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FlyerTalk Forums Thread Wiki: Airbus A321 Transcon / A321T / "32B" 3 class (master thread)
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AA Transcontinental Three Class Service Airbus A321 "A321T"

NOTE: The "32B" designation is used by ICAO for A321 (-100 and -200) family with "Sharklet" wingtips; the use of "32B" by AA has been applied to "321T", the three class aircraft described here and used on transcon service, and for the "A321", the two class A321S used in "normal" service as well as the A321H ETOPS version used on West Coast-Hawai'i service. ("321" is used by AA to describe non-Sharklets equipped LUS A321s.)

A subset of A321-200 aircraft has a three class configuration (with First and Business with horizontal full flat seats, as well as Main Cabin Extra and Main Cabin) for use on transcontinental JFK-LAX and JFK-SFO flights. First delivery was N101NN, Fleet No. 783, 21 Nov 2013. Inaugural flights were AA118 Lv LAX 0700 Ar JFK 1530 Tue 7 Jan 2014 and AA133 Lv JFK 1545 Ar LAX 1925. SFO-LAX began 6 Mar 2014.

These aircraft, referred to as "A321T" or "321T", have 10F in 1 + 1 layout, 20J in 2 + 2, and 72Y in 3 + 3 configuration (MCE rows 11-16); coded "321T" (32B in timetables). F has SICMA solo seats similar to 77W Business suites, J have B/E Aerospace horizontal lie flat seats; MCE and Main Cabin Recaro slimline seats. Pets have two small cabins flanking the aisle forward in F, called "Cuddle Class".

In Flight Entertainment is Audio-Video on Demand (AVOD), provided by Thales in its TopSeries system, with 15.4" touch screens offering "200 movies, 180 TV programs, more than 350 audio selections, up to 20 games, and 3-D moving maps" free in F and J, and $4.00 for most movies and TV in Y on an 8.9" touch screen. These are also controlled by universal remote controls. Bose QuietComfort headsets are provided in F and J; these are recovered by crew about an hour from your destination. (Unfortunately, the IFE system has turned out to be extremely unreliable; currently, do not expect to experience seamless AVOD on these aircraft. Some have reported successfully resetting by holding down "O" button over ten seconds on remote and the same procedure for the screen power on button.)

WiFi is provided by GoGo ATG-4 (cellular) service, and is not very fast. At seat power includes USB 5 VDC and universal 110 VAC outlets. The outlets are awkwardly placed by your head in J, in the seatback in front of you in coach.

Link to SeatGuru seat chart for AA A321T.

10 1st class seats by SICMA c/o business traveler.com

20 lie-flat Business Class seat pairs by B/E Aerospace

Business Class from the side

36 3 x 3 Recaro slimlines across MCE with enhanced seat pitch, IFE and

36 3 x 3 Recaro slimline Economy seats with seat-back IFE screens

First includes rows 1-5, and "Cuddle Class" pet cabins immediately in front of 1A and 1F. Business includes rows 6-10; MCE 11-16 have generous 35-37" pitch, Main Cabin 17-22" wide and 31-32" pitch.

In Main Cabin / Economy bulkhead row 11 has most legroom, but no window due to 3L and R doors and no underseat storage as there are no seats ahead of them.

Row 22 is the farthest aft and seats have limited recline.

Also note: Airbus A320 family - 156 inches (395 cm) outside width
Boeing 737 /757 - 148 inches (380 cm) outside diameter.

Older posts (2012, 2013, 2014) may be read in ARCHIVE: Airbus A321 Transcon / A321T / "32B" 3 class (consolidated 2012-2014).

Updated 2 Feb 2017 - JDiver

Which transcontinental AA flights are operated by A321-200 "A321T" three class aircraft?

All transcontinental non-stop flights scheduled

are operated by three class Airbus A321-200 "32B" (A321-200 with "Sharklets" wingtip devices.

No other regularly scheduled transcontinental non-stop flights (e.g. MIA-LAX, PHL-LAX or -SFO, etc.) use the three class A321-200 "A321T" - even if a "32B" might be used in the future, it will merely be a two class LAA A321-200 aircraft (with Sharklets).

For further discussion on seats, service, etc. on three class A321T aircraft, please see:

Best Business / First seat on LAA transcon Airbus A321 / A321T / "32B" (consolidated)

Best Economy / MCE seat on LAA transcon Airbus A321 / A321T / "32B" (consolidated)
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Originally Posted by gusterific View Post
Interestingly enough on Saturday 10/14 they only have 3 flights JFK-SFO. Woof.
prob because they need the equipment for JFK-BOS.
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Can someone help me understand the same day flight change. I want to book revenue business or first. Can I switch on the day of travel to another flight as long as there is still a ticket being sold? Or is there some special fare that must exist for me to confirm into? The blogs mention E class, but all the examples discuss coach tickets or awards.
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Same day change or standby is free for business or first class tickets:


Don't know whether AA will permit same-day change to the last seat or whether there's an internal algorithm that mimics the "E" inventory method used for main cabin fares.
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