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  1. Any info on Recent Aeroplan Promo?
  2. What exactly is the timing for on-line check in?
  3. Jazz Pilots Receive $5 Million Grant for Upcoming Contract Negotiations
  4. Dream *A reward travel?
  5. China-YYZ-BOS, One needs visa to transit?
  6. Air Canada says loss widens to $400 million in first quarter
  7. Air Canada goes soft, woos travellers with pillows, pets
  8. Redemption charts
  9. Question: FRA-DXB only 50% of miles?
  10. Are there any "domestic" configuration widebodies left?
  11. How many are up for YEG FT Do end of May?
  12. YYZ do
  13. Question: Aerogold and 15K points
  14. RR Donnelley signs print management agreement with Air Canada
  15. how long before I get my sswu?
  16. 3 days only: Go to Home Hardware for Triple Aeroplan Miles!
  17. Skipping last award segment+connection
  18. Blackout Dates?
  19. Sale price for non-existent flight?
  20. Should I save my SSWU & hope for opup?
  21. AC shifts back to Red
  22. 20 hr. layover question
  23. Very low Exec First prices...
  24. The Air Canada Stopover
  25. AC593 not available Mid-End of June?
  26. EU and Canada agree to open aviation markets. Trouble for AC?
  27. Email address for Ben Smith
  28. Aeroplan Login Issues
  29. Question: Requesting an upgrade while not in an AC served city
  30. AP 2 one-way vs roundtrip
  31. Question: How to do a same day change?
  32. What is definition of a Star Alliance ticket?
  33. original route credit on AP for a UA flight changed to AS?
  34. Luggage check in in LAX
  35. Directions to arrivals lounge in LHR
  36. Air Canada Reports April Traffic; numbers down
  37. how strict air canada are with the checked baggage size limit?
  38. Is it worth it ?
  39. Any AC Asia Promotion Coming Up?
  40. Anyone in YYZ at 07:00 on Tuesday, May 5 - MLL pass? E/SE Guest?
  41. earn miles after the flight @ Aeroplan
  42. Move some AE points to AVION?
  43. Name Changes on Aeroplan Awards
  44. New 2009 Summer Duty-Free Catalogue
  45. Redeem for the ultimate Beaches vacation & get $250 Spa credit to spend at resort
  46. Question: International Flight Award using AP points on AC Metal vs *A Metal
  47. CAW calls for Air Canada bailout
  48. AC and other Cdn airlines to unveil pax bill of rights
  49. My 120,000 AP point trip around the world in F - update
  50. comp upgrades
  51. help LAS YYZ 5/9/2009
  52. Ac = j7; bd = j4 = j11?
  53. Question: Change Elite Status to Another Airline? (i moved to Europe)
  54. Does the Aerofax number actually work?
  55. Do Airmiles Tickets Earn Status Miles?
  56. United Mileage Plus or Aeroplan?
  57. Question: Fare Basis Code
  58. Basic to Elite
  59. EZE-SCL / SCL-EZE in Executive First?
  60. AC Elite loyalty extension
  61. New flight passes?
  62. AC drops call centre booking fee
  63. Just like the (very) old days -- Canadian Platinum Amex adds even more lounges
  64. $25/50 discount - but approximate only due to technical difficulties
  65. Can't anyone at AC answer simple questions
  66. AC guarantees best AC price of the day in NA
  67. MLL and UA metal booked on
  68. Air Canada launches seasonal service YYZ-YQY
  69. P -> E challenge: 20K or 20 Seg by 31 July
  70. Travelling in Canada with an Infant (under 2)
  71. Earn 250 Bonus AP Miles when you park for 48 hours or more at EconoParc YUL
  72. Question: Two Visa Aerogold Infinite Questions
  73. Question: Does K earn SM on international
  74. AMEX Gold for business.
  75. Not able to book AC flight on AirMiles at all period
  76. Air Canada increases Toronto-Rome in the peak summer
  77. Meeting at LHR
  78. Mapping TG K class onto AC
  79. Mask watch - Swine flu
  80. Aeroplan Status Miles on Intra-European *Flights
  81. Question about AeroplanPlus AMEX vs. Aerogold
  82. Using AP Miles on YYZ-SYD
  83. Question: layover/stopover on domestic flights question
  84. AC has a GREAT seat sale today $159 to any US destination.
  85. Same day change & upgrade
  86. Is there any rhyme or reason to I space allocation?
  87. Question: Rules for booking both Atlantic / Pacific to Asia
  88. FAQ: Why are there no Latitude fares being displayed for this route on these dates?
  89. Seat Assignment
  90. We all love our concierges
  91. AeroPlan with Continental?
  92. Aeroplan 24-hr window and unused tickets
  93. No lat fares and only tango + fares show for ICN /NRT depts for May-June
  94. YYC-SAN; why 1-stop connects via LAX on AC-metal only avail on not
  95. Anyone able to get YYC wifi internet to work on iPhone?
  96. Delayed flights
  97. Connection Times... Who's Responsible?
  98. AC (or * Alliance) from YOW to CMN
  99. So.. What are the rules?
  100. Influenza in Mexico => Reaction of Air Canada
  101. TAM - new Aeroplan partner for earning miles
  102. Status activity??
  103. MapleLeaf WorldWide Lounge Pass
  104. Drunk AC pilot arrested while trying to board plane at LHR according to UK papers
  105. Any idea on when on-board wifi is coming?
  106. No miles for my flight SFO-YYZ?
  107. YYZ-JNB on AC for World Cup 2010???
  108. AC Alternative - Cheap First Class ex-YYZ/YVR to LAX, SFO, LAS
  109. Question: Lost Elite card..use last year's card instead?
  110. AC Travel advisory for flights to/from Mexico City
  111. SE Intl Check In Line - YYZ
  112. Escape Pass Bonus T & C's
  113. Maple Leaf Lounge in Honolulu
  114. AC/LX YYC-EWR-ZRH Query
  115. YYZ transfer fr T3 to T1 via Buses
  116. Will this booking get me Aeroplan Miles (Status)
  117. Lounge acces in ORD on domestic UA
  118. Aeroplan comes through...
  119. Is it time to sell Aeroplan points?
  120. Change in Upgrade Window - Latitude Flight Passes
  121. AC flight hits severe turbulence - 22 injured per CBC
  122. Help for my disorganized friend pls?
  123. Status Question - I'm Confused
  124. *A Award (UA Miles) AC Segment in "Connoisseur"
  125. Flight is officially sold out in Y, E op-up potential?
  126. UPUG and following procedures!
  127. Tips for transiting CDG-FRA-YYZ
  128. Same day change in cheap biz class?
  129. Maclean's magazine claims WS is out to destroy AC
  130. Is validating AP numbers?
  131. Lost upgrade after rebooking
  132. Z fare cancellation fee or change fee?
  133. Messier Services and Air Canada Announce Signatures for A330 Landing Gear Overhauls
  134. Ex-AC Marc Rosenberg on TAs, GDS etc.
  135. Munich Senator lounge have showers?
  136. Question: Aeroplan e-mail
  137. Air Canada unions pledge help amid cash crisis
  138. "S" Class to Japan - SSWU Upgradable?
  139. Why would a 763 have 3 pilots?
  140. Question: Buisness class ticket on LH to MUC provides access to MLL at YUL?
  141. Wow Seat Release really Paid off
  142. spg posting mileage to ap
  143. What does CIBC pay AP for points?
  144. dropped the ball on using SSWU
  145. Refused check in - passport
  146. New Air Canada Commercial
  147. Help! Rogue Aeroplan Supervisor Prohibiting Changes
  148. Impressive Customer Service on an Award Ticket
  149. Center of the world
  150. Question: Revisiting Lifetime Status
  151. Question: LH leg cancelled, AC refuses to refund the ticket.
  152. Economy Seat Selection - E190
  153. YOW-YYJ OW - worth it to go AC for $50 extra?
  154. Newbie Question
  155. Cancelling an AP booking
  156. YYZ - What time do check in counters open?
  157. Rewards flight to AP status.
  158. Priority Reservation Waitlist
  159. Which lounge AC use in MEX?
  160. Question: Maple Leaf Lounge Passes
  161. Better service? What better service?
  162. Question: Upgrade Voucher
  163. AC333 YVR-YYZ, executive first seat?
  164. OZ/QF Codeshare Earning on Aeroplan
  165. Help Please - Paris - Calgary Travel?
  166. Upgradeability YVR-SYD or return on weekends
  167. Changes on Star Alliance Award
  168. carrying duty free transiting through yyz?
  169. Calin to employees
  170. interesting AP miles posting
  171. Central Mountain Air (AC codeshare)
  172. Massive Aeroplan SEAT release! 250,000 more seats today
  173. Question: 747 from YEG tonight?
  174. Question: Getting to *SE on Aeroplan
  175. Denied access at MLL...was I just lucky before?
  176. Ottawa MLL premature closing time ?
  177. Anyone have bought award ticket??
  178. Trouble reserving seat 8K for J award
  179. Air Canada iPhone app
  180. Something doing in YVR on the 20th(ish)?
  181. Hang up and call again!
  182. YWG - ? - ? - AMS - Looking for advice
  183. Why does Air Canada.... ?
  184. Booking Rewards on United
  185. Mileage accrual on LX flights
  186. Question: not using a fake portion (to keep $$ down)?
  187. Question: K class international
  188. Thanks, AC, for seats so convenient to the lav
  189. When To Book LAX to YYC
  190. Question: How to request an upgrade ?
  191. Getting AC surveys from Ipsos...
  192. Multi-City Broken on Aeroplan?
  193. Question: Can I provide someone else's Aeroplan # for my reservation, or vice versa?
  194. Will J class open up for a reward booking YYZ MCO in July?
  195. East Terminal?
  196. A quote for AC Execs
  197. Question: Can I book a ticket under my dad's aeroplan account?
  198. Requesting help from AC frequent flyer Elders on the Board re: HKG
  199. Why is there two Amex MLL access cards?
  200. Jazz Air may need to halve distribution: analyst
  201. Question: Advice needed, Lost 60 000 miles because of inactivity last month
  202. Buttonville closure = YYZ chaos?
  203. Access to LH arrival lounge in FRA/LX arrival lounge in ZRH; impact:airline selection
  204. Discount Codes
  205. Question: Best course of actions - items missing from Carry On
  206. Two Seat Star Alliance F Rewards
  207. Top Management Changes
  208. Necessary to Tsfr Miles?
  209. Change re. emergency exit reminders?
  210. MLL Icelandair (YYZ)
  211. YYZ-YVR-NRT Meal on YYZ-YVR portion
  212. * award but AC segment...standby allowed?
  213. Connecting through YYZ
  214. "I" class availability AC034 (SYD-YYZ), 27Apr or 29Apr (or +- a day or two)
  215. Question: Award Ticket - Missed connections on *A
  216. 50% Elite Bonus Miles
  217. Question: Is this Upgradable?
  218. Does the Aeroplan web site display rule changes for Star Alliance awards? No?
  219. Options if you have upgraded but you have forgotten the upgrade certificates
  220. Question: Whi Will Drop the Trans Atlantic Fuel Tax First?
  221. Air Canada check-in at FCO - passport stickers?
  222. Calin Rovinescu broke into my house and shredded my SSWU
  223. Help: Lost passport on AC flight...
  224. Calin Rovinescu is going to make aeroplan points worthless???
  225. earning aeroplan worldwide
  226. Star Alliance Lounge in IAH
  227. Best seats and review of AC flight NRT to YVR - 77W -
  228. Question: Have you posted lately?
  229. Flight prices ex YVR to NYC
  230. Escape Pass has been pretty useless this time around
  231. AC 858 YYZ-LHR 10 April
  232. What is the fare basis?
  233. I got ripped off by AP on an LH flight!
  234. Aeroplan re-launches one way classic awards.
  235. AC self-serve bar on 77W??
  236. Groupe Aeroplan issuing debt
  237. New CEO confident AC can overcome labour, financial challenges, avoid restructuring
  238. Valid AE routing?
  239. Extra YVR - Europe flights for Winter Olympic 2010
  240. Need your advise - we are told to 'stand by' in YVR
  241. Selling Planes and Leasing
  242. Critic has faith in Air Canada
  243. AC 1152 April 08
  244. Would you change/cancel this flight?
  245. Air Canada or Lufthansa? Frankfurt or Hamburg?
  246. Dishonest Air Canada
  247. Question: 30 Credit small business flight pass
  248. YEG AIF rises $5 to $20 as of 1st Sept 2009
  249. 77W or 77L
  250. K fares upgradable with SSWU to FRA?