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  1. YYZ - YVR JUL 29 (AC161 then AC147)
  2. Question: Prestige gone for 2010?
  3. Upgrading Tango Fare booked on Explore Canada Pass
  4. E75 and carry-on limit
  5. Credit and change fees...
  6. AC Elite fast track to Hilton Gold
  7. in Germany?
  8. Tax & surchage = ticket price for YYZ-YEG?!
  9. Question: how to multi-segment and get flights you want?
  10. Reward seats?
  11. YYC tomorrow at 2pm?
  12. Missing 1st leg of trip.
  13. Rules for stopovers
  14. Luggage transfer to a different itenirary question
  15. AC Airbus scandal perpetrator finally deported!
  16. Ac 877 (fra-yyz)
  17. Can $10 off Duty Free coupon be used with online purchase?
  18. First Post - Share my YXE-YVR trip
  19. Recently bought head phones on AC Jazz
  20. Question about luggage transfer
  21. Question: Connecting at FRA - international to international
  22. Question: AC says On-time FlightStats says 138min late
  23. Announcement volume dangerously high
  24. Rollover Qualification Miles
  25. Question: Several questions (BOS-YYZ-YHZ-YYZ-BOS)
  26. Cancelling AP Reward?
  27. How many segments does an average FTer do in a year?
  28. No D showing on Expertflyer
  29. Continental - October 25, 2009?
  30. 2 minutes short on minimum connection time yyz (us-cda)
  31. MY AC / UA / US (but mostly AC) luggage nightmare...
  32. Rebooked on AC due to VDB, eligible for TATL upgrade. Why?
  33. When T+ is not always T+ (with multiple airlines)
  34. [B]Australia Question
  35. The 777 Self Serve Bar
  36. Difficulty using miles
  37. Tips on Segment Runs?
  38. boarding 4h55, SE bag check agent showed at 5h00AM
  39. Any place to shower at CDG T2A?
  40. What to do with a $500 bump voucher ex UK?
  41. Airfares headed higher next year as airlines cut costs and economy recovers
  42. AC 7722 delayed...why?
  43. Question: Song titles AC
  44. Is this all a wild goose chase?
  45. Dilemma: Go for SE this year or secure E for next year?
  46. The Electronic Boarding Pass simplified!
  47. AC/GECAS Boeing 777 Sale Leaseback Agreement
  48. Question: New YYC Transborder lounge to open in July, will AC signup?
  49. Plane on Fire in Victoria - what to expect?
  50. Advertizing Air Canada
  51. AC raises $1B
  52. AC Jazz fleet reduction?
  53. ZHR-MLE on Edelweiss ( Collect Points?)
  54. Does Air Canada ovebook and take volenteer bump requests?
  55. Question: Upgrading family members?
  56. Question: Offer to Upgrade Using Standard Certs for Summer?
  57. Best seats AC 767 Non XM
  58. Targeted e-mail. 50 aeroplan miles from Home Hardware.
  59. FT Blogger on Aeroplan *A Availabilty Quirks
  60. Saving or spending your Aeroplan miles?
  61. Labour Day deals from YYZ?
  62. Changes to pass products
  63. Should AC / *A Consider implementing a Fourth Tier
  64. Round the World with Star Alliance Book and Fly
  65. AP reward - return to a different city allowed?
  66. To E or not to E?
  67. Is this fair fare compensation?
  68. AC034 - July 29, 2009 - bloated galley
  69. TorStar OpEd: Restore sanity - and regulation to the Canadian airline industry
  70. Help for YYZ-FRA AP business class
  71. VIA strike and AC YUL-YYZ Fare
  72. AC*E Number - not available from my calling area.
  73. Pilots and AC agree to GIVE back Seat 1A on the 777
  74. Earning AE Miles on TAP
  75. Ac executive meal service lhr - yeg
  76. United Codeshares Not Operating Mon Tues Eff 9/2?
  77. 25% off Tango and Tango Plus fares on select flights within Canada
  78. AC 859 again disappoints
  79. Help! YVR - YYZ AC 136 7/26
  80. Government protecting AC according to EK
  81. AE paper ticket issue
  82. so long...any others leave? Stayed??
  83. Seats 1D and 1G on the 77W
  84. Holiday Inn Express Toronto refusing AC vouchers
  85. YYZ-BKK in December: taking advantage of the NRT sale
  86. Confirmed on flight but no available seats?
  87. AC 767-300 (seat back TV?)
  88. Tango = ????
  89. Time taken for SWISS miles to post lately?
  90. How to determine fuel surcharge and taxes without committing
  91. ClassicBusiness N.A. flights all coming up 60k instead of 40k - only choice to call?
  92. Purchasing MLL passes with Aeroplan tickets
  93. Futura Loyalty Group Signs Multi Year Agreements
  94. Aeroplan U2 Concert Giveaway
  95. not showing I class?
  96. Connection Time on Reward Flight
  97. Vancouver Province editorial: Air Canada's tough choices for survival
  98. Need flight home from VA via AC (or *A)
  99. Question: What is the best way to search for *A flights
  100. AC031
  101. Need assistance/advice on CDG transfer
  102. Fly to HKG from YYZ for $731 ai this weekend upgradable
  103. What are the chances LMU will be offered?
  104. Question: YOW/HKG/PEK/NRT/YOW questions for Spring 2010
  105. Becomming ELITE
  106. Question: what happens if I'm late for my AirCanada flight at Tokyo, NRT airport
  107. YVR - Luggage Transfer View from Lounge
  108. YUL domestic to US transit procedure
  109. Suggestions for YYZ-BOM?
  110. July13 AC978 YYZ-NAS - thank you from the honeymooners
  111. Flight pricing YYZ-BKK in December
  112. CC Insurance and documentation
  113. Upgrading an AP reward flight using SSWU?
  114. phone agent: because you have special meal you cannot do OLCI
  115. Red-Eye Executive Class Meal Service??
  116. How much are points worth?
  117. Price of YHZ-MIA
  118. Moving: Generally any 'consistent' fare difference between YXE/YQR
  119. AC unions urge Ottawa not to allow AC using landing slots as collateral for loans
  120. More NZ-Canada flights agreed
  121. Executive First LGA-YYZ - meal?
  122. Air Canada needs deep restructuring: analyst
  123. Ac1 on july 30 2009
  124. Lhr to yeg up front
  125. AC784 being discontinued?
  126. 50 Bonus AP Miles on 1st deposit at (was known as
  127. A most curious thing turned up in the mail today...
  128. Booking AP award business NA flights
  129. Force Star Alliance options to come up instead of AC?
  130. Question: YYZ T1 Priority Lane
  131. How to work the points/prizes for a EWR->YYC
  132. Curiosity Q: Why prices higher depend on direction travelled?
  133. Flight price difference for Air Canada - non-Canadian
  134. AC revises ticketing policies for YLW pax due to forest fires
  135. yyz - nas executive class, air canada. Recommended?
  136. Question: Requesting upgrade, using SSWU for non-status pax?
  137. AC 849 LHR-YYZ 21st July
  138. Executive Class Meals
  139. Long weekend MR needed
  140. ITA Software
  141. Question: Does AMEX still offer a free Platinum card to Platinum Aeroplan card holders?
  142. What are the chances....?
  143. One-Way MR
  144. When to call to use a SWU on T+ as Prestige?
  145. Air Canada points for Air New Zealand reward?
  146. AC vs KLM/NW vs LH Business product
  147. Natalie is back!
  148. Status Mile promotions
  149. Air Canada unveils two of the largest outdoor print ads in the country
  150. Has AC relaxed their award standby rules?
  151. YYZ-YVR-SYD-AKL Baggage/Clearance in SYD
  152. Join and earn 400 Bonus Aeroplan Miles—4X the usual bonus!
  153. AC 3.0: The Reengagement Thread
  154. Question: AC 178 July 16 - Overbooked?
  155. Denied Boarding Question
  156. AC waives ticket change fees for Mexican nationals after new visa rules enacted
  157. Please remove your headsets on approach...
  158. AC rescues Star Alliance Europe Pass
  159. Question: Advice needed on checked luggage on Tango fare
  160. AC Checkin for UA flights and LH/SK
  161. T1 Long term Parking at Pearson
  162. AC966 (YYZ-BGI) Today?
  163. Question: Shanghai stopover information
  164. Air Canada Credit Question
  165. Online Check in on Lufthansa - DXB-FRA-YYZ
  166. Damaged Luggage
  167. Post Elite status for 2010 -- What are you doing?
  168. Air Canada's "flagship flight"
  169. Missing Connection fees?
  170. Westjet YYZ-YOW/YUL $9+taxes - will AC match
  171. AirMiles on Air Canada
  172. Question: Flying only on partial leg of trip
  173. Fuel Surcharge 81% of total fuel cost
  174. Looking to upgrade, certs are at home...
  175. AP Booking Class Confusion...
  176. AC154 (YEG-YYZ) yesterday
  177. Getting screwed by travel agent?
  178. Comparing Executive First (new cabin) to other *A BC products
  179. Traveling with Infant on AC874 -> Seating Bassinet question
  180. Security, custom wait time at YYZ
  181. Agreement with Qantas?
  182. Have the Fee's/Surcharges increased?
  183. Switch to Mileage Plus?
  184. Singapore or ANA first/business class availability?
  185. AP and connection time in FRA
  186. Web Check in not available?
  187. Please help with complex AP itinerary
  188. Calgary To Thailand
  189. Threshold Bonuses - do segments apply?
  190. Jet Airways - YYZ-BRU - points?
  191. Special one way fares to PVG/HKG/PEK
  192. AC steps up to repatriate Canadian's remains from U.K.
  193. UA Economy Plus upgrade - Altitude Elite 50K/Star Alliance Gold
  194. Toasters!!
  195. Question: Urgent Travel Document Problem!
  196. AC welcomes U.S. DOT final approval to form transatlantic alliance with CO, LH & UA
  197. Question: Family without seat assignments in coach: should we be worried?
  198. Rediculous Baggage Handling YYZ (AC 873)
  199. Any Elite Podium status members on the board?
  200. Summer YYZ-LAS... Non XM'ed 763?
  201. New US transit procedures for YVR
  202. YYZ-IAD with Star Gold status - MLL lounge access?
  203. Domestic Flight Pass and Infants
  204. Sameday airport change at non-AC airport
  205. standby on aeroplan bus tix (UA)
  206. YVR launches $113 million C-Pier domestic wing
  207. Collecting Aeroplan points on AC Flights booked using "Air Miles"
  208. YVR: Small plane crash in 26R approach path
  209. When did the aeroplan award search engine get so useless?
  210. Upgrade chances from YWG-YYZ
  211. AC vs LH for Trans Atlantic
  212. Mileage Plus or Aeroplan
  213. Kudos to AC Customer Service / Update on AC 992 07/01
  214. How do they get the caramilk inside the Caramilk bar?
  215. New AC Olympic Routes Out of YVR?
  216. Increased Reward Availability?
  217. A Tale of Two Rewards and their Surcharge Fees
  218. Question: Purchased UG certs from AC
  219. Travel question - Baggage check through
  220. Award Routing Question
  221. Reward Seat Selection - non status
  222. Good day to book AP tickets with no fees
  223. lax lounge options
  224. AC856 YYZ-LHR July 11
  225. Air Canada code..Legit?
  226. Air Canada says still confident in lender talks
  227. I just don't understand...$75 same day flight change on T+ fares.
  228. Can I route through Europe on a US trip to EZE with the new AC award rules?
  229. Question: Upgrade from Tango tp tango Plus fare
  230. Analyst predicts full-year loss for Air Canada
  231. Question: new to AC... Just a quick question.
  232. AC at CDG
  233. LMU offered if booked through UA
  234. UA first vs. AC executive
  235. Schedule change on return segment of award ticket
  236. How can I find ratings/reviews of Air Canada flights?
  237. AC Power @ bulkhead on 763
  238. missing a connection on purpose...
  239. For those FTers that fly on UA
  240. Upgraded flight pass BP shows economy?
  241. Different fares for the same return???
  242. Jfk-tlv in 1st
  243. Trouble redeeming 2nd Amex Aeroplan Plus Plat 2 for 1 short-haul benefit
  244. WestJet Sale July 7th - AC to match?!
  245. Question: Flight Pass and Campbell River
  246. Riddle me this...
  247. AC878 - July 6th Air Plane Failure.
  248. Air Canada reports June traffic; traffic & capacity fall
  249. Question- AC Check-in Inside Heathrow
  250. best price window for YYZ-BKK (+upgrade)