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  1. Aeroplan miles on NZ
  2. YVR-SJD Routing through YYZ or YYC
  3. Question: Aerogold renewal/nbonus? Aerogold Infinite?
  4. Would Aeroplan ever offer a 50% bonus for points transfers?
  5. Complimentary earphones for SE
  6. Question: Same Sex Partner Flying Benefits - Any Knowledgeable Air Canada Employees here??
  7. What does this AC Diagram/Pic tell you?
  8. Current RTW fares ex-Canada?
  9. Status CRedits Earning Question
  10. Tango v. Tango Plus Fares
  11. Question: Anyone know where I can find the executive first walking tour?
  12. Question: Flight Classes with Aeroplan redemption
  13. Elite Status - Short a couple miles, what to do?
  14. AC award ticket availability YYZ-BGI for Aug 2009
  15. Aeroplan VISA question
  16. Newbie Question
  17. Question: Aeroplan Redemption Puzzle - DBV/BUD
  18. Refund fuel surcharge
  19. Will there be a Flight Pass Sale soon?
  20. YYZ-HKG-SYD-AKL route possible??
  21. Question: Unable to change seats on United Segments due to no Mileage Plus
  22. Connection times at YUL
  23. Stuck in YVR overnight -- suggestions?
  24. Question: Air Canada post Quebec separation?
  25. Mrs flying economy
  26. Status miles for Prestige
  27. Question: Dash and CRJ into AC colours ?
  28. RTW Ticket - Aeroplan Reward
  29. Major AC news coming up soon...huge
  30. Question: Is there WiFi in Toronto Maple Leaf Lounge?
  31. Question: Are Aeroplan benefits same or not for Canadian vs US residents?
  32. Same File does not mean one ticket, for flights esp on AC and also on other airlines!
  33. Question: Are Friday evening arrivals for intl passengers at YYZ T1 always so busy?
  34. Question: What happens with one's tickets if one misses an AC flight?
  35. Standby requests - like upgrade requests - 2 separate lists!
  36. Question: All UA Fares 100% Status Miles?
  37. Air Canada YYZ-NRT route change after purchase - is there anything I can do?
  38. Why does first row of economy in A319 have AVOD monitor/pocket for Enroute, for 2?
  39. Question: Why does last row of business and first row in economy cabins have a number gap
  40. Anyone in the YYZ Dom MLL Sun aft Oct 26?
  41. Question: Business Class ticket PEK-NRT-YVR-YOW question?
  42. Question: What should I do with these two one way tickets?
  43. Elite bonus and recognition
  44. Is there a rule on backtracking?
  45. Question: Changing Return Flight - Cheaper After Departure?
  46. Question: Help on Mileage run from YOW
  47. AC103 on Dec 11.
  48. Question - booking class on BMI vs AC
  49. Odd booking classes for HKG
  50. Question: Likelihood of upgrade?
  51. YYC Dinner November 2nd
  52. Rules for UA-flying guest into MLL?
  53. Upgrade Help
  54. Cancel/Rebook in Same Fare Class w/No Availability
  55. Question: Would AC match Delta's ffp status???
  56. Elite status - Is of too easy to achieve?
  57. Aeroplan miles for upgrades...
  58. Best Time to phone AP call centre?
  59. Access an Aeroplan Reward Flight Reservation - Question
  60. Question: AP Tax + Surcharges - Can I do better?
  61. Purposely missing a flight
  62. Class K booking on Austrian Airlines through AC web site
  63. AC793 Oct 23 - thx, but no thx for the opup
  64. Flight Passes - No Price Change?
  65. Confused by
  66. Question: List of AC destinations?
  67. MLL on arrival off UA?
  68. Emirates to Calgary?
  69. Gotcha: Montreal to Bangkok on points
  70. Codeshare with TAM begins 30OCT08
  71. Star Alliance Reward Availability
  72. KVS Help
  73. UP-gauged!!!
  74. Question: Status Questions from a Newbie!
  75. Poll:Y/M/U + SWU Vs. buying Z for Asia
  76. AC Buying back Aeroplan?
  77. Upgrade Avion Ticket
  78. AC063 - YVR-ICN this Saturday Oct 25
  79. AP taxes and "fees" check.
  80. Interesting fare difference
  81. Air Canada IT - more GREAT work!!
  82. Cheap Destinations >4500 within Canada.
  83. Question: AC148 YVR-YYZ October 22 downgauge??
  84. KNOWN ground delay - board anyway
  85. AMEX Small Business vs. Aeroplan-earning cards?
  86. 150% AP for J Cabin???
  87. AC Announces new service YHZ-MCO Seasonal Service
  88. Different Treatment for Upgaded Pax vs J class
  89. 10% off Tango Plus, Latitude and Executive Class fares
  90. Taxes and fees on AP tickets have been reduced?
  91. MLL access for children
  92. WS will refund your fuel surcharge; when will AC match?
  93. change in 2008 segment count
  94. Question: Same Flight Number but Different Days - how does it credit?
  95. Maple Leaf Club membership and check-in
  96. Question: Two questions: Miles and Lounge Access
  97. Computer problem at Air Canada fixed, spokesman says
  98. Question: Where Can SE Request Another Alliance To Swap Status
  99. Connecting a UA ticket to AC
  100. Aniyone flying Transborder on Oct 21st?
  101. OLCI and earlier standby
  102. Question: New Classic availability - can I exchange my ClassicPlus reward?
  103. Question: Anyone with a return classic Aeroplan award has been a no show for return;consequence
  104. yee-haw lower fuel charges -- NOT
  105. India not in Star Alliance yet??
  106. Aeroplan fees are all over the board
  107. If You Think Aeroplan is Bad, Check Out BA!!
  108. please help me understand OLCI
  109. Question: Connecting at YVR
  110. G&M: Airline fuel surcharges may be next to go: analyst
  111. Star Alliance award: pay fuel surcharges for non-AC Star carriers at the airport?
  112. Question: MLL's in YVR
  113. Standby on award ticket?
  114. Newbie almost to Prestige class
  115. Think this upgrade plan will work?
  116. Slow AC stopovers on direct flights
  117. New here - switched to AC and ???
  118. YYZ-NRT Oct 21 I Class Availability
  119. How long for connection Asia - YVR - USA?
  120. Aerolotto upgrade protocol: how does it work?
  121. LX Wetleases AC A330 for YUL-ZRH run for Fall
  122. MLL Guest Question - BP Check?
  123. Some People have all the luck.....
  124. Redeem for Walt Disney World Resort hotels or Theme Park Tickets, get 1,000 AP miles
  125. No AC33 YVR-SYD on Oct 27?
  126. HKG to USM via BKK
  127. Aeroplan Points Expiry - How to Determine Expiry Date
  128. Redeeming Aeroplan Points on Star Alliance - Online?
  129. Aeroplan eSHOP.
  130. Website Frustration - Lufthansa Booking Classes on AC
  131. Question: Can you buy up from Tango (T) class fare at airport?
  132. Mileage earning : easy no-loss way?
  133. YVR Do - Fri Oct 17
  134. Advice/Notes for those doing multi-leg upgrades
  135. SPG Transfer to AP?
  136. Missed flight, put on Air France - can I get AP miles since it wasn't my fault?
  137. Canadian planespotting goodies
  138. No more miles as Comp for non-functioning IFE?
  139. Booted out of 18K on AC875
  140. Question: Flying on standby to EZE from YYZ in Feb 2009
  141. Fruit Platter Meal-Narita/YYZ
  142. What's Wrong With AC's 777's?
  143. AC757 YYZ-SFO: experiences?
  144. Aeroplan Ticket Taxes/Fees > Revenue Ticket Taxes/Fees for YOW-YYZ, return. Why?
  145. Aeroplan SEs and *Alliance first class lounges - not flying 1st class
  146. Star Alliance Reward Ticket
  147. Inroduction of new healthier J meals?
  148. Lost FF ticket halfway - had to pay full price
  149. Question: Why are winter departures for YOW-LHR so much later?
  150. AC Domestic business class - Vancouver Pan Pacific free night
  151. BA vs AC
  152. Urgent: Orbitz changes AC-coded / UA-operated flight???
  153. I inventory
  154. 25% off Exec Class & 15% off Econ (Canada) - 10% off Intnl fares
  155. What's the chances of Op-UP tomorrow? YYZ-CUN AC 1254
  156. YYZ bust........
  157. SQ is DROPPING J fares. AC is putting them up?
  158. Business Award, Economy seating...
  159. YVR: Guest MLL? Spare passes? YVR-HKG/AC007 stats...
  160. YVR Rental Car Area Construction
  161. Best/Worst US Airports to transfer through
  162. Question: Canada West pass?
  163. Minimum Check-In Time Canada-Canada-USA
  164. u/g on star alliance partners (as elite/*G)
  165. IT Issues - No Activity shown, 2008 totals OK
  166. Elite Status and Upgrade certs
  167. Question: F18 Flyby YYZ
  168. Question: RCC Access Rules
  169. AC Drops 2nd bag fee...
  170. 45,000 Mile SSWU Coupons
  171. Aeroplan "Bait and Switch"
  172. Question: Best way to accrue Aeroplan miles on UA flight but want E+ upgrade
  173. e-landing at yow?
  174. Transfer time
  175. Question: Will I get 50% more AE miles if booked on AC and flying with United?
  176. Butter upgraded to margarine.
  177. Hotels in YYZ
  178. Simple things AC/AE can do to make people happy
  179. New Flight Notification Service
  180. Toronto Airport - Power Question
  181. No more RCC lounges in MSP, ATL, BWI, and DFW
  182. Question: Does AC interline baggage with CX?
  183. Question: Points Reversal / Transfer between UA and AC
  184. I guess I'll be on the news tonight
  185. M-U Class Fare Increases YYZ-HKG Return
  186. AC cancels flight, involuntarily rebooks and collects $80 more in surcharges?
  187. I Class Question
  188. AC flight canceled, bumped to Continental - will I get aeroplan?
  189. Who needs a mileage run from YVR?
  190. E-Tix ( Bah!!) Part 2
  191. Lounge Access (Pearson to Madrid)
  192. Air Canada Pilots Sign Protocol Agreement in Response to Airlines Joint Venture
  193. Air Canada and TAM expand network between major cities in Brazil and Canada
  194. AC December Holiday Period Flights
  195. Privilege pass--what is it?
  196. Fuel Charge Oddities
  197. Imitatation is indeed the highest form of flattery !
  198. Aeroplan's bad policy on*GOLD Recognition
  199. AC adds flights to YLW and YMM
  200. Changes to existing Canada China Pass?
  201. AC 31 Oct 3 - another swap!
  202. What happened to the YYZ-ZRH Friday nonstop in January?
  203. Who has better future? AC Or Aeroplan
  204. Same Day Airport Change - Urgent Help
  205. OLCI oct 5
  206. Earn Aeroplan Miles on every eStore purchase
  207. YYC-GTF - Does it exist?
  208. 50% bonus points for SYD/LGA?
  209. YYZ-LHR - No Lat +? over Xmas
  210. Did Aeroplan just rob me?
  211. AC33 Ten Hours Late Today
  212. Unlimited flight pass - when do miles post?
  213. Aeroplan Status Miles - US Airways Vacations
  214. SYD/YYZ: Biz or First Class Reward Redemption
  215. Validity period of a SSWU
  216. will AC cut fuel surcharge for international flights?
  217. Pricing Strategy (ex-HKG to YYZ)
  218. No billing info on Itinerary/Receipt
  219. AC Sept '08 numbers are in and slightly better than same month '07
  220. Which 763 is this?
  221. Early but late early SE recognition
  222. Need update on 767's...what's left and what's XM'd?
  223. E Tix - Bah!
  224. YVR-YOW with US Taxes!?
  225. AC180 is an A343 for Today and Tomorrow?
  226. Int'l departure at YVR but check in domestic terminal
  227. Flexibility Reward Options
  228. Opinions on On My Way
  229. Jazz New service YVR-YMM
  230. What Compensation Will AC Give?
  231. Fact or Fiction: U/G Waitlist Does Not Reset When OLCI Opens
  232. Seat Angst - How are seats assigned with equipment changes
  233. Reward availability
  234. Will AC or ACE ever buy back Aeroplan?
  235. 10% off Tango Plus and Latitude, 20% off Exec
  236. Star Alliance Lounge at IST - Wow
  237. Aeroplan booking & schedule change
  238. Tango - Aeroplan miles option $3
  239. *G use of ANA lounge at NRT on arrival?
  240. *G lounge question
  241. DUS Arrivals Lounge?
  242. 77W/77L Question
  243. Bye Bye to another 762
  244. Aeroplan to RBC Rewards/Avion Swap
  245. UA EQM to AC
  246. Duct tape making its appearance on 777's
  247. Bag drop at Vancouver?
  248. Who uses the call center ?
  249. Fares Eligible for Upgrade on AC Website
  250. On the Fairbanks emergency landing, the 777ER, ETOPS and the price tag on your life

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