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  1. Win a 5-Day Trip for 2 to Turks and Caicos
  2. Win Three Nights at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
  3. Win Roundtrip for 2 Anywhere Emirates Flies (in Y)
  4. TRIPADVISOR & AMEX - 2 Tickets Anywhere
  5. Win a 7-Day Caribbean Cruise
  6. Win a FREE round trip flight from Orbtiz
  7. trip for two to Le Mans, France
  8. MET-Rx 2011 Warrior Sweepstakes trip for two to Rome
  9. win a trip to Bandera, Texas
  10. INTREPID TRAVEL - 15day trip to China - No Air - Weekly
  11. USTA: Trip for 4 to '12 US Open (Tennis); 9/15dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  12. ONLINE VAC CTR: Caribbean Cruise (no air); 8/3dl; 1x; 21+; Canada OK (ex Que)
  13. FANDANGO: Trip to LA 5/26-28; 4/22dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,RI,PR
  14. WETV: Trip for 4 to New Orleans 7/1-3; 5/2dl; Daily; Void AK,HI,PR; 18+
  15. TRANSITIONS: Trip for 4 to Orlando FL; 5/8dl; 1x/week; 18+; Void PR
  16. FRITOLAY: Trip to Nashville 6/9-13; 5/22dl; 18+; Void PR
  17. PASSPORT: Trip to Sweden; 4/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  18. SEATTLE: Trip to Seattle; 4/20dl; Daily; 18+
  19. OURSTATE: Golf Getaway for 4 to Pinehurst NC (no air); 4/30dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  20. ZUMIEZ: Trip to LA; 5/2dl; Daily; 13+; Void PR
  21. VISITNC: Trip for 4 to NC; 4/30dl; 1x; 18+
  22. FAMILYGOLF: Golf Getaway for 4 to Ireland (no air);8/31dl;1x;Age mjrty+; Void PR
  23. TIGER DIRECT: Trip to Major Chain Hotel (no air); 4/28dl; 1x; 18+; Void RI,PR
  24. SOUTHWEST: Trip to Vegas; 4/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  25. SOUTHWEST: Trip to San Antonio TX; 4/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  26. GLENFIDDICH: Trip to Grand Teton Nat'l Park; 6/19dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  27. VIKING RIVER CRUISE: Rhine Cruise; 5/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  28. SIRIUSXM: Trip to NYC; 4/22dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI
  29. JOHNNYROCKETS: Cruise for 4 (no air); 6/5dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  30. OUTDOOR CHANNEL: Trip to Alaska; 4/30dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  31. BLUE BUNNY: Trip for 4 to SeaWorld Orlando; 5/27dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  32. GARDEN DESIGN: Variety of Trips; 6/30dl; 1x; 18+
  33. VISITSWEDEN: Trip to Sweden; 7/1dl; 1x; 18+;
  34. CMT: Trip to LA 5/13-15; 4/24dl; Daily; 18+; Void AK,FL,HI,NY,PR
  35. CMT: Trip to Tim McGraw Concert; 5/1dl; Daily; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  36. VISIT FLORIDA: Trip to Daytona Bch FL; 6/30dl; 1x; 25+; Void PR
  37. PBTEEN: Trip for 4 to San Diego; 6/14dl; Void CO, PR; Daily; 18+
  38. RWKNSEN: Trip to Napa Valley CA; 6/30dl; Daily; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  39. PLACKERS: Trip for 4 to Orlando; 5/31dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  40. OVERSTOCK: Trip to Brazil; 4/28dl; Void AK,HI,PR,VI; 18+; Daily
  41. NAT'L GEO: Trip to Amarillo TX; 5/31dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  42. VANCOUVER: Trip to Vancouver; 9/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void FL,PR; Canada OK (ex Que)
  43. PALM SPRINGS: Trip to Palm Springs; 3/31/12; 1x; 21+; Void PR;
  44. CHILI'S: Trip to Dom Rep/Bahamas or Jamaica; 6/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  45. BRAHMIN: Trip to Palm Beach CA; 5/1dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  46. WEJUSTGOTBACK: Trip for 4 to Charlotte FL; 4/30dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  47. HEINZ: Trip for 4 to Universal Orlando; 4/29dl; Daily; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  48. CMT: Trip to Nashville 6/7-9; 5/1dl; Daily; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  49. THE NEW YORKER: Trip to Alps; 5/11dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  50. AA: Trip to NYC 7/26-28; 6/30dl; Void AK,HI,PR,VI; 1x; 18+
  51. SNOOTH: Trip to London 5/17-19; 4/27dl; Daily; 21+; Void PR
  52. UCOAT: Trip to Charlotte NC 5/18-22; 4/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI
  53. ALLRECIPES: Trip to Ft. Worth TX; 5/31dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  54. SIRIUSXM: Trip to Spain 7/10-17; 4/29dl; Void AK,HI
  55. WWE: Trip to Washington DC 6/18-20; Void 5/8; 1x; 13+; Void PR
  56. MONSTER ENERGY: Trip to Tahiti in August; 6/30dl; Void PR; 1x
  57. 7UP: Trip to NYC 5/22; 4/29dl; Void PR; Daily; 18+
  58. SUNMAID: Trip for 4 to Zoo Atlanta; 10/1dl; Daily; Void AK,HI,PR; Age mjrty+
  59. PLAYBILL: Trip to NYC 6/11-13; 6/5dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Void HI,PR
  60. EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS: Trip to LA; 8/31dl; Void PR; 1x; 18+
  61. Please vote for my daughter!
  62. Win a Trip for 2 to Kona, Hawaii
  63. Trip to Berlin
  64. win a trip to Myrtle Beach from
  65. Win a 7-day vacation to Punta Cana (CAN only)
  66. Win a weekend in Vegas from Nivea for Men (CAN only).
  67. Win a $10,000 travel voucher from Casino Rama. (CAN only)
  68. Bon Appetit: 7 nights in Follina, Italy; 1X; 6/30DL; US 18+
  69. 4 nights in South Walton, FL; (no air) US & Canada; 18+; 1x; 4/30 DL
  70. Do you fly for leisure purposes? Do you want to win gift card?
  71. A 4-day/3-night trip for winner and one guest to Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa, CA
  72. The TX175 Contest
  73. Win a Trip for 2 to 1 of 6 Destinations
  74. Showtime's The Borgias Italian Getaway Sweepstakes
  75. a trip for 2 to the CMA Music Festival in Nashville
  76. win a trip to London over the weekend of the Royal Wedding
  77. Grand Prize Family Vacation for 4 to Universal Orlando® Resort
  78. Win trip to a secret, exotic destination from Intrepid Travel
  79. Chiquita: "Make Your Way To Rio" Sweepstakes 05/31/11 dl; 13+; 50US&DC
  80. Woman's Day: 3 nts Turks & Caicos (no air); Daily; 18+; US & DC; 6/8 DL
  81. Saveur: 7 nights Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana; 1X; 21+; US ex CA, KY, UT, PR; 5/31 DL
  82. Tourism Vancouver: Fairmont Hotel Hop, 1x, US 49 ex FL + DC, CA ex Que, d/l 9/30/11
  83. Expedia Friendtrips (on fb)
  84. Destination Bloomington: Trip to MN, daily, US 50 +DC +Manitoba, d/l 4/24/11
  85. REAL SIMPLE: choice of three trips; US ex PR; 21+; daily; 5/13 DL
  86. BETTY CROCKER: trip to London; US 21+; 501 entries; 5/16 DL
  87. Trip to attend one game of the 2011 NBA Finals
  88. Trip for two to Tuscany
  89. AT&T Trip Of A Lifetime Sweepstakes
  90. Fandango: "Born To Be Wild" Safari Sweepstakes 04/18/11 dl; 6x; 48US&DC (-RI)
  91. AT&T: Trip of a Lifetime, US 50 + DC, daily, d/l 6/30/11
  92. Win a 4-Night Trip for 2 to London, Including Upper Class Air
  93. Win 1 million AAdvantage Miles in the second Mobile Million Sweepstaks
  94. Yuupon Million Dollar Giveaway
  95. Youth Sports Teams all-expenses-paid trip Contest
  96. LAN: 2 business class tickets-South America ;4/3DL; US
  97. UrbanDaddy: Trip to Alps w/ Air France, daily, US 48 + DC, d/l 4/6/11
  98. Stella Artois: Trip to Cannes Film Fest, d/l 3/31/11, US ex. CA
  99. FROMMERS: 4 nights in San Antonio,TX; US & Canada ex Quebec; 18+; daily; 4/30DL
  100. 3 night in Fort Myers; US & DC; 18+; daily; 3/30DL
  101. Premier Cottages: Weekend Break for 4 in the UK
  102. Trip for two to Los Angeles
  103. WORKING MOTHER: 3 nights Destin, FL; US only, 18+, 1x per household, 4/14 DL
  104. Amtrak Scooby-Doo Lake Monster Sweepstakes
  105. win 160,000 miles with Air France/KLM Flying Blue
  106. 100,000 AA miles, 2x 04/18dl, US including Puerto Rico
  107. DOVE:2 nights for 4 to Men's Final Four; April 21 dl, US
  108. SIMON&SCHUSTER: Trip to NYC; 4/30dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  109. MOVIETICKETS: Trip to Vegas 5/22; 3/20dl!!!; 1x; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  110. ROCK STAR GAMES: Trip to LA 4/14-18; 3/24dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR; Canada ok (ex Quebec)
  111. SPA WEEK: 4-day stay in Vegas (no air); 4/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  112. LIBERTY TRAVEL: 1-week Cruise departing NYC (no air); 3/25dl; 1x; Void PR
  113. MR&MRS SMITH: 4-day stay in Beverly Hills (no air); 4/1dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  114. ABOUT.COM: Trip for 4 to Disney World or Land; 4/15dl; Void PR; Daily+; Age mjrty+
  115. TRE MILANO: Trip to Mexico; 4/14dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  116. AAA: Trip for 4 to Disney World; 4/15dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  117. PRINCESS CRUISES: Caribbean Cruise (no air); 4/28dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  118. CELEBRITY CRUISES: European Cruise 7/21-30; 5/15dl; Void PR; 1x; 21+
  119. FLORIDA LIFE: 3-day stay Hilton Melbourne Bch FL (no air); 6/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  120. YAHOO! Trip to Venice Italy; 4/12dl; Daily; Age mjrty+; Canada ok (ex Quebec);Void PR
  121. BOSTON PROPER: Trip to Florida Keys; 4/21dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  122. NAPA: Trip to Napa Valley 7/3-7; 4/29dl; Void AK,CA,HI,PR,TN,UT; 21+
  123. CASTROL: Trip to Pomona CA 2/12; 11/30dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Canada OK (ex Quebec)
  124. TRADITIONAL HOME: Trip to NYC; 7/15dl; Void AK,HI,PR; 18+
  125. GOLF DIGEST: Trip to Jacksonville FL; 6/1dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  126. ANCENSTRY: Trip to Ireland; 3/20dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR; Canada OK (except Quebec)
  127. DELILAH: Trip to Vegas 4/17-19/Celine Dion Concert; 3/20dl; AK,HI,PR; 21+; 1x
  128. TIME LIFE: Cruise 10/27-31; 3/24dl; 21+; Void PR
  129. ROLLING STONE: Trip to RS Concert; 4/14dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  130. MYRACETRAVEL: Trip to Daytona 500 '12; 11/21dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  131. PEANUT BUTTER: Trip for 4 to NYC; 11/30dl; Void PR
  132. ROLLING STONE: Trip to Bonnaroo '11; 4/14dl;1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  133. PLANET GREEN: Trip to Sharon Springs NY; 4/30dl; Void AK,HI,PR; Daily; 18+
  134. INDY SPEEDWAY: Trip to Indy 500 '11; 5/29dl; Void AK,HI,PR; 1x; 18+
  135. E! Trip to Vegas; 4/15dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  136. BEST BUY: Trip to Foo Fighters Concert; 3/31dl; Daily; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  137. Olive Garden - Win a Culinary Tour of Italy
  138. Tyson Flavorful Four Promotion
  139. Win a Trip for 2 to Northern Ireland
  140. Family Circle ( Trip to Maui for family of 4, US & DC, 1x, 21+
  141. Spin to win your next great trip
  142. win your dream getaway to a Starwood Preferred Guests resort.
  143. Dunlop 2011 French Open Tennis Trip, 4/9/11 dl; 1x; 21+; 48US&DC
  144. Walgreen's trip to Dublin-3/26/11
  145. Qatar Airways - 100 free ticket pairs
  146. Southwest - 10 million RR points/daily/3/31/11
  147. Free tickets to the ncaa final four
  148. Gogo Inflight's $10,000 Sweepstakes
  149. Travel Channel 6nt trip for 2 : Vienna
  150. KLM - 2 night trip for two to Amsterdam 1x 3/29 dl
  151. Spa trip for 2
  152. A trip for two to The Biggest Loser Finale scheduled in Los Angeles
  153. Dodge Motor Sports Earn Your Stripes Sweepstakes
  154. Win 1 Million American AAdvantage Miles
  155. 5 nights at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, Kona; no air; 6/26/ dl; 21+; US
  156. two nights at Oceana Santa Monica; 3/20 dl; 18 and over, US only
  157. 5 Nights Golf Getaway at Breezes in Jamaica; 3/20 dl; 18 and over; US only
  158. 3 Nights at the Park Hyatt Toronto; 3/30 dl; 18 and over; US only
  159. FB: 650,000 Best Western Rewards Points for trip to winning destination
  160. 4 nights in St Croix (no air); Daily, 21+, US & DC, 3/31DL
  161. Skyscanner: Sweepstake - Win 2 tickets UK - NYC with Aer Lingus.
  162. SPAFINDER: Week at Costa Rica Spa (no airfare); 4/14 dl; 21+; US Only
  163. Air France (2 economy tickets daily!) till 3/9/11 (Facebook)
  164. American Idol One Suite Season Sweepstakes and Instant Win
  165. Shell: Trip to New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest, d/l 4/21/11
  166. SM:Carino's: Trip to Italy, d/l 3/13/11, US*, daily
  167. - $150 Travel Gift Card 18+
  168. SHOES: Trip to Duran Duran Concert; 3/15dl; Daily; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  169. TRAVEL & LEISURE: Trip to Massachusetts; 4/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  170. UFC: Trip to Toronto; 3/11dl; Void AK,FL,HI,NY,RI; 1x; Age mjrty+
  171. BOOT BARN: Trip to Vegas; 3/13dl; 1x; 18+
  172. CAVENDERS: Trip to Vegas 4/3; 3/13dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  173. MOTOROLA: Trip for 4 to NYC; 3/31dl; Void PR; Daily; 18+
  174. AMP ENERGY: Trip to Dover DE 5/13-16; 3/31dl; 1x; Age mjrty+; Void PR
  175. BILLBOARD: Trip to LA/Lady Gaga Concert 3/28; 3/4dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR
  176. AMD: Trip to Tokyo; 4/30dl; 1x; Void PR
  177. ADVANCE AUTO: Trip for 4 to Vegas; 8/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  178. RYAN SEACREST: Trip to Lake Tahoe CA 4/8-10; 2/28dl; Void AK,HI,PR, 1x
  179. CINEMARK: Trip to LA 3/8; 3/3dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  180. SAMUEL ADAMS: Trip to Boston; 4/30dl; Void CA, PR; Daily; 21+
  181. REFINERY29: Trip to NYC; 3/17dl; 1x; 18+; Void AK,HI,PR
  182. TEX TRAVELER: Trip to Pt. Aransas TX; 7/31dl; Void FL, NY; 1x; 21+
  183. TERRY FATOR: Trip to Vegas; 12/14dl; 2x; Void PR
  184. THE KNOT: Trip to Grand Cayman; 3/15dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR, VI
  185. FRAYDUN: Trip for 4 to NYC; 4/15dl; Void PR; 1x; 21+
  186. VH1: Trip for you & hairstylist to LA 08/11; 4/18dl; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  187. ENZOANI: Trip to Newport Beach CA 7/18-20; Void 4/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR, VI
  188. NIKE GOLF: Trip to Ft. Worth TX 5/21-24; 4/4dl; Void AK,HI,PR; Daily; 18+
  189. POPSUGAR: Trip to NYC 3/5-9; 2/27dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR, RI
  190. NORELCO: Trip to Panama Bch FL; 2/27dl; 1x; 21+
  191. WHOLE FOODS: Trip to Peru; (open to UK too) 3/31dl; 1x; 21+; Void PR;
  192. PUMA: Trip for 4 to Jamaica; 3/31dl; Daily; Void AK,HI,PR; 21+
  193. SPRINT: Trip to Vancouver; 2/28dl; Daily; 18+; Void PR
  194. ALLURE:Trip to NYC; 4/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  195. Belvedere Vodka Bloody Mary Brunch With Chelsea Handler
  196. win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas
  197. 2011 Dr Pepper/Arby’s Academy of Country Music Awards Sweepstakes
  198. Disney Mars Needs Mom Family Quest Sweepstakes
  199. General Motors' Camaro Giveaway 2011 Sweepstakes
  200. Win a Trip to New York 3/16/11dl
  201. Win a trip on Coors Silver Bullet Express train (FACEBOOK).
  202. JetBlue Turks & Caicos Sweepstakes 3/3/11dl; 1x; 18+; 50US&DC, Void PR
  203. win a trip to New York City
  204. Win a trip to the Marlboro Ranch
  205. Win a trip for two to the 2011 JUNO awards (CAN only)
  206. Win a trip for two to the LA premiere of Beastly (CAN only)
  207. win a trip for two to any Sandals Resort (Can only)
  208. win a trip for two to Caesars Atlantic City (Canada only)
  209. NYC Jetblue extremely time limited!
  210. Pepsi Spring Break Sweepstakes
  211. Spiderman Turn Off The Dark Flyaway Sweepstakes
  212. trip for two to visit Richard Petty Motorsports facility in Concord, North Carolina
  213. win a $1,100 weekend in Niagara Wine Country (Ont, Can only)
  214. win trips to Vegas (need Facebook)
  215. Win a trip for two to the racing event of your choice (CAN only)
  216. Win a trip to New Zealand (CAN only)
  217. Win a getaway to Windsor, ON (Canada only)
  218. Should facebook or twitter link sweeps be posted?
  219. Sony/Ford SuperStar trip for 2 to L.A. + 2011 Ford Fiesta, 50US&DC, daily, dl2/28/11
  220. Kuhmo Tires trip for 4 to L.A. Lakers or Miami Heat, 50US&DC, 2x, dl2/28/11
  221. Disney Parks trip for 4 to Disney Paris or DisneyHong Kong, 50US&DC, daily, dl2/28/11
  222. Pepsi Sea World trip for 2 to choice, 48US&DC, daily, dl2/20/11
  223. Lionel/Speedweek trip for 2 to Daytona, 48US&DC, 1x, dl2/20/11
  224. Martha Stewart 2011 BMW X3 + trip to NYC, 50US&DC, 1x, dl2/18/11
  225. Best Sunshine in Orlando 3 nt stay at Hilton (no air), US, 1x, dl2/17/11
  226. Win a 5 star Hotel Vacation in NYC or Las Vegas
  227. Almond Joy & Mounds Tropical Escape Sweepstakes
  228. win $20,000 in travel money
  229. Win a hunting trip
  230. Win trip to Maui
  231. Win 5 nights/6 days at Villa la Estancia
  232. Simply Asia Lucky For You Trip to Las Vegas
  233. Win a 3-Night Trip for 2 to Vegas
  234. Dell: 3 million AAdvantage miles contest. Grand prize 200K AAdvantage Miles
  235. Win a 5 Star Hotel Stay, Weekly Drawing
  236. Win a trip to Berlin (Can only)
  237. Win a luxurious getaway in California (Can only)
  238. Win a 9-night VIP trip for two to India. (Canada only)
  239. All inclusive trip to Antigua, 1 x, US, dl 3/31/11
  240. 2 nights Hilton Garden Inn, daily, 50 US + DC, dl Apr 5, 2011
  241. Traditional Home: Trip to Oahu, daily, US 50 + DC, dl 4/25/11
  242. Has anyone claimed a lower prize value than is stated on the 1099?
  243. TravelPro trip 12 days & 10 EU cities, including Paris, US ex RI, daily, dl3/31/11
  244. Hallmark trip for 2 to Paris, 50US&DC, daily, dl2/14/11
  245. 2.75 million Priority Club Points per week, US, UK, Canada, weekdays, dl4/15/11
  246. SIRIUS: Trip to Jamaica 3/37-7; 1/28dl; 1x; 21+; Void AK,HI,PR
  247. LIBERTY TRAVEL: Trip for 4 to DisneyWorld; 1/28dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  248. FANDANGO: Trip to LA Jan '12; 1/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void RI,PR
  249. SARASOTA MAG: 3-day Stay Old Naples FL (no air); 1/30dl; 1x; 18+; Void PR
  250. SOUTHWEST: Choice of Trips; 2/3dl; Void AK,HI,PR; 1x; 21+