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  1. Question: Other uses for Aeroplan miles
  2. miles on reward?
  3. ACV e-tickets?
  4. No Y/M/U avail YYZ-LHR in August? What is the cancellation fee for Z class?
  5. Amex Business Platinum
  6. Price drop Air Canada policy
  7. Code Share flights and promotions
  8. Earn 15,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you sign up for Primus Home Phone!
  9. Boeing B767-300ER ExecutiveFirst Class Photo Report
  10. Question re: F/J Rewards for SYD-YYZ
  11. What (hidden) info does AC keep in your profile?
  12. how do book with unused ticket
  13. Meet & Assist
  14. Executive Class Lowest/Flexible in North America
  15. Question: OLCI and lost BP
  16. Amadeus down?
  17. Does AC fly to Prague?
  18. Air Canada sued over passenger info case
  19. Question: Aeroplan Rewards to SCL and EZE
  20. Question: Change coming in AC headset rules?
  21. Question: Anyone have an e-mail address for YYZ concierge?
  22. Make every day more rewarding—with thousands of miles from Aeroplan partners
  23. Drive closer than ever to your dream reward with 50 extra miles from Esso—until May 3
  24. Question: Does AC release J seats at the last minute?
  25. Question: Europe Flight Pass
  26. BMI vs AC survey
  27. Question: UA to AC Connection at YVR
  28. Seats assigned - but different from what I selected.
  29. Major crash at NRT
  30. $90. change fee ??!!
  31. Question: No More Breakfast Cereal in Overseas Business Class, during breakfast?
  32. Flight Pass Boarding card
  33. Best Way to get EnRoute Mag in March
  34. Poll: Operational Upgrades Aeroplan (SE/E) passengers on other Star Alliance Partners
  35. If arriving flight delayed due to passenger emergency, & onwards connection missed...
  36. SE domestic checkin counter at YUL is labelled as Star Alliance Gold - a mistake?
  37. Question: If one uses SE account for nonIKK business class award but one segment IKK in economy
  38. Earn Triple Aeroplan Miles on your next Uniprix purchase of 50$ or more
  39. Miss the Connecting (domestic) flight; arriving in Canada from US/international city
  40. Earn 1,500 Bonus Aeroplan Miles - plus thousands more - when you sign up with Direct
  41. Fly away to Portland, Oregon with Double Aeroplan Miles from Air Canada
  42. Fly away to London, Ontario with Double Aeroplan Miles from Air Canada
  43. Fly away to San Diego with Double Aeroplan Miles from Air Canada
  44. Fly away to Sydney, NS with Double Aeroplan Miles from Air Canada
  45. Other Airline codeshare on AC metal - who is responsible for seat selection?
  46. AC BUY one get one free(award)?
  47. Passenger Information
  48. BUF as an alternative to YYZ
  49. Additional Business Class Seats
  50. Status match for AA Plat
  51. AP website award availability versus AP call centre?
  52. UA/UX launching YQR-DEN 2x daily; AC codeshare
  53. Worth noting for AC codeshares; UA/UX announces ORD-YXE route
  54. Air Canada parent company's windup on life support, says analyst
  55. Canada & Turkey sign air transport agreement; AC "reviewing" route options
  56. What can you use to pick up boarding cards at the airport?
  57. what happened to Tango fares from US to Canada?
  58. I hate it when I'm clumsy...
  59. Is AC going to follow the US airlines?
  60. Exclusive offer: Take flight with as little as 13,000 miles
  61. Interesting Auction on Ebay
  62. 5%, 10%,15%, 25%, 30%, 40%, 50%....
  63. Can't book TG rewards flights, even after calling the AP Rewards Center
  64. Tell us about your Star Alliance experience
  65. Question: 333 seats yyc-lhr
  66. Air Canada pushes Ottawa for pension reforms-paper
  67. now showing Z class pricing?
  68. Fly to your dream destination sooner with over 100,000 miles from Aeromove
  69. LV Lounge and terminal question
  70. Why Doesn't AC Fly to Palm Springs?
  71. Rewards Discounts
  72. Priority Security Screening
  73. Chances of new Air Canada promo code?
  74. A CTA ruling on multi-carrier *A rewards that all should read
  75. luggage? AC connect LH then SK
  76. Get five FREE music downloads when you redeem for Bose rewards!
  77. Priority boarding on small planes?
  78. Conspiracy theory behind cancelled flights
  79. Question: FLL-YYZ Mar.20
  80. Taxes to Japan
  81. Anyone else eye-balling the LHR-YYZ route...
  82. "Air Canada running out of ACEs"
  83. The pentultimate bit of XM news.
  84. Codeshares with United suck
  85. Aeroplan reward, attach a non-aeroplan frequent flyer number?
  86. Transfer at YYZ
  87. Question: Star Alliance upgrade - Air New Zealand
  88. Question: HELP? Messed up flight info for other and I have status to book but she doesn't
  89. First and middle names on ticket merged, problem?
  90. can use credit card for Jazz buy on board?
  91. AP Website and IKK
  92. Question: What does Amex do to retain customer loyalty?
  93. on line check in with a connection flight on LOT.
  94. Air Canada - YVR to California(return) for $225 + GST + Fuel surcharge
  95. Mega *A Do (Nov 3 - 6)
  96. Flight pass for US residents?
  97. AC and Avianca interline at BOG?
  98. Is there a rewards table on the website?
  99. Question: Booked UA Metal - Able to Standby for same-day AC flights
  100. Aeroplan Reward trip taxes?
  101. AC Website only showing direct flights
  102. Cheap J class fares to Las Vegas
  103. Chances of retrieving forgotten items in cabin ?
  104. toronto to london- help
  105. Question: Help for a Reward Miles Collector!
  106. Wow! Big price increase
  107. What's going on with AC31 and AC 32, no Exec but seat map shows flight open
  108. Air Canada raises $38-million (U.S.) in sale-leaseback of Boeing aircraft
  109. website to check for reasons for delay?
  110. Lounge at TPE?
  111. Just how safe are the 777's?
  112. How long do refunds take?
  113. Help booking on Aeroplan for other airlines.
  114. Get the bonus twice with Amex AeroplanPlus
  115. AC 777 toilet / business class
  116. Strategy to maintain price flexibility - Cancel and rebook every 23 hrs?
  117. AC Supporting our Paralympic athletes
  118. Flying from BVT instead of YUL on AP?
  119. AC001 Delayed today...
  120. Best routing to UAE
  121. YYZ/YVR/PVG mileage credited as YYZ/PVG
  122. DirectEnergy Bonus
  123. are the ac 777 effected also by this?
  124. YYC - Arrival Luggage Scan
  125. How Long for Status to show?
  126. Globe and Mail: Aeroplan: 200,000,000,000 miles and counting
  127. Question: Prestige now but BP says E - MLL access?
  128. Question: Newbie: AC coded flight on LX metal
  129. Flying on AC from YYZ to MCO tomorrow
  130. Add Eligible Traveller to Flight Pass
  131. YYZ vs. BUF on transborder - that old chestnut!
  132. Calculating Aeroplan Miles
  133. Chances of using SSW on AC 850, March 27?
  134. Aeroplan customer service
  135. Newbie: 355 days in Advance
  136. Cash value of aeroplan miles 0.77 cents as per Aeroplan
  137. Transport Canada cutbacks
  138. Inter-Asia Reward - Valid Route?
  139. Question: Any way to reinstate expired AC points?
  140. Question: MLL Guess Pass Advice needed
  141. Passengers deserve better info on in-flight insecticides: Calgary traveller
  142. Session Expired on
  143. YYZ to NRT
  144. Aeroplan flights within Europe
  145. Seat changes in Y on newly XM'd 333s
  146. A bit confused about when to call for UG on cert...
  147. Question: AC057 - OGG Car rentals
  148. Air Canada - Great experience followed by disappointing experience
  149. Another Positive AC Res. Story!
  150. Help with aeroplan hotels please
  151. Question: DBC on Aeroplan bookings
  152. Question: How to enroll online
  153. Boarding process?
  154. TORONTO LIFE reveals Mstrkrft's Jesse F Keeler's AE Elite card number
  155. Upgrade Frustration
  156. Changing a segment of a classic plus this correct?
  157. Air canada : Book 3 nights in frankfurt or london and receive $200 u.s.$ voucher
  158. Aeroplan points to upgrade Star Alliance flights?
  159. Air canada lounge?
  160. Question: Availability of seats 355 days out?
  161. Cut off time to check in - domestic segment connecting to flight to USA/overseas?
  162. Question on AC/other airline combined fare?
  163. Combined AC fair with other (esp non Star Alliance) airlines - not codeshare
  164. SE invited to Toronto Hockey game
  165. Air Canada diverts flights over N. Korea threat
  166. Are there seats on HKG-YYZ return in April or May?
  167. Any way to estimate taxes for mileage redemption on Star Alliance flights?
  168. Guaranteed seats for Super Elite
  169. Using a promotional code in multi-city on - is it possible?
  170. Combine Aeroplan and Avion awards
  171. yyz-syd advice needed
  172. 2010 Top Tier Program is out
  173. Question: Can you check in at a connection point?
  174. A suggestion for Customer Service
  175. Question: BoA's Aeroplan CC vs. Chase's Mileage Plus CC
  176. No chance of AP points on BMI codeshare with Transaero?
  177. strategic upgrading
  178. Aeroplan site missing OOL!
  179. Anyone heard of "Captain's Warning" ?
  180. Chance of XM 330?
  181. IS YEG to YYZ via YVR a valid routing?
  182. Question: About that Aeroplan promo : Earn up to 15K miles...
  183. 2009 E/SE extra baggage allowance (3 vs 4)?
  184. Air Canada reports February traffic; Load factor of 79.6 per cent matches February 20
  185. Unlimited Pass Bonus Miles for SE
  186. Aeroplan taxes higher than AC, still?
  187. AC/TAP codesharing via USA application
  188. Question: aircanada- aircraft changes regarding seats
  189. Question: ORD via YYZ to HKG versus YYZ to HKG - half the price?
  190. Upgrading for Two
  191. Question: Help needed from fellow expert flyertalk flyers
  192. AC 2235 YYC-YQR today
  193. Pre-clearance at YYC
  194. See it for yourself! Experience Mobile Check-in on video
  195. 320 to 319 downguage? Row 15?
  196. Euro Pass
  197. How do you get United conf. numbers on codeshares?
  198. London Pass - Add On Segment?
  199. Does the $3 nochecked bags discount for Tango/Plus matter if departing on UA leg?
  200. Why is booking 2x OW flights cheaper than return booking on AC?
  201. Dec 2009 NY to Vancouver Inventory
  202. WOW! A free 100 miles.
  203. 2009 threshold gifts
  204. NRT FARES yet again.............
  205. Question: Status Match
  206. ACE postpones shareholder special meeting for second time
  207. Scheduling vs Booking online
  208. NRT-YVR First Time on AC J
  209. "simplified pricing" extended to CDG?
  210. Max miles for AP reward & A* rewards
  211. dropping last segment using large corporation flight pass
  212. Fiji - Australia
  213. Should I Split Checked Baggage?
  214. Delta Hotels up to 50% off, PLUS 15% Air Canada discount!
  215. Globe and Mail seeks Aeroplan anecdotes
  216. Is an endorsement that big of a risk?
  217. AC 180 go around on March 1
  218. 777s (and toilets) already getting tired?
  219. Decent meat for a change
  220. Outstanding CS, how/where to send praise?
  221. Any other way to force connecting cities other than using Multi-city?
  222. Connecting in ORD
  223. KVS shows - under award but Apollo shows I8
  224. Sunday 1-Mar-09... YYZ Int'l MLL
  225. 2008 Wallpaper
  226. Aeroplan vs expert flyer: business class Awards on LX YUL-ZRH
  227. How long to wait?
  228. Question: Since when AC no longer do "coat check" at J class?
  229. OW OW fares --how to book on .com
  230. Residue value on AC partner flights
  231. Question: IKK - Intl/Dom Flights
  232. Aeroplan call centre--wait time??
  233. How can you tell when a fare will expire?
  234. Grace Period for IKK booked before Mar 1, if changes made after Mar 1
  235. IKK at current Aeroplan mileage redemption ends at midnight Greenwich time!
  236. Stay at Delta Hotels and save 15% off AC flights
  237. Booking a multi-stop Leisure rate
  238. change fare class from travel rewards?
  239. Flight Passes (again)
  240. 15000 miles max per award one way?
  241. Any AC promo codes?
  242. Question: Wedding dress and Garment Bag
  243. Question: Same-day change and booking class...
  244. Amex Aeroplan Gold Card:Complicated Applying Situation
  245. So when is AC going to drop the price for SYD run?
  246. Please list your AP Taxes and SURCHARGES on AP reward tickets
  247. Another first time SSWU question
  248. Charge drags Groupe Aeroplan to C$1.1 bln net loss
  249. Help YYZ to AKL and SYD to YYZ
  250. Need SE concierge numbers please