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  1. United 50,000 after first purchase, waived first year fee
  2. Abbreviations used here?
  3. Hotel program advice.
  4. AAdvantage Shopping Mall
  5. Newbie needs help
  6. Transfer AMEX to Delta or BA???
  7. Best FF program for me?
  8. How to split time between Hotel Programs?
  9. How far in advance can one get a free seat?
  10. bank direct down again
  11. Have a few questions on how FF plans work
  12. AMEX Platinum offer - only 25k MR, but no minimum spend
  13. Citi AAdvantage promotion for not closing account
  14. Citi AAdvantage Retention Dept (Annual Fee))
  15. advice for going SAN/LAX to BKK
  16. Mileage Plus or AAdvantage?
  17. Miles for joining Vinesse wine club [Consolidated]
  18. Refer A Friend -- Bank Direct - 1,000 Miles
  19. Bank Direct Site down all afternoon
  20. Cash during trip abroad -- Are GCs the best way to earn miles for it?
  21. Q3 2011 Car Rental Bonus Promos!
  22. Transfering $$ to Fidelity/Ameritrade
  23. Opening/Closing Credit Cards???
  24. AmEx Gold Rewards
  25. What cards make $ense and at what point do you acquire more cards?
  26. advice needed on upcoming spending
  27. Regular NYC-LAX-NYC travel tips
  28. CC chasing and mortgage approval
  29. The Good Deals Are Taking A Break For Now?
  30. How to get targeted for CC promotions?
  31. Chase Sapphire Preferred 100K or BA 100K
  32. App-o-rama plan feedback?
  33. Need advice for long-term (UK) strategy please
  34. Help choosing a Hotel Credit card...
  35. Cathay award: BA and AA
  36. 1st post - Need UA Miles
  37. Looking for best deal: Perth, Australia - Lisbon, Portugal
  38. BA 100K Card Coming Back?
  39. Confused :(
  40. Help!! Need miles for a ticket
  41. Reconsideration Tactics?
  42. Best CCs for an AA Traveler (Aside from Citi)
  43. $25k purchase, which card to put on?
  44. OPiniONs on better --- Ultimate rewards [UR] or Amex rewards [MR]
  45. BA miles = AA Miles? Help .... my 416 mile Dilemma.
  46. BRA Card miles to Eurobonus miles?
  47. Guidance on working out the 'value' of miles / points?
  48. Gotta know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em
  49. Best way to buy an expensive ticket
  50. Credit card churning
  51. Credit Card Rewards Survey...
  52. Anyone know if SPG 30,000 is coming back?
  53. Any working Points.com signup bonus?
  54. 300K Credit Line
  55. SPG when do extra 15k posts?
  56. Methods of Payments with CC's
  57. SWA Two Free Flights Promo (Chase)
  58. Southwest RR Premier 50k
  59. Best program for regular BOS-ORD flights?
  60. Alaska Biz Card Question
  61. How Do I Get Target Offers?
  62. Strategy advice
  63. UA 50K pull the trigger?
  64. Can you earn miles as travel booker?
  65. Best tool for FFers?
  66. Unusual Ways to Rack Up CC Points
  67. How to take out a Business Credit Card?
  68. Any good posts for UK readers?
  69. What should I do with my various miles?
  70. cashing out on cc's?
  71. Trying to fly First Class on CX
  72. AMEX Business Gold, 75K bonus, new offer
  73. Earn 10,000 Aadvantage miles for Verizon FiOS triple play
  74. 100K Credit Cards
  75. CitiCards--Apply Now or Wait?
  76. Why is it that domestic award availability in the US is so much worse than elsewhere?
  77. best credit card for international use?
  78. hotel cashback vs. points?
  79. Use United miles or buy ticket?
  80. [Targeted]Chase Sapphire 100,000 Bonus Points!
  81. Hawaii or bust - advice on redeeming miles
  82. which cards? deals? Atlanta-Penang 1st possible trip
  83. Newbie questions - Credit Monitoring
  84. My wallet is full of miles and I'm ready to set off! Now how to I spend these thing?
  85. Best Alliance ?
  86. Ex-LRH; starting ff from scratch-ish, which to go for?
  87. Citibank CitiGold checking account - 30,000 Thankyou points
  88. Ritz Carlton (Chase Visa) - 50,000 first purchase
  89. PNR details
  90. Good Credit Card for Paying Utilities?
  91. BigCrumbs dropped eBay? What's the best alternative?
  92. Earn Miles with FreeConference.com
  93. How long do you keep your cards before canceling it?
  94. [Expired]Alaska Air Visa - 40K bonus
  95. [New & Targeted] CO 50,000 Miles MasterCard is Back!
  96. No Fee AmEx Gift Cards at The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, CA
  97. Points for Carnival Cruise?
  98. Citi Thank You Preferred 26,000 Bonus Points
  99. Considering switching FFP
  100. opening multiple cards at once
  101. Problems with churning cc ?
  102. Want to start churning AA cards but my oldest account is an AA card
  103. Does anyone know of a way to get from CHA to GPT for <50,000 miles?
  104. Points and miles for booking hotels and car rentals for another person
  105. 100,000 points, Amazon card or macbook offer
  106. If you were starting fresh today, what cards would you get?
  107. How much is too much?
  108. Too many cards?
  109. Best Frequent Flyer Program?
  110. New User is Overwhelmed
  111. AA Air/3n Japan $1,199 ai
  112. Last Minute Continential Offers?
  113. Chase CO OnePass MC double miles promo
  114. AMEX and CO no more? Help ... 3.4 million AMEX points Dilemma
  115. Using the US Air 100% miles match deal for other Star Alliance carriers question
  116. Consulting the FT oracle. about CRC
  117. Question re: Targeted-Chase Continental MC Business 50,000 bonus
  118. Lost/Stolen CC - Impact on credit score
  119. What's the minimum points/miles YOU will hassle with signing up for?
  120. Free nights or points for cheap hotel stays?
  121. Trying to get Hong Kong or somewhere close by with Miles
  122. HELP!!! Earn miles from a check?
  123. Help a New Business Consultant
  124. let the milesgenius FTers help me
  125. Which miles/points tend to post fastest?
  126. 50K Citi ThankYou miles
  127. I need a frequent flyer credit card
  128. BA Miles vs. SkyMiles for Non-U.S., Asia-origin Intercontinental Travel
  129. Best MC World Card Deal ?
  130. Applying for a biz cc without having a biz
  131. Canceling SPG & Hilton HHonors Amex....Thoughts?
  132. Have FF Programs Jumped the Shark?
  133. Points/Dollar and Dollars/Point
  134. How to get more targeted offers?
  135. The Best Card/Cards
  136. Which card to use for upcoming $10,000 purchase
  137. best strategy for applying another chase CC in future
  138. Advice on Card
  139. US Bank Korean Air SKYPASS Visa 40,000 miles (targeted)
  140. Want to go to E Europe next summer - best way to go?
  141. Need Help Deciding Which Chase Offer to Go For First
  142. Buy US miles with Promo or Get Biz Card?
  143. Blue Sky Amex card
  144. 2X Miles Through 7/31 Chase CO
  145. Continental 50k bonus applies when?
  146. Amex Platinum 100k
  147. New player in the mileage game: US Bank Lanpass 20k after first use
  148. [Expired] SPG Amex - 30,000 bonus Starpoints
  149. alliances outside of the "alliances", past and present
  150. Should I close my Chase Card?
  151. Miles for making a donation to charity - any current offers?
  152. Kenya trip, Jan 2012 - which card to get now?
  153. Marriott Rewards Card Balance Transfer Question
  154. First time Redeemer HELP!!!!!
  155. BA EC miles or Dellll-llllta SM, which is worth more?
  156. Worst thing for which you've gotten miles/points
  157. [Targeted] Chase Ink Bold Business Card - 80K Bonus Points
  158. Citi -- too many apps, even when they didn't go through?
  159. xfer to CO or BA
  160. ff miles for cruises (or cruises for ff miles)
  161. Timt to Use my Miles. Called BA, CO, AA, and here is the result!
  162. Help with Ghana Travel please - Student
  163. Help with redeeming miles for first time redeemer
  164. Advice sought by a FF Newbie in Denver - re: Elite Status
  165. CHASE Continental OnePlass Card--Keep or Cancel?
  166. This is going to shock you... (People who don't sign up for FF programs)
  167. Starting Date For Spending Threshhold
  168. too many pulls
  169. Declined for AA Citi include credit report in letter to executive review dept?
  170. 700K+ Miles Earned in 7 weeks. Should I cool it a bit?
  171. Credit Woes - How to Handle?
  172. My First 24 Hours as an Active Member
  173. Points on sending wire overseas?
  174. Hypocreditosis secondary to Hyperinquirosis
  175. Use the card to get points?
  176. best First class round the world airline program
  177. Pointers for a Newbie
  178. Easy 250 Virgin America Elevate Points
  179. Frequent Flyer newbie..delta/continental flights
  180. HA Miles ... or HH Points?
  181. BA 2 for 1 and $30K spend really worth it?
  182. Targeted Chase CO Card - 40K miles + $50 cash
  183. Take out AMEX SPG (Starwood Preferred) or wait?
  184. Take out a credit card, but not activate it?
  185. Cost of miles to credit card companies
  186. Newbie question regarding credit card award trends
  187. SFO/OAK - What is best airline to start building with
  188. Can I get a non-churnable card w/o bonus in the future
  189. What are wholesale prices/T&C for FF miles?
  190. What can you do with AmEx gift cards?
  191. Got Points....Now Where to Transfer Them??
  192. best options for first class upgrades
  193. Question about AMEX gold card and airport lounge
  194. Worth the miles/points if...
  195. Best way to fly the Southeast US
  196. How to Opt In for Targeted Offers?
  197. AMEX Business Gold, New Round, New Offer 75K!
  198. Transferring Miles/Points?
  199. Are European carrier cc card offers to Americans indirect discounts on F and C seats?
  200. Taking advantage of award zone irregularities?
  201. buying gift cards to clear bonus?
  202. New Google Checkout = great way to boost short term spending
  203. LIMITED TIME: 30 AA miles per dollar donated to USO, Komen
  204. Any Free companion ticket to Europe deals/
  205. Need help booking 4 South Asia award using UA Miles
  206. Send up to $250 a month using CC
  207. You got 400K Miles, You're Single ... where do you go?
  208. New Coin Thread Rules - *PLEASE READ*
  209. PIA Rewards Plus
  210. No-fee SPG or cancel the card?
  211. ClearXChange
  212. Possible to get miles from Aeroflot flights - without joining Aeroflot Bonus?
  213. Big spending
  214. Best site to trade miles?
  215. Best frequent flier program for me?
  216. What programs do you reccommend for me? :)
  217. transfering miles from Marriott or Amex to earn round the world miliage awards
  218. Reward Card & No Foreign Transaction Fees
  219. AMEX Gold vs BA vs CO vs AA cards.
  220. Am I just fated to not be a "miles person?"
  221. TrueCredit.com now charging for EACH time you check ALL 3 Scores
  222. Virgin Atlantic 65,000 offer
  223. maximum miles at hotels, a comparison
  224. Amex/MC electronic gift cards?
  225. Will UA miles continue to expire (as CO miles currently don't)?...
  226. Comparison between Skywards and Jetprivilege for someone who flies to JFK and HKG
  227. How to find the best business class. Fare jfk to ath using either aa dl or co ff prog
  228. can I buy DL miles from another DL member directly?
  229. Is it bad to open up credit cards for the miles awards only to cancel them?
  230. Hilton HHonors 62,500 points
  231. Points scattered everywhere, what to do?
  232. PayDivvy.com launches... Anyone use it?
  233. Newbie Primer and strategies?
  234. Squeezing every mile possible... down to cents
  235. 500 Best Western Points For New Account Via TopGuest Promo
  236. Possible way to add to CO miles balance??
  237. What is the best usage of miles?
  238. Best strategy for extended travel (hotel programs vs Priceline)?
  239. Multiple CC Denials - Now what?
  240. Card with no annual fees
  241. Just got extra miles from Citi...
  242. Flying from the UK to Sydney
  243. Newbie question, I applied for a couple of cards recently - when does the clock start
  244. Best Use? 100K Each: BA, AA, SPG
  245. AA Citi Cards vs. SPG Amex
  246. newbie needs direction
  247. Compare mileages, points and cash
  248. Marriott rewards question
  249. which is better: 74000 continental miles or 92000 delta miles
  250. CC Companies taking their miles back. Is this true?