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  1. YYZ-HKG on CO.. all in $629 US.. When is CO in STAR.
  2. Air Canada: Expect some summer delays
  3. Which two are the best of these four choices?
  4. YYZ-EZE RT CAD$682 all in for departures to June 30
  5. US Preclearance in YHZ and YOW
  6. Air Canada went extra mile for travellers
  7. And now for some balanced reporting
  8. Anyone on YYZ-EZE 20FEB or EZE-YYZ 23FEB with extra expiring SSWU cert?
  9. Flights from YQR - PVG - SYD
  10. Question: When do Status bonus miles post?
  11. Redemption Question
  12. This forum is currently no more informative than G&M post-article comments
  13. Lounge Access with Family Traveling on Z Fare
  14. tango fare question
  15. I have received Aeroplan letter - no miles for J class (AMEX Privilege Pass)
  16. Question: Can I get Aeroplan points with Blue Sky??
  17. Surcharges, taxes, fees - refunds
  18. EWR to YVR
  19. Can't purchase lounge pass DFW-YYZ-YYC portion
  20. Aeroplan Fuel Surcharge - YYZ-FRA
  21. Question: Maple Leaf Clubs - have no need of additional revenue!
  22. Bag Drop Chaos at YYZ
  23. Air Canada revives "The Grand Tour" with new Europe Pass
  24. Air Canada needs FRESH STAFF in airports
  25. Upgrade availability on AC8934
  26. 21st Annual Freddie Awards
  27. Apple Ipod/Iphone Connectivity with IFE
  28. my booking is gone?
  29. Comfort Difference
  30. Air Canada pins success on service...
  31. Has AC ever done this?
  32. Canada and Costa Rica successfully conclude air transport agreement
  33. Booking through Vancouver office
  34. Best option between MCO, ATL, CLT, RDU
  35. Up to 15,000 bonus Aeroplan miles in North America
  36. Transport Canada rules and complaints
  37. AC 591 YYZ-LAS 2/17 - 4.5 hr late departure
  38. Redeem Aeroplan Miles for Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges!
  39. Air Canada could be forced into bankruptcy - UBS
  40. Double Aeroplan Miles on Bearskin Airlines between February 15 and March 15, 2009
  41. If it completely and utterly defies common sense, post here.
  42. Luggage delays Toronto-Ottawa?
  43. Question: *A Biz Award - options for refund?
  44. Personal Bankruptcy and Aeroplan points
  45. XMed A330 to/from HNL?
  46. 2/16/09 AC108 delay, misconnect to MIA
  47. Connecting Baggage in YVR
  48. UC's available
  49. Drinking Age on AC, FRA-YUL
  50. Air Force One and YOW on 19-Feb-2009
  51. AC's least punctual flight?
  52. Question: CATSA now forcing liquids into tiny bags
  53. New Sobeys AE promo
  54. What DON'T you charge on your points credit charge?
  55. amex platinum aeroplan vs amex platinum
  56. What % of AC J seats are actually paid J?
  57. Question: SE's - How Many Aeroplan Points are you Liquidating?
  58. FAQ: AC Long-haul Fuel Surcharge
  59. 4 MLL Certs up for the taking!!!
  60. Flight load anecdote bankruptcy predictor master thread
  61. Status miles matrix
  62. Promotion Code for Air Canada?
  63. seat selection on a 320-200 (YYZ-YVR)
  64. YYZ/YUL-CDG in september
  65. Good J deals on AC for YUL/YYZ-FCO Summer 2009
  66. Best chance to upgrade for YYZ-BER, VIE-YYZ?
  67. Question: best use of AP miles?
  68. ICN to YVR (AC64)...upgraded 763?
  69. Is there a special event for 42 SEs?
  70. Best Option?
  71. Connection time required through YOW to US?
  72. Yikes! That's cold!
  73. Codeshare Question
  74. Air Canada nixed special seat for child with cerebral palsy, mother says
  75. AC vs NZ J seats
  76. New 777 delivered today?
  77. YVR/US - Absurdly slow check-in?
  78. No AC186 on thursday 12th
  79. Seating question
  80. Toronto Pearson airport raising passenger fee by $5
  81. Question: Time to get AP SE status?
  82. Announcement re: Blackberry
  83. AC reports 727 million fourth quarter loss
  84. Air Canada's Kids Horizons... Lets do our part!
  85. Earn up to 15,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles on flights within Canada and US
  86. Question: Announce in air time after take off...for IFE purposes.
  87. Question: Could someone help me with seat selection please? :)
  88. Time to clean but....
  89. biz class down with virgin so i am sure ac is even lower
  90. Can my (insert significant other) have your aisle/window seat?
  91. Near expiring certs
  92. World wide sale vs Reward seat
  93. we fly more flight YUL-YYZ than hours in a day.
  94. Off with the pixies with these prices.
  95. Seat Selected: GTE?
  96. I've met someone else
  97. When booking on AP, does fuel sucharge is included?
  98. how to upgrade on return trip?
  99. More Gripes about IKK
  100. Potential of summer labor strife
  101. upgraded in one segment only: can I keep my SSWU cert?
  102. Assigned seating vs. non?
  103. "CHIP" CIBC Infinite Visacard now available
  104. AC15 02/22 equip chg, no J seats?
  105. Earn 5,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you book an ACV package to Encore Las Vegas
  106. Class of Service Bonus
  107. Online upgrade
  108. Short notice - Need a Lounge Pass
  109. Missing threshold certs from 2008
  110. Question: NO F class due to Thai aircraft change, my options?
  111. All my flights delayed
  112. Aeroplan Advisors - A Collage Project?!
  113. Unions at Air Canada Call for ACE to Fund Pension Plan
  114. Handy Website for Aeroplan Bonus Offers
  115. Transfer miles from Miles and More?
  116. Exit Row Seating
  117. Lounge in PVG
  118. forfeiting one leg of multi-leg award itinerary
  119. Question: How long can a "connection" be?
  120. R, K and N available but no L YOW--YYZ
  121. OLCI, Kiosk not showing all available seats
  122. Compensation for 48 hour delay/cancellation?
  123. Question: AC's Embraers - Your opinion
  124. Question: Long Connection in YYZ
  125. 15,000 bonus non-status miles for YYZ-LHR "Daytripper" fare... worth it?
  126. drop in fares from ICN
  127. AC 869 lhr-yyz - Feb 08, 2009
  128. Amusing Inflight Announcements
  129. Dec/08 Winter Seat Sale
  130. Ownership rule changes hidden in the budget?
  131. OP UP's from Havana.....policy
  132. AC 354 to BOS
  133. *G on Jazz and BWI Lounge?
  134. Morose crew on AC874 last night
  135. AP Australia/NZ routings
  136. AC award booking
  137. Unusual flight number
  138. Tango - no change/cxl option.... Oops
  139. Which aircraft?
  140. 2 Nights at Hyatt Regency Montreal up for grabs!
  141. Aeroplan points dating
  142. Air Canada to present Q4 and full year 2008 results on Friday the 13th Feb.
  143. Question: Aircrafts
  144. Never booked a trip on AP...some questions
  145. How to check status miles
  146. Air Canada vs Qantas
  147. IFE Entertainment
  148. No Latitude to HKG???
  149. flight cancellation/change: re-accommodation question
  150. Earn 15,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles on Air Canada's Daytripper flight between Toronto
  151. Boarding 777
  152. yyz-LHR upgrade possibility next week
  153. Same day change flexibility?
  154. What's wrong with my itinerary?
  155. New!! Toronto/sydney non-stop
  156. Air Canada reports record January traffic
  157. sweeps / status update
  158. Flying on your birthday
  159. Question: AP Reward Ticket Expiry - My Options
  160. Best use of AE points
  161. Question: What to do in YYC during a 5hr layover from Las Vegas?
  162. help booking this flight
  163. AC travelling on UA
  164. Any one else get this problem?
  165. Why only 2 YUL--YEG nonstops daily?
  166. Ac 002 yvr-yyz
  167. Flexibility Reward Option (FRO)
  168. Who does seat assignment on reward tix?
  169. Stay at Delta Hotels and save 15% off AC flights
  170. Today only: up to 60% off March travel within Canada
  171. *A Standby opton on AE ticket
  172. Has AC ever provided you the OP-Down?
  173. first SSWU attempt - next step?
  174. Four-hour mechanical delay, any compensation owed?
  175. Spare MLL Pass?
  176. Round trip with 2 class fare (Z and K, Europe)
  177. MLL Lounge Pass leaving YYZ flying United
  178. Difficulty Closing the Door on AC CRJ's??
  179. New AC Routes from YYC
  180. Question: Can you convert AeroplanPlus Platinum to regular Platinum?
  181. Earn Double AP Miles in Exec. for flights Canada to Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing
  182. Anyone looking into the crystal ball?
  183. 2 steps forward, 88 steps sideways -- widescreen TV, moving map and Australian visas
  184. YEG Dinner, March 7
  185. transborder flights -- remember to check UA codeshares
  186. Confused about baggage rules.
  187. YHZ: big storm likely to affect ops Feb 03
  188. "Preferred Seating" Fiasco
  189. Save 15% off Tango+ to New York, Paris or Buenos Aires
  190. Question: Advance seat selection in LH
  191. Can't Check In Online...Help
  192. Where does inbound for AC859 LHRYYZ originate?
  193. European Trip
  194. 70,000 points for YUL-PUJ worth it?
  195. expiring miles?
  197. 777 on YVR-NRT
  198. Can I upgrade online using a London flight pass
  199. Upgrade "hassle" - am I waitlisted or not???
  200. J class service to/from Las Vegas
  201. great service from AC reservations when my itin change wouldn't work
  202. WOW! will AC match these discounts from Singapore Airlines.
  203. Virgin Revival Lounge LHR
  204. SE members will need 30% more miles for AP Classic rewards
  205. around the world deals on Aeroplan?
  206. Has rule changed on upgrade window?
  207. YVR-YYC-YEG minimum 500 m per segment?
  208. Tango plus for the price of Tango
  209. AC site now selling fares in USD --extra profit margin...
  210. AC pricing to Cuba - is it ever cheap?
  211. exceptional customer service at AP
  212. Earn 1,000 Aeroplan Miles when you rent from Avis!
  213. Earn up to 20,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles at any Hyatt worldwide!
  214. Question: Bonus Escape Pass booking
  215. AC should be recognized for it's good side as well !
  216. Help! I can't book reward tickets online and web support has no solution.
  217. AC moving JFK flights to EWR
  218. Super strings, folding space and worm holes in the frequent flyer universe.
  219. Complaint letter
  220. $199 2 Credit Flight Pass Offer to CDG, LHR, HKG, BOG, Lima
  221. And soon Contintental can get you AP miles
  222. Question: YYZ to Europe Award Help!
  223. Club America Lounge MIA Terminal J
  224. AC $1061 CND $ all in YYZ-HKG UA a bit cheaper
  225. So... what happens when you send a thank you note to Aeroplan...
  226. MLL Access?
  227. MLL Lounge Passes
  228. AC Barcode Consistency
  229. Ac938 29/01/09 yyz-fll
  230. TAM ticket, AC metal?
  231. Tip: iPhone + email boarding pass barcode
  232. Reward ticket does not have status printed on boarding pass
  233. Shanghai - Toronto direct?
  234. CIBC & Amex
  235. Quick Question re rebooking
  236. AIR CANADA strike - 2009 Edition
  237. quick update
  238. How to redeem an Air Canada travel voucher
  239. Spare MLL Pass?
  240. Singapore to ? reward ticket
  241. Fuel Surcharge changing soon?
  242. Question: Interlining with US Airways
  243. AC RTW costs?
  244. Is YOW-YVR Underserved?, AC189 Availability Question
  245. Upgrade at Gate Question
  246. AC29 (YYZ-PEK) cancelled?
  247. LAX MLL & LHR Arrivals Lounges closed for renovations
  248. OT: Anything in the budget for airlines?
  249. YYC-YVR-HKG
  250. AC to Hk & Singapore