - 2 separate lists!
  202. Question: All UA Fares 100% Status Miles?
  203. Air Canada YYZ-NRT route change after purchase - is there anything I can do?
  204. Why does first row of economy in A319 have AVOD monitor/pocket for Enroute, for 2?
  205. Question: Why does last row of business and first row in economy cabins have a number gap
  206. Anyone in the YYZ Dom MLL Sun aft Oct 26?
  207. Question: Business Class ticket PEK-NRT-YVR-YOW question?
  208. Question: What should I do with these two one way tickets?
  209. Elite bonus and recognition
  210. Is there a rule on backtracking?
  211. Question: Changing Return Flight - Cheaper After Departure?
  212. Question: Help on Mileage run from YOW
  213. AC103 on Dec 11.
  214. Question - booking class on BMI vs AC
  215. Odd booking classes for HKG
  216. Question: Likelihood of upgrade?
  217. YYC Dinner November 2nd
  218. Rules for UA-flying guest into MLL?
  219. Upgrade Help
  220. Cancel/Rebook in Same Fare Class w/No Availability
  221. Question: Would AC match Delta's ffp status???
  222. Elite status - Is of too easy to achieve?
  223. Aeroplan miles for upgrades...
  224. Best Time to phone AP call centre?
  225. Access an Aeroplan Reward Flight Reservation - Question
  226. Question: AP Tax + Surcharges - Can I do better?
  227. Purposely missing a flight
  228. Class K booking on Austrian Airlines through AC web site
  229. AC793 Oct 23 - thx, but no thx for the opup
  230. Flight Passes - No Price Change?
  231. Confused by
  232. Question: List of AC destinations?
  233. MLL on arrival off UA?
  234. Emirates to Calgary?
  235. Gotcha: Montreal to Bangkok on points
  236. Codeshare with TAM begins 30OCT08
  237. Star Alliance Reward Availability
  238. KVS Help
  239. UP-gauged!!!
  240. Question: Status Questions from a Newbie!
  241. Poll:Y/M/U + SWU Vs. buying Z for Asia
  242. AC Buying back Aeroplan?
  243. Upgrade Avion Ticket
  244. AC063 - YVR-ICN this Saturday Oct 25
  245. AP taxes and "fees" check.
  246. Interesting fare difference
  247. Air Canada IT - more GREAT work!!
  248. Cheap Destinations >4500 within Canada.
  249. Question: AC148 YVR-YYZ October 22 downgauge??
  250. KNOWN ground delay - board anyway