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  1. UFC: Trip to Toronto; 3/11dl; Void AK,FL,HI,NY,RI; 1x; Age mjrty+
  2. BOOT BARN: Trip to Vegas; 3/13dl; 1x; 18+
  3. CAVENDERS: Trip to Vegas 4/3; 3/13dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  4. MOTOROLA: Trip for 4 to NYC; 3/31dl; Void PR; Daily; 18+
  5. AMP ENERGY: Trip to Dover DE 5/13-16; 3/31dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  6. BILLBOARD: Trip to LA/Lady Gaga Concert 3/28; 3/4dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  7. AMD: Trip to Tokyo; 4/30dl; 1x; Void PR
  8. ADVANCE AUTO: Trip for 4 to Vegas; 8/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  9. RYAN SEACREST: Trip to Lake Tahoe CA 4/8-10; 2/28dl; Void AK,HI,PR, 1x
  10. CINEMARK: Trip to LA 3/8; 3/3dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  11. SAMUEL ADAMS: Trip to Boston; 4/30dl; Void CA, PR; Daily; 21+
  12. REFINERY29: Trip to NYC; 3/17dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  13. TEX TRAVELER: Trip to Pt. Aransas TX; 7/31dl; Void FL, NY; 1x; 21+
  14. TERRY FATOR: Trip to Vegas; 12/14dl; 2x; Void PR
  15. THE KNOT: Trip to Grand Cayman; 3/15dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR, VI
  16. FRAYDUN: Trip for 4 to NYC; 4/15dl; Void PR; 1x; 21+
  17. VH1: Trip for you & hairstylist to LA 08/11; 4/18dl; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  18. ENZOANI: Trip to Newport Beach CA 7/18-20; Void 4/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR, VI
  19. NIKE GOLF: Trip to Ft. Worth TX 5/21-24; 4/4dl; Void AK,HI,PR; Daily; 18+
  20. POPSUGAR: Trip to NYC 3/5-9; 2/27dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR, RI
  21. NORELCO: Trip to Panama Bch FL; 2/27dl; 1x; 21+
  22. WHOLE FOODS: Trip to Peru; (open to UK too) 3/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR;
  23. PUMA: Trip for 4 to Jamaica; 3/31dl; Daily; Void AK,HI,PR; 21+
  24. SPRINT: Trip to Vancouver; 2/28dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  25. ALLURE:Trip to NYC; 4/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  26. Belvedere Vodka Bloody Mary Brunch With Chelsea Handler
  27. win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas
  28. 2011 Dr Pepper/Arby’s Academy of Country Music Awards Sweepstakes
  29. Disney Mars Needs Mom Family Quest Sweepstakes
  30. General Motors' Camaro Giveaway 2011 Sweepstakes
  31. Win a Trip to New York 3/16/11dl
  32. Win a trip on Coors Silver Bullet Express train (FACEBOOK).
  33. JetBlue Turks & Caicos Sweepstakes 3/3/11dl; 1x; 18+; 50US&DC, Void PR
  34. win a trip to New York City
  35. Win a trip to the Marlboro Ranch
  36. Win a trip for two to the 2011 JUNO awards (CAN only)
  37. Win a trip for two to the LA premiere of Beastly (CAN only)
  38. win a trip for two to any Sandals Resort (Can only)
  39. win a trip for two to Caesars Atlantic City (Canada only)
  40. NYC Jetblue extremely time limited!
  41. Pepsi Spring Break Sweepstakes
  42. Spiderman Turn Off The Dark Flyaway Sweepstakes
  43. trip for two to visit Richard Petty Motorsports facility in Concord, North Carolina
  44. win a $1,100 weekend in Niagara Wine Country (Ont, Can only)
  45. win trips to Vegas (need Facebook)
  46. Win a trip for two to the racing event of your choice (CAN only)
  47. Win a trip to New Zealand (CAN only)
  48. Win a getaway to Windsor, ON (Canada only)
  49. Should facebook or twitter link sweeps be posted?
  50. Sony/Ford SuperStar trip for 2 to L.A. + 2011 Ford Fiesta, 50US&DC, daily, dl2/28/11
  51. Kuhmo Tires trip for 4 to L.A. Lakers or Miami Heat, 50US&DC, 2x, dl2/28/11
  52. Disney Parks trip for 4 to Disney Paris or DisneyHong Kong, 50US&DC, daily, dl2/28/11
  53. Pepsi Sea World trip for 2 to choice, 48US&DC, daily, dl2/20/11
  54. Lionel/Speedweek trip for 2 to Daytona, 48US&DC, 1x, dl2/20/11
  55. Martha Stewart 2011 BMW X3 + trip to NYC, 50US&DC, 1x, dl2/18/11
  56. Best Sunshine in Orlando 3 nt stay at Hilton (no air), US, 1x, dl2/17/11
  57. Win a 5 star Hotel Vacation in NYC or Las Vegas
  58. Almond Joy & Mounds Tropical Escape Sweepstakes
  59. win $20,000 in travel money
  60. Win a hunting trip
  61. Win trip to Maui
  62. Win 5 nights/6 days at Villa la Estancia
  63. Simply Asia Lucky For You Trip to Las Vegas
  64. Win a 3-Night Trip for 2 to Vegas
  65. Dell: 3 million AAdvantage miles contest. Grand prize 200K AAdvantage Miles
  66. Win a 5 Star Hotel Stay, Weekly Drawing
  67. Win a trip to Berlin (Can only)
  68. Win a luxurious getaway in California (Can only)
  69. Win a 9-night VIP trip for two to India. (Canada only)
  70. All inclusive trip to Antigua, 1 x, US, dl 3/31/11
  71. 2 nights Hilton Garden Inn, daily, 50 US + DC, dl Apr 5, 2011
  72. Traditional Home: Trip to Oahu, daily, US 50 + DC, dl 4/25/11
  73. Has anyone claimed a lower prize value than is stated on the 1099?
  74. TravelPro trip 12 days & 10 EU cities, including Paris, US ex RI, daily, dl3/31/11
  75. Hallmark trip for 2 to Paris, 50US&DC, daily, dl2/14/11
  76. 2.75 million Priority Club Points per week, US, UK, Canada, weekdays, dl4/15/11
  77. SIRIUS: Trip to Jamaica 3/37-7; 1/28dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  78. LIBERTY TRAVEL: Trip for 4 to DisneyWorld; 1/28dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  79. FANDANGO: Trip to LA Jan '12; 1/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void RI,PR
  80. SARASOTA MAG: 3-day Stay Old Naples FL (no air); 1/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  81. SOUTHWEST: Choice of Trips; 2/3dl; Void AK,HI,PR; 1x; 21+
  82. ESSENCE MAG: 1/31dl; Females Only; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  83. PRACTICAL HORSEMAN: Ireland Riding Vacation; 3/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  84. CICI'S: Trip for 4 to Charlotte NC 5/29; 4/4dl; Void PR; 1x; 18+
  85. US MAGAZINE: Trip to NYC or LA; 4/14dl; Void AK, HI, PR; 1x; 18+
  86. USA NETWORK: Trip to San Francisco; 3/30dl; Daily; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  87. FUNJET: Trip to Jamaica; 1/30dl; Void PR; 1x; 21+
  88. IFC: Trip to Portland OR; 2/18dl; Void PR; Daily; 21+
  89. CHARLESTON CVB: Tennis Trip to Charleston SC 4/8-10; 3/11dl; Void FL; 1x; 18+
  90. BUDGET TRAVEL: Trip to Hawaii; 3/15dl; Void AZ, PR; 1x; 21+
  91. WARNER BROS: Trip for 4 to Theme Park; 4/30dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  92. GOODY'S: Trip to NASCAR Martinsville VA 4/1-4; 3/13dl; Void AK,HI,NY,PR,RI; 1x; 18+
  93. GLENFIDDICH: Trip to Scotland; 3/18dl; 1x; 21+; Open Worldwide
  94. VIRGIN AMERICA: Trip to Cancun; 2/9dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  95. HILTON: 1 Million Hilton Points & Trip for 4 to Maui; 3/31dl; 1x; Age mjrty+
  96. TULLYS: Discovery Getaway; 5/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  97. OXYGEN: Trip to LA; 4/18dl; Void AK, HI, PR; Daily; Age Mjrty+
  98. SMUCKER'S: Trip to Stars on Ice 4/2 in NJ; 3/13dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  99. WOMAN'S WORLD: $1,200 in Delta Travel Points; 3/16dl; Daily
  100. ALLOY TV: Trip to NYC; 6/30dl; Daily; 13+; Void AK,HI,PR
  101. UNIVERSAL SPORTS: Ski Trip to Vail CO; 3/15dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  102. TENNIS CHANNEL: Trip to '12 Australia Open; 1/30dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  103. CAMBRIA COVE: Trip to NYC or Napa 2/12-14; 2/1dl; 1x; 18+
  104. POP2LIFE: Trip to Bahamas 2/11-13; 1/28dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  105. WEJUSTGOTBACK: Orlando Getaway for 4 (no air); 2/14dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  106. ROGUELIFE: Vegas Getaway (no air); 2/21dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  107. MT. HOOD: Ski Get-Away for 4 to Mt. Hood (no air); 2/28dl; 1x/week; 18+; Void PR
  108. RADIOLIA: Trip to Washington DC 7/4; 1x; 21+; 1/28dl
  109. MAMMOTH: Ski Trip for 5 to Mammoth Mountain CA; 5/31dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  110. SCOTTSDALE CVB: Dif Getaways in Scottsdale (no air); 1x; 2/7dl; 21+; Void PR
  111. DISNEY: Trip to Tucson AZ; 3/4dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  112. CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: Trip to LA 7/12; 5/1dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  113. Islands: Stay on Famed Waikiki Beach, US, 1x, 03/31/2011
  114. Dole: Aloha Sweepstakes, US, daily, 04/07/2011
  115. Kitchens of India: A Journey to India, US, daily, 03/31/2011
  116. Frontgate: 10 day cruise for 2, US, daily, 03/15/2011
  117. Caribbean T+L: various sweepstake locations, daily, dl 02/28/2011 to 05/31/2011
  118. Woman's Day: Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort, daily, 03/21/2011
  119. Woman's Day: Zatarain’s New Orleans, LA, daily, 03/14/2011
  120. Woman's Day: Wyndham Nassau & Crystal Palace Casino, Bahamas, daily, 03/07/2011
  121. Woman's Day: The Crystal Coast, NC, daily, 02/10/2011
  122. Woman's Day: Wyndham Sugar Bay, St. Thomas, daily, 03/02/2011
  123. Woman's Day: Honor Mansion, Sonoma County, CA, daily, 02/24/2011
  124. Woman's Day: Calypso Resort & Towers, Panama City Beach, FL, daily, 03/02/2011
  125. Woman's Day: Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel, FL, daily, 02/17/2011
  126. Woman's Day: B Ocean Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, FL, daily, 01/26/2011
  127. SHAPE Magazine: Win a Trip to Hilton Waikoloa Village, daily, 06/26/2011
  128. Travel the world in 80 Days with Cathay Pacific
  129. Dr. Pepper/Arby's trip for 2 to CMA in Las Vegas, 1x, dl2/26/11
  130. Outdoor Channel Monster Fish trip for 2 to Alaska, 50US, 1x week, dl2/24/11
  131. Shape Magazine trip for 2 to Four Seasons Resort, Scottsdale, AZ, 50US, 1x, dl2/20/11
  132. ESPN: Trip for 2 to Orlando, US, daily, dl2/13/11 & dl2/17/11
  133. Infiniti/Cirque du Soleil trip to BCN, ZRH, NRT, YUL or LAS, US, daily, dl1/31/11
  134. Gander Mountain trip for 2 to Glacier Mt. Nat'l Park, 48US, 1x, dl1/31/11
  135. Bluegreen Resort trip for 4/$25,000 Bass Pro Shop GC, US, 1x, dl1/31/11
  136. Country Living trip fo2 to Finger Lakes, NY, US&Canada, 1x, dl1/30/11
  137. Woman's Day trip for 2 to Los Suenos Marriott Costa Rica, 50US, daily, dl2/3/11
  138. Win a Stay at the Peninsula in New York
  139. Win your choice of a $10,000 romantic vacation (CAN only)
  140. win a dream getaway to the Atlantis Bahamas hotel (CAN only)
  141. Win a $10,000 Hawaiian adventure (CAN only)
  142. win a trip for four to LA (Canada only)
  143. Barone Fini / trip to Venice, Italy. 3/31dl
  144. Enter to win an amazing two-day getaway at the famous Hotel Healdsburg in Sonoma Coun
  145. two (2) “Fly Away” airline tickets valued at $1,500
  146. United Cruises' 1,000,000 Mile Sweepstakes*
  147. Access Hollywood: 2-night trip to LA. 2/28dl
  148. JetBlue Twitter: JFK-PIT trip to NYJets game. 1-day contest. dl:1/21 noon.
  149. Win a Trip to L.A. to Attend the 53rd GRAMMYs
  150. trip to the American Idol television show finale
  151. United Three Perfect Days Sweeps - Submit video, most voted wins
  152. SM-Win a 5-Day Caribbean Cruise for 4
  153. STASH: Share the Love. Valentines weekend stay in 1 of 46 hotels. Essay 1/27dl
  154. TRAVEL CHANNEL: Trip to San Francisco; 1/31dl; Daily; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  155. FANDANGO'S: Trip to LA; 1/23dl; Void PR, RI; 4x; 18+
  156. TOURISM: Trip to Australia; 1/17dl!; 21+; 1x; Void PR
  157. VACATION FUN: 3-day stay in Chicago (no air); 3/7dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  158. SACRED RIDES: Trip to Choice of Trips; 2/11dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  159. SOUTHWEST: Trip to San Francisco; 2/10dl; 1x; 18+
  160. SANDALS: Trip to Sandals Resort of Choice (no air); 3/31dl; Void PR; 1x; 21+
  161. RYAN SEACREST: Trip to Enrique Iglesias Concert; Void AK,HI,PR; 2/6dl; 1x; 14+
  162. CAMPBELL: Trip to NYC 2/7-10; 1/21dl; Void PR; Daily
  163. BAYER: Trip to '12 Rose Bowl; 5/31dl; 1x; Age mjrty+
  164. ASTROGLIDE: Trip to Miami 2/8-11; 1/28dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  165. THE CW: Trip to LA; Void AK, HI, PR; 18+; 2/7dl
  166. Caterpillar. Trip to Vegas 3/19-22. (US/CAN) d/l 2/22/11
  167. SiriusXM. 3/3-3/7 trip to Jamaica (21+ US48) d/l 1/28/11.
  168. Alaska/Horizon Airlines 2011 Photo Contest
  169. Free trip to Peru - High School Students
  170. win your dream getaway
  171. win a trip to Palm Springs, California (can only)
  172. win a trip for two to Varadero, Cuba (can only)
  173. Clifton Hill RES0RT Sweepstakes
  174. Enter to win 1 of 3 Colorado Vacations
  175. Win 2 1st class American Airlines tickets to NYC, hotel, & Admirals Club passes
  176. Enter to win $100 travel gift card, your choice of which card
  177. FB: Win a Free iPad or $400 rental car voucher from Payless
  178. Enter to Win 1 of 3 Sets of Passes for THE RIDE in NYC
  179. Various 1x a month sweeps & contests
  180. Holiday Inn Las Vegas Twitter contests/giveaways
  181. Win a family adventure to Jasper National Park (CAN only)
  182. Win $2,000 towards a trip with (CAN only)
  183. Penske's Racing Experience Sweepstakes
  184. L'Oréal Paris Gold Rewards Program Sweepstakes
  185. Win a 4-Night Trip for 2 to the Big Easy
  186. win a trip to Vegas with three friends (Can only)
  187. Win a trip for two to any Sandals resort in Jamaica (Can only)
  188. Win 100,000 AAdvantage miles from Coca-Cola. Deadline to enter Jan 8, 2011
  189. Win a getaway to the West Indies (Can only)
  190. win a family trip to Winterlude 2012 in Ottawa (Canada only)
  191. win a trip to the El Dorado Royale resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. (Canada only)
  192. win a trip to Montreal (Canada only)
  193. Super Bowl trip
  194. 3 day/2 night trip for two to LV, Nevada
  195. Last Chance to Sign Up to Win a Trip for Two to Nashville and Meet Keith Urban
  196. Win a houseboat vacation
  197. Win a San Francisco getaway for 4
  198. SM (or purchase): Embassy Suites Caribbean Cruise 1X dl 2/28
  199. StubHub 3 trips and tickets, daily, US 50 + DC, d/l 12/31/10
  200. Snapfish Vacation Sweepstakes
  201. Win a Trip for 2 to Venice, Italy
  202. VIEW FROM THE WING: 44,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points
  203. AIR NEW ZEALAND: Trip to Auckland; (Facebook) 12/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,RI,PR
  204. Thanks Again and Facebook
  205. Lufthansa:are there any contests now?
  206. Listerine ZERO, Zero Stress Spa Day Sweepstakes
  207. Win a Trip for 2 to Beverly Hills and a Home Gym
  208. A Trip for five to South Dakota
  209. Win a Trip for 4 to Melbourne
  210. Enter to win one of three Wine, Coast, Country Vacation Getaway Giveaways
  211. STA TRAVEL: Trip to Italy; 12/30dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Void AK,HI,PR
  212. PICK A POWDER: Dif Trips; 12/31dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  213. DAILY CANDY: 2 Economy Tickets on Virgin America; 12/8dl; 1x; 18+; Void RI,PR
  214. TILLYS: Trip for 4 to Austin TX 3/17-19; 12/24dl; 1x; 13+; Void PR
  215. ROCKIES: Snowmobiling Trip for 4; 3/31dl; 1x; 18+
  216. RYAN SEACREST: Trip to NYC 12/30-1/1; 12/5dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  217. GOLFORLANDO: Trip for 4 to Orlando; 2/28dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  218. COOKING W/ NONNA: Trip to Italy; 12/24dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  219. SACRE BLEU: Trip to Live Nation Concert; 12/30dl; 1x; 21+; Void CA, PR
  220. DISNEY: $3,350 Delta Vacations Card; 2/28dl; 1x; 13+; Void PR
  221. PIZZA HUT: Trip for 4 to Orlando; 12/5dl; Daily; 18+
  222. SPEED TV: Trip to Sonoma CA 4/18-22; 1/2dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR;Licensed drivers only
  223. LUCY: Trip to '11 US Figure Skating Championships;12/18dl;Females only;1x;13+;Void PR
  224. ONTARIO: Trip for 4 to Ottawa Canada 8/11; 3/27dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  225. NASHVILLE CVB: Trip to Nashville 12/26-28; 12/15dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  226. OUTSIDE MAG: Dif Ski Getaways (no air); 12/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  227. JUSTLUXE: Trip to Venice Italy; 12/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void RI
  228. TRESEMME: Trip to NYC Sept '11; 12/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  229. CMT: Trip to Bahamas; 1/9dl; Daily; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  230. ABC NEWS: Trip to LA 2/26-28; 1/9dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  231. AMEX: $15,000 American Express Travel Credit; 12/17dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  232. SANFILIPPO: Trip to Aspen 1/27-30; 12/22dl; Daily; 18+; Void FL, PR
  233. IGN: Trip to DisneyWorld; 12/23dl; Daily; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  234. ESPN: Trip to ESPN Studios; 12/31dl; 1x/week; 18+; Void PR
  235. DESTINATION WEDDINGS: 6-Day Stay Maui HI (no air); 2/238dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  236. PARADE: Trip to People's Choice Awards/LA; 12/10dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  237. SHOES.COM: Trip to Maroon 5 Concert; 1/10dl; Daily; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  238. CRUISE SHIP CTRS: Caribbean Cruise; 11/5/11dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  239. INSTYLE: Trip to NYC; 12/22dl; Daily; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  240. BEACHES: 1-Week Stay Beaches/Sandals Resort (no air); 1x; 21+; Void PR
  241. MOVIEFONE: Trip to LA/People's Choice Awards 1/4-6; 12/20dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  242. Different trips-Line Nation Facebook sweepstakes
  243. help a FTer win a North Pole trip
  244. Win a 5-day trip to NYC (CAN only)
  245. Win a trip to London, England to meet Justin Bieber (CAN only)
  246. Win a trip to Montreal for Igloofest (CAN only)
  247. United Airlines Sweeps
  248. Tyson Yogi Cinema Promotion
  249. Win a Trip for 2 to a South Beach Food Festival
  250. WIRED: bag o' gear. 50 US/DC, 18+, 1x, DL 2/4/2011