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  1. YVR to LGA/EWR via YYZ is cheaper than YVR to YYZ?
  2. FAQ: Is 2 hours good enough to check in for USA flights?
  3. Air Canada super-low fares $39/$49 domestic
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  7. Luggage delima... NRT - YYZ
  8. Last minute upgrades
  9. AC introduces 4% commission for travel agents‏
  10. YYZ-DEL
  11. Changing return of international flight?
  12. The Night Owl strikes again!!! YEG-YVR, YHZ-YYZ etc@ $79
  13. Canceled Itinerary
  14. Tech question - flight search within Aeroplan
  15. US Customs Question
  16. Credit card choice
  17. Upgrade Strategy YYZ _NRT
  18. Discover Canada Pass Question
  19. S&P Cuts Air Canada To Highly Speculative On Liquidity Woes
  20. Best Western Promo Back
  21. AC salutes passengers & volunteers on the 20th anniversary Dreams Take Flight trip
  22. Emirates, Air Canada clash over access
  23. Daily sale until Jun 5 - no need to be a nightowl!
  24. Aeroplan Business/First Seat Sale
  25. 24 hour cancellation policy
  26. J seating privacy on A330 question
  27. 77W or 333
  28. night owl savings - just booked San Diego at $59!!!!
  29. DCA Air Canada office phone number?
  30. Question: Clarification on Concierge Service Please...
  31. Thompson Cozy Suite Economy Class seats
  32. Question: Crediting Aeroplan Miles
  33. Air Canada to stop selling corporate flight pass
  34. Why is a Russian Court Jester fooling around with my reservations?
  35. Get rewarded with 500 Bonus AP Miles for every $50 Best Western Travel Card purchased
  36. AC No Logic on This One..Change Outbound Flight & Lose Return Flight Upgrade
  37. 5/31 - MUC-YYZ AC847 Award flight...
  38. Air Canada union begins negotiations with call for airline to change
  39. Odd booking availability
  40. Air Canada advertises service to Geneva
  41. Question: Same Day Change to a Flight just After Midnight
  42. NP's Gunter learns to love AC
  43. Tight FRA connection? concierge for codeshare?
  44. Air France Plane Crash same plane as AC flys.
  45. Air Canada's Poor Customer Relations Management
  46. Does anyone have 9402 Aeroplan miles they'd like to spare?
  47. Account Printouts Okay?
  48. Is award chg fee raisable after ticketing?
  49. New "Explore Canada Pass"
  50. 767-200's coming back soon?
  51. A Scheduling Question for my FT friends
  52. Another Boeing B767-300ER ExecutiveFirst Class Photo Report (YVR-NRT)
  53. Slowly killing routes? YYZ-AUS-YYZ
  54. Transfers through PDX
  55. Charlie McKee gets a new job.
  56. PD OTP: is it better than AC ?
  57. Back in the saddle...
  58. US Departure/ arrival tax $16.10 from to YUL??
  59. CPAP as 3rd carry-on
  60. Beware apparently not all Air China flights get points
  61. Fly on AC within North America this summer and get up to 40,000 Bonus Aeroplan miles
  62. ROB: Robert Milton; Did he save Air Canada or fly it into the ground?
  63. Yyc-bkk ua, sq,
  64. Booking a CO flight in December
  65. Airlines fume over Canada Post's sole-sourced deal
  66. Right Now - YYZ T1 Amex Domestic Lounge
  67. Minimum 500 Miles Credit for Other *Alliance Elite Members?
  68. Will this invalidate my return flight? (leaving midway through arrival flight)
  69. Air Canada may face cash crunch on pension payments - paper
  70. Air Canada selects Avis and Budget car rentals as global preferred suppliers
  71. AMEX Aeroplan Plus 2 for 1 short-haul award for SEs - affected by IKK changes?
  72. RTW in F for 120,000 points - Trip Report
  73. With prices like this, who needs status?
  74. Muslim Meal on Air Canada International Flt AC003 YVR-NRT
  75. Question: Feedback on your Rapidair experiences
  76. Seat sale
  77. Reward Ticket Mixed Cabin Question
  78. Boarding pass says Y but seat in J
  79. Executive Club Sale
  80. Rovinescu lands one million stock options
  81. FLL GAs are the best!
  82. Today on 865...
  83. Executive Class sale from only $199
  84. Meals on YYZ-EZE return in J cabin
  85. No more corporate flight passes?
  86. anyone in yyz T1 MLL right now
  87. 1A on 77W - Legal Requirement for Crew Rest?
  88. Question: Row 12 on A319/A320
  89. CLT Duty Free
  90. YVR-SYD J Meal: Breakfast and Lunch?
  91. What taxes are refundable with a cancellation?
  92. Two Solitudes... what are they worth?
  93. Question: Quickest, most comfortable flights?
  94. YYZ T1 mll - today - late afternoon
  95. Does ML Lounge Access only come at AC Elite Level?
  96. Great Experience YYZ to YVR
  97. Looking for an advertisement from the ENROUTE magazine
  98. Emirates A380 in Toronto June 1 345pm, thoughts on where to spot
  99. No new thread on improved website functionality?
  100. How is Exec First these days
  101. LAX Concierge
  102. Website Issues
  103. 15% Air Canada Discount code for as little as $79
  104. Rapidair flight pass change?
  105. Air Canada lands cash-saving credit card deal
  106. Something big is coming soon?
  107. Discount Code "Non-Transferable"?
  108. Clearing immigration and customs
  109. Executive First Meals on North amrican Routes
  110. Question: Save Up to 40% to Japan and Beyond
  111. Is This Guy Trying to Cheat AC?
  112. Poking Darth Vader in the face
  113. Question: Expiring N. Amer Lat Flt Pass mileage run options needed?
  114. Config of J cabin 77W from NRT Jun 30
  115. CIBC Visa card insurance coverage on reward travel and car rental and Priceline...
  116. Aeroplan and Air Canada reach deal with union over call centre workers
  117. Online Check-In Emails
  118. Question: Easier to upgrade to or from CDG?
  119. Aeroplan miles to airmiles
  120. Star Alliance Pacific Pass
  121. Air Canada YVR to LAX or SFO for $135 + fuel surcharge (two way ticket)
  122. Question: Prices for YUL-CUN next March: When to book?
  123. Fleet Management
  124. Cancelled Aeroplan Ticket - Rebooking Options?
  125. Can AC J-passenger use UA-RCC lounge in NRT?
  126. Spare 2 MLL access passes?
  127. SXM SA lounge?
  128. MLL access question
  129. Booking Class seats disappear from HKG
  130. Info about the sse of MCO, Miscellaneous Charge Order
  131. How far will you go to avoid an airline?
  132. AC 855 Today (LHR - YVR)
  133. Emirates and Air Canada
  134. Question: Best time to buy YUL-LAX for travel end of August
  135. Obtaining Elite during multi-segment trip...lounge access?
  136. Tango and Tango Plus currently same price.
  137. Online check in with SQ using Aeroplan booking reference?
  138. RE:Itinerary Change - Important information -
  139. Save on travel in Executive First to Europe this summer?
  140. AC "At Your Finger Tips Contest"
  141. Air Canada screws customers again!! Need Advice
  142. LAS Fuel shortage?
  143. Why do people think the toilet seat cover slot is another garbage pale?
  144. UA miles to Aeroplan Miles??
  145. AC involved with Air Asia X ?
  146. What is your favourite pod seat - facing inwards or outwards?
  147. Blown AC sockets
  148. Question: AC bereavement fares : $2,300 vs. $989?
  149. Where do you get your expertise about Air Canada's internal matters?
  150. Traveling with Baby. Best Seat on 763?
  151. YVR-HNL which 767?
  152. 18D on 777
  153. AC Expanding at Pearson? (YYZ)
  154. Connecting at Toronto Pearson International
  155. Extra access reward
  156. yul-las business class earlier flight Question
  157. Question: AC Code-Shares w/ BD Luggage Allowance
  158. LHR-YVR service
  159. 300,000 Aeroplan miles are for sale / on eBay
  160. YVR-HKG in J: What's for dinner?
  161. Using miles to upgrade award ticket... Advice please!
  162. Food on YYZ-NRT and NRT-SIN
  163. Going into city during 4-hour YYZ transit
  164. Is 1 hour 20 minutes enough time? NRT - YYZ - YOW
  165. Why is AC and Star Alliance so out of it re prices??
  166. Why Tango fare is more expensive than Tango Plus?
  167. Intl's destinations with no customs for MR?
  168. Question: One-way *A Rewards Available?
  169. AeroPlan ClassicPlus Reward Change?
  170. Award Routing help
  171. Is this a reasonable connection time at MUC?
  172. ...I know business class is bad...but cmon
  173. Air Canada liable for lost, damaged luggage
  174. Need some advise from Frequent Flyers!
  175. Question: Best European city for upgrades on AC metal?
  176. Flying to FRA from YYA on tango!
  177. Sitting in T3 zoo now -- anyone willing to invite me into MLL?
  178. Oversold?
  179. Makes no sense - las-yyz las-yul
  180. 4 star cabin, 3 star service, 2 star price...
  181. SE Customer will need 30% more miles to redeem seats
  182. 'Manage my Bookings' - Unable to retrieve my Aeroplan bookings on
  183. SPACE SHUTTLE LAUNCH May 11/2009
  184. Think green! Print a shorter version of your Itinerary/Receipt
  185. Austin lounge?
  186. Question: Early Upgrade to Elite Status?
  187. China tracks flyers in flu scare; Infected student arrived in Beijing on Air Canada
  188. New look to AE Home Page
  189. Need assistance for reward booking strategy.
  190. In Flight Upgrade
  191. Spanair (aeroplan?)
  192. LIMA - Non XM 767
  193. Question: Accruing miles on same plane service with stopover!!
  194. TLV-YVR in C LH or AC?
  195. AC to AC Interline Checked Baggage
  196. Aeroplan on shopping trip
  197. Is Swine affecting traveling?
  198. Aeroplan profit falls, says may help Air Canada
  199. Question: AP Booking Portal vs. Call Centre
  200. SEA-LHR Cheap like Borscht
  201. Booking open jaw AC ticket using multi city feature
  202. Groupe Aeroplan posts lower Q1 profit
  203. Op-up and Q miles
  204. multi stop over - award booking intra-europe
  205. tango fare to UK full status mileage?
  206. Air Canada Centre, UA Center and AA Arena
  207. Question: Mileage run?
  208. YYZ-BOS fares sky high?
  209. business AC reward on United (saved 15k)
  210. AC Promotion not showing up?
  211. Nexus Cards: Why do they need to see them at YYZ?
  212. Air Canada Headsets in business class?
  213. Good news AC story; pilots cycles cross Canada to raise cancer donations
  214. Question: LHR layover
  215. MLL Access for non-status Reward?
  216. YWG - BKK, no J class 1 year from now???
  217. CBC Cross Country Checkup subject: flyer bill of rights
  218. Double your Aeroplan Miles when you book the Shangri-La CustomStay Package
  219. Question: How do I book a stopover?
  220. Question: Miles transfer possible from Miles&More to Aereoplan?
  221. With Aeroplan not being open 24 hr-urgent change may need to be delayed by 1 day.
  222. Some AC benefits to travel on AC, by (at least some) AC employees
  223. Question: Is there anyway to print a boarding pass, if first attempt fails
  224. New UA (AC codeshare) YOW-DEN service effective June 4
  225. AC goes more customer friendly....
  226. Complimentary upgrade to J on Latitude flight pass = MLL access?
  227. New Passes and Features
  228. Lounge
  229. Plans for burning or keeping Aeroplan points in view of expected AC bankruptcy
  230. What percentage of flights have at least one SE/E/P
  231. Question: Issues this year with points posting?
  232. 77W's to SCL/EZE W2010
  233. PVG change fee at the airport?
  234. Any info on Recent Aeroplan Promo?
  235. What exactly is the timing for on-line check in?
  236. Jazz Pilots Receive $5 Million Grant for Upcoming Contract Negotiations
  237. Dream *A reward travel?
  238. China-YYZ-BOS, One needs visa to transit?
  239. Air Canada says loss widens to $400 million in first quarter
  240. Air Canada goes soft, woos travellers with pillows, pets
  241. Redemption charts
  242. Question: FRA-DXB only 50% of miles?
  243. Are there any "domestic" configuration widebodies left?
  244. How many are up for YEG FT Do end of May?
  245. YYZ do
  246. Question: Aerogold and 15K points
  247. RR Donnelley signs print management agreement with Air Canada
  248. how long before I get my sswu?
  249. 3 days only: Go to Home Hardware for Triple Aeroplan Miles!
  250. Skipping last award segment+connection