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  1. When do upgrades normally happen
  2. Availability Tool
  3. Questions about Aeroplan Mileage Accumulation on United
  4. Our experience on AC, Zurich to YYZ to PHL
  5. AIR CANADA Stewardess RUDE!
  6. YYZ-EZE intro price on LA $800 total RT; will AC match?
  7. Advice about SE and possible MR
  8. Air Canada at KSNA (Orange County)
  9. Germany to YUL in C class - LH or AC?
  10. Can someone loan me 1-2 MLL pass, preferable in YOW
  11. Flight Review - AC512 ORD-YYZ on 07/22
  12. UA ticket - same day change?
  13. Yesterday @ YYZ
  14. Is Wal-Mart part of the CIBC mileage Multiplier?
  15. Fuel surcharge logic?
  16. J on AC in Sept? Does AC track BA sales?
  17. Tangerine Card Drive Promo
  18. Compensation miles/vouchers
  19. Expectations-MUC,ATH and FRA- LHA lounges
  20. AC Forum is highlighted in G&M article
  21. Credit-card fraud investigation targets YYZ's self-service kiosks
  22. YYZ - CDG - AC or AF in economy
  23. LHR via YVR or SEA??
  24. For 50K AP miles be a VIP at Canada’s Walk of Fame Gala
  25. ae miles not credited when i flew standby on ua
  26. Aeroplan CIBC VS RBC Avion signup bonus: both worth it?
  27. What's Aeroplans business case for charging $30 fee?
  28. Nexus at YVR when connecting to US destination
  29. Mileage credit blues
  30. no online checkin this am ? (Jul22)
  31. Question re: SYD/YYZ and YYZ/BUE redemptions
  32. Air Canada Unions new theme song
  33. The increasing cost of confirmed upgrades
  34. Extra 15% off flights within Canada
  35. Where to send letter of commendation for AC employee?
  36. Question re Aeroplan point redemption
  37. International flights in trouble
  38. NEXUS at YUL
  39. Aircraft Changed From What Was Booked? Theoretical Argument? Do AC's Adverts Hurt?
  40. NH connecting AC (TPE-NRT-YYZ)
  41. YUL-EWR - what to expect?
  42. AC vs. UA for SFO-YUL in November
  43. AP award-AC booked in Y paid J points
  44. Anyone hit delays today 20 July (yyz)
  45. AP Taxes have to be calculated manually??
  46. Air Credit/Mileage Run Suggestions
  47. Bonus Aeroplan miles at Roger's Cup Tennis Tournament
  48. RBC Avion Redemption - Fly AC or BA?
  49. Premium cabin awards
  50. Alternative to MLL, for those who can't access MLLs
  51. Air Canada is the best airline in the world!!!!!!!!!
  52. Air Canada - change flight/Stand By
  53. Code for Tango Fares
  54. What flight pass would you like to see?
  55. Lufthansa Business Class Release
  56. CIBC visa 15 000 miles bonus, worth it or not?
  57. SE Agent not helpful
  58. Yow - Bos $274us Ai
  59. too few meal on board for C passengers - what can I expect?
  60. AC/JV Connection in YWG
  61. Olympic and Paralympic merchandise "takes off" in new store at YVR
  62. Amenity Kit in J
  63. 333 to Hawaii from 26OCT08
  64. YUL-YYZ July 18 Weather question
  65. AC Prestige...
  66. Invoice from AirCanada
  67. contacing an agent from the Uk
  68. SSWU certificates NOT valid on flights to Asia this year?
  69. Mobile check-in: Info not sufficient according to CATSA
  70. When/how does AC recognize status?
  71. Earn 250 Bonus AP Miles, plus 10 miles for every US$1 spent until 31 Aug. with FTD
  72. AC 594 July 15
  73. FAA finally mandating inerting fuel tanks. Will that spill over to Canada?
  74. Closing the gate early in YOW
  75. YVR: Which Maple Leaf Lounge?
  76. MPM/Routing Question for Award Bookings
  77. PVG-YVR in J - which seat?
  78. I got 28K AP points, next...?
  79. Connecting flights on Aeroplan Award
  80. Escape with 5,000 Bonus AP Miles when you book an ACV package to any Superclubs
  81. Legal routing SYD-USA/Canada
  82. MLL - what times are the soups served?
  83. USA domestic J/F-UA or US?
  84. Problem with Online Checkin right now?
  85. BA or AC from YYZ to LHR in business...
  86. Transit through YUL, YYZ or YOW for Intl. flights
  87. Fare Request
  88. YVR-YYZ with broken ankle - advice please
  89. Finally... End of the 340
  90. weird Amex card application process
  91. US Customs Opening Time
  92. Air Canada should take this as an example of good "customer relationship management"
  93. baggage allowance double check
  94. Food service on AC?
  95. Would this be a valid Aeroplan ticket routing?
  96. AC YVR-HKG?? Service, Comfort, Food?
  97. Very slow baggage delivery: YVR
  98. AC J Class Complaints
  99. AC IAD-PVG sale in S class USD$844.92 total
  100. Flying YYZ-SYD first week of Sept
  101. 15% off Tango plus for July 14 on AC NA flights
  102. Platinum Aeroplan AMEX: Someone tell me why I'm paying for this thing?!
  103. Torn suitcase + broken zipper...
  104. Award Booking and how to get itinerary I want
  105. Does 2x SWU = 1x SSWU?
  106. Lounge access MAD
  107. Problems with IKK?
  108. YYZ-FRA on Thursday anyone? / Hello
  109. AC Award Redemption vs. UA
  110. Very nice F experience
  111. Missing Points?
  112. Bombardier go ahead with C Series : Will AC join LH in buying that new aircraft?
  113. Upgrade (Rookie User)
  114. Fuel Surcharge Increase?
  115. YYZ->EZE: worth trying to upgrade?
  116. Is the MLL typical?
  117. Does AC have focus cities?
  118. Will AC Match?
  119. Checked baggage allowance for Elite's Companion
  120. Transiting YYZ
  121. Earn 250 AE miles at Park N Fly valet lots in Toronto and Vancouver
  122. EgyptAir Joins Aeroplan's Growing Roster of Travel Partners
  123. Aeroplan miles on Qantas flight from AKL-MEL? (booked at
  124. Identification Requirements for Children
  125. First Time Flying AC
  126. GTAA fights to get its airline passengers back from Buffalo
  127. LAS-YYZ Redeye
  128. Seats 18D/E on 77L, good?
  129. CBSA services at YQM, YFC & YYG extended
  130. Reward Flight Cancelled no S.A partner on route
  131. Update on XM aircrafts
  132. Yeg-lhr
  133. Complementary Upgrades
  134. Compensation for no IFE MAD - YYZ
  135. Upgrades on YYZ-SYD in November
  136. Booking problems...
  137. HELP - Upgrade Certs
  138. Upgrading Certs for trip to AKL?
  139. YVR-HKG also gets the frequency cut
  140. AC warns of fingerprinting delays with proposed DHS program
  141. Reward Flight - Cancelled
  142. Thanks and a question
  143. What a difference information makes
  144. ACTS lays off 650 workers because of Air Canada capacity cut, surging fuel costs
  145. Pending EU air tax rules
  146. CIBC hasn't credited my VISA purchases to my Aeroplan Account
  147. Is it heavy?
  148. AC sale on YEG-SFO; $100 OW +++ $426 total
  149. Are you loyal to Air Canada?
  150. RTW: flight canceled - impossible connection to CCS
  151. Excuses don't fly, irate AC passenger says
  152. Fares that do not include all taxes and charges are false advertising
  153. AC vs. UA Codeshare
  154. AE Mileage Credit Request for *A Partners by Email?
  155. How to change seat assignment on UA codeshare (AC metal)
  156. YVR-HKG is a 777 today
  157. Business flight Pass
  158. UA booking, AP miles?
  159. WN & WS codeshare deal; impacts on AC?
  160. Blue LEDs in Business Cabin at Night
  161. Upgrade clearance advice - AC 16 13 July
  162. Anything to share about the China/HK Flight Pass?
  163. Man fined for shining laser beam into cockpit of Air Canada plane
  164. We don't refund anything less than $10...
  165. Best airport access to Daytona Beach
  166. 2008 Upgrade Certificates "Invalid".. Now what?
  167. Question: Will any of this get me into the LAX club room?
  168. Food in J/Y, EWR-YYC?
  169. Is it possible to book a ticket with Aeroplan points under somebody else's name?
  170. Lifetime Status and Reflections on Air Canada (long post)
  171. Air Canada and Jazz June load factor slipped to 82.2 per cent
  172. Why do you Flyertalk? Globe and Mail
  173. Discount coupon
  174. AC/Aeroplan's ostensibly deceptive practice on reissued tickets...
  175. Earn Triple Aeroplan Miles on convenience store purchases at Esso this summer!
  176. 'delayed' luggage AC029 YVR-PEK
  177. OLCI problems, limited to MUC?
  178. How to Upgrade on UA Metal with AC Codeshare?
  179. With Airlines cutting capacity, will redeeming miles be more difficult?
  180. Help me list flights (please)
  181. Hard time reading Tropicana Aeroplan Miles Promotion Code
  182. YYJ sticks to ambitious expansion plans despite aviation worries
  183. Is There a MLL in Calgary for Trans-Border Traffic?
  184. Blown past SE, now what?
  185. Mandatory briefing - Kids in refurbished Executive First Class
  186. Open Jaw with non-AC OW?
  187. AC hoodwinks northern yokels
  188. Air Canada to cut daily flights from YVR to PEK/PVG to 3/4 times a week
  189. Montreal-Trudeau Airport Inaugurates a New Route to Charlotte, North Carolina
  190. International to International Transit in YVR or YYZ
  191. Watch-out Se - Help With Looking For New Airline
  192. Lost BP. Need Mileage Credit
  193. I understand sir, sucks to be you.
  194. Why the discrepancy?
  195. Any Elites get an email today about Priority Boarding?
  196. KIX-YVR Base:$476 TAX&FS:$515...
  197. AE releases more Classic award seats for this summer
  198. miles about to expire in August- whats best way to keep account active
  199. Seeking MLL coupon for a colleague
  200. The Holy Grail of all upgrades?
  201. New Priority Security announced at YYZ.
  202. Jazz announces cuts
  203. IROP, Lat Fare, and Upgrades
  204. latest update on LHR connection?
  205. Some Great AC discounts using AMs
  206. UA to AC fare class equivalents?
  207. What routes are being cut on AC?
  208. Flying Toronto to Zurich Tomorrow on AC
  209. Upgraded in the air - first time for me!
  210. How do you figure out taxes on redeemed flights?
  211. Are there new changes to the AE airline partners?
  212. Do I get aircanada status mile on Us air
  213. A330 Y Bulkhead - Can I climb over my neighbour (AC 858 YYZ-LHR 02JUL)
  214. AC has STOPPED the XM of the 330
  215. TG, SQ, UA et al no longer AP partners?!
  216. Happy Canada Day
  217. Oil costs will kill bargain airlines, Milton says
  218. Rather Surprised at Christmas Award Availability YYZ to YVR
  219. Some domestic AC flights go to/from concourse A at YVR
  220. Picking AC solely for *G potential?
  221. 20,000 aeroplan miles for BoA credit card?
  222. What is the highest tax/surcharge amount you have paid?
  223. AC no longer keeps credit card information
  224. Hello and some advice!
  225. Sun pass - AUA
  226. Flight pass - Users
  227. YVR lounge question
  228. New standby fees for all aeroplan award tickets
  229. Is this a good price for a combo of points/purchased tickets 4 a trip to Africa/Italy
  230. AC J class Privilege Pass( AMEX Aeroplan Platinum Card)-does J class get a COS bonus?
  231. SSWU cert YYZ-FRA valid on "L" travel confirmation
  232. Attention AC pax who flew out of NRT....
  233. New to FlyerTalk
  234. Air Canada refuses flight to sick child (blah blah blah)
  235. Worst AC Gate Area?
  236. Air Canada ordered to modify oxygen policy
  237. Changing from UA metal to AC metal on a codeshare
  238. ex-USA fuel surcharges
  239. Aeroplan must think I am special hee, hee...
  240. Elite contacts
  241. Received Instant HH Gold Membership cards As Aeroplan Member today
  242. YYZ T1 express walkways
  243. Why Don't they want my Money?
  244. AC announces retirement of Executive VP and COO Rob Reid
  245. Aeroplan has company in "rip off" fees for Award tickets
  246. Crackberry check in crisis
  247. IFE down again
  248. My first AC intl flights in nearly 9 years
  249. Ode to AC 754
  250. air canada timetable summer 2007

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