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What is Air NZ's attitude toward throwaway ticketing?

I have boooked WLG-AKL-SFO, but I would like to drive WLG to AKL instead. What would happen if I just show up at AKL? Will they deny boarding?

I should point out that adding the domestic segment makes the ticket more expensive, so I'm obviously not trying to trick them into getting a cheaper fare.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you.
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My understanding is that a no-show on the first booked sector invalidates the entire ticket. But, easiest is to just call the AirNZ booking line, mention that you "no longer need the WLG-AKL" sector, and warn them you're going to just turn up at AKL. I'm sure, if they're reasonable people, they'd be happy with this.

But, I have no specific experience.
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In my expereince AirNZ are really easy to deal with in this type of situation. Give them a call and they will amend your ticket. I have thrown away a number of sectors in booked return itineraries due to changing needs.
But do call them. As mentioned no showing for the first sector will probably invalidate the whole ticket.
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I've done this before on a wlg akl lax leg and it was fine

But as others havevsaid might as well tell them beforehand
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I have done it a number of times domestically, not internationally though. Once they tried to charge me to re-issue the PNR minus the first leg (cancelling the leg at the lounge was no problem however). I have even had NZ call noticing I missed first leg and wondering if I would be using the return flight, so you should be fine. A phone call wouldn't hurt for your own peace of mind though.
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Thanks for the responses. I called Air NZ and they told me that since the AKL-SFO leg is on Continental ticket stock (thanks to the Fly America Act), I need to call Continental. Continental was absolutely useless.

I'll see how it goes, but I will probably pay the $250 change fee just for my peace of mind.
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