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  1. BUENA VISTA: Trip for 4 to DisneyWorld; 2/8dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  2. HARD ROCK: Trip to Grammy Awards LA; 1/15dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  3. PROCTER&GAMBLE: Trip to NYC; 1/25dl; 1x; 18+; Void ME,PR
  4. MYBESTFAREFINDER: $3,500 Cruise Certificate; 10/29/10; 1x; 25+; Void PR
  5. MELTING POT: Trip to LA 2/6-9; 1/31dl; Daily; 21+; Void ME,PR
  6. AA: 600,000 AA miles for Vail & Beaver Creek ski trip for 4, 50US&DC, 1x, dl1/15/10
  7. Francesco Rinaldi: Tuscany trip for 4; 1/1-12/31; daily; void PR
  8. Hanes: Disney Cruise Giveaway 12/18-3/31; daily; 21+
  9. Three from Conde Nast Traveler
  10. Dream Vacation at the The Breakers
  11. CELEBRATED LIVING: 500,000 AA Miles; 2/14dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  12. PURSUIT: Fishing Trip for 1 to Costa Rica; 12/31dl; 21+; Void PR
  13. ESPN: Trip to '10 Pro Bowl; 1/7dl; Daily; 18+; Void ME,PR
  14. CBS: Trip to LA; 12/31dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Void PR; Licensed driver only
  15. JELLY BELLY: Trip for 4 to San Francisco; 7/31dl; 1x; 13+; Void PR
  16. OPERA IN CINEMA: Trip to Barcelona Spain; 7/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  17. FYE: VH1 Cruise 4/15-19; 12/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  18. WESTFIELD: Trip to NYC; 12/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void RI, PR
  19. CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: Trip to NYC; 1/10dl; 21+; Void PR
  20. GE/B&S: Trip to '10 Winter Olympics; 1/22dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  21. LAURA MCKENZIE: Trip to Hawaii; 3/15dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  22. KENNEDY SPACE CTR: Trip for 4 to Kenney Space Ctr; 1/15dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  23. ISLANDS MAG: Trip for 4 to St. Thomas VI; 1/31dl; 1x; 18+
  24. CMT: Trip to Randy Houser Concert; 1/3dl; Daily; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  25. ISLANDS: 4-day Stay Dominican Republic; 1/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  26. OK MAG: Trip to Vegas; 1/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  27. MACY'S: Trip to NYC; 12/24dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  28. TRAVEL CHANNEL: Trip to NYC; 12/31dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  29. FANDANGO: Trip to South Africa; 12/20dl; 1x; 18+; Void ME,RI,PR
  30. CMT: Trip to Columbia TN 1/22-24; 12/27dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  31. PRIME OUTLETS: Trip to Orlando; 12/31dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  32. SPA WEEK: 1-night Stay Tubac Golf Resort AZ (no air); 12/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  33. HOOTERS: Trip to Miami; 1/13dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR; Licensed drivers only
  34. SEARS: Trip to Vegas; 12/31dl; Daily; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  35. GOLFPAC: Golf trip for 4 to Dominican Republic (no air); 12/31dl; 21+; Void PR
  36. DIAMOND&DAG: Trip to England; 1/10dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  37. CBS: Trip to Pearl Jam Concert; 1/4dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  38. AQUAPHOR: Trip to Jackson Hole WY; 1/15dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  39. VH1: Trip to NYC 1/19-21; 1/6dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  40. JACKSON HOLE: Ski Trip to Jackson Hole WY; 1/1dl; 1x; Void PR; Age mjrty+
  41. VANS: Trip to LA; 12/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  42. AVERY: Trip to Aruba; 3/28dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR, AK,HI
  43. TOURISM FIJI: Trip to Fiji Islands (air from LA); 2/15dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  44. COOL CAPITALS: Trip to Dif European Cities; 2/28dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,FL,HI,PR
  45. HOLLYWOOD VIDEO: Trip for 4 to Washington DC; 12/28dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  46. NOURISH: Trip to Wine Country CA; 12/31dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  47. ATT: Trip to '10 Winter Olympics; 12/31dl; 1x/week; Void PR; Age Mjrty+
  48. SPRINT: Trip to '10 Super Bowl; 12/31dl; Sprint Customers Only;Daily;18+;Void PR,AK
  49. ATHENA: Trip to LA 1/25-27; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  50. CELEBRITY CRUISE: European Cruise 3/12-16/10; 1/14dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  51. SNOWBOARDING MAG: 4-day stay Baldface Lodge BC Canada (no air); 1/29dl; 21+; Void PR
  52. BEC: Trip to Jeremy Camp Concert; 12/24dl; 1x; 13+; Void AK,HI,RI,PR
  53. FOOD NETWORK: Trip to Miami 2/25-28; 1/25dl; Daily; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  54. CHOICE: Trip to Hawaii; 2/18dl; 1x; Age Mjrty+; Void PR
  55. WRIGLEY: Trip to Ivins UT; 4/30dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  56. SHOES.COM: Trip to '10 Hanna Montana TV Series; 1/4dl; Daily; Void PR; Age mjrty+
  57. FORBES: Trip to Mauritius (no air);12/31dl;Forbes subscribers only;12/31dl;Void PR
  58. MOVIETICKETS: Trip to Santa Barbara; 12/27dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,RI,PR
  59. MARIN MAG: Trip to Maui (no air); 12/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  60. CHOICE HOTELS: Trip to Coconut Grove FL 2/3-6; 1/7dl; Daily; Void PR; Age mjrty+
  61. PARK CITY: Trip to Park City UT; 1/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  62. SIRIUS: Trip to Miami; 12/21dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  63. CALVIN KLEIN: Trip to NYC; 12/24dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  64. DELTA VAC: Trip for 4 to Vac Dest in Contig US; 12/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  65. SONY: Trip to Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Canada; 1/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  66. TIMBERLAND: Trip to '10 Sundance Film Festival; 12/23dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  67. THOMAS NELSON: Trip to LA/Dr. Phil Show; 12/31dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  68. TANGER OUTLET: Trip to St. Lucia; 12/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  69. NANCY HAYSSEN: Trip to LA; 7/31dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  70. MCKEE FOODS: Trip in Contiguous US; 5/31dl; 1x/week; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  71. MTV: Trip for 4 to MTV's Spring Break; 12/31dl; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  72. SYFY: Trip for NYC; 1/11dl; Daily; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  73. NEW ORLEANS: Trip for 4 to New Orleans; 1/7dl; 1x; 18+
  74. CNN: Trip to Venice Italy; 1/3dl; Daily; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  75. TOURISM BC: Ski Trip for 20; 3/1dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  76. KARHU: Trip to Finland; 6/1dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  77. WOMEN'S HEALTH: Trip to Aspen; 12/20dl; Daily; Void PR; Age mjrty+
  78. PLAYBOY: Trip to NYC 1/8-10; 12/21dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  79. US MAG: 4-day stay @ Westin Maui (no air); 12/22dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  80. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Trip to Vegas 2/10-12; 12/31dl; Daily; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  81. 800 FLOWERS: Trip to All-Inclusive Resorts; 12/22dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  82. E! Trip for 4 to LA;12/24dl;Daily;21+;Parents of Child Age 12 or Under;Void AK,HI,PR
  83. CRAYOLA: Caribbean Cruise for 4; 12/24dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  84. WAGGLE TRAVEL: Trip to Doral Golf Resort FL; 12/25dl; 21+; Void PR
  85. FANDANGO: Trip to Rome; 12/28dl; 1x; 18+; Void RI,PR
  86. MANHATTAN RECORDS: Trip to Boston 3/12-14; 12/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  87. CUPCAKE VINEYARD: Trip to Monterey CA; 12/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,CA,HI,PR
  88. VISITBRITAIN: Trip to England; 12/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  89. EZUP: Trip to Oahu (air from LA); 12/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  90. FT. LAUDERDALE: Trip to Ft. Lauderdale; 1/4dl; 21+; Void PR; 1x
  91. HEARITFIRST: Trip to Nothing&Everything Tour; 1/8dl; 1x; 13+; Void AK,HI,RI,PR
  92. NATL AMUSEMENTS: Trip to '11 VH1 Critics Choice Awards; 1/14dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  93. THQ: Trip for 4 to San Diego; 12/31dl;
  94. ICELANDAIR: Trip to Iceland; 12/25dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  95. WYOMING: Trip to Cheyenne 7/27-28; 12/31dl; 1x; 18+
  96. FRENCH GOVT: Trip to France; 1/15dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  97. FORD: Trip to Miami 11/18-21/10; 10/29/10dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  98. ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST: Trip to Vegas; 1/4dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  99. YAHOO! Trip to rome; 1/10dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  100. UNIVERSAL: Caribbean Cruise; 1/4dl; Daily; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  101. WEINSTEIN: Trip to Rome; 2/24dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  102. DELTA VAC: Delta Vacations Package; 2/14dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  103. OCEAN SPRAY: Trip to Cape Cod MA; 4/30/10dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  104. PRIME OUTLETS: Trip to LA 1/14-16; 12/31dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  105. ENTERPRISE: Trip to NCAA Championship Events; 12/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  106. WELK MUSIC; Trip to NYC (no hotel); 1/4dl; 1x; 18/19+; Void PR
  107. HONDA: Trip for 4 to Disneyland; 1/3dl; Daily; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  108. IMA monthly sweeps trip for 2 to Israel, 50US&DC, 1x, dl12/31/09
  109. Business Traveler/Korean Air trip to Brazil from L.A., dl12/30/09?
  110. Two from US Airways magazine
  111. Nexos; Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 2 night vacation in Hollywood, FL; 1/31/2010
  112. Skagen Design trip to Skagen, Denmark, USonly + overseas US military>21, 1x, dl12/31
  113. Crest Extra White trip for 6 to Disney World + $1k, 50US&DC ex ME, daily, dl12/31/09
  114. Woman's Day 3nt Miraval® AZ Resort & Spa (no air), 50US&DC, daily, dl12/31/09
  115. Cosmopolitan 3nt/4day trip for 2 to Vegas + $1000, 50US&DC, 1x, dl12/31/09
  116. Chronicle Books Destination Wedding 5 nts in St. Lucia, US only, 1x, dl12/31/09
  117. CBS Sports "Bags Fly Free & So Can You" 2 SW Airlines tix, 50US&DC, wkly, dl12/31/09
  118. Fairmont Hotels $2000 Giftcard, US & Canada ex Quebec, daily, dl12/31/09
  119. Febreze® trip for 4 to Super Bowl 2/7/10 + $1000, 50US&DC ex ME, daily, dl12/27/09
  120. Woman's World trip to Alberta, Canada, US, daily, dl12/21/09
  121. Redbook Western Weekend trip for 2 to Santa Fe, NM, US&Can ex Que, 1x, dl12/21/09
  122. 2 nts at Atlantis Casino in Reno (no air), US&Can ex Que, 1x, dl12/20
  123. ESPN "Sub of the Game" trip for 2 to Miami +$8k, US&DC, daily, dl12/20/09
  124. Guilty Pleasures eHarlequin trip for 2 to New Orleans, US&Can ex Que, daily, dl12/20
  125. Woman's Day 4day/3nt Fajardo, Puerto Rico (no air), 50US&DC, daily, dl12/16/09
  126. Dippin' Dots trip for 4 to L.A., 50US&DC, 1x, dl12/16/09
  127. AVEENO® Winter Wellness Retreat for 2 in Vermont, 50US&DC, 1x, dl12/15/09
  128. Ferrari-Carano Wine Country Weekend for 2 (no air), 48US&DC, 1x, dl12/15/09
  129. NINE Watch & Win trip for 2 to Rome + $1000, 50US&DC, 1x, dl12/15/09
  130. 2 week trip to Oz
  131. Delta Vacation of a Lifetime, 2/16/10dl
  132. LUXURY CRUISE BIBLE: $100 Marriott Gift Card 12/2; 1x
  133. USA Today: Free flights, hotel in Mexico resort 12/14 dl, Daily
  134. AMERICAN EAGLE: Dif Trips; 2/28/10dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  135. WNDHAM: 1-week Vacation; 4/2/10dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  136. TOTINOS: Trip for 4 to '10-'11 Dew Tour; 7/31/10dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  137. SOUTHWEST: Trip to Vegas; 11/30dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  138. BRIGHTEN BAY: Trip to LA; 12/15dl; Daily; 18+; Void HI,PR
  139. MTV: Trip to Vegas; 11/30dl; Daily; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  140. BLACK SWAN: Trip to Vegas; 12/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,CA,HI,TN,UT,PR
  141. LADY FOOT LOCKER: Trip to Orlando 3/5-7; 11/30dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  142. SHOPBOP: Trip to Miami; 11/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  143. LITTLE CAESARS: Trip for 4 to Detroit 12/26 or Pro Bowl; 11/30dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  144. SIRIUS: Groove Cruise 1/29-2/1; 11/30dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  145. BREEZES: Choice of Jamaica Trips (no air); 12/14dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  146. NATL AMUSEMENTS: Trip for 4 to Busch Gardens; 2/28/10dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  147. YELLOWPAGES: Trip to '10 Winter Olympics; 12/31dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  148. CHOPIN VODKA: Trip to '10 Santa Barbara Film Festival; 12/15dl; 1x; 21+; Void CA, PR
  149. SOMA: $6k Travel Voucher; 12/20dl; 1x; 18+
  150. VERIZON: Trip to ESPN Headquarters; 1/14dl; Daily; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  151. JCPENNEY: Trip to NBA All-Star Game 2/13-14; 1/15dl; Daily; 15+; Void ME,PR
  152. TILLYS: Trip to Coachella Music Festival; 12/24dl; 1x; 13+; Void PR
  153. JUSTBLINDS: Trip to Contiguous US; 12/31dl; 1x; 18+
  154. LIFETIME: Trip to NYC; 1/4dl; Daily; Void PR; Age mjrty+
  155. PIZZA HUT: Trip to Orlando; 11/28dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  156. NORELCO: Trip to Miami or NYC; 1/3/10dl; 1x/wk; 18+; Void PR
  157. KIM KOMANDO SHOW: Dif Travel Prizes; 12/21dl;
  158. AA: 500K AA Miles; 2/14/10; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  159. win a trip for four to Arizona. (only for Canadian)
  160. LIZ CLAIBORNE: Trip to NYC; 1x; 21+; Void AK,HI,RI,PR
  161. SMARTWOOL: Trip to Vail CO; 12/31dl; 1x/mth; Void PR; Age mjrty+
  162. WYOMING: Stay for 4 WY (no air); 1/30/10dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  163. NATL BALANCE: Trip to '10 Rose Bowl; 12/12dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  164. JACK LINKS: Trip to Vegas; 4/8/10dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  165. TORY BURCH: Trip to Paris; 12/18dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  166. JOURNEYS: Trip to Vegas; 12/25dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  167. BEST WESTERN: Trip to New Orleans 2/14-17; 12/31dl; Void AK,HI,PR
  168. SONY: Trip to London; 12/5dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  169. CMT: Trip to Nashville TN; 12/11dl; Daily; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  170. NATL AMUSE: Trip for 4 to FL or VA; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  171. ESPN: Trip to Bristol CT; 12/31dl; 1x/week; 18+; Void PR
  172. CALVIN MARSHALL: Trip to '10 Spring Training; 11/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void Pr
  173. IFC: Trip to NYC 12/14-16; 12/1dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK, HI,PR
  174. DISNEY: Trip for 4 to Disneyland; 12/6dl; Ages 6-14; Daily; Void ME, PR
  175. FLW: Trip to Flippin AR 4/9-11/10; 12/15dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  176. HGTV: Trip for 4 to DisneyWorld; 12/28dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  177. OB: Trip to Antiqua; 12/31dl; Daily; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  178. SENOKOT: Trip in US; 12/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  179. SUNNY: Trip to Ft. Lauderdale 1/29-2/1; 1/4/10dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  180. LINCOLN: Dif Trips; 12/11dl; Daily; 25+; Void PR
  181. DISNEY: Trip for 4 to LA to meet Jonas Bros; 12/27dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  182. WATERSKI: Trip to Mexico (no air); 12/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  183. HOLLYWOOD VIDEO: Trip for 4 to DisneyWorld; 1/3/10dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  184. MARRIOTT: 1-night Cert + $1.5K; 12/8dl; Daily; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  185. BREAK: Trip to LA; 12/4dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  186. CMT: Trip for 2 to Home for Holiday Event; 12/3dl; Daily; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  187. NAMCO: Trip for 4 to NYC; 12/15dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  188. TNT: Trip to San Francisco; 11/30dl; Daily; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  189. DISCOVERY: Trip to "Tornado Alley"; 11/30dl; 18+; Void PR
  190. HEARITFIRST: Trip to NYC 2/20-22; 12/11dl; Daily; 13+; Void AK,HI,RI,PR
  191. TILLYS: Trip to Costa Mesa CA; 12/24dl; 1x; 13+; Void PR
  192. UNDER ARMOUR: Trip to '10 Super Bowl; 1/3/10dl;1x; 13+; Void ME, PR
  193. PEPTO: Trip to '10 Olympics; 1/4/10dl; Daily; 18+; Void ME, PR
  194. TOURISM VANCOUVER: Trip to '10 Olympic Games; 12/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void FL, PR
  195. WARNER BROS: Trip for 4 to Orlando; 12/18dl; 1x/week; 18+; Void PR
  196. FELD: Trip to Vegas; 2/26/10dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  197. KIWI MAG: Trip for 4 to Nassau Beach Resort (no air); 3/31/10dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  198. NAT'L GEO: Choice of Nat'l Park Trip; 1/31/10dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  199. BART: Coach Ticket on Southwest; 3/31/10; 1x; 18+; Void DE,FL.NY,PR
  200. ONTARIO: Trip to Ontario Canada; 3/31/10dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  201. LUXEMONT: 4-night Stay Arizona Biltmore Resort (no air); 3/31/10dl; 1x; 21+
  202. DISNEY: Trip for 4 to LA; 12/12dl; Ages 6-13; Daily; Void ME, PR
  203. CAPITAL: Trip to Aruba; 11/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,FL,HI,ME,NY,PR
  204. WYOMING: Trip to Jackson Hole WY; 12/31dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  205. LESPORT: Trip to NYC 1/21; 11/23dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  206. DIAL: Trip to NYC; 11/24dl; Daily; Void PR; 21+
  207. A&E: Trip to LA 12/9-10; 12/1dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  208. DEST WEDDINGS: 1-wk Stay in St. Kitts (no air); 12/1dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  209. Soma, A trip to any city in the world: 12/20dl; daily; 18+; US 50 + DC, PR
  210. Pepto Bismol, Trip to Winter Games in Vancouver: 1/4dl; daily; 18+; US 49 void MA
  211. Florida Travel+lLife, Trip to South Beach: 12/31dl; daily; 18+; US
  212. Travelpro, Trip to Hollywood: 1/15dl; daily;21+; US void RI
  213. Pizza Hut, Trip to Orlando for 20:11/28dl; daily; 18+; US
  214. JC Penny, Trip to Dallas for All-Star game: 1/15dl; daily; 15+; US 50 + DC void MA
  215. "It’s Complicated" trip to N.Y for premiere: 11/23dl; 1X; 18+; US
  216. Caribbean Travel Mag trip to St Thomas: 1/31dl; 1X; 18+; US
  217. Wdesires trip to Palm Beach NO AIR: 12/15dl; 1X; 18+; US 50 + DC
  218. US Mag Trip to L.A. 11/24dl; 1X; 18+; US 48
  219. Win a 7-night vacation to the Dominican Republic (Canada only)
  220. SPEED CHANNEL: Trip to Monterey CA 4/19-23; 1/1/10dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  221. SIRIUS: Trip to Vegas 12/2-5; 11/20dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  222. CLEVELAND CVB: Trip to Cleveland; Daily; 18+
  223. FTD: 1
  224. HOT TOPIC: Trip to Italy; 11/21dl; 1x; 13+; Void PR
  225. BOTTLENOTES: 2-day Stay for 4 @ Napa Valley (no air); 12/14dl; 1x; 21+; Void CA,PR
  226. SANEEKS: Trip to Vegas; 10/20/10dl; 1x/week; 18+
  227. ANNE KLEIN: Trip to Mexico; 11/26dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  228. WYOMING TOURISM: Ski Trip to Wyoming; 1/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  229. SPA MAG: Trip to Island Post Hip Hotel (no air); 1/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  230. Win a Trip to Britain; Continental U.S.; dl 3/31/10
  231. Delta Vacations:Win a Trip to Los Angeles & meet Jay Leno; 50 U.S & D.C.; dl 11/21/09
  232. Napa Valley Escape Sweepstake
  233. Win a French Trip for 2; Alsace, Burgundy & Champagne; 50 U.S. & D.C.
  234. Emeril Cookware; Trip for 2 to Las Vegas; contiguous U.S., dl 1/31/10
  235. Travel Channel trip to Singapore: 12/31dl; daily; 18+; US 50 + DC
  236. Womans Day 5 night hotel Trip to Brazil, NO AIR: 1/10dl; daily; 18+; US 50
  237. Emeril trip to Las Vegas: 1/31dl; daily;18+; US 48
  238. Elle Trip to Berlin: 12/26dl; daily; 18+; US 48 + Dc
  239. Trip to Napa Valley: 12/31dl; 1X; 21+; US + DC
  240. Trip to Fort Lauderdale: 1/4dl; 1X; 21+; US 50 + DC, PR
  241. Littleblackdress trip to NY: 11/20 dl; 1X; 19+; US 50 + DC
  242. Best Western Mardi Gras 12/31 dl; 18+; US 48
  243. Win a trip to Arizona Biltmore: dl 3/31; 1x; 21+; US
  244. Calvin Marshall trip for 2 to Phoenix or Miami, 48US&DC, 1x, dl11/30/09
  245. Win A Holiday Shopping Getaway in Hamilton County
  246. Win a Grand Getaway at the Watercolor Inn & Resort; U.S.; dl 1/31/2010
  247. Marmot/REI Jackson Hole Family Trip; U.S. & Canada; dl 12/15/09
  248. Win $150 CG to InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
  249. Win a VIP Trip for 2 to Tahiti
  250. Southwest: Win Free Travel