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  1. Increased Reward Availability?
  2. A Tale of Two Rewards and their Surcharge Fees
  3. Question: Purchased UG certs from AC
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  11. Air Canada says still confident in lender talks
  12. I just don't understand...$75 same day flight change on T+ fares.
  13. Can I route through Europe on a US trip to EZE with the new AC award rules?
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  15. Analyst predicts full-year loss for Air Canada
  16. Question: new to AC... Just a quick question.
  17. AC at CDG
  18. LMU offered if booked through UA
  19. UA first vs. AC executive
  20. Schedule change on return segment of award ticket
  21. How can I find ratings/reviews of Air Canada flights?
  22. AC Power @ bulkhead on 763
  23. missing a connection on purpose...
  24. For those FTers that fly on UA
  25. Upgraded flight pass BP shows economy?
  26. Different fares for the same return???
  27. Jfk-tlv in 1st
  28. Trouble redeeming 2nd Amex Aeroplan Plus Plat 2 for 1 short-haul benefit
  29. WestJet Sale July 7th - AC to match?!
  30. Question: Flight Pass and Campbell River
  31. Riddle me this...
  32. AC878 - July 6th Air Plane Failure.
  33. Air Canada reports June traffic; traffic & capacity fall
  34. Question- AC Check-in Inside Heathrow
  35. best price window for YYZ-BKK (+upgrade)
  36. Specials from the UK?
  37. Question: Recommendation on J Pod Seats to Asia
  38. Expiry of Aeroplan points
  39. Hotel through
  40. Any ideads on upgrade cost to China
  41. a few newbie questions
  42. Flights unavailable on AP website, agent refusing to waive booking fee
  43. Fare Insanity RDU-YYZ
  44. How to save AP points on flights??
  45. Releasing reward
  46. MLL Access
  47. Any additional flights to HNL or OGG from YVR planned?
  48. Question: Tango Plus Fare Drop - Refund or Credit?
  49. Lounge Soups
  50. Question: Am I trying to do too much?
  51. Use of SQ - lounge at LHR when flying AC C class
  52. Any discount codes still in effect?
  53. Air Canada Upgrade Certificates
  54. AP served with papers to form class action lawsuit over expired miles
  55. Question: Seatcounter question
  56. Question: AP fees YYZ-AMS
  57. Fuel Surcharge eliminated from flights originating Japan
  58. Question: URGENT: Which flights to choose for upgrade
  59. use sswu or wait?
  60. RTW First reward - four questions
  61. Complete Operational Meltdown, AC 992, Jul.01, MEX-YYZ
  62. Cdn airlines offer self check-in baggage system
  63. Need help with trip to Japan
  64. No First Class Aeroplan Rewards on AC
  65. Early elite status question
  66. Question: Upgrade Space
  67. Happy Canada Day
  68. Status Miles Question
  69. Jd power satisfaction surveys-middle of pack
  70. Reward yourself with a hotel stay in Canada & receive a FREE $25 food/beverage credit
  71. Promo Code: Canada Day AC 15% off
  72. Promo Code: Save 10% on ALL domestic Fares until July 1 for travel until September 7
  73. Groupe Aeroplan to launch coalition loyalty program in Italy
  74. Earn up to 5,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you convert hotel loyalty points for miles
  75. Air Canada needs retirees' nod on pensions
  76. Yemeni plane crashes with 154 aboard
  77. Exclusive online sale: Summer of deals from Air Canada
  78. Confused Elite Member
  79. Air Canada concludes $100 million loan agreement with Aeroplan
  80. Run-around on Cleaning Voucher
  81. Jazz Mulling Dash 8-100 Life Extension Program
  82. Air canada cancels flight 1 month in advance, no notice?
  83. bestof2k9 dismissed by Aeroplan
  84. Earn 100 Bonus AP Miles at YVR's Long-Term Parking Lot
  85. Swap Aeroplan points for Delta, American, Alaska, AirTran, etc, and back again
  86. Maximizing segments - Am I the only one?
  87. For those who want to use points for Disney Park ticket
  88. Sneak peek at new Air Canada Vancouver 2010 Boeing 777 livery
  89. Same day change $75 now!!!
  90. "Now sending Elite Privileges" (!!)
  91. Fare rules
  92. Seat and busyness question for flight on A330-300
  93. trivial seat question - 77W
  94. Aeroplan and ANA
  95. Question: YVR-NRT Executive First Newbie
  96. 2009 Threshold Gifts
  97. Excessive Surcharges on North American Flights?
  98. How many miles do you have in your account right now?
  99. Question: Anyone have a Crystal Ball?
  100. OT: Going under the knife today to remove growth in head
  101. Question: AC864 - 25th June
  102. BA dumping first class, future for AC?
  103. Question: Y,M,U (Lat) > Z (Discounted J)
  104. Travel Alert for Montreal (YUL) passengers
  105. Air Canada operating two flights to SAO tomorrow?
  106. Questions re: SYD/YYZ in F Class for Aug'10
  107. Short haul Executive Class meal service
  108. Lounge Access Ex SFO.....
  109. Question: AC made itin. change; how to sweet-talk agent into changing my flight?
  110. Frustrations...
  111. Question: Novice Q UA vs Aeroplan points
  112. SWU and NAU usage on Tango Plus for Canada/US for Summer 2009
  113. AC Code share Thai Metal for points?
  114. Question: Aeroplan Reward Flights not showing on web & $30 fee
  115. AC15 24july cut backs
  116. Using system wide upgrade certs on yrwstar
  117. AC to BA baggage transfer at YVR
  118. Question: Concierge Contacts When Flying Executive First
  119. AE Olympic Availability - Feb 12-28th, 2010
  120. Question: Is there a "full" dinner YYZ to YVR at 1900h?
  121. "Things are looking better at AC"....says the G&M
  122. Question: Which 767 Serves YVR to PVG
  123. Question: Stick to AP or get status with other *A?
  124. No cancellation/changes option
  125. How many miles for a one-way flight with 2 short segments?
  126. damaged baggage
  127. Delta Hotels (Canada) and Air Canada Promo
  128. New transborder lounge in YYC -- but not MLL!
  129. YXU-YYC route
  130. AP award on TAM 90 day out restriction
  131. Seating configuration advice in Exec Class
  132. changed ticket at airport and wasn't given status miles! AP says I'm "SOL".
  133. Final Union Agreement with AC
  134. Preview Seat Availability
  135. Late release of aeroplan seats sin-bne or sin-syd
  136. AC now flying to DEL?
  137. UG window for NRT 001
  138. The Anti Equipment Downgrade Thread
  139. YYZ to SIN - the most indirect way.
  140. Air Canada Employee fighting with AIDS and AC Management?
  141. YVR-YYZ Redeye Longweekend Upgrade
  142. Connecting T3 to T1 (AC) at YYZ
  143. Aeroplan Accounts expire???
  144. YYZ -NRT-Flight 001
  145. Routing Help
  146. yyz lounges on jun 19 09
  147. tonight is the night!
  148. Hats off to the crew (and Doctors) of AC33 (June 17th)
  149. DUMB question re: C, J on *A
  150. An evening in my honor
  151. Rebooking Fee
  152. Question: Any way to transfer Worldperks to Aeroplan?
  153. It seems YUL-FCO goes year-round
  154. Relative prices of booking classes
  155. Old Codgers get special discount from AE
  156. YYZ-HKG upgrade strategy in October
  157. YYZ-DCA-ORD-YYZ with aeroplan?
  158. Air Canada 15% off ALL Fares, Today only!
  159. MLL Guest Pass and Minors
  160. Question: Involuntary Rerouting NO MILES? (AC to Korean Airlines)
  161. Post Your Air Canada Meal Pictures Here!
  162. AP fuel surcharge verus AC fuel surcharge
  163. Infants in row 18 on AC B777
  164. 15% off Promo Code - Just in Time for Father's Day
  165. Is Aeroplan "All Transactions" area down?
  166. Need some ideas
  167. Booking code conversion?
  168. compliments to AC customer service and AP
  169. NRT to YVR on AC
  170. Father's Day promotion - save 15%
  171. Lounge options out of EWR?
  172. Lost luggage risk at YYZ and (w/ a change of carrier) at NRT?
  173. yyz to sin reward with a stop in hkg?
  174. Limited time only: 10% discount for Flyertalkers!
  175. Good Canadian feature film on AC's IFE
  176. Anyone every upgraded a flight pass?
  177. Points no longer taxable benefit
  178. Ottawa to give Air Canada a lift
  179. AC seeks 200M loan from Feds
  180. Why is there no meal shown for DUB->YYZ?
  181. Air Canadas inflight entertainment
  182. Standy Options for second leg when exiting SYD?
  183. AC to US transit at LGA?
  184. Non Functional IFE compensation
  185. IND To YYZ - Looking for cheap fare - Roundtrip
  186. AC tickets credit card charges in USA
  187. Travel Advisory For Flights to and from Vancouver and Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai
  188. Can I earn aeroplan miles on continental airlines flight?
  189. Booking strategies for AC fares including Air China metal
  190. Accomodate for inability to use Escape pass bonus pass due to Mother's illness
  191. Changed flight to an earlier flight and only got Tango non status credit?
  192. No latitude fares left to be sold but KVS says different.
  193. Business Reward SIN to HKG on A380
  194. AC Forum Half Million Post DO
  195. Question: Soooo slow just entering airport codes
  196. Baggage Allowance for SE when first leg on Qantas?
  197. Please Don't Shoot the Messenger
  198. Question: Non-XMed 767
  199. No Status Inquiry
  200. Treatment of Aeroplan members on NH and SQ
  201. Debating to go to Aeroplan or stick with Mileage PLUS
  202. Used NA-TierUpgrade ticket - shouldn't I still get mileage credit for original flt?
  203. YYZ-LHR Last Minute Upgrade (LMU)
  204. Selecting Meal Options on Int'l Flight--How?
  205. - The freedom to fly your own way?
  206. Question: Confused About Latitude Fare + SSWU
  207. Watching I-space....
  208. Paid uprade at checkin now a feature of AC?
  209. Should I dispute this charge
  210. YYC-EZE Options
  211. Baggage AC to NWA at NRT?
  212. YYZ T1 Gate 137.
  213. Does AC wants BD Diamond Club members to fly executive class?
  214. scheduled for 32854 status miles...
  215. Just Got Back From an Op-Up
  216. 1 of 2 persons in business class, other in economy; can they switch; LX yes; AC ?
  217. Expedia 24h risk free?
  218. Systemwide eligibility -- Origin to Destination?
  219. G&M Investor: Is it the right time to take a flyer on Aeroplan?
  220. reduced selection on IFE
  221. Air Canada's enRoute wins 10 National Magazine Awards
  222. Can I combine the return portion of a round-trip ticket and a one-way for one trip?
  223. Question: Prestige 1,500 miles credit timing
  224. Flying Z and upgrading spouse on SSWU
  225. Post your LMUs (Last Minute Upgrades) here.
  226. On-Board Entertainment!
  227. Revenue tix and AP rewards
  228. AC and 3 unions reach deal on pensions
  229. ACE cuts compensation; Milton put on "standby consulting fee" basis to save $1M
  230. President's message June 8, 2009
  231. What a pain!
  232. AE now charging for SQ
  233. 30% More Points for SE
  234. AC extends 'Quick Drop Off' to LHR check in
  235. Air Canada reports May traffic; 3.7% drop from May '08
  236. On Board Services
  237. Question: OT: YYZ Airside Pass
  238. "something big" contest rules??
  239. Flying Swiss, using AP card
  240. Boeing 767-300ER (763) - headphones in J cabin
  241. YYC-PDX $139 One-Way: Deal?
  242. Question: Any idea who has the best points deal on a car?
  243. Question: Chances of Grandma Getting Upgraded?
  244. AC Airbus330
  245. Buying LHR-YVR-SFO, not flying YVR-SFO?
  246. Question: Discretion in On Board Service
  247. Question: "It is currently not possible to access your booking online." hasn't been for a week
  248. 777 Seats
  249. First trip to Japan, Recommendations for Exec Meals YYZ-NRT?
  250. Carbon Offsetting a joke