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  1. Wheel chair in Venice?
  2. Wheelchair user with large group
  3. Accessible SFO Accommodation
  4. Delta Makes Woman With Muscular Dystrophy Crawl Off Plane
  5. Europe Questions
  6. News: stranded teen quad gets home
  7. Getting anxious about airport without jetways
  8. Renting accessible van in Europe
  9. SSR codes/prosthesis/wheelchair questions
  10. Candy Harrington on ACAA changes
  11. Rental car for 4 people & a wheelchair
  12. News: DOT increases protections for air travelers with disabilities
  13. News: Patients Win in New Airline Ruling (oxygen)
  14. News: Mobilising for a new era of air travel
  15. "Gate Check" wheelchair concept unknown to Air China?
  16. help request - recommendation re: accessible holiday - Mid-Atlantic, New England
  17. Unique Experience at SEA
  18. Input wanted re accessible tourism
  19. Wheelchair assistance - who qualifies and some questions
  20. Hotel Accessibility
  21. Air Canada dubious Help, ban from flying.
  22. Accessible taxis at Dulles
  23. transition planning
  24. Where do you find a gate agent?
  25. More Mobility Scooter questions
  26. Flying with 02
  27. Mobility scooter on the plane?
  28. Airlines tackle wheelchair need (Great TSA photo)
  29. Sky magazine - Helping people with disabilities
  30. Questions about OTC Items Doc Prescribed/TSA Security
  31. Rollaboard after shoulder surgery?
  32. Flying After DVT
  33. Disabled Blue Card France
  34. Rome v Athens v Cruise with minimal disability
  35. Hip replacement Secondary screening every flight?
  36. Could being REALLY tall constitute a legal "disability"?
  37. Denied boarding with ventilator
  38. flying with epilepsy
  39. Memo to a Flight Attendant
  40. Alitalia & Rome - outstanding service!
  41. Bad back questions regarding travel
  42. Canadian airlines told to accommodate disabled / obese
  43. ALS Travel Advice
  44. Be aware of your rights, when flying from/to/transferring in EU!
  45. No Wheelchairs at LHR before 5am?
  46. Woman in wheelchair left o n tarmac.
  47. News: Film trains screeners on assisting disabled
  48. Traveling with RSD
  49. What does the disability symbol actually mean?
  50. Wheelchair vs. Handicap line
  51. News: Indian Govt may allow guide dogs to fly
  52. Disability Parking at Airport - Problem: Only 1 Permit
  53. Disabled seating on United
  54. Urgent hoist hire San Francisco
  55. Need info on united first class seats
  56. Problems w/LHR transit security with wheelchair
  57. Slippery (tiled) bathroom floors
  58. Hotels, Status & Wheelchairs
  59. Guide to airports for mobility issues
  60. What does AACA/ADA say about preassigned seating?
  61. News: DOT issues special permit for gel batteries
  62. News: REX requests exemption from DDA
  63. carrying on chilled medications
  64. Transiting LHR to DXB with power wheelchair
  65. Barrier-free Environment and Accessible Transport Group at AirAsia Academy
  66. Tours in Paris for Disabled
  67. Deaf FTers?
  68. Wheelchair as Checked Baggage on UA
  69. News: Flight bumping leads to lawsuit
  70. Obligations for hotel to reserve accessible room?
  71. older traveller
  72. News: Anger as Airline Refuses to Fly Disability Activist
  73. use of disabled parking permit away from home?
  74. Air Discounts for Disabled Passengers
  75. News: The travel industry is ill equipped to meet the needs of disabled (UK)
  76. News: Aviation norms for disabled passengers revised (India)
  77. All set to experience first flight with wheelchair (AZ)
  78. News: Airline's refusal to let disabled passenger board 'not discrimination'
  79. Links to Travel/Disability Resources
  80. SSR (Special Service Request) Codes
  81. Disabled acces and provision of mobility aids at US airports
  82. News: Airline Liable for Death from Lost Baggage
  83. News: AirAsia - Aisle Chair in Every Aircraft
  84. News: New EU legislation
  85. Disability Travel News
  86. Chicago ORD & MDW to add kiosks to serve people with disabilities
  87. Lufthansa First Class - all in ASL for deaf viewers
  88. Disney in a wheelchair
  89. Sign Language
  90. Portable Nebuliser
  91. Travelling from the UK to SJC with a walking difficulty
  92. Searching for hotels with disabled access?
  93. Compensation for lack of Wheelchair Access?
  94. Qualifying for Special Assistance
  95. Question about Medical Devices & Carry-on Allowance
  96. New European rules for disabled air travel
  97. My First Solo Trip to China in a wheelchair
  98. Another good flight
  99. Flying SWA with Comp wheelchair?
  100. Overbearing Gate Agent at DCA
  101. Accessible Hilton hotels in Brussels and Paris
  102. Multiple health issues -- need help w/airline & seat selection
  103. Preboard Question
  104. On crutches - what help to expect at airport?
  105. Making Disabled Travel Better Ideas?
  106. Wheelchair provider at LAX sued for not training workers
  107. Are walkers allowed on planes?
  108. London becomes smoke-free on July 1st - what does this mean for wheelchair users?
  109. Help me understand...
  110. Travelling w/ own (non-folding) wheelchair?
  111. Katja is the new Disability Travel moderator
  112. Author dings airports, airline in wheelchair services
  113. Beach Ideas
  114. travel with folding chair
  115. need help with defining/understanding "disability" for upcoming trip
  116. OT Talkboard proposal: Formally widening remit of Disability Travel board
  117. Anyone travel with service animal/dog?
  118. Stand-by, just like a regular person!
  119. BAs new seating policy
  120. Any tips on keeping yourself warm in a non-self-propelling wheealchair?
  121. Tipping Aiport Wheelchair pushers
  122. Mobility Air Transport
  123. Wheelchair access BKK taxis/shuttles
  124. International Travel - Expectations?
  125. No aisle chairs at the inn
  126. My experience renting a car at DCA with hand controls
  127. Wheelchair rental in UK
  128. Bulkhead Seating
  129. ADA compliance
  130. Gluten Free Travel
  131. BA 737-400 - movable aisle armrest?
  132. Group of deaf travells to LAX for very first time...can you help?
  133. tips for traveling for the newly disabled - and how to make her dream still come true
  134. Sanity check - biz travel on crutches?
  135. w/c can't transfer
  136. Discriminated against by a Customs & Border Protection agent
  137. Using a luggage valet (shipping) service
  138. Hotel for slow walker in Berlin
  139. Cruising?
  140. Finding wheelchair accessible vacation rental homes
  141. Flying with crutches?
  142. An easy accessible tent
  143. Autism and Behavioral Profiling
  144. Blind Man on My Flight
  145. Training the TSA
  146. Foot in a cast/boot
  147. Coping with traveling and a new "disability"
  148. Wheelchair Procedures and/or Etiquette?
  149. Advice on taveling AA wheelchair bound
  150. UK under new rules
  151. Wheelchairs at gate in UK / Express from Gatwick
  152. What is classed as a disability?
  153. JFK-Manhattan Wheelchair bound?
  154. Slight disability but must use wheelchair
  155. Is a US disability placard valid in Germany?
  156. TSA Office of Screening for Persons with Disabilities
  157. Not sure why no one thinks this is important
  158. No shoes
  159. Are hearing aids allowed at Heathrow at present?
  160. Terror restrictions and wheelchairs
  161. Audacious Pre-Boarder
  162. Travelling w/ meds kept cold?
  163. Blind, disabled passengers can't fly alone on Thai AirAsia
  164. India with a wheelchair
  165. Mytravel Premier Gold
  166. Hearing Impaired and Gate Announcements
  167. Aisle chair assistance
  168. Luggage Shipping Service
  169. stockholm "T" accessablility
  170. Traveling with oxygen
  171. Delta aisle chair with hydraulic lift?
  172. The Talkboard requests your input....
  173. good wheelchair boarding experience on AF
  174. From June 1, Virgin Blue staff will not be allowed to push wheelchairs
  175. EU Policy: Rights of Disabled Persons ... When Travelli
  176. Accessible Lavatories on Planes
  177. International travel help/suggestions needed
  178. Aisle chair with United
  179. MedJetAssist
  180. 2 elderly women in Wheelchairs to Paris/Rome
  181. Any tips for clearing security with disabled child?
  182. Gate checking an electric scooter?
  183. The concepts aren't really that hard, are they?
  184. Good experience with United/TSA
  185. handicap placard
  186. Airlines land in trouble over wheelchairs
  187. New Airline Rules Could Affect Assistance Dogs
  188. help me
  189. Transit stop Disabled cars DXB/SIN/SYD
  190. What are the odds with wheelchair help in DCA?
  191. Hearing-Impaired Use Video-Camera Cell Phones to Sign During Travels: Recommendations
  192. Visually Impaired travellers and air travel
  193. Disability upgrade pricing?
  194. Please help on wheelchair question
  195. Seating Help
  196. Best airline for disabled child
  197. Dvt
  198. Complaints cite airline wheelchair service
  199. Disability rights won in the EU
  200. Peritoneal Dialysis
  201. Ankle a Security Problem?
  202. Question for wheelchair travelers
  203. Medical oxygen on board
  204. Kids say the darndest things
  205. It's not an Accessible Room if...
  206. Ultimate Discrimmination!
  207. Flying with my father in a wheelchair
  208. Advice for "Best Practices" for wheelchair at Midway
  209. EU Ministers agree to prohibit airport discrimination
  210. Ryanair ejects blind passengers
  211. Disablied Travel from McCarren to the Strip
  212. pointers to other disability-related threads?
  213. Gate Checking Wheelchair experience
  214. OT wrt Travel, but specific to Disabled popn
  215. Disabled people in hurricane areas need help!
  216. Accessible Accommodation Everywhere
  217. Stair boarding
  218. Visually impaired travel
  219. Accessible Holidays Everywhere!
  220. Suggestions on how to handle unwanted "help?"
  221. 12 Hr. wheelchair friendly layover in Frankfurt?
  222. TSA Survey - alternate screening of PWD
  223. Australian Disabled Parking Permits
  224. Wheelchair advice needed for international trip
  225. Continental Airlines Fiasco
  226. Jetways at Burbank
  227. Air France complaint - I was refused boarding
  228. Movable aisle armrests on AA 777?
  229. Wheelchair traveler hassled by TSA
  230. Does ACAA Apply to US Carriers to Foreign Destinations?
  231. RE: Assessibility Travel Agency
  232. ATTN All in the Service Industry: NEVER DO THIS!!!!!!
  233. mobility issues and short connection time
  234. Gate checking wheelchair
  235. RE: SeaTac Watch Out!
  236. Hotel television captioning - strange dichotomy
  237. Smallest CPAP machine?
  238. Travel using walker and airport wheelchair help?
  239. Seeking disability-friendly beach resorts
  240. How to manage a frequent need for public restrooms in Paris?
  241. Trouble reserving wheelchair accessible room using Hilton Honors points?
  242. Wheelchair with LH and at FRA
  243. Advice for Flight Attendants?
  244. Disabled access on A380?
  245. Airlines wary over disability law
  246. DOT proposed changes to Air Carrier Access Act
  247. How much to tip the wheelchair person?
  248. Family style bathrooms in Bombay airport
  249. Letter to TSA Regarding Disabled Passenger Screening @ SBA
  250. Family style bathrooms in US airports