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  1. UA First v LAN Business on the SFO/EZE Routing
  2. SFO to MCO (with variations)
  3. Killing Nana: EDI-LHR-JFK and back in BA Y
  4. MR to Phoenix
  5. BA001, LCY-JFK, New York, New England, Boston and BOS-LHR in J.
  6. BA F is the new Standard - Short report
  7. In-flight LIVE trip report (video)
  8. MR to San Diego
  9. Another what to expect TG472 SYD-BKK - F
  10. TR: LHR-CDG-BKK-HAN with BA C and TG F & C
  11. A Trip To Lubbock Texas – The Question is Why?
  12. Israel, Turkey and Amsterdam on LH F, TK, CO Y: YYC-FRA-TLV-IST-DLM-IST-AMS-IAH-YYC
  13. Adventures In Zion National Park
  14. Etihad and a First Class Chef Inaugural Outing
  15. American's reponsibility?
  16. Aurora Hunting: Cheap Qatar Airways flight from Kuala Lumpur to Oslo in Y
  17. An Aussie in Chicago takes his first (Short) trip on UA (ORD-PIT-ORD)
  18. Lufthansa First Frankfurt to Dallas A340 with First Class Terminal Mercedes S550
  19. 2011.10, LAX-NRT-PEK, ANA C Cabin Photo Report
  20. Around the World on a Star - *A J RTW
  21. To Palmerston North! A Short Visit To New Zealand…
  22. Photo trip report: LA & AA BOG-MIA-DFW-HNL-LAX-MIA-BOG
  23. Eat Marathon -ANA C ORD-NRT
  24. ZRH-TLV in LX Y!!
  25. A First Class Trip; BA F to West Coast USA
  26. Japan Airlines First Suite, ORD>NRT [pics]
  27. A BA flyer flies United Airlines First Class SEA-ORD-GRU.
  28. Misadventures of a spoiled brat
  29. A double Op-Up……..British Airways Club World GRU-LHR-YVR.
  30. DFW to HEL & Tallinn: AA Y
  31. F Class Photo/Video Trip Report: FRA - YVR on LH
  32. I dont fly on planes that are older than me - or Junkers Ju52 on MUC-SZG
  33. My visit to the Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island
  34. Ua838 bkk-nrt-sfo
  35. Nrt-bkk tg677 j class menu 30-sep-2011
  36. UA875 SEA-NRT 30-Sep-2011 J CLASS MENU
  37. Third time's the charm- CX F from HKG-YYZ (Lots of detail and pics)
  38. FLIGHT#41 LAN#600 Santiago, Chile – Los Angeles, California 767 Biz with Pics
  39. A Bear from JER to IAD, flying Club Class with BA.
  40. AC Exec First, LAN, a visit to THE Inca Village, skiing & private wine tours in Chile
  41. Bit of LH Old F for you
  42. Changes in Latitudes; Change in Seasons; Delays
  43. First Trip on an Y alas.
  44. Ua 837 sfo-nrt
  45. BELIZE.......Sueno del Mar
  46. FLIGHT#40 LAN#570 Bogota, Columbia - Santiago, Chile 767 Biz with Pics
  47. Farewell, AC paper upgrades (YYC-YUL-YYC on AC in J)
  48. Trip Report: 3 weeks in New Zealand (Dec. 2010)
  49. YEG-YYC on an AC E190
  50. Canon 7D = Photo Trip Report: LAX + HNL + GUM + NRT + Kyoto = 33k EQM
  51. An Island Hopper Trip Report: EWR-DFW-EWR-HNL-MAJ-GUM-NRT-ICN-NRT-GUM-HNL-EWR
  52. A BOM-DEL-BOM business trip in Jet Airways Premiere class
  53. Upcoming trip reports! First-timer!
  54. My South American Odyssey
  55. Geekin' my way 'round the US of A
  56. Micro trip report: A weekend in London with BA and Crowne Plaza
  57. Buddha Air Mountain Flight, flying around the top of the world (lots of pictures)
  58. Easy way to Executive Platinum: American Airlines first class to Paris!
  59. SOU-GSY and back on Blue Islands
  60. OneWorld? More like Many Worlds. - Australian Fiasco 2011
  61. Multi-Modal-Mayhem - To Toronto with a bevvy of Economy madness...
  62. Photo TR: LH A380 First Class & A346 (old) First Class JFK-FRA-DUS-FRA-EWR
  63. Trip report: DTW-CDG-DUB on AF PV
  64. First Class Fun Photo TR - LH F/J, LX F/J, TG F, TP J, & SN J
  65. Airblue ED 451: 10/NOV/10: MCT-LHE: Y Class
  66. Kuwait Airways LHR-KWI-BKK-MNL
  67. Mauritius Trip Report with British Airways (Business and First Class)
  68. United First Class Washington Dulles to Frankfurt IAD-FRA B777 New Configuration
  69. Another addiction fuelled RTW in F on One World
  70. Honeymoon from LHR to Belize. First time in Business, CO/AC/MAYA (+pics)
  71. My first Aeroplan Mini-RTW trip in F and my first trip report
  72. Seeing the pyramids UA 885 F, LH 741 F, TK J and Y, TG F, TG J, UA F
  73. USA Trip Report September 2011
  74. Coming To America...
  75. Around the world in Y: Summer vacation with 2 little kids
  76. My First Trip Report: SJJ - VIE - FRA (OS/LH)
  77. Great trip 3000mi, AZ/NM in SUV
  78. Photo TR Japan Airlines F ORD-NRT
  79. It’s “Take Your Sister to Greece” Week
  80. The Land of Bling - EK A380 in F (BKK-HKG)
  81. First Class On Hawaiian Airline I give a big thumbs down
  82. SQ "Suites" Class NRT to LAX on A380
  83. How To Eat 20 Courses: A Molecular Feast in Tokyo (PICS)
  84. LX First HKG-ZRH : The Best Carrier In Europe?
  85. Air Force Museum and Chaos at CVG
  86. EK A380 F Experience (BKK-HKG)
  87. Photo Trip Report: Work Visits in Kuala Lumpur & Singapore-A Galore of SQ Flights!
  88. terrible experience with hilton double tree san juan puerto rico
  89. A dash of London and a serving of Leeds, SIN-LHR and then on to Leeds
  90. Its off to Western Africa for you (in J by EK PER-DXB-ACC KQ ACC-FNA
  91. Using all the runway.
  92. Trip to Shiraz & Esfahan in Iran
  93. ORD-ZRH in LX Y!!
  94. My tail in 2 C seats: AC and LX
  95. Going Greyhound PHL-NYC: What It's Like
  96. From Y to J to F: fulfilling a childhood dream, and the making of a FlyerTalker
  97. BA F, AA Y and a plane damaged by hailstones
  98. Premier Jetfoil to Macau
  99. An F Class Photo & Video Trip Report: JFK - NRT on ANA’a new “First Square”
  100. AA DFW to LHR - Highlights: Op Up, BP, & Jude Law
  101. Emirates F? Suite LOS-DXB-LOS and Armani Hotel (lots of PICS)
  102. A Civilized Hop Across the Pond CDG-LHR-JFK CE, CCR, BA NF
  103. business trip CLD-CIC
  104. FCO-FRA-IST with LH - Economy Class ( with pics )
  105. Ni Hao - A trip to China BA F, CZ F & Y+
  106. Cathay Mumbai-HKG-Vancouver Biz Class
  107. A First Class Flight: Tokyo to Munich LH F (PICS)
  108. My first TR: British Airways Economy. EDI-LHR-SFO-LAS-LAX-LHR-EDI
  109. The Long Way To Qamea Island, Fiji (AA J, QF Y/J/F, FJ Y/J))
  110. Business Class on AirTran (ATL-PHF)
  111. PacificBlue/VirginBlue AKL/RAR/AKL - Quick report
  112. AF 380, then Scotland, Finland, the Baltics and Liechtenstein
  113. OZ-UK VS J, CX F, QF F A380 pics, long
  114. Mr. Whitekeys Do
  115. Air Krapistan Y class
  116. Las-LGB-Las B6 Y
  117. Aer Lingus TR
  118. LHR-SVO-ULN (Ulaanbaatar) SU in J
  119. IST-MUC-FCO - Economy Class Lufthansa
  120. Korean Air (Paris to Seoul) J
  121. Trip report from the newest Soviet Republic
  123. First-timer on Turkish Airlines, personal notes on longhaul J travel (no photos)
  124. TG First Suite : The Paradise On Earth? PICS
  125. Mileage Run to Tucson Trip Report
  126. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class LHR-IAD
  127. Pre trip rpt: West Coast US to Europe Biz/UC-summary for "best" airline/flights
  128. Almaty Adventure: OZ, LH and TG in F
  129. When not wanting to change seats gets ugly: DFW-LAX, Friday night, 8-26-11
  130. San Francisco to Europe and Dubai
  131. 7,918 miles in DL F & Y, UA p.s. F, & CO F
  132. Vancouver via CGK, SIN, CAN, HKG and SFO: On GA Y, SQ J, CX F and AC J
  133. DFW/LHR/BCN/CPH in F plus Tickets Restaurant
  134. Brussels Airlines revisit – the new and the old
  135. Skywork Airlines – A journey through Bern-Belp Airport
  136. Ten hours on a 737 across the Atlantic - Privatair Trip Report
  137. Luftansa Business EWR to DUS
  138. Different Route: Sydney-Rotorua-Sydney (Air NZ - A320)
  139. Back to Sunny California UA MSP-SFO-SAN (Pt. 2) pics
  140. Minnesota Trip on Continental SAN-IAH-MSP Y, and F/J Class (Pt 1) Pics
  141. Oman air WY 0102: 09/NOV/10: LHR-MCT: Y Class
  142. Binge in Bangkok by 3K and FD
  143. Etihad Airways EY 17: 20/APR/09: AUH-LHR: Y Class
  144. New Lufthansa 747 First EWR-FRA, ANA First, Swiss First, 'Classic' Lufthansa First
  145. Vietnam and a little more with OS, LH, VN in Business
  146. 4 VS Upper Class Flights between Lagos and London (Dec 2010-Aug2011)
  147. LHR-JFK-LHR on BA New First
  148. Etihad Airways EY 242: 20/APR/09: LHE-AUH: Y Class
  149. "Hot" Times on the Road; New York Lights; New Rail and Airline Experiences
  150. Turkish Airlines Y Class DLM - IST
  151. YYZ - Southeast Asia: A first in First. LX/LH/TG F; AC J; PG Y
  152. Annyeong! Fifteen Glorious Days in The Land of The Morning Calm (with pics)
  153. Etihad Airways EY 245: 15/MAR/09: AUH-LHE: Y Class
  154. Etihad Airways EY 18: 14/MAR/09: LHR-AUH: Y Class
  155. Iraq for New Years? Why Not!
  156. "I'm never flying economy again": Oregon-Scotland in DL/KL Business Class
  157. A few photos from Norway
  158. Mistake fare to Kabul: AA/GF/PK IAH-DFW-LHR-BAH-LHE//ISB-KBL-BAH-LHR-ORD-IAH in Y
  159. There is NO CRYING in baseball!
  160. Atlasjet ( KK ) to Dalaman
  161. Around the world in 80 glasses of Grand Siecle
  162. Video Trip Report: jetBlue Carmageddon Fly-Over
  163. Gold’s Own Country & The Neighbours – a Kingfisher Experience via BLR
  164. Dl65 man - atl
  165. Photo Trip Report: Glimpse of Niagara Falls and Toronto - Experience Air Canada!
  166. BA Club World BAH-LHR-DOH including plenty of up close pics of the CW seat
  167. Jetstar Long-Haul to Auckland!
  168. UA F Versus BA F
  169. Last minute from Toronto to Tenerife AC, JK + LH
  170. Emirates EK 007: 20/JAN/09: DXB-LHR: Y Class
  171. Photo report - A380 at EDI 05/09/2009
  172. Photo trip report - Mojave Spaceport and Davis Monthan AFB
  173. To Vienna with BA's 'New' Club Europe Seating (w/pics)
  174. SOF-BUD-PRG in Malev Business Class
  175. SQ J on 747?
  176. african airline in asia (Kenyan Airways from HKG to BKK in J class)
  177. SQ F Experience (SIN-SFO)
  178. Photo TR Swiss F ZRH-LAX
  179. From New York to London (via New Zealand): AA, QF, CX, BA (F/J)
  180. Trip report Delta airlines (J) to Reykjavik, Iceland (with pics)
  181. Emirates EK 623: 19/JAN/09: LHE-DXB: Y Class
  182. Trip Report for LAX-YVR-HKG-IST-NAV-IST-LAX Mini-RTW
  183. Live it! Love it! Hong Kong!
  184. TR: Air China SHA->TSA
  185. South African adventure to visit the family - LX, LH & UA F
  186. Emirates EK 622: 16/NOV/08: DXB-LHE: Y Class
  187. Christchurch to Auckland in 29 Hours by (No) “Jokestar” (aka Jetstar):
  188. An Easy Day Going PRG to CDG
  189. Continental Business First BHX to EWR
  190. New York & Chicago - 30th Birthday Celebration
  191. Lufthansa First Frankfurt-SFO B747, First Class Terminal experience!
  192. The Best of South Asia; SIN-CMB-BOM-KTM w/ Sri Lankan Airlines & Jet Airways
  193. Bangkok Hotel Hopping Weekend
  194. Virgin America First Class and The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas
  195. The Eightblack Family Holiday...
  196. MKE-ORD-LGA / DCA-ORD in United Y and F
  197. Part III - Photo's of The District.
  198. Loads of pics: BA First DXB-LHR-AUH and around the UK, new and old F product
  199. Part II: The Return - BWI-GRR on AirTran.
  200. Celebrity Equinox cruise/land vacation trip report
  201. Here We Go Again...A HUGE Circle Around The Pacific in CO/CA/TG/SQ/NZ whY
  202. Trying AirTran from GRR to BWI.
  203. To Europe, To Europe!
  204. My First Ever Trip report- LH in C. LAX-ARN (via FRA) and ARN-LAX (via MUC)
  205. 2 Day Trip in Hua-Hin - Thailand
  206. BA Euro Traveller - EDI-LGW-FCO & FCO-LHR-EDI
  207. Emirates EK 008: 16/NOV/08: LHR-DXB: Y Class
  208. A quick trip to Kyoto using a UA buddy pass (lots of pics)
  209. To Plovdiv with love.
  210. Club Europe upgrade
  211. EK / CX / AA F and Regional J (lots of pictures)
  212. Flat Bed Wars: UA v. CO v. CX
  213. AF/CO Y, CO J CDG-VCE-CDG-EWR-CLE-EWR-CDG 6 flights, 8,000 beers
  214. Egypt - Travel AFTER the Egyptian Revolution of Jan 25, 2011
  215. Two Weeks Exploring Vietnam With A Stopover In Tokyo - JL Y, VN Y, FD Y, CX F
  216. Budget Weekend Trips to Phuket & KL
  217. tom911 goes to Shanghai (World Swimming Championships) - Cathay Business - w/photos
  218. A Weekend in Southern California
  219. First (photo-only) trip report: SFO to CDG & HKG via UA F, TG F, LH 744 F & A380 F!
  220. ORD-HEL-AMS in AA F/J and KL Y
  221. Continental Airlines Trip Report IAH-SJC-IAH
  222. LHR-MAD-LPA Iberia Business Class
  223. Movie Yosemite
  224. Thai Business Class to Hong Kong + Mandarin Oriental
  225. Stab at a TR: SFO-FRA? no LAX-FRA LH Y, FRA-JFK SQ F for the World Cup
  226. First TR: Around the World in Summer' 11 on DL/AF to France, Jordan, and China
  227. 9 Flights in 12 Days. whY indeed?!
  229. Penang to Austin and Portland on United
  230. What Is It Like Flying On A G-1159A If You Have Fear Of Flying
  231. Egypt Air 34000 Miles on an airline I never wanted to fly
  232. A oneworld Emerald's travels to Budapest with Malev (w/pics)
  233. Luton-Berlin with EasyJet. Beer, Berghain and Techno music
  234. 1st Trip Report - Six Senses Laamu Maldives
  235. To San Francisco in BA F
  236. Live trip report: DUS to PEK with lots of segments on LX, A3 and EK in J and F
  237. OT: No1 Lounge Gatwick North
  238. Continental Airlines Trip Report IAH-BOS-IAH
  239. Air Europa (UX) Business Class Review JFK-MAD: My Very Low Expectations Were…Met
  240. TK C class IST-MAN trip report plus TK IST temporary lounge visit
  241. Continental Airlines Trip Report in Y And F IAH-PHX-IAH
  242. JNB to CPT on a LCC, to the bottom of Africa, back on a widebody J + crew rest pics!
  243. A Short Trip to Asia: BNE-xBKK-KUL-xBKK/DMK-PHS-xDMK/BKK-BNE on TG C and DD
  244. 25K miles in 5 days! 2*LX F, OZ F, LH F; ZRH, HKG, & MUC! (pics, in depth)
  245. Flying BA Y to GND
  246. Revisit of Virgin America LAX-DFW F-RT July 2011
  247. *Alliance Trip to Europe on UA(Y), LH(F,C), US(Y) and Eurostar
  248. Hopping around the Caucasus with UA LH LO and J2 in the front and back
  249. New Airports, New Cities, New Friends
  250. Return to the Buffet: First Class Air, City, Jungle, Beach, and Desert