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AC Air Canada Begins Crackdown on Carry-On Rules >>
Air Canada is experimenting with stepped-up enforcement of carry-on rules at one Canadian airport in advance of new fees on checked bags.
Strikes European Flyers Frustrated by Ongoing Strikes >>
Europeans are growing exceedingly frustrated by strikes that are crippling air travel in the region.
JFK 2 Cocaine Smuggling Busts Occurred at JFK 3 Days Apart >>
U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents announced two major smuggling arrests on back-to-back days at the same New York airport.
Airbus A350-900 Receives Praise, Certification from EASA >>
The A350-900 earned praise and certification from the EASA, and certification from the FAA could be coming soon.
Worst Passenger An Encounter with “The Worst Person in the World” >>
An editor for the ABC sitcom “Modern Family” tweeted her in-flight experience while sitting behind a drunken passenger having a meltdown.
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