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  1. YYZ - Pearson connecting Terminal 3 International --> US
  2. Fare Differences between UAL and AC
  3. Looking to refund ticket due to seat sale
  4. Availability of Flight Passes
  5. Prestige / Elite selections choices question
  6. Question: redeeming on hotel stay
  7. Good price for YOW-FCO?
  8. AC 111, YUL-YVR, stop in Winnipeg to refuel??
  9. Strange letter from Aeroplan
  10. Elite rewards question
  11. Air Canada gets liquidity help but little value seen for shareholders
  12. YYZ <-> BOS Wed Jan 7 -> what's going on?
  13. Bad flight routing tomorrow -- options?
  14. Question: YVR - SYD
  15. Question: How long it takes getting my privilege package?
  16. Question: When are tier bonus miles credited?
  17. Non-SE J Class Reward Seats - Insane Mileage on AC!
  18. Baggage Lost - what next
  19. Air Canada reports December traffic; record load factors for December and full year 2
  20. Question: Stand-by priority on award ticket?
  21. Changing FF programs after AC flight is taken
  22. Debris on runway this morning at YYZ?
  23. Optimal SE award strategy?
  24. Boneheaded move...please help
  25. Is there a lounge in GCM for AC J pax?
  26. And I thought United could be bad
  27. How I survived Snowmaggedon @ YVR (AC 562)
  28. Upgrade Offer: YYZ-HKG on Jan 31
  29. How many SE/E/P are there?
  30. AC Stopped Cheques
  31. technical help needed please!
  32. AE itinerary change
  33. Confusion about Air Canada sports equipment checked baggage policy
  34. Question: Aeroplan flight bookings to Jan 2010?
  35. How your bags get delayed/lost/trashed at YVR
  36. Mileage Run
  37. 2009 Upgrade Certs Don't Work on AC site?
  38. More AC baggage idiocy
  39. Early morning connection through YVR - strategies if first flight canceled/delayed?
  40. AC+TG schedule changes=pos missed conection
  41. No Red Stars for Domestic Flights Anymore?
  42. Got 2009 Certs today!
  43. OT: Who is still flying Internationally for business?
  44. Are there any non NA M class fares left?
  45. OT: Tray tables and seatbacks in the upright ...
  46. Threshold Gift selection - how to do it?
  47. Earn up to 13,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles with ACV & Sandals
  48. When is the next sweep?
  49. YYC ML Ghost town...
  50. Air Canada - refund question
  51. Air Canada Refund
  52. Question: LAX connection
  53. Aeroplan phone busy...again?!?!
  54. 763 is used for AC146 out of YYC to YYZ
  55. Question: Status Miles or # of Miles on account ?
  56. YVR-HKG $1115 good deal?
  57. YVR Domestic MLL Lounge
  58. Why can AC132 arrive in YYZ at 340am tonight?
  59. Elite status
  60. YYC-CUN J class service on miles. What to expect?
  61. AC vs US on Transatlantic routes....
  62. UA's 2009 FF miles vs AC's? Which is better now?
  63. FLL experiences?
  64. AeroplanPlus now offering up to 25,000 miles for signing up!
  65. Aeroplan to RBC Rewards/Avion Swap from two different people
  66. Segments or Miles for AP based in YYZ
  67. Shop eStore for Double Aeroplan Miles
  68. Get a chance to win one of 25 travel prizes when you redeem for a travel reward!
  69. unused Aeroplan credit?
  70. aerogold= AC maple leafe lounge access?
  71. Is it worth upgrading red-eye flights?
  72. Is there complementary meal on domestic portion of int'l flight?
  73. meals to/from OGG
  74. Printing mistake in 2009 benefits package?
  75. Checked baggage allowance on AC and non-AC connecting flights...
  76. Does AC Not Compare Aeroplan #s to Names?
  77. Extension of Elite due to Maternity
  78. Question: Has Aeroplan changed it's Elite and Super Elite cards/luggage tags for 2009?
  79. How to refund this ticket?
  80. Can I request to use my SSWU at the gate?
  81. 3 "Missing" J-Pods on a 763
  82. Attn MIA Spotter Alert AC 777-300ER is coming into MIA tomorrow
  83. Question: Where do I find the Movies playing this month on AVOD?
  84. Cancelled flight (economy) - can CS use (business) seats on other flights to fill?
  85. Question: Confused newbie
  86. yeg lounge closed on new years day
  87. cost of award tickets
  88. Viewing Seating Charts
  89. Hopeless AE Account Statements
  90. Security lockdown at YVRr
  91. Question: ISO email address for Air Canada
  92. Lost Elite Luggage Tag
  93. Air Canada Travel Advisory For NS/NB & PEI.
  94. Upgrade based revenue losses
  95. AC/AP "information technology" stikes again.
  96. YCG "Canclegar" - what to do when stuck?
  97. Interesting Hawaii pricing AC/UA
  98. AC concludes revolving credit line with the CIBC for $100 million
  99. OT: Happy New Year !
  100. How much clout do AC FF really have ?
  101. FT Abbreviations
  102. AC 868 YYZ-LHR January 1st
  103. !KK
  104. Planning to sign up to Aeroplan now. warnings?
  105. Business Week article pegs AC & US as two majors to feel economic squeeze the most
  106. Jazz & AC talking over a new Capacity Purchase Agreement; agree to keep talking
  107. Hats off AC Ground Staff in YVR for Pax with Infants
  108. Cable drama 'ZOS: Zone of Separation' launches high-flying premiere on Air Canada
  109. Legal Drinking Age
  110. AC responds to recent weather-related service disruptions
  111. 2009 Benefits selection
  112. ANA and UA miles --> Aeroplan ?
  113. AC YVR-MBJ nonstop on sale; $299 OW or $685.04 RT all in
  114. Travel woes spur formal complaint; Consumer group to lobby feds
  115. Question: Refused help over booking by Air Canada
  116. Question: How are these flights allocated towards Status Earning Miles
  117. Status Question - HELP
  118. G&M: Air Canada buckles up to ride out storm
  119. Stroller as Carry-On Baggage on AC - Which Stroller Model Complies?
  120. AC 855 LHR - YVR January 1
  121. bus class to Australia
  122. Why 120K AP points one way, 80K points return?
  123. The official "Solutions" thread
  124. Award Booking to S. Pacific and possible stopovers
  125. YVR No Water turns MLL Washrooms into Outhouse
  126. Question: Did "On My Way" help anyone during the christmas mess?
  127. LHR-YOW-YYZ-LHR Booking Woes
  128. Travellers vent anger at Air Canada's holiday delays
  129. Redeeming Mileage to Sydney
  130. Expert Help Needed...
  131. my nerves...
  132. 500 AP points for registering on Aeromove
  133. Help a dumbass newbie please!
  134. Send elite package to foreign address?
  135. Seat Assignment Changes
  136. Question: Change in award type/destination
  137. AC Mobile Web Site
  138. Question: Calling in for the upgrade at NYE?
  139. Question: Ridiculous fares WAS-YYZ
  140. Is there another sweep tonight (28th)?
  141. YYZ to CDG Dec28 Soldout?
  142. Flight returns to origin - AC responsibility?
  143. AC's values..
  144. Available award seats on a particular flight
  145. Exclusive Elite Offers
  146. Post office / Box YUL / OR YYZ
  147. flight cancelled, re-booked on non*A, can I claim status miles for original itin?
  148. breaking journey on a multi-city ticket on AC
  149. Question: flight oversold: possibility of op-up, or IDB comp
  150. Question about changing departure city and date
  151. Travelocity.CA: LX (codeshare on AC some flights) YYZ-DEL - only taxes!
  152. Question: Lost Baggage Help
  153. Finally, no status
  154. This is an article Air Canada management should read
  155. YVR-HNL Cancelled/Delayed etc etc
  156. Robert Milton's legacy up in the air
  157. How to add a connection on
  158. Is Aeroplan gypping us from a few miles?
  159. Flying AC for First Time - BOS-NRT- Questions???
  160. Aeroplan Employees Working Conditions Not Good!
  161. AC 156 YVR-YYZ Tonight
  162. Question: Good chance of new cabin on YYZ-SCL route (763)?
  163. Phone Number: Edmonton Air Canada Baggage Services ?
  164. Question: "You don't have enough status miles or segments. ..."
  165. SSMU Question: Tourist Out, Leisure Return
  166. Anyone think there will be more price reductions/specials in 2009?
  167. Priority baggage on AC 32
  168. Question: Only 329 aeroplan miles for YYT to YYZ?
  169. YUL to FRA - Plane here, no crew...
  170. Prediction - Future of AC
  171. Immigration lineup question?
  172. In the spirit of Christmas, my gift to everyone here at the AC forum
  173. Online upgrade - works for 1 person, not for file with 3 passengers; what about 2?
  174. Question: Why can Westjet do so much more than AC for passengers with weather problems?
  175. Burn after reading.
  176. 38,365 miles short of Super Elite
  177. Question: Cancelling Tango+ ticket to get lower fare
  178. Best place to grab an eat at YYZ (Pearson Airport) Terminal
  179. Doesn't this sum it all up
  180. AC canceled flights Dec 24
  181. Question: Air Canada seat assignments
  182. Fl 156 (YVR-YYZ) Sounds like fun
  183. Air Canada Gets Loan From GE Unit for $195 Million
  184. Same day confirmed reward ticket changes?
  185. Question: How to upgrade on web site on Mar 1 or later latitude (plus) flights?
  186. MLL access on connecting economy flight?
  187. Stuck at LHR on AC 869
  188. IKK Comes in Handy
  189. Another PR Disaster for Air Canada
  190. Cancelled Flight/Crazy Rerout from BOS-YYZ-SCL
  191. Flight cancelled due to weather
  192. Question re: delays/potential missed connection for AC Vacations booking
  193. Status miles for switching flights?
  194. Question: What gives?
  195. Aeroplan 2009-10 Package arrived today
  196. Boxing Day Sale - 15% Off All Fares
  197. Question: Where to send kudo's and complaints for Aeroplan?
  198. AC does US Domestic Flights?
  199. AC25 Fiasco YVR-PVG Multiple Days
  200. Using SSWU with a Flight Pass Booking (and winter flying to YZF)
  201. Use of Air Canada Maple leaf Lounge?
  202. An AP reward ticket (stupid?) question...
  203. YYZ Transfer and NEXUS interview.
  204. YQ Question
  205. Donald Carty on AC and WS
  206. Full Fare Ticket Refunds After BP Issued?
  207. newbie really needs some help! (please!)
  208. Question about Fuel Surcharge
  209. Inflight wifi product pricing hint?
  210. when to book?
  211. YYC to DXB in March - Suggestions
  212. Terrifying Air Canada flight for 200
  213. AC YVR Ops
  214. Maple Leaf Lounge Passes & Airmile Tickets with Air Canada
  215. Strategy to upgrade Aeroplan ticket linked with Tango Plus ticket?
  216. Embraer E190 - Executive, seat 2A or 2F
  217. AC Issues North America Wide Travel Advisory/Waiver
  218. Question: Using Aeroplan points to get to Europe
  219. Changes allowed?
  220. Need help selecting my bonus
  221. Cancelling Award booking
  222. Bumped to Continental -- NO Aeroplan miles?
  223. Question: Miles accidently credited to UA MP instead of AP.
  224. can i cancel?
  225. Question: ML Lounge Guest Passes/United Codeshare
  226. UA Code Share ?
  227. Anyone in YYZ now who can help a Friend? MLL or Elite help?
  228. MLL Meetup thread?
  229. How much is an AE agent worth to YOU?
  230. 1650 miles left for 2009 Elite. Suggestions?
  231. American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum
  232. Using certs for AC metal code share?
  233. Anyone feeling generous (MLL Pass) ???
  234. Question: explain Elite Tier Bonus
  235. Threshold Gifts... er Garbage
  236. Trying to get through to AC???
  237. Question: XM'd or not?
  238. Question: "On My Way" - Is it worthwhile?
  239. Weather warning for YVR - Sunday and Tuesday (20-Dec-2008)
  240. Priority Baggage across alliance?
  241. 80 miles short of Super Elite
  242. AC 657 YYT-YHZ Delayed 380 minutes
  243. Air Canada reservation counter at YUL = garbage
  244. Help! Check-in times when flight delayed
  245. Need help with standby question
  246. AC HAS a new Labour Agreement signed.
  247. Smart marketing!
  248. ACTV Endless Advertising
  249. Credit for miles flown in 2008 but credited in 2009 goes where?
  250. Outstanding YUL concierge experience