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How many AA points needed for LA Award SA-OZ

The online LanChile AAdvantage award tables don't seem to have caught up with the fact that LA now flies to Australia/NZ. Does any one know what the points requirements are and does it allow any origination in South America-Australia or only SCL-Aust/NZ
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No, they don't fly LA metal all the way to Aus/NZ. They do have a codeshare route via Papeete, but then you switch to another airline to get to AKL and SYD.

Almost all airlines including AA and LA exclude codeshare flights for award travel.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by millionmiler:

No, they don't fly LA metal all the way to Aus/NZ.
Actually LA does does fly to OZ. They took over when QF dropped the SYD/AKL - EZE route.
In any event my guess is the only option now is to use the One World Award and some how include at least one QF segment into the routing. Also since all the F class seats are sold by QF as a codeshare i do not believe not believe that you can secure an F Class award seat on this flight. Quite disspointing.

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Yep, you are right. They do fly that route. Sorry. I'll shut up now.
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The route is an interesting one though. Im not sure what kind of arrangement LanChile and Qantas have on the route, but even though Qantas is not the operating carrier, Qantas apparently has access to significantly more seats on the flights than LanChile.
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